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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 807


AST 807 - Taming A Mount, Four-eared Silver Macaque

This kind of battle must not be intervened by anyone. Otherwise the success rate of taming it would be zero. Qing You didn't want to kill it, so he had to restraint some of his strength so that they could truly be evenly matched.

This battle was a battle of attrition. The demonic beast must be worn out first, until it had no more strength to stand, before taming it. That way, the success rate would be increased by a lot.

However, a human cultivator was no match at all when compared to a demonic beast in terms of endurance. But Qing You was already prepared. Qing Shui had told him to consume a Vital Essence Pill when he could no longer bear it.

With the Vital Essence Pill, Qing You could exert the energy within his body without any worries until he defeated the Earth Rock Beast. He then consumed the Beast Taming Pellet and began taming it with great patience.

Qing You was still quite strong in his luck. In less than an hour, he actually managed to successfully tame it. Qing Shui gave him five Beast Pills and Endurance Pellets.

As for Nine-Headed Moon Wolf core's Crimson Pellet, he'd skip it since it was a little too wasteful to be spent on the Earth Rock Beast. Besides, the amount of Crimson Pellets was limited. Each pellet used was another pellet less.

But Qing Shui had already planned this since the beginning. The Peak Xiantian Earth Rock Beast should be able to breakthrough to the Martial King level after five Beast Pills. After all, Beast Pills were pretty good medicinal pills for demonic beasts. Besides, the Earth Rock Beast also had the potential within it. It was rumored that the Earth Rock Beast had the bloodline of the Earth Dragon Beast.


A roar that was even louder and clearer than before rang out. The others were starting to get envious. The Earth Rock Beast really broke through to the Beginner Martial King realm after consuming the Beast Pill!

Qing Bei had thought that the Earth Rock Beast wasn't in the least bit attractive earlier because it was a Peak Xiantian and didn't know how to fly. But now that it had broken through to the Martial King level, it went through an immense change. Its body size had increased by one-third and appeared to be even capable and vigorous. That wave of aura had let Qing Bei know that she was no longer the match of this Earth Rock Beast.

Qing You chuckled joyously as he rode on the the Earth Rock Beast. He laid prostrate on it as he touched the beast with both of his hands, not even bothering to conceal the joy he was feeling right now. He finally had his own demonic beast now too.

It was very difficult to tame a flying beast. Many Martial King and even Peak Martial King level cultivators could only manage to tame a Beginner Xiantian flying beast. This was because it was impossible for one to fly before attaining Martial Saint level, so to tame a flying beast of the same level was nothing but a pipe dream.

There was only one way to tame a flying beast that was of a way lower level, which was to strike the flying beast down first before taming it. However, the success rate would be oddly low. If one asked for someone else to help strike a flying beast of the same level down for the tamer to tame, then the success rate would basically be zero.

That was why people would only tame flying beasts that were way lower than their own strength. Since the beast tamer was a lot stronger than the flying beast, there was still a little chance of success in taming them.

Every one of them heaved a deep sigh as they watched the demonic beasts that flew across the sky from time to time. Qing You was the only one who was happy at one side. Qing Shui smiled quietly. He was very happy to see how content Qing You was.

’’Whoever wishes to tame a flying beast, go find a hilltop and work there. Remember, any that have entered the Xiantian level will do. I have already given you all the method.’’ Qing Shui said with a smile.

’’I refuse to believe that I can't tame a flying beast.’’ Qing Bei clenched her jaws as she ran towards a mountain nearby.

’’Brother Qing Shui, I also want to tame an Earth Rock Beast.’’ Qing Shi told Qing Shui.

’’Alright. The weak spot of the Earth Rock Beast is three feet below its neck. You be careful out there.’’ Qing Shui explained with a smile. He had brought them here to tame demonic beasts to ensure their safety. But he wouldn't be able to help them in anything else.

Each of them either went to find their own spot or to search for targets on land. The atmosphere around this valley instantly grew lively. Qing Qing was the only one who stood by Qing Shui's side as she watched their movements.

’’Big sister, do you want a flying beast or a land beast?’’ Qing Shui gently asked her.

Qing Qing shook her head and laughed. ’’Taming a flying beast is too difficult and I am no match for the ones on land so I am only here to watch.’’

Qing Shui felt a little powerless. He wasn't able to concoct the 'divine Marionette' pellet. But he was thinking hard right at this moment, trying to come up with a way to help Qing Qing tame a demonic beast.

He suddenly remembered about that Stonegold Rabbit of Huoyun Liu-Li. That demonic beast was one who voluntarily picked its own master. Following Huoyun Liu-Li's current strength, it had also been improving quite well. But it was hard to determine to which realm that little thing would grow. It was after all a mutated species between Heaven and Earth so it would all come down to its nature and opportunity.

Zhi zhi!

Chaotic and sharp noises rang out. As they gazed towards the source, there was a group of monkeys frolicking at the mountain stream as they jumped and fooled around. These monkeys were all about the size of three metres, covered with reddish-brown fur and as strong as King Kong. It would've been frightening if such huge monkeys existed in his previous world.

A smaller monkey suddenly came into Qing Shui's line of sight as it tumbled down. Qing Shui had seen these monkey extending their paws out while they were jumping around. It turned out that they were slapping and clawing, trying to push this little monkey down.

Zhi zhi!

Qing Shui had noticed this little monkey because it was only a metre tall and was entirely silvery white in color. It was quite conspicuous among the group of monkeys. Perhaps it was because of its color, it was ostracized by the other monkeys. Although it didn't die from tumbling down all the way from halfway up the mountain, its silvery white fur was soaked crimson by its fresh blood.

’’Qing Shui, that little monkey is so pitiful.’’ Qing Qing walked towards the little monkey after she told Qing Shui.

’’Big sister, pour this Jinchuang Powder on its body.’’ Qing Shui passed Qing Qing a slightly larger porcelain bottle.

Qing Qing happily accepted it from his hands before quickly walking towards that little monkey that was coated with silvery white fur.

Qing Shui followed not far behind her.

Zhi zhi!

The little monkey screamed in fright when it saw Qing Qing approaching. Qing Shui, who was nearby and had nothing better to do, had only taken a close look at this little monkey right now.

Half of its fur had been stained crimson by fresh blood, the rest was snowy white in color. For its size of about one metre long, it could only be considered to be a small monkey. All of a sudden, Qing Shui noticed that this little monkey actually had four ears and its appearance reminded Qing Shui of a type of monkey.

A macaque!

A Four-eared Macaque!

The legend in his previous world had it that there were three powerful types of monkeys. One of them was the Six-eared Macaque. They were extremely knowledgeable and had exceptional abilities. Although it was just a legend, this had also proven that this type of monkey was the most powerful. But he wasn't really entirely certain if this monkey was of the macaque species.

Qing Qing walked to the side of the terrified little monkey and sprinkled the Jinchuang Powder on the bloodstained spot on its body. The wound that had been bleeding stopped bleeding very soon.

Qing Qing seemed to be very fond of that little monkey and started to try rubbing its head. The little monkey which had been terrified gradually calmed down. It seemed to know that Qing Qing had no ill intentions towards itself and was even trying to help so it gradually warmed up to her.

This was a young monkey. Qing Shui tried to find out something through his Heavenly Vision Technique and was struck by a great surprise.

Silver Macaque, mutated species of heaven and earth, blessed by the Heavens.

Although there were only a few words, Qing Shui was still shocked by the last few words - blessed by heaven. These few words were enough for this little monkey to rival the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

This was truly an unintentional outcome. Qing Shui could tell from a single glance that this Silver Macaque was determined to follow Qing Qing. The main reason was because this monkey was too young. If it was a grown up Silver Macaque, it'd definitely not choose Qing Qing because Qing Qing was too weak.

The little monkey, who had once again stood up, pulled on Qing Qing's sleeve like a small toddler. Qing Shui laughed. To think that their trip out this time had actually allowed Qing Qing to have such an opportunity, it was totally worth it.

’’Look, Qing Shui. This little monkey is really gorgeous. I'm going to take it with me.’’ Qing Qing joyously told Qing Shui as she carried the little monkey and walked towards him.

’’Big sister, treat the little monkey well. Perhaps it would one day become a Heaven and Earth Battle Beast.’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’I've never thought of that, hehe. I only thought that the little monkey was pitiful. If it's willing to follow me, of course I'd treat it well. Little monkeys are very intelligent.’’ Qing Qing said happily as she rubbed the little monkey's head.

’’Sister Qing, why are you taming a little monkey that has no battle capabilities?’’ Qing You came over and asked.

’’Big sister doesn't like to battle. Bringing a little monkey can also be entertaining.’’ Qing Qing smiled as she took a look at Qing You's Earth Rock Beast. A look of doubt that was almost imperceivable flashed across her eyes.

But Qing Shui saw it. He knew Qing Qing also wished to have a powerful demonic beast for herself. A powerful demonic beast that belonged to her. Qing Shui only smiled and didn't say anything because there was no need to say anything. The little monkey would no doubt be able to shock everyone in the future.

The first day had passed. Looking at the sky, it was about time to return. Only Qing Qing, Qing You and Qing Shi managed to tame a demonic beast. The rest could only return empty handed.

Qing Bei was still adamant about taming a flying beast so they could only come here again the next day. Beast taming was a time consuming activity. Today's outcome could be considered pretty good.

Qing Qing's was an accidental gain, yet also the biggest surprise. Luckily it was a good one.


Another half a month passed in the blink of an eye. Qing Bei had persisted for a week and was finally able to tame a White Feathered Eagle, a Grade Three Xiantian demonic beast. But it didn't really matter as long as it was a Xiantian level. Because only demonic beasts of Xiantian level could bear a core and fly long distances over an extended period of time.

Huoyun Liu-Li was depressed because she still wasn't pregnant. Qing Shui had spent the most time with her. She was already at loss of what to do.

’’Qing Shui, are you sure there's nothing wrong with my body?’’

Huoyun Liu-Li asked softly while embracing Qing Shui at night. She knew that Qing Shui was a doctor and this also wasn't her first time asking.

’’Don't worry. We'll have one soon. Let's work harder......’’ Qing Shui flipped Huoyun Liu-Li over and once again pinned her down. The bedroom was quickly filled with moans of pure ecstasy.

Qing Shui was also very perplexed. He had examined Huoyun Liu-Li's body before and everything seemed normal. Even if the fertility of a cultivator was low, it shouldn't be as low as this. Canghai Mingyue, Mingyue Gelou and Shi Qingzhuang had all been pregnant......


’’Qing Shui, are we really going back to the Qing Residence for new year?’’ Qing Luo looked at Qing Shui in surprise.

’’Why would your grandson lie to you? As long as we have the chance in the future, we will surely celebrate new year in Hundred Miles City.’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’All of us are returning?’’ Qing Luo asked doubtfully.

Qing Shui pondered for a moment. He had Fire Bird and Diamond Gigantic Elephant. Canghai Mingyue had Golden Winged Thunder Condor, Luan Luan had Little Bai, Di Qing had her Azure-eyed Silver Falcon.......

’’Let's all go back. There are enough mounts.’’ QingShui said happily. But then again, the return journey would take a little longer. After all, their Flying Beasts' flying capabilities were inferior to the Fire Bird and Diamond Gigantic Elephant.


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