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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 815


AST 815 - Acting Recklessly With No Regards For Danger

’’Young Master Shan, I keep feeling that this group of people isn't simple.’’ A young man opposite to Shan Peng spoke.

’’Yan Huliang, there's no need to say more. If it's a lady I, Young Master Shan, have taken a liking to, there's no way for her to get away.’’ Shan Peng interrupted the young man.

’’Taken over by lust... Acting recklessly with no regard for danger.’’

Yan Huliang mumbled to himself in his heart, but ended up smiling and said, ’’Since Young Master Shan is busy, I won't disturb you any further. I believe that Young Master Shan will be able to deal with those people very easily. I hope that Young Master Shan will have a good time.’’

’’Go, go. You're always spoiling the mood.’’ Shan Peng said, feeling annoyed. He could tell that the guy was merely putting up a front of courtesy and a hint of hatred flashed in his eyes. He decided to teach him a lesson at some later time.

The Yan Clan was the strongest clan in Rainbow Light City after the Shan Clan. The two clans appeared to be on good terms on the surface, but only they knew that it was all a facade. If the Yan Clan ever had the chance, they would definitely stomp down on the Shan Clan, taking over their spot as the greatest clan in Rainbow Light City.

Not only did the Shan Clan had to be on guard against the Yan Clan, they also had to make good use of their assumed relationship. This was how relationships with interest involved were like. This was true even for the younger generations of the two clans. Still, on the surface, the Shan Clan was bigger, and the Yan Clan thus had to keep a lower profile.

Yan Huliang left. The remaining two young men also wanted to leave, but decided to stay behind when they saw the gaze with which Shan Peng was looking at Yan Huliang.

These two people were members of Rainbow Light City's Bai Clan and Sun Clan. Compared to the Shan Clan and the Yan Clan, these two clans were much smaller. They usually followed behind the Shan Clan, and they had to play a part in the Shan Clan's matters.

In Rainbow Light City, even if the members of Shan Clan were to bully other people, no one would dare say a word. Even if 1000 women hadn't been taken advantage of by the Shan Clan. the number was at least 800. There were also many who had just simply disappeared.

’’Shan Peng, let me give you one more word of advice. These people appear to be very distinguished. A lady of that beauty is not one that ordinary people would able to lay their hands on.’’ The old man frowned and said.

’’3rd Elder, am I, Shan Peng, an ordinary person? Those who come to our Rainbow Light City, regardless of their standing, will have to bow down to me. Even dragons would have to bow.’’ A flaming glow flashed in Shan Peng's eyes.

’’Since you've decided to do this, I hope that you won't regret it.’’


Food was served and everyone in the Qing Clan was in the hall. As expected of the signature dishes of this place, the fragrance of the food filled up the entire room. Even Qing Shui felt that the food was pretty decent.

’’We'll be able to meet Martial Uncle Fei's wife when we return this time.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

’’Martial Uncle Fei is quite quick on his feet. I wonder which family the lady is from.’’ Canghai Mingyue also smiled.

Everyone joined in the conversation as they had become quite familiar with Fei Wuji. Everyone also hoped that he could get married soon and carry on his family's blood.


Just then, the door was kicked open and a dozen intruders dashed in. The spacious room was immediately filled with a strange feeling.

Qing Shui lifted his head to look at the people who had dashed in. Some of them were quite young, while others were old...


Qin Yin broke into tears and Canghai Mingyue immediately carried her. Qing Shui took a glance before picking up some food with his chopsticks and feeding to Qin Yin, ’’Lass, don't cry. Come, have some food!’’

Seeing that Qing Shui was feeding her, Qing Yin smiled. Qing Shui pinched her cheeks. ’’Mingyue, Qing Zhuang, Gelou, bring them back to the rooms and don't come out.’’

The few ladies smiled and carried the kids back into their rooms. Their expressions had not changed from the very start. After the door was closed, Qing Shui turned to face the group of people.

A brutal force was thrown out and series of slapping sounds could be heard! The few people who had come in first were all thrown to the ground. Shan Peng was one of them.

Loud cries filled the room!

’’Damn you! How dare you bully our Young Master Shan...’’

Qing Shui frowned and dashed out once again. This time, the young man's mouth was still open and he had not even finished his sentence before he was made to close his mouth forever. This man was one of the two who had originally wanted to leave, the young man from Bai Clan. He felt that upon seeing Young Master Shan had been hit, it was time for him to display his loyalty. However, he had not expected that his life would be thrown away just like that.

As he died, he regretted not leaving earlier.

’’I'm from the Shan Clan. How dare you hit me! I'm going to kill you!’’ After releasing a furious bellow, Shan Peng wanted to dash out. He had lost some teeth and there seemed to be wind coming through his teeth as he spoke.

’’Shan Peng, come back, you're not his opponent.’’ An elder at the back grabbed Shan Peng and said.

’’3rd Elder, kill him!’’ Shan Peng bellowed furiously.

When had he ever been put through such humiliation? To think that he had even been slapped and had lost some teeth.

’’Speak up, why have you guys come? To think that you would dare to charge in directly. If you don't give me a good explanation, you can forget about leaving.’’ Qing Shui spoke calmly while Di Qing and Huoyun Liu-Li smiled at his side. Their beauty made Shan Peng, even though he had been beaten up, infatuated.

An elder outside the door, one of the two elders from earlier, quickly left.

’’You rascal, do you know where this place is?’’ Shan Peng gritted his teeth and said.

’’I don't care where this is. You've dashed in here, given my daughter a scare and made her cry, and still make impertinent remarks. If you don't have a good reason for this, you can forget about leaving today.’’ Qing Shui said casually.

He did not feel anything coming across such a situation, as he wasn't afraid of anyone in the Greencloud Continent. Qing Shui would be able to make anyone who dared to offend him feel regret for life.

’’Don't blame me, blame the fact that the women around you are too beautiful. I'm sorry to say that I've taken a liking to them and that you can only die.’’ Shan Peng looked at Di Qing and Huoyun Liu-Li greedily, having a strong urge to devour them.

’’Being lusty isn't wrong, but it's a pity that you have bad judgement. Moreover, you're also using such a despicable method. Therefore, you deserve to die.’’ Qing Shui smiled and looked at the two ladies next to him. This is what people meant by the words femme fatale.

’’You guys haven't killed anyone before, right? How about making an exception today?’’ Qing Shui said as he looked at Qing You and the others..

A hint of excitement flushed on Qing You's face. The people in this world revered those with high martial prowess. Everyone was born with a tendency towards violence. Countless people from the Qing Clan dashed out.

Qing Shui followed behind them. He knew that Qing Bei, Qing You and the others were no match for these people. However, since they needed to start somewhere on their paths, they might as well start today.

Out of the group of opponents, there were three middle aged men and an elder. Just from these people's abilities, he could estimate the Shan Clan's influence in Rainbow Light City. Moreover, the guy he had broken the teeth of had earlier been shouting how powerful their Shan Clan was.

The Qing Shui now would not pay any heed to these people.

What he wanted was for Qing You and the others to learn to kill, and to get used to the feeling and calmness after killing people. This was not something that relied on one's innate talent, but rather something that took some time getting used to. It might be because he was now in the world of the nine continents, where martial arts cultivators were revered and human lives were worth nothing. It was unlike his previous life, where killing someone would make one feel as if the world had crumbled down.

’’Don't kill me! My grandfather is Shan Long!’’ Shan Peng shouted out loudly. Seeing that the people around him were dying one by one, with him being the last one standing, he shouted out with a pale countenance.

He looked at Qing Shui in horror, face pale. In the last moment of his life, he was now afraid. Although he was arrogant and had committed many deeds of evil in the past, he was always the one watching as other people's faces turned pale, their lives dependent on his words. That feeling of being able to control the life and death of people felt very good. However, right now, he was the one feeling that death was approaching. It was only now that he knew how horrifying this feeling was.

Just then, a series of rushed footsteps rang out and another dozen people dashed into the room. When Shan Peng saw these people, he felt the same as a drowning person who had grabbed hold of a lifeline.

’’Grandfather, save me!’’

The one in the lead was an unscrupulous looking old man. The old man's physique was ordinary, appearing long and thin. His hair was all white but his face appeared to be quite smooth, without many wrinkles.

However, Qing Shui quickly discovered that the old man's arms seemed to be slightly longer than those of ordinary people. His hands were like withered bones, as if there was no flesh on them.

It was hard to tell that old man's age, but he gave out a noxious aura. The people behind him were all old men, and even the youngest had white hair. In Rainbow Light City, no one dared to challenge the Shan Clan. They must be experts who were passing by and thus Shan Long had led the strongest people from his clan here without any hesitation.

Qing Shui looked at the opponents, shaking his head. These people were considered top notch in Rainbow Light City, but they were nothing to him. Qing Shui felt this looked like a ridiculous joke, but regardless, these people all deserved to die.

It was because the moment they had entered Rainbow Light City, they had heard a lot of negative news regarding Shan Clan. The people from the Shan Clan were savage and their descendents were arrogant and bullied the weak. Their acts of tyranny were nothing new. Because the Shan Clan was rich, they would tend to first try and offer monetary compensation to resolve any problems. However, if the other party still refused to give in, they would simply disappear in the worst case scenario, not even able to receive a single cent.

Qing Shui knew that he was no savior, and had never thought of becoming one. However, there was one savior-like thing about him. When he killed evil people, he would do so with great ease. It could even be thought of as accumulating good karma.

’’Grandfather, they've humiliated our Shan Clan. I tried to talk to them, but they resorted to violence and even killed our people. Grandfather...’’ Shan Peng said in fury, not even blinking an eye despite speaking of all these lies.

With regards to Shan Peng's attempts of cooking up lies, Qing Shui did not even bother to explain himself. These people were not worth his effort.

’’No matter what you say today, you're going to die.’’ Qing Shui's calm voice rang out.

’’B*stard! To think that you still dare to be so arrogant when you're in Rainbow Light City! I'll make you live a life worse than death!’’ With Shan Long was here, Shan Peng wasn't afraid of anything.

Swoosh swoosh!



Two Frosted Iron Balls pierced through Shan Peng's knees, forcing him to kneel down before Qing Shui while crying out in agony.

Shan Long's countenance changed, ’’Who are you guys? Why have you come to Rainbow Light City and why are bullying people from our Shan Clan?’’ The old man looked towards Qing Shui and shouted out in fury.

’’Is it fun to make false countercharges? Don't tell me you don't know what kind of person your grandson is. Old man, when I wipe out your Shan Clan today, it will be because of what you've said today.’’ Qing Shui looked at the old man with disdain.

’’To think that you dare be so arrogant. Let me see what you're capable of.’’

After finishing his words, the old man pounced toward Qing Shui with all his fingers stretched out. His palms were a greenish color and green smoke exuded from them within a half-foot distance. They had a piercing smell of rotting meat and those who smelled the palms would feel disgusted.

Rotting Claws!

Qing Shui frowned. This martial technique was very vicious. The reason he frowned was not because the technique itself was vicious, but rather because of the brutality of the technique's cultivation method. The cultivation method required rotting corpses and the cultivator's hands to be submerged in the corpses for no less than four hours...


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