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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 793


AST 793 - Ruthlessness Is the Mark of A Great Man

A dense layer of perspiration broke out on the face of that old man. Qing Shui's words were light and explosive thunder, ringing in his heart. People who could reach his level were all of great intelligence but sometimes, a momentary weakness of the heart could cause their consciousness to waver and thus they would subconsciously shrink back in face of trouble, especially when they were unable to break through the trouble. Just like what the clan Baima Aristocrat Clan were up against.

They had only thought of staying in Greencloud Continent as they felt that it was very hard to return back to Huayang City. Their sense of superiority that they felt while they were staying here caused them to be restless again. They felt that they must let other people sense how exceptional their clan was in a weak place like this.

Now, being verbally shot down by Qing Shui caused him to feel great fury and he glared at Qing Shui.

’’3rd Brother, don't talk crap with them. Those who kill people from our Baima Aristocrat Clan must pay the price for it.’’ A burly looking old man next to the elegant old man saw how the latter had been showing his weakness time and time again and could not help but speak. Moreover, when they came over, the clan head had instructed them that although they needed to get the facts straight, they must get back Baima Aristocrat Clan's pride.

To be honest, none of them believed that a young man had wiped out Zuoshi Clan single-handedly. They suspected that Heavenly Palace might have received other help and the reason they've dropped by so many times was so that they could find out what the level of the people supporting them was.

Back then, the fact that they could drive Zuoshi Clan away showed that their abilities were much stronger than Zuoshi Clan. Therefore, they were not really scared of the ’’powers’’ behind Qing Shui. However, they still wanted to understand the situation, since knowing the enemies well provided higher chances of victory. A big clan like theirs could not afford any little mistakes, which was why the elegant looking man had put down his pride like this.

’’You guys can actually do whatever you want to do but why are you finding such a ridiculous excuse for yourselves? Could it be that you guys are also thinking that this is something that you shouldn't be doing?’’ Qing Shui smiled and look at them. From the start to now, there had been no change to his expression.

’’Hongchang, don't be spouting rubbish.’’ The elegant looking old man said to the burly looking one.

Before they understood all the trump cards the other party had, they should not be going all out recklessly. Moreover, the other party was still wearing a confident expression. The old man could feel the confidence Qing Shui had through his observations, which was why he chose to take a step back once again.

’’Let me say one more thing today. Your Baima Aristocrat Clan can't make it. Don't be infuriated, I don't wish to kill anyone. Go back and tell your clan head not to joke around with the lives of an entire clan.’’ Qing Shui looked at the elegant looking old man and said. He was now very sure that this old man was the leader in this group.

’’3rd Grandpa, you've been given a scare by this lad. Could it be that you feel that he is stronger than you?’’ Just then, the young man in the middle spoke out slowly but his gaze was still fixed on Qing Shui.

The old man didn't say anything. He had the feeling that the young man they were facing was far from a match for him but yet, he kept having the feeling that there was a beast hidden in Qing Shui's body.

’’Could you let us visit that strong expert?’’ The old man said softly.

’’It's not convenient. If there's no other matter, please return. Remember what I've said.’’ Qing Shui knew that the 'strong expert' they were referring to was the one who had wiped out Zuoshi Clan.

’’3rd Brother, I think there's no strong expert at all. We aren't even sure if Zuoshi Clan was wiped out by this lad.’’ Baima Hongchang frowned and spoke out again.

’’No matter who was the one to do it, they're still related to Heavenly Palace.’’ The elegant looking old man frowned and said.

’’Then 3rd Brother is thinking of leaving just like this? After waiting for so long, we're leaving when he has appeared? Are we not going to do what the clan head had instructed us to do?’’ Baima Hongchang looked at the other old man and said.

’’It might be because I'm old now but I feel that we shouldn't be fighting him. We have no grievances against him. As for reputation, it's something we can do without.’’

’’Then we're going to leave it just like that when Tongyuan has been killed by them? Many people have seen what our Baima Aristocrat Clan has done.’’ Baima Hongchang looked at the elegant looking old man and shouted. Even the rest of the people were looking at the latter.

’’Tongyuan was always one with a bad conduct. He deserved it.’’ THe old man sighed and said.

’’3rd Brother, that's my grandson, my grandson! He's been killed, a member of our Baima Aristocrat Clan has been killed! Didn't he merely tease a lady? I want her to go accompany Tongyuan in his death!’’ Baima Hongchang bellowed, appearing to be extremely agitated.

In the end, he suddenly thought of pouncing toward Luan Luan.

’’You're courting death!’’

With a low bellow, Qing Shui stepped to stand in front of Luan Luan. The Thunder God and Big Dipper Sword which he had prepared earlier were now in his hands and Baima Hongchang's hammer was already right in front of Qing Shui.


The Thunder God blocked the hammer while his Fiery Golden Eyes and Emperor's Qi had hit the opponent before the hammer had come. He then unleashed Sword of the Sixth Wave with his Big Dipper Sword.

Since he had attacked, he'd not show leniency.

Baima Hongchang was merely at three stars after he had been weakened. The difference between Qing Shui's Sword of Sixth Wave was a whole of difference with his Sword of Fifth Wave and against opponents of a similar level to him, it was basically an instant kill.

Boom boom boom...

Qing Shui was at three stars to begin with but with the Sword of Sixth Wave, Baima Hongchang was sent flying by Qing Shui's impact. Spewing out fresh blood and staring with wide-opened eyes, he died just like that, his internal organs entirely shattered.

This was how domineering Wave Essence was. Opponents of a similar level would be killed instantaneously.

Everyone was shocked to see a cultivator of four star level being killed instantly. The old man had not expected the outcome to be like this. He had wanted to stop Baima Hongchang but then again, he also wanted to see the abilities of this young Patriarch from the Heavenly Palace.

In fact, when Qing Shui unleashed his attacks, the old man was astonished by Qing Shui's aura. Not only was it pressuring, the impact it hit out with was like the endlessness of the raging river...

Since the fight had started, Qing Shui would show no leniency. He was not one who would choose to eradicate the roots of evil but neither did he wish to let go of a person who could have the ability to retaliate in the future. It would just be looking for trouble for both himself and his family.


A deep deafening tiger's roar came out from Qing Shui. Diamond Gigantic Elephant, Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable, Jade Emperor Queen Bee, Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies... all of them came out.

When he saw the demonic beasts next to Qing Shui, the old man's face twitched. Now, he seemed to be able to believe that Qing Shui had wiped out Zuoshi Clan alone. However, what should he do now?

Seeing that the other party had called out his demonic beasts, it was clear that things would not be able to end like that today. Moreover, Baima Clan would not let go of this issue either. They could only fight head on now. However, he kept feeling that something was amiss.

’’To think that he dares to be inflicting harm, kill him!’’

’’Since when has our Baima Aristocrat Clan been bullied like this?’’


The expression of the young man in the middle was very unnatural. This time around, he had come to see Baima Aristocrat Clan kill others, not to be killed. The old man's instant death showed him that things were not looking good.

The lady next to him had already turned pale as she looked toward the surroundings, feeling uneasy.

The four old men were brothers with a close bond and had grown up together. They had never been separated across hundreds of years, even when they got married and eventually had their children and grandchildren. Seeing that one of them was instantly killed on the spot, even the elegant looking old man who was called 3rd Brother had now drawn out his longsword.

Things had now gone out of control and even if he had to die, he would need to fight to the very end. This was an inner impulse, to push on even if he knew that what that awaited was death. Moreover, they felt that they had the ability to crush Heavenly Palace.

When the battle started, everyone else had retreated quickly. Luan Luan did not retreat but called out her Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear and the ten Earth Devouring Mice. She didn't step up but stood not far away, with the demonic beasts protecting her.

Having powerful demonic beasts made her feel much more relaxed. She even left only three of the Earth Devouring Mice and the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear next to her while sending the others to help Qing Shui. Although the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear's level was not very high, its monstrous defence allowed it to withstand the attacks of a three star strong expert.

The person who makes the first move gets the advantage. Since he decided to leave no leniency, then he'd need to kill all of them here. These people had their eyes set on Heavenly Palace and leaving them alive would just pose a threat to Heavenly Palace in the future. In fact, Qing Shui had also always believed in one theory, ruthlessness is the mark of a great man.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Qing Shui stood on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and launched out a Mighty Elephant Stomp, dispersing the impact of the nine people who remained. The Thunderous Beast used a Violet Lightning Strike to keep the elegant looking old man where he was.

There was no need for Qing Shui to head over himself. He shot a silver needle through the old man's forehead, penetrating his brain. The silver needed held a violent destructive force and destroyed the brain. The old man died on the spot.

Another old man was poisoned by the Jade Emperor Queen Bee. It might be because the old man's spirit energy was far too weak compared to his abilities. Moreover, the Jade Emperor Queen Bee was now very powerful. The old man's energy was being depleted at a rapid rate. Moreover, with Qing Shui having weakened him earlier, he couldn't stand a fight. And just then, seven Earth Devouring Mice suddenly appeared at his feet.

In just a moment, there was nothing left but a pool of blood.

This was the first time Qing Shui had seen the Earth Devouring Mice in action. They were quick as light, extremely elusive, had a terrifying gnaw and unrivalled speed. All mouse typed demonic beasts had poison of some sort and if one was bitten, they would tend to be infected and their body would be destroyed.

A Earth Devouring Mouse went through the old man's body directly.

In the blink of an eye three out of the ten people had died and they were from amongst the four who were the strongest here. The countenance of the remaining people turned grim. They couldn't understand why they could not feel that this young man was very strong but yet...

He was a powerful Beast Tamer, with terrifying demonic beasts!

Diamond Sword Qi!

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant unleashed its ultimate killing attack toward the last powerful old man.


Instantaneous Diamond Evasion!

Ferocious Diamond Attack!

With his attacks powered up again, the attack with a strength of five and a half stars killed that old man immediately.

In just the time taken for slightly more than one breath, this group of people was settled. Luan Luan's Earth Devouring Mice had settled the other people, even that coquettish looking lady.

Qing Shui looked at the excited Luan Luan and felt that this lass was really one who liked to fight. In the future, the lass' name would definitely be widely known across the nine continents.


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