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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 792


AST 792 - Old Man's Concerns, Conflict, Opposing Each Other Heads On

’’Mingyue, then we'll go over first and take a look.’’ Qing Shui said to Canghai Mingyue before he left.

’’Mmm, be careful. When things are settled, come back earlier and inform everyone.’’ Canghai Mingyue smiled and said while carrying Qin Yin. Her elegant and beautiful appearance was something that still left Qing Shui heads over heels for her.

’’Alright, Luan Luan, let's go and take a look!’’ Qing Shui waved to Canghai Mingyue and then said to Luan Luan.

’’Mmm, Aunt, we'll head over first.’’ Luan Luan smiled and said to Canghai Mingyue.

’’Ok. Qing Shui, take good care of Luan Luan.’’

’’Mmm, don't worry!’’


’’Come, let daddy bring you along!’’ With that, Qing Shui grabbed Luan Luan's wrist and leaped up while Luan Luan stepped on his foot as they flew toward Heavenly Palace's public square.

Luan Luan was about to reach Martial Saint level. It was a pity that one would not be able to fly even if they were just a little bit away from attaining the Martial Saint level. Flying was an ability Martial Saints had.

There were many people at the public square but there were no hostile auras around. When he saw where Elder Ge was, Qing Shui flew over directly.

’’Patriarch is here!’’

’’Patriarch is here!’’


Many of Heavenly Palace's disciples could not hold themselves back and cheered. It was heartfelt admiration that everyone felt. Even more so, it was a trust in him, as they entrusted themselves to his hands.

’’Elder Ge!’’ Qing Shui didn't look at the people from the other side but greeted Elder Ge first.

’’Qing Shui, these are people from Baima Aristocrat Clan. They kept saying that they want to meet you and this is the third time that they've come.’’ Elder Ge smiled and said.

Qing Shui turned to look at the opposite side. There were four extremely old man, four who were slightly younger, as well as a younger male and female pair who seemed to be in their thirties.

The ones in the lead were the four oldest men. Two of them appeared very tall and powerful. Although they looked very old, they stood very upright and exuded a dominating aura.

The other two were slighter shorter, having a clean appearance, giving off a knowledgeable feeling.

The younger male and female pair stood in the middle. The guy was wearing snow white long clothes and his handsome face exuding softness. Such a disposition had a lethal attraction to some ladies.

And the young lady next to him... On his first look, Qing Shui thought of an expression.

No matter how pretty a lady was, she would eventually be left with nothing but a pile of bones!

This lady was the most coquettish lady he had ever met. Her almond shaped eyes were covered with a layer of mist and her neck was long and se*y. Her body was extremely curvy and many would covet her. Matched with her slender waist, out of everyone Qing Shui had met before, this was a lady who was able to best exploit her body to its full potential.

A lady like this did not require any disposition. She would only need to rely on her body. It might be because the heavens are fair, that Qing Shui didn't notice any disposition on her. At most, she could only be said to have a bit of elegance but this should be because she was brought up in a well-to-do family.

When Qing Shui was looking at her, that lady blinked her misty almond shaped eyes not less than three times. As for what it meant, only she herself knew.

This kind of woman would be attractive to any man but she was more suited to be in a brothel. While it was good to enjoy a good time with people like her, as time passed, her charm would be lost. This was unlike how it was for women with character, where one would find more and more of their charms as time passes.

The other four behind them who looked slightly aged had half of their hair in white. However, their appearances seemed to be middle-aged at most.

When Qing Shui was checking them out, they were doing the same to him. They felt that Heavenly Palace's Patriarch was too young.

However, they didn't feel much about it, thinking that it was because there was no one who was strong that the job would be left to a young and ignorant lad. This was Greencloud Continent and there were no strong experts here. However, their attention was still on this young man. They were trying to see if there was something unique about him. After all, it was rumored that Zuoshi Clan had died in his hands.

They were very familiar with Zuoshi Clan as back then, they had escaped here after fighting with their clan for Huayang City. After so many years, their clan was forced out as well and they were here to look for Zuoshi Clan, hoping to be able to join forces and fight back. However, they were not expecting Zuoshi Clan to have been wiped out...

They did not know if this news was good or bad for them. They still had some confidence to convince Zuoshi Clan but to convince Heavenly Palace, who had wiped out Zuoshi Clan, to head to Huayang City with them them, it was practically impossible.

This was their plan when they first came here. They didn't dare to be rash against them since they had the power to wipe out Zuoshi Clan. Moreover, after staying in Greencloud Continent for half a year, they realized that the place was much better than Central Continent. Therefore, their ambition to return to Central Continent had gradually dimmed. This place was very suitable for a clan like theirs, unlike how it was in Central Continent, where those with power would be able to gain more and it was dangerous for those without.

’’Why have the few of you been trying to look for me?’’ Qing Shui smiled and asked.

’’You're Heavenly Palace's Patriarch?’’ Out of the four old men in the lead,a clean looking old man walked out and said, smiling.

’’Yes. You guys are?’’ Qing Shui kept his eyes on their actions and silently observed their level.

These people were not as strong as Zuoshi Clan's Old Ancestor, nor were they as powerful as Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's Old Ancestor. However, these few old men had the level of slightly over four stars. Even the slightly old men were at about three stars. And the young man and lady couple, were the same as Di Chen, at Grade Five Martial Saint. Qing Shui could not help but take a few more looks.

The guy had pretty good potential and the same went for the lady. However, Qing Shui could sense, through his Heavenly Vision Technique, that the martial technique the lady cultivated was Yin in nature and was one that replenished one's Yin energy through Yang energy, slightly better than a martial technique which required her to absorb Yang energy from the male during se*ual intercourse. This martial technique would require her to absorb the Yang energy from guys, turn the energy into Yin energy and from there, raise her cultivation level.

So she was such a person. Qing Shui lamented over the thought of how many guys had fallen prey to her. But looking at how coquettish this lady was, there must have been plenty of people who immediately died after intercourse with her. She was like the peony in the idiom 'If one were to die under the peony flower, one would be amorous even as a ghost' [1].

Qing Shui didn't have much thought over Duo Cultivation techniques and Duo Cultivation couples. Most people would choose a Duo Cultivation partner and they would basically be considered a married couple, where no matter what happened, usually the lady would follow the guy. Although there was equality in the world of the nine continents, Qing Shui still felt that it was about the same as how it was in his previous life. It was likely because ladies tended to be weaker than guys in general in the area of cultivation and thus it gradually led to having the guys to call the shots. Therefore, it could only be said that the equality was more than how it was for his previous life. When a man could have several wives, it showed that there wasn't equality. There was no absolute equality, no matter where the place was.

In the books or some records in the world of the nine continents, there were places where the status of women was higher than men. In those places, there were fewer ladies and many men. Moreover, the legacy they held was different and thus the social status changed.

’’That girl next to you was the one who had killed someone from our Baima Clan.’’The old man said as he looked at Qing Shui calmly, not missing out on any hint of fluctuation to his facial expressions.

When Qing Shui saw the old man's reaction, he laughed. ’’She is my daughter. If she has killed someone from your clan, it's because the person deserved to die. You guys should be clearer than me over what people from your Baima Clan have done. To think that you guys have come knocking on the door even though I didn't go over to demand an explanation.’’

Qing Shui's tone was very calm but the words he chose were astonishing. Although the people in Heavenly Palace knew that the other party was doing this intentionally, they had not expected Qing Shui's reply to be so threatening.

However, Qing Shui felt that the other party was clear over the entire situation. Moreover, they knew well what their own intentions were. When dealing with such people, the more polite you are, the more they would feel that you are shrinking back. Therefore, he might as well push them into showing all their cards.

’’Hahaha, it's truly a case of the rise of a promising youngster. To think that you can remain so arrogant after having killed someone.’’ The elegant looking elder was not angered but broke into a laugh instead. However, his eyes had not left Qing Shui's gaze.

’’Let's just cut to the chase. Why is there a need to be hypocritical? There's no outsiders here. We Heavenly Palace are well aware of what people we have around us and I'm sure you guys are also clear about how your people are like, just like how we understand a little about the people from your clan. Let's just talk and get to the point.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said, looking at the other party in complete disdain.

’’Young man, I can't see through you clearly, so I don't wish to take any risks. I'm really curious over how you were able to wipe out Zuoshi Clan.’’ The old man was not angered by Qing Shui's words and he continued to say calmly.

’’Do you believe that I'd be able to kill you instantly right now?’’ Qing Shui said softly as he looked at the old man. His tone was so gentle that many found it hard to believe.

The elegant-looking old man was also stunned by Qing Shui's words. However, he regained his composure quickly. ’’Young man, don't just rely on blind courage. Think through things before you take action.’’

When Qing Shui heard the old man's words, he smiled. The old man had already shrunk back. Qing Shui knew well what his words had meant, telling him that they had more people. Even if he could defeat the few of them alone, would he be able to defeat all of them? Getting him to think before he takes any action was to get him to think about himself and the people behind them, to see if everything was worth it.

’’The fact that I can remain alive to this day, means that I'm not someone who depends blindly on my courage. But you guys have been standing on high ground for far too long. As time passes, your brains have also turned dull.’’ Qing Shui said without showing any respect.

Qing Shui felt that he didn't have to stand on ceremony with them. These people were very careful but were still mostly arrogant. This was also why it was normal for them to be forced out of the Central Continent. However, after they came over, they still didn't know any better and it seemed that they'd probably only be able to realize their folly after they died.

’’Young man, don't push it too far. Baima Aristocrat Clan has never been scared of anyone.’’ The old man's voice was louder now as he said to Qing Clan with gritted teeth.

’’Across the nine continents, Greencloud Continent is the weakest and the poorest. There's no way that you guys would be willing to move if you had not been forced out.’’ Qing Shui smiled as he said to the old man.

The old man was stunned for a while. Thinking of how Zuoshi Clan had been wiped out by this young man... he wondered if Qing Shui also knew about their clan. He had not expected that the young man would point it out where it hurts, causing him to be unable to rebut. He felt that Qing Shui had probably heard it from Zuoshi Clan.

’’So what? After coming to Greencloud Continent, we're the strongest here.’’ The old man said with a powerful disposition as he looked at Qing Shui.

’’Zuoshi Clan had said the same thing back then. Refugees know not how to treasure other's acceptance and are still thinking of calling the shots around here. Rather than think of how to fight back to return to Central Continent, you're trying to boss people around here. Don't you think that you guys deserve to die?’’ Qing Clan said without a flinch as he looked toward them.


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