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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 799


AST 799 - Great Perfection of Mighty Elephant Stomp, The Powerful Roc Form

Di Chen's matter was akin to a rock pressing on Qing Shui's heart. This made Di Chen feel as if she had done something wrong, that she shouldn't have said it so early to him. At least, she felt that they should talk about it after settling the Baima Aristocratic Family.

Qing Shui thought about Di Qing's previous behaviour. Could it be that she knew that Di Chen was about to leave? Rubbing his head, he carried a heavy heart as he entered the Realm of the Violet Immortal.


The 10,000 year Coldsteel Needle and pearl had already been completely laced with poison. Qing Shui kept them appropriately away, as after all he still had to rely on them.

Elephant Form!

Qing Shui did not mind displaying the Elephant Form, however there was a stifled frustration within his thoughts. This was all due to having heard the news that Di Chen was about to leave.


Qing Shui faced the heavens within the Realm of the Violet Immortal and roared. He was not afraid of people hearing in this place. Furiously taking a step forward, Mighty Elephant Stomp!

This was a random empty space within the Realm of the Violet Immortal. There were no medicinal herbs planted here. This had become a training ground for Qing Shui. This was added to his incomparable confidence with the Realm of the Violet Immortal. With a strong and powerful ’’self regenerative’’ power, as long as Qing Shui wanted to, it would quickly self regenerate. If Qing Shui did not want to keep the poison nurturing pond, it would definitely change back to its original form. Everything here was under his full control.


A gigantic cloud of black Qi exploded out, as a enormous chasm appeared within the Realm of the Violet Immortal. The imposing grandeur felt extremely familiar to Lin Dong.

Boundary of great perfection! great perfection of the Mighty Elephant Stomp.

The next thing that happened was ecstasy to Qing Shui. Only by achieving the boundary of great perfection was he able to summon a trampling elephant. Wanting to prove his thought he immediately trampled on the air, summoning a trampling elephant out again.

Seeing the image of a trampling elephant that looked similar to his Diamond Gigantic Elephant trampling out, Qing Shui became so emotional he started to tremble. Finally he had achieved it, the Mighty Elephant Stomp had achieved great perfection.

The Mighty Elephant Stomp was able to magnify ten times the user's base strength when at great perfection. However, since Qing Shui's base strength was at 3100 counties, even with the Mighty Elephant Stomp at great perfection, he could only display slightly more that 3 stars worth of power.

It was difficult to put it to use in combat, however regardless of that this accidental breakthrough made Qing Shui feel happy and joyous. In the future, when he became stronger and his base strength increased, the might of the Mighty Elephant Stop would also rise. Furthermore his current combat prowess had doubled. Regardless of whether it was able to be used in combat, finally breaking through was a matter to feel happy about. In addition, he still needed to work hard training and breakthrough in the other skills.

Feeling happy, Qing Shui continued to display the Mighty Elephant Stomp in mid air within the Realm of the Violet Immortal. The Realm was very special, if not this small space would have ruptured and exploded due to the immense energies radiating within it.

Qing Shui did not worry about that. Even the Diamond Gigantic Elephant displaying the Mighty Elephant Stomp did not lead to any trouble. The Mighty Elephant Stomp displayed by it was stronger than his. Therefore, Qing Shui was not afraid that his strength would do any damage to the Realm of the Violet Immortal. Explosive bangs resounded within it as Qing Shui continued to display the Mighty Elephant Stomp.

The Fire Bird, Diamond Gigantic Elephant and the rest of the demonic beasts did not panic as they knew it was Qing Shui behind the ruckus. Although the intelligence of demonic beasts was not on the same level as humans, they were were much smarter than the wild beasts in his previous life. After all, Qing Shui was able to establish some simple communication and mental exchanges with them.

Although the might of the Mighty Elephant Stomp was slightly lacking, Qing Shui was happy as he could train the next martial art within the Nine Animals Mimicry, Roc Form.

This was something that Qing Shui had been looking forward to for a very long time. After all. It was ranked above the Elephant Form. At least it shouldn't be weaker than it. Furthermore, this allowed for Qing Shui to faintly grasp onto something.

The Roc Form was one of the last three forms. He had left the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Heavenly Layer for the Ancient Strengthening Technique, while there was the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Level for the Realm of the Violet Immortal. This was also the same as the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm.

All of these seemed to have an invisible line of connection tying them together. If he could train in the Roc Form of the Nine Animals Mimicry, was this a sign that he could already start to open a gap in the rest?

This should be a very good start!

Thinking that he should train the Roc Form, Qing Shui hurriedly entered his sea of consciousness. If he could train in the Roc Form now, and in addition achieve a small accomplishment in it, it might have a positive impact when he crossed blades with the Baima Aristocratic Family in the future.

’’Ha ha, I've finally learned it.’’

Qing Shui looked at the familiar picture lighting up and could not resist but to shout it out.

That was a big golden roc that was spreading its wings and flying. Below it were two fighting skills that were drawn in green. The rest of them were in green and could not be seen clearly. This did not affect Qing Shui's state of mind. There was no need for more as, if one were to train one technique to its finest one could also dominate the Nine Continents. However this was too difficult, therefore it was always good to have more skills.

Although the Baima Aristocratic Family would rush here in three to four days, with the Realm of the Violet Immortal, he had approximately half a year's worth of time. Therefore there was a possibility for him to achieve small accomplishment in the Roc Form by that time.

Small success, large success, great perfection, these three boundaries. It was still relatively easy to achieve small success. If used properly, half a year's worth time was adequate for it. As for the previous forms that Qing Shui had learned, the time he took to achieve Small Accomplishment did not even take half a year. However, the Large Accomplish and great perfection boundaries not only required time, they required a strong comprehension of the form.

Qing Shui set his gaze on the first combat move. The name was very simple. Great Roc Spreading Wings. After looking over a shot of it, Qing Shui was stunned. This was too powerful.

Great Roc Spreading Wings: The special flying ability of the Great Roc. Capable of shooting its user 90 thousand kilometres in the air. Small Accomplishment, increase movement and attacking speed by a fold. Large Accomplishment, increase movement and attacking speed by 500%. great perfection, increase movement and attacking speed by 1000%.

Passive combat ability, zero consumption!

Powerful, heaven defying. Only after looking over it three times did Qing Shui confirm that he had indeed made no mistakes in reading it. He knew that the Great Roc was extremely good at flying, however never did he think that it would actually have a percentage increase that was similar to the Mighty Elephant Stomp of the Elephant Form.

If he were to train it to great perfection, wouldn't it mean that his travelling and attacking speed would increase many fold. Furthermore, it was hard to gauge the increase in strength, so speed was considered power.

However, once Qing Shui thought back about the Mighty Elephant Stomp and how many years it had dragged on before he had managed to achieve great perfection, he knew that this Roc Form would not be easy to learn. This was Qing Shui's feeling. Nevertheless, he placed his goal on achieving Small Accomplishment first. As long as he could breakthrough into that boundary, a fold increase in speed would be adequate for his strength to exceed his current strength. This was a result that was akin to consuming a Gale Pill.

Feeling emotional, Qing Shui quietly made up his mind to try his best to achieve Small Accomplishment in it before the arrival of the Baima Aristocratic Family. This kind of speed would completely increase his advantage and chances of victory. If his speed was absolutely fast enough, a single poison needle would be able to cripple all of his enemies. If his Great Roc Spreading WIngs was estimated to be able to achieve that, Qing Shui knew that the difficulty of the Large Accomplishment of the Roc Form would at least be as difficult as the Mighty Elephant Stomp.

It was good to have something to strive for. This could also be considered a goal and was better than something that cannot be improved by training. Qing Shui did not wish to waste time. Hurriedly continuing to look below the green drawings, where the training methods were described.

Qing Shui jumped away and proceeded to look at the next combat move. If the next one listed here was not a good combat move, he would temporarily put it aside for the time being and focus all of his time on learning the Great Roc Spreading Wings.

Heart of the Great Roc!

This was the name of the second combat move, before he hurriedly continued to read on.

Heart of the Great Roc: ’’A power technique requires a strong heart. Abilities that possess the Heart of the Great Roc will increase the strength of the five elements and increase lethality of magic.

Achieving Small Accomplishment would double lethality. Achieving Large Accomplishment would increase lethality by fivefold.

Passive combat move, zero consumption!

This time Qing Shui was shocked till he gawked for a while. This Roc Form was really abnormal. The Heart of the Great Roc was actually a combat move for demonic beasts. Although humans could also learn it, one would be required to know the corresponding ’’magic’’ attacks. For example. The Primal Chaos Fireball that Qing Shui knew was considered a magical attack. A large portion of demonic beasts knew how to launch magical attacks. For example the Firebird's Nether Fireball, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's Diamond Sword Qi, the Thunderous Beast's Thunderbolt, the Jade Emperor Queen Bee's Poison Killer Sting...

All of these were magical attacks. In actual fact there were quite a few people within the Nine Continents that knew how to launch magical attacks, however, the might of their magical attacks was not large. There were many alchemists that used their Flame of Xiantian to refine medicine. There was a relationship between the might of magic and spirit energy and also with the skills. For example, due to Qing Shui's skill and Spirit Energy, his Primal Chaos Fireball was very strong.

Therefore the importance of the Great Roc's Heart was no less than the Great Roc Spreading Wings. Thinking about the multiple increases in might in the Primal Chaos Fireball...

Qing Shui realized that both the Nine Animals Mimicry and the Realm of the Violet Immortal seemed to have an intimate connection with himself. For example the Great Roc's Heart. Qing Shui felt that there would be nobody that would thirst more for this combat technique.

This is good, felt Qing Shui. If he trained in both of them together, any one that breaks through would give him a substantial increase in combat prowess. Instantly Qing Shui felt his whole body surging with fighting spirit.

No wasting anymore time, Qing Shui immediately started on reading the Great Roc Spreading Wings and the Great Roc's Heart. He had a method used when starting to learn a new technique. He would definitely analyse and understand its intricacies before starting to practice the form. In this way, it was much easier to practice and was hard for any problems to arise.

Understanding its intricacies and comprehending were two different things. One could still train without comprehension. One might be able to breakthrough during training. On the other hand, understanding its intricacies would allow for easier familiarity.

Qing Shui spent a hour's worth of time on those pretty, short, descriptive writings before slowly retreating away from his consciousness. The day's worth of time had already passed within the Realm of the Violet Immortal before Qing Shui started to slowly train.

For the remaining time Qing Shui had naturally spent a large portion of it on learning the Great Roc Spreading Wings and the Great Roc's Heart. As for the other things, he spent a very small amount of time on them.

Qing Shui's learning process was very fast. With so many years of training coupled with a pretty good comprehension ability, it was still possible for him to achieve his goals. However, achieving a small accomplishment would still require time. The hope of breaking through in half a year was very large, however it was not definite.

Time passed slowly, day after day with Qing Shui continuously travelling to and fro from into the Realm of the Violet Immortal. The fluttering of his figure was brimming with explosive power, as he dashed forward in a strange manner. It gave an indescribable feeling as if power and overbearingness were not in complete harmony.

Qing Shui had already trained his Great Roc Spreading Wings to a very familiar degree. This was just the result of half a month.

During this half a month, Qing Shui had split his time up properly. Every day he would only rest for two hours. This included the time he spent on eating. To him, this was adequate. For the rest of the ten hours, four of them would be used to train the Great Roc Spreading Wings, four of them would be used to train the Great Roc's Heart while the remaining two would be used to train other skills.


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