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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 806


AST 806 - Di Chen leaving, Golden Needles Purifying The Marrow!

A lot of the people from Qing Clan came out including Cang Wuya and Elder Ge. They were all aware that Di Chen would be leaving temporarily.

At this moment, an old granny with crane hairstyle came down from the huge Five-headed Golden Eagle. Even though the old woman had white hair, there weren't any wrinkles on her face.

’’Master!’’ Di Chen smiled as she pulled the old granny's hand.

’’You're all grown up. You look matured and even more beautiful now, not to mention you have found someone that you love.’’ The wise old woman pulled Di Chen and said gently. From her look, it could be seen that she really pampered Di Chen.

’’Master, you're laughing at me...’’ Di Chen said embarrassingly.

’’Elder Ge, congratulations on recovering and taking a huge leap in your strength.’’ The old granny smiled at Elder Ge.

’’Old Woman, you left so inappropriately at that time. You left silently and entrusted the Misty Hall Palace to little brat Chen. Now that you're back, you want to take Little Brat Chen away. What do you want?’’ Elder Ge said it in a really calm tone. However, anyone would be able to tell that the two had known each other for a long time and that they were really familiar and on good terms with each other.

’’The Old Ancestor is gone, yet I'm unable to come back to show my respect to him. Please let me do it today.’’ The old granny revealed a sad look when she mentioned the Old Ancestor of Heavenly Palace.

’’Old woman, let's stop talking about it, the Old Ancestor should finally be able to rest in peace now considering that those people from sixty years ago finally got what they deserved.’’ Elder Ge said happily.

’’The people from Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan died?’’ The old woman asked in shock.

’’Not only have they died, the entire clan was wiped out.’’ Elder Ge sounded agitated when he was saying it.

’’The Old Ancestor is a good man. Good-heartedness would often be met with recompense. Who knows who the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan provoked to cause their own annihilation after sixty years?’’The old granny sighed and spoke in a gratified tone.

’’Haha, of course they were eliminated by the Heavenly Palace. Here, let me introduce you to Qing Shui, the person whom the Old Ancestor entrusted to take over his position before he passed away. It was also Qing Shui who eliminated the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan.’’ Elder Ge sounded really friendly.

’’Qing Shui? He did it all by himself?’’ The old woman left her mouth open in shock and asked in disbelief.

She was in both disbelief and shock for quite a while. She was now really confused. She secluded herself from the world for twenty years, which basically meant that she locked herself away from twenty years worth of messages from the world. Now that she was out, the only thing she had in her mind was her one and only disciple.

’’Hello granny, thank you for looking after Chen`Er.’’ Qing Shui smiled as he greeted the old granny.

The old woman looked at Qing Shui with her eyes getting brighter and brighter. She didn't hold back with her praise for him: ’’Little brat, you're truly a lucky one.’’

The old woman smiled at Di Chen. She has already made her meaning clear from those words. After that, she proceeded to smile at Qing Shui: ’’Chen`Er and you really suit each other well. I feel really at ease. Don't feel hurried, there is still a long way for you to go. Very quickly, I'll let her return to your side. Bring me to burn an incense for the Old Ancestor.’’

The old granny burned an incense stick for the Old Ancestor in front of his grave. This was the graveyard of Heavenly Palace. It was located a bit farther away in a relatively secluded spot on the Heavenly Palace Mountain. Otherwise, the tomb would have very likely been dug up by Zuoshi Clan.

Both Di Chen and the old granny were gone. The place they left for was in the northern part of Green Cloud Continent at a place with higher altitude. It snowed all year long in that place. The reason why the old woman told Qing Shui the location was because she wasn't able to give him a specific time of how long they would be gone for.

Di Chen's departure caused Qing Shui to feel a bit empty. But he knew that she had gone to cultivate her martial techniques. It should be the martial art technique that was near breakthrough.

Qing Shui was suspicious of the strength of Di Chen's master. She had the strength of a Grade Ten Martial Saint, which Qing Shui was unable to comprehend because twenty years ago, she shouldn't have been at Martial Saint.

That being the case, Di Chen's strength might be able to take yet another huge leap.


Qing Qing underwent a huge change after taking in the Bone and Skin Refining Pills. This was because one's innate talent had a lot to do with the toughness of their bones. Qing Qing was very talented and had decent innate skills. Unfortunately, she was past the best time for cultivation. Her bones were already too weak now.

During this time, a Mysterious Fruit has already been stored. In another years time, another one would ripen. These kind of things were unusually precious considering that only one would ripen every five hundred years.

The Mysterious Fruit only had a one out of a hundred chance of success. One would have been considered to run into enormous luck if they were to really succeed. However, the luck was still too vivid. The success rate might be higher if he was to use it for himself considering that the Nature Energy that he possessed also had some effect for it. Other than that, it was also because he was the owner of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Hence, the chance for him to succeed would be a lot higher.

After all, a one out of a hundred rate was too small.

Qing Shui reached the conclusion to use other methods after multiple thoughts. He could use the Gold Needle to help her cleanse her impurities and help her nurture her constitution again after that. Finally, he could also use the Rainbow Trout Fish and other stuff from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to assist her further. He also had some of the medicinal pills he made himself.

For now, the Tiger Vitality Pill was still constantly being used. In the future, he might need to use both the Plum Blossom Wine and Vermillion Fruit Wine. Prior to this, it was mainly because he never used it often but later on, he might have to consume it every few days.

Qing Shui looked at the Mysterious Fruit and eventually still put it down after multiple hesitations. Qing Shui felt that now was an inappropriate time to use it. He wanted to wait for a little while longer. Perhaps, it would have even greater use by then.

After Di Chen left, Qing Shui didn't have things to do in the afternoon. Hence, he called Qing Qing with the intention to help her perform the Gold Needle Acupuncture and Gold Needle Constitution Nurturing. Of course, most importantly, it was to help her cleanse her impurities.

Qing Shui also conveniently helped the three generations of Qing Clan to perform the Gold Needle Cleansing. In the past, it was mainly because their cultivation level was too low that he didn't do it. Now that they were at Xiantian Realm, it would be quick for the results to show. Furthermore, he was also more available now.

Qing Shui told the others to not interrupt him. He spent the whole afternoon doing it with unusually smooth progress. He stopped only after black stuff started coming out of Qing Qing's body and dirtied her pajamas.

Qing Qing screamed upon seeing the stuff and smelling the unpleasant smell on her body. She blushed and rushed into the bathroom.

Qing Shui smiled and walked out of the room. Almost half of the noon has passed. Qing Qing had a lot of impurities in her body. However, other people wouldn't have had any less the first time they cleansed their bodies. Furthermore, Qing Shui's current Gold Needle Cleansing could only be considered to be really trivial and nothing compared to epiphany. Despite that being the case, a lot of impurities were still removed from Qing Qing's body.

The mysterious features of the Gold Needle were undisputable. If other people found out that Gold Needle could actually be used for impurities cleansing, they would definitely drop their jaws. This kind of cleansing method couldn't be used constantly. It could only be used once every few years or else it would put a lot of stress to the body.

This kind of impurities cleansing acupuncture was actually quite time consuming. However, Qing Shui planned to carry out the acupuncture for two people everyday. Qing Qing also felt a bit embarrassed when she saw Qing Shui after she came out.

Qing Shui knew why. He smiled and said: ’’Sister, you don't have to feel embarrassed. I also went through the same thing on the first time I did it. In fact, everyone would end up the same. The more impurities that come out, the better. In the future, there will be less and less.’’

’’Yeah.’’ Qing Qing responded with a smile after she heard Qing Shui's words. She also looked a lot more relaxed because this was her own blood-related brother.

’’How does it feel?’’ Qing Shui smiled and asked.

’’It feels really refreshing, it feels as if my body has become a lot lighter. My cultivation level has also broken through by a grade......’’ Qing Qing said in joy.

’’Yeah, remember to take both the Bone and Skin Refining Pellets once a month.’’ Qing Shui reminded Qing Qing. In a way, it was counted as him looking after his sister. He gave her all of the Bone and Skin Refining Pellets. In fact, it was impossible for him to refine more of them for the time being.

The next day, Qing Shui led the group to tame some demonic and flying beasts. Qing Qing also went along. Qing Shui had already refined a few Beast Taming Pellets. He gave each of them five of the pellets.

Heavenly Palace Mountain was a really huge mountain. There were a lot of demonic beasts deep inside the rear part of the mountain. It was just that the grades of the demonic beasts weren't as high. They were all mostly around Martial King with all of them being lower than Grade Ten Martial Kings. Otherwise, the Heavenly Palace wouldn't have been so peaceful.

’’Brother Shui, you need to help me tame a flying beast.’’ Qing Bei said agitatedly.

’’Brother Qing Shui, I'm ok with anything as long as it's pleasing to my eyes. It would be even better if it looked tall and powerful.’’ Qing You showed an honest smile.

Qing Qing looked at them and didn't say anything.

’’That's a red sparrow. It looks so beautiful, unfortunately, it's too small.’’ Qing Bei pointed towards the bird in the sky and said in a gloomy tone.

The Red Sparrow was around three feet long. Its entire body was covered with red feathers and it had a really loud and clear chirping noise. Most of them travelled in groups and loved eating things such as locusts and worms. It had a relatively low combat strength even though its physical appearance looked quite good.

’’Look at that, Scarlet Horse.’’ Qing Shui pointed at the war horse that was running towards them from far away.

Qing Shui felt really puzzled. He ran into two types of demonic beasts today which were both red. The Scarlet Horse was basically almost the same as the Ferghana Horse that he met in his past incarnation except its head was about twice as large as that of the Ferghana Horse. It was four meters long and almost two meters long. It also possessed tenacious muscle and had outstanding endurance. Actually, the Scarlet Horse was quite common in the market. A lot of luxurious carts were pulled by the Scarlet Horse. Not only did it look good, it also possessed decent strength and endurance. Pairing it up with luxurious carts would make them look more high-class than ordinary beast carts. Ordinary young girls and upper-class women would find sitting in such really enjoyable.

They slowly made their way deep into the Heavenly Palace Mountain. This area wasn't really that dangerous, a lot of the disciples from Heavenly Palace would practice their martial arts here. Nevertheless, they wouldn't do it too deep inside the cave. It was not that Martial Saint Demonic Beasts would appear here, it was because the disciples from Heavenly Palace didn't have sufficient strength to

Since the place belonged to the Heavenly Palace, powers from other regions wouldn't enter the place, which was why very few people would be seen inside Heavenly Palace Mountain.

’’Earth Rock Beast! I want to tame this one!’’ Qing You shouted out in surprise.

The Earth Rock Beast was about three meters tall and seven meters long. It's entire body was covered up with incomparably sturdy rocks and it possessed the earth element. It was slightly faster than horses in terms of speed. A Peak Xiantian Demonic Beast that was capable of executing rock type attacks.

As of now, Qing You was already a Grade One Martial King. To put it bluntly, he possessed strength which was slightly above that of the Earth Rock Beast. It was normal for Grade One Martial King to tame Demonic Beasts at Peak Xiantian realm. Unless they were Beast Tamers, it was really tough for ordinary people to tame Demonic Beasts which were even stronger than themselves.

’’Be careful.’’ Qing Shui said with a smile. Since he was here, he would definitely not let anything happen to Qing You.

Qing You pulled out his gigantic axe and charged towards the Earth Rock Beast.

As Qing Shui noticed that the method of using an axe was really similar to using that of a sickle, he planned to make Qing You used the Evil Dragon's Tooth in the future. This would save some effort in helping him look for weapons.


Luckily, Qing You happened to be able to suppress the Earth Rock Beast with his strength. Despite this, it didn't necessarily mean that Qing You would surely win this match. Things were really unpredictable on a battlefield.


When the Earth Rock Beast abruptly stomped the ground, a row of sharp rocks rapidly penetrated through the rocky surface and emerged on the surface of the ground. Qing You soared up into the air. He swung the enormous axe in his hand and once again slashed the Earth Rock Beast.

Battling the Earth Rock Beast on the ground and mountains was the same as battling an Earth Dragon Beast except the Earth Dragon Beast was many times stronger than the Earth Rock Beast. However, because they shared almost the same abilities, Earth Rock Beasts at Peak Xiantian Realm were able to be evenly matched with human warriors at Peak Martial King.

The strength of the Earth Rock Beast would multiply several times when it battled on the ground and in mountains. Adding on that its strength already exceeded past that of human warriors at the same grade, it was almost as strong as Qing You who was currently at Grade One Martial King.


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