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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 8


Chapter 8 - Innate superhuman strength?

The next day Qing Shui started to practice martial arts in the same place that the third generation of the Qing Family. That was Qing Shui dream after seeing them in the martial field using their forces as much as they like it. That's why after the body of Qing Shui became fine, the first thing that he wanted to do was to practice martial arts. And the second was the he would participate in the martial field every day doing the necessary training! The one supervising and teaching was the Qing Luo's fourth son, Qing Hai that was also the father of Qing Hu!

The martial art, Blue Lotus was divided into ten layers at warrior, Wu Jian and Wu Shuai stage. Therefore, the Qing Family has three versions of the Blue Lotus. They are, low level, intermediate level, and advanced level. As for the Martial Servant in this big continent was not divided into ten layers but as long you practice martial arts, you are considered to be in the Martial Servant stage. But the Warrior stage has a certain requirement and that is that originally you have to practice martial arts for three years to become one. So it's was natural that the Warrior stage was the most weak stage!

Now that Qing Shui was able to produce a stream of qi, he was in the pathetically low level layer. Compared with other people of the Qing Family, Qing Shui was the weakest but still he was happier and brimming with confidence!

’’Congratulations for finishing, Qing Shui. Now you would be able to accomplish your dream!’’ Qing Hu said it in low voice!

Qing Shui laughs because it was the first time that he could step on the martial field. He was aware that the martial field was simple and crude. The wide flat ground was build it with numerous blue stones and it was one meter higher than the ground, and the top of it was similar to a pavilion!

The wind was tough here, nevertheless regardless of wind or snow, practicing martial arts was the top priority.

Everyone which was cultivating interior qi for the Blue Lotus was doing on their basement. Each person of the Qing Family that was practicing martial arts doesn't matter if it was from the younger generation, have their basement!

The martial field was the place where you could train your fist techniques, martial techniques and as well test the strength of your body!

The Qing Family didn't approve that the third generation began prematurely learning martial arts, but as long as they practiced the inner energy was sufficient. After all you need inner energy to support formidable martial arts to display them. Practicing martial arts prematurely can lessen your power.

In the martial field you can only practice in the simplest way to maintain good health and that was stretching and boxing so your body would be more coordinated and easy-going. And if you want to practice other martial art you have to reach the warrior's sixth layer!

The only that can practice another martial art of the third generation of the Qing Family is the eldest grandson Qing Zi and Qing You, the remains doesn't have the power yet! Not only have they yearned to practice martial arts, but also to reach the Wu Shuai seventh layer so a lotus flower would appear in their body protecting them, and the same time attack with the Blue Lotus!

In the Qing Family was improbable that they could reach the warrior sixth layer on this martial field, therefore Qing Shui was aware that the eldest grandson Qing Zi and Qing You possessed talent!

When looking at Qing Hu lifting an enormously stone lock, Qing Shui measured that it was not less than 200 jin. He wanted to try but looking at Qing Hu having a little of problem with it and being on the Blue Lotus third layer, Qing Shui abandoned the idea of trying!

After all Qing Shui's mind was already mature, he was not afraid of losing face and let alone being ashamed of this group of kids. He will never be afraid of losing face on front of kids!

Now he has eight years but in his past life he could lift 20 jin and was quite big for a children!

Qing Shui found the smaller stone lock on the martial field weighing on 50 jin. Although he felt small being in this body but since flowing qi thanks to the ancient strengthening technique his strength was quite big. He hasn't used all of his strength but he felt a little nervous when stretching his thin and small arms...

He slowly grabbed the stone lock using almost all of his strength. Then exerting all of his strength he lifted upwards!

But the other children started to laugh!

Because although he used all of his strength he fell to the ground!

But nevertheless, Qing Shui was in this moment abnormally happy, because he didn't feel at all the 50 jin and only because he used all his strength it was he felt to the ground!

The others children believe that Qing Shui wasn't even able to lift a stone lock of 20 jin so he fell down!

’’Of what are you laughing all of you?’’ With a sentence from a brave young boy of fourteen years all closed their mouth.

In a hurry, Qing Hu ran to Qing Shui side!

’’Are you okay? You don't have to start practicing these first!’’ Qing Hu deeply concerned said!

Qing Shui felt Qing Hu was sincerely concerned for him so he felt quite happy. But as if he didn't heard their laughter, Qing Shui was with a smile

’’Thank you, Qing Hu, but I'm fine!’’

And in that time, that brave young boy approached.

’’If you are fine Qing Shui, then first run, then a bit the boxing and last stretch your muscles!’’

’’No, thank you!’’ Qing Shui was laughing. Qing Shui knows that this young boy was from the third generation and was called Qing Yang. He was one of the most strong of the third generation after Qing Zi and Qing You. Actually he was on the peak of the warrior sixth layer. He didn't treated bad Qing Shui so he showed to him a sincere smile!

Qing Yang was gently laughing, telling Qing Shui to be a bit more careful!

The boys plus a girl together with Qing Shui are sixteen. But only the family of Qing Hu has a daughter and the other families contrary to what you would expect they had an average of four boys for family.

Qing Hu's younger sister was called Qing Bei and was the sole girl in the Qing Family. Although she had five year as result of being the only girl she received much love in the Qing Family. Even Qing Yi loves the cute little girl as if was his own daughter!

’’Qing Shui-gege, you have to be careful, otherwise aunt will cry!’’ Qing Bei concerned blinked her big eyes when saying it. (TN: gege: Older brother)

Looking at this very small girl, he earnest nodded. He scarcely realized that his body had eight years and so it was small!

After experience it for first time, he would slowly lift the stone rock the second time. This time he felt it quite light. He felt as if the strength from when he was adult returned to lift this 50 jin stone lock helping him in doing any effort!

He exchanged the stone for one of 80 jin, 100 jin and 180 jin...

Qing Shui did just come to where Qing Hu was. Everyone in the martial field, included Qing Yang were with his eyes open. They saw something unimaginable when looking at Qing Shui! Qing Hai already left if not he would be surprised too!

Qing Shui was a little strained when he lifted the 200 jin stone lock. Every one of them were with their open mouth. The martial field was quite calm!

Qing Shui was very excited because although when he lifted the 180 jin stone felt that his strength was less than what he expected, in that time the ancient strengthening technique automatically started to flow qi and like he ate an stimulant he was capable of lifting the stone with no difficulty!

When he lifted the 180 jin stone lock, he didn't wanted the others to think that he was a monster and also he didn't wanted any trouble, therefore he pretended that he was doing a strenuous effort!

’’Qing Shui, I was unable to tell that you had that big strength. I can barely lift it with the Blue Lotus, and you only with your physical strength were able to lift it.’’ Qing Hu happily said it. He wasn't jealous instead he was quite happy.

Qing Shui laughing said, ’’This is already my limit!’’

After finishing training everyone left, originally Qing Hu was going to call Qing Shui to leave together but due to him wanted to stay he left in advance!

After seeing that nobody was around, he went for the biggest stone lock of 800 jin that the disciples of the third generation could lift in which they were on the peak of the Warrior's fifth layer!


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