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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 789-790


Chapter 789-790

AST 789 –Luan Luan’s Great Strength, Alchemy Recipe for Beast Taming Pellet

“Brother Qing Shui, when will I be able to have my own ride?”Qing You asking Qing Shui with a bitter look on his face.

Qing Shui knew that what he was referring to was a flying beast ride or those land-based powerful beast rides. However, he probably yearned for a flying ride more. After all, when making an escape or to be rushing on the way, a flying ride was the best choice.

“That’s right, Brother Qing Shui,”Qing Bei also pouted and asked. After all, seeing how Luan Luan had so many demonic beasts and rides, they were both very jealous. It was hard not to be, especially when their talents were not comparable to the lass’either.

“The ride must be tamed by yourself. It’s said that there’re Beast Taming Pellets in the world. Apparently, after taking it, it’ll increase the chances for one to be able to tame the beast. It’s a pity that I don’t have the alchemy recipe.”Qing Shui shrugged and smiled helplessly.

“Haha, Brother Shui, if we can get you the alchemy recipe, does this mean that you’ll refine the medicinal pill for us and will help us to tame the demonic beast as well?”Qing Bei grinned and asked.

Stunned, Qing Shui nodded and smiled, saying, “Of course.”

“There, Brother Shui.”Qing Bei took out a piece of Beast Parchment and passed it to Qing Shui, saying.

Qing Shui was stunned for a moment before he received it. On one look, it was really the alchemy recipe for the Beast Taming Pellet. Moreover, it was one that was of a higher grade too, having increased the chances of taming the beast by two times more.

The Beast Taming Pellets were segregated into third, sixth and ninth grade, each of which had only a small percentage of being able to successfully taming demonic beasts. Usually, if the person’s cultivation level was higher than that of the demonic beast, the chances of defeating the demonic beast and taming it would be slightly higher. And when the Beast Taming Pellet was used, it could further increase the chances of success.

Qing Shui slowly looked at the alchemy recipe and the first ingredient was “Violent Spirit Grass”!

The “Violent Spirit Grass”was a type of precious medicinal herb and could be taken directly. After taking it, it could increase the user’s Berserk Aura by 30% for 15 minutes. During this time, the user’s abilities would increase and his aura would also increase by a lot. The increase in aura, especially to the violent aura in the body, it could increase the chances of taming demonic beasts. However, after taking it, it was very damaging to the user’s body.

Looking at the rest of the medicinal herbs required, although they were also very precious, they were now nothing to Qing Shui and could be easily found.

As for the “Violent Spirit Grass”, he had gotten his hands on some on his recent trip to Southern Sea Country. It was because Qing Shui also knew that it was something precious but its uses were very limited. As of now, Qing Shui only knew that it could be used for refining the Beast Taming Pellet. There were not many people who would choose to take it directly since doing so would bring about great harm to one’s body.

Qing Shui had found these from the cart holding various medicinal herbs that had been sent to Ye Clan. Those had been kept by the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan and thus Ye Guyan made him keep it for his own use. Therefore, he didn’t stand on ceremony and took some of them. Out of the medicinal herbs, there were some Violent Spirit Grass.

“Brother Shui, how is it? Can you refine it?”Qing Bei looked at Qing Shui and asked, her eyes filled with anticipation.

“I can. I’ll bring you guys to tame demonic beasts in a while.”Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Oh, that’s great!”Qing Bei cried out happily. Every cultivator yearned to have a powerful demonic beast of their own to be their partner in battles. They would also not have to fret and it would also be less troublesome for their travels. There were just too many benefits to having their own demonic beast…

Squeak squeak…

A clear squeal came from outside, one with an extremely strong penetrating impact. Stunned, Qing Shui broke into a happier smile, “Let’s go, let’s go take a look at Luan Luan’s demonic beasts.”

Qing Bei and the others had long wanted to go but was afraid that they would disturb Luan Luan and her demonic beasts. Now, with Qing Shui saying that they could go, all of them naturally followed behind him. Luan Luan was in the Qing Clan’s backyard, which had been set aside for cultivation. Other than a large arena, there was only a pavilion and a pond.

The rest of the area was empty but there was a layer of grass that seemed to be specially grown. It was very densely grown and was similar to the lawn from Qing Shui’s previous life. However, this was slightly taller.

Luan Luan was standing a distance away, surrounded by ten silvery white Earth Devouring Mice. However, compared to the previous time, they had grown to become two times bigger than before. Now, each of them were two feet long, appearing to be very round with a metallic feel.

Their limbs were very short and they were extremely agile. Qing Shui’s hair also stood up when he looked at these Earth Devouring Mice. To be honest, Qing Shui also felt that it would be a bit hard for him to deal with these ten little creatures.

Before he left, there was one Earth Devouring Mouse which was already Martial Saint level but now, it had become a Grade Five Martial Saint…

Qing Shui was speechless. Luan Luan would need at least one month to become an elementary Martial Saint but now, she already had Martial Saint demonic beasts and there was more than one of them. Amongst the other nine, five of them were now Peak Grade Four Martial Saints while the remaining four were also Grade Four Martial Saints.

Qing Shui wasn’t the only one who was stunned, even Luan Luan was. Although she wasn’t clear how strong the Earth Devouring Mice were, she knew that they were extremely powerful. With her Heart of Seven Orifices, her spiritual sense was very powerful and she could sense how terrifying these ten Earth Devouring Mice were.

She recalled that Qing Shui had told her to give the medicinal pill to her most precious demonic beasts. It seemed that they were too precious. Seeing that there were still thirty of them, she took out one without hesitation and fed it to the towering Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear.

This was the first powerful demonic beast which Qing Shui had given to her.

Qing Shui and the other members of Qing Clan stood a distance away. Di Chen, Yiye Jiange and Wenren Wu-shuang, who were also Martial Saints, were also astonished as they stood there, stunned on the spot.

Earlier, they had felt that this lass’growth was unbelievably fast but with Qing Shui as the first example of fast paced growth, they could all accept this. However, this lass’ten plus demonic beasts, even just one of them was stronger than they were…

Other than being surprised, they were also very happy. It was just that it was too sudden. Yiye Jiange looked at Luan Luan, her heart throbbing once again. Maybe he would really be able to bring her and Luan Luan to the Lion King’s Ridge…

Yiye Jiange knew how powerful it was to have the Heart of Seven Orifices but also knew that the heaven was jealous of great talents. The deadly flaw for people with the Heart of Seven Orifices was their extremely short lifespans and that they would need to tame a large number of powerful demonic beasts. If there were any mistakes, the person could be put in a fatal situation.

“Luan Luan has found herself a good father.”Yiye Jiange broke into a gratified smile.

After taking the pill, not long after, red colored flames started appearing on the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear’s body, shining into the surroundings with a reddish glow. Its huge body was also gradually growing.

Its height was already over fifteen meters but the growth gradually slowed down. So did the rate at which the body was swelling up. Now, the fiery red colored skin appeared to be tough like rocks.

After a short moment, the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear quieted down. Luan Luan took out another pill and gave it to him.

The flames which had just calmed down once again started to burn.


A huge beastly cry rang out. The Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear abruptly shot up to twenty meters and appeared to be extremely powerful. It was covered in flames, with a great domineering aura.

It nicely advanced to be a Grade Five Martial Saint!

Upon seeing Qing Shui and the others in the distance, Luan Luan let out a few cries before quickly running over to Qing Shui. Her beautiful face was covered with excitement and blushed from her agitation.

“Daddy, this pill is so amazing!”

“In the future, these ten Earth Devouring Mice and the Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear will be your best partners. With them around, in the future, they’ll be able to help you tame higher level demonic beasts. However, the prerequisite is that you’ll also need to level up your cultivation level.”Qing Shui smiled and said.

“I know. I’ll be able to become a Martial Saint in at most 50 days.”Luan Luan smiled and said excitedly to Qing Shui.

“My daughter is doing an excellent job.”Qing Shui smiled and stroke Luan Luan’s head.

Qing Shui also felt that this was unbelievable. She was only three when he first met her but now, she had already grown up.

The day passed by very quickly and it had already turned dark.Everyone had dinner together and it was a very lively and sumptuous meal. Looking at everything here, Qing Shui really felt very satisfied with what he had.

The children went to sleep very early and thus Canghai Mingyue, Shi Qingzhuang and Mingyue Gelou returned after dinner. Qing Shui sent them back. There was no need for him to return to the hall.

Di Chen and Di Qing also returned to their rooms. During all this time, they had felt very uneasy. After all, the matter with the Baima Aristocrat Clan was like a thorn to them.

Wenren Wu-shuang was also tired. In the end, when they left Shi Qingzhuang’s room, there was only Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li left behind.

“Qing Shui, I’m heading back to rest as well. I’m so sleepy. I haven’t had a good sleep for the past few days.”Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Qing Shui and said and then opened the door to her room. All of them stayed here this this great manor. It was very lively and all the rooms along the corridor were where they stayed.

Huoyun Liu-Li had yet to close the door when Qing Shui entered in a flash.

“You rascal!”Huoyun Liu-Li mumbled, her face turning red.

Qing Shui grinned and closed the door before carrying the charming lady toward the bed.

Huoyun Liu-Li let out a soft cry and buried her face into Qing Shui’s arms. Her beautiful body was feeling very hot and soon lit up the flames in Qing Shui.

“Little demoness, your body is heating up.”Qing Shui blew into Huoyun Liu-Li’s ears and said, smiling.

“Wasn’t this all because of you…”

“What’s because of me?”Qing Shui placed Huoyun Liu-Li on the bed before gradually pressing his body down on those towering peaks and teased.

“I’ve missed you!”Huoyun Liu-Li’s long eyes squinted and very quickly, were filled with a layer of mist. Slightly curved, they drew in Qing Shui’s soul.

Qing Shui’s hands moved around her body and their bodies met each other in all nakedness. Her pure white skin, her perfect curves and her peaks caused Qing Shui’s blood vessels to expand very quickly. Very quickly, the two of them were overwhelmed by feelings and sounds of ecstasy.

“Qing Shui, give me a child!”

Huoyun Liu-Li hugged Qing Shui tightly, trembling furiously as she said.

When it quieted down in the room, it was already late into the night. Huoyun Liu-Li entered a deep sleep with a satisfied smile on her face. Qing Shui planned to get up after lying down for a short while. A beauty’s bed, a hero’s tomb!

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AST 790 –The Wondrous Use of the Saintly Hands

Qing Shui woke up early in the morning and walked straight to the backyard. He could sense someone at the backyard even before he had the chance to go outside. The sky had just brightened up slightly, no one in the Qing Residence would be up this early.

Qing Shui woke up much earlier than usual. Huoyun Liu-Li was still asleep after he had opened his eyes. When he got closer, he quickly activated his Spiritual Sense and expanded it towards the backyard. Through his Spiritual Sense, he could see a woman's form demonstrating her swordplay.

It was Wenren Wu-shuang!

It was still barely bright in the morning and the air was filled with the moisture of the morning mist. He stood from a blind spot and watched Wenren Wu-shuang prancing around in a steady posture.

"I see, she has been very hardworking." Qing Shui smiled as he continued his observation of the woman practicing diligently. She had an extraordinary talent but that didn't mean she could neglect her dedication to continue her cultivation for power. When he first met her, she was just a Xiantian martial warrior. At that time, he had thought that being a Xiantian martial warrior was just a dream that seemed practically unreachable.

Back then, Yu Donghao was the only Xiantian martial warrior in the Hundred Miles City, albeit a crippled Xiantian martial warrior. Wenren Wu-shuang was the first person he met whom he had considered a powerful Xiantian martial warrior.

When he thought about it now, he realized that most of his encounters in life were mostly tied with Wenren Wu-shuang. The most profound thing in life would be the relationship between two human beings. Fate could bring two people together from being a couple of strangers to two people on intimate terms with each other.

Both of them had experienced quite a number of obstacles together. There were definitely moments of sadness as well as moments of happiness throughout their journey. Now it seemed that this was the best ending they could ever ask for.

Qing Shui still remembered quite clearly what he said before he had left for the Southern Viewing Continent. He had told Wenren Wu-shuang that she was his woman. She agreed and said the same thing to him too.

After a while, Wenren Wu-shuang stopped her swordplay and turned around, catching Qing Shui looking at her at the far corner. She was stunned for a while, then regained her composure as she walked closer to him.

"You are up early!" Wenren Wu-shuang blushed when she saw Qing Shui. She remembered what happened yesterday during their first meeting after he had came back from the Southern Viewing Continent. The man in front of her had become bolder by the minute.

"Hmm, even now you are still hardworking." Qing Shui held her by her delicate hands and led her inside the courtyard through the pathway of green grasses.

"I don't want to be tossed so far away from you." said Wenren Wu-shuang in a delicate voice.

There was a hint of stubbornness in her soft voice. Qing Shui was quite touched by her words, because he knew exactly what she meant. For a woman to state such a bold statement, she had made clear of her intentions to Qing Shui –she had decided to follow him wherever he would go.

"I'm here, so you don't have to work so hard. I will always help you in any way I can." Qing Shui replied with a chuckle.

"I fear that you will resent me for being a burden and then toss me away one day." Wenren Wu-shuang let out a soft giggle.

"Silly woman, am I that feeble to you?" Qing Shui let out a stifled chuckle, speechless at her foolish thoughts. He then gently grabbed both her hands and faced her, waiting for her reply.

"No, you are a good man." Wenren Wu-shuang allowed Qing Shui to hold her delicate hands as she gave him a reply.

"I like how you are now. You have become more relaxed." Qing Shui was pleased to see that Wenren Wu-shuang had learned how to relax herself. Ever since her elder sister, Wenren Wugou, had passed away, she had rarely allowed herself a time of peacefulness or to be cheerful.

"Thanks, I have decided to live better. Elder sister wouldn't want me to become sad for the rest of my life either."

Qing Shui was paying attention to her rosy lips and her snow-white teeth as she continued to speak to him. He glanced at her pink tongue next, unconsciously moving forward to her lips and kissed her.

When she saw Qing Shui moving closer to her, she flustered and lowered her head quickly. She felt his breath closer to her face and before she could think of what to do next, her lips were then locked onto his.

The delicate fragrance and the exquisite texture of her lips caused Qing Shui to embrace her suddenly. Before she could react, Qing Shui's tongue had extended and slithered into her mouth.

Qing Shui continued to suck on her tongue until she had ran out of breath before releasing her from his embrace. He let out a smile as he looked at the shy woman in front of him. There was an indescribable satisfaction within his heart. He promised himself to give her all the happiness in the world and never let her go for the rest of his life.

Wenren Wu-shuang kept her head lowered even after she was released from his embrace. Her ears were visibly red from her shyness. It was attractive and enthralling.

"You are very beautiful." teased Qing Shui as he lifted up Wenren Wu-shuang's chin.

"Ah, get over yourself. Don't leer at me like some kind of playboy." Wenren Wu-shuang gently pushed away Qing Shui's hand. The subtle red on her face had already faded away.

"Don't you feel good about it?" Qing Shui looked at Wenren Wu-shuang with a teasing smile.

"What do you mean 'feel good'……" Wenren Wu-shuang halted her words when she realized what Qing Shui was talking about, which caused her to clench her fist together and hit Qing Shui angrily.


"What!?" When she saw an immediate change of serious expression on Qing Shui's face, Wenren Wu-shuang gave a quick reply as she waited for him to speak.

"I want another kiss….."

"Go to hell!" Wenren Wu-shuang shot an angry stare at Qing Shui before she continued, "I'm tired. I'm going back to rest."

As she began walking away, she let out a soft giggle and blinked sweetly at Qing Shui. She was quite flirtatious and attractive, in addition to her elegance, which could enchant any man she desired.

After she had left, Qing Shui began his morning training with the reluctance to part with the lips that he had tasted earlier.

Wenren Wu-shuang had become alone ever since her elder sister had passed away. She had no known blood-related family in this world but she had gained a family that loved her as much as a blood relative would. After spending so many years in the Qing Clan, she had considered the members of the Qing Clan as the most important people in her life.

Taichi Fist!

Back Connecting Fist!

After a while, the members of the Qing Clan began to arrive in a continuous stream. Most of the members who gathered around were of the third generation of the Qing Clan. The ladies would sometimes practice their martial arts with them but sometimes they would stay at their own courtyard and practice on their own. Mingyue Gelou was a regular with the members of the Qing Clan but lately she had to skip her practice with them because she needed to focus on taking care of her child.

After Qing Shui had finished his morning practice, he glanced over to Qing You and saw him drowned in his own thoughts. But a few moments later, he would continue his practice on the Tiger Form.

Qing Shui's eyes lit up and saw an opportunity to flash across beside Qing You, who was in the middle of demonstrating his Tiger Form. When Qing Shui had shifted towards Qing You, he quickly struck a Tiger Laceration move at Qing You with a force slightly greater than he could handle.

At first, Qing You was shocked by the sudden apparition but calmed down when he realized that it was actually Qing Shui himself shifting to his side. Qing You knew quite well of Qing Shui's good intentions, so when he saw the attack laid unto him, he knew that Qing Shui was trying to assess his battle techniques or to give him some useful pointers.

Qing You infused all his might onto his Tiger Form without restraint. He knew Qing Shui would not hurt him, so he decided to counter his attack to the best of his ability without any concern of actually hurting Qing Shui.

Saintly Hands!

One of Qing Shui's palm had successfully blocked all of Qing You's attacks while the other had occasionally struck a little bit of his Ancient Strengthening Technique into Qing You's body. The points on the body that he had struck were mostly acupuncture points that he had intended to seal.

Chengling Acupoint!

Taique Acupoint!


Qing Shui had practically memorized every meridian of the human body to a terrifying level –the flow of each meridian, their behavior, the structure of the nerve branches….. So with that knowledge, he continued to penetrate a bit of the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique with the Saintly Hands into Qing You's body while slowly blocking some of the unnecessary nerves temporarily. The body was like a river, if the smaller branches had been blocked, the water would gradually be forced to flow towards the main river. Not only would the water level increase, the speed of the water flow would become faster and stronger. This was the theory that Qing Shui had gone with, hoping to assist Qing You in a breakthrough to the realm of Martial King.

The members of Qing Clan had better aptitude for martials arts than common folks but were still inferior when compared to those of a genius. However, it was barely enough for the Qing Clan to stand out among other clans despite having consumed medicinal pills and items that were able to increase their cultivation base by a greater amount. Still, Qing Shui was content. It would take a few more generations to continuously change the structure of their genes. He was able to optimize the structure of the genes for his generation, albeit slowly. Changing entirely would be strictly impossible.

Qing You and Qing Bei were the two lowest-graded martial warriors in the Qing Clan. With the help of Qing Shui's guidance and the consumption of a large amount of medicinal pills, Qing Bei was able to reach the Grade Two Martial King level. Qing You, on the other hand, was a step away from becoming a Martial King. Of course, both of them could not be compared with those of a true supreme clan with their current status.

A subtle red light gradually enveloped Qing You's complexion. His attack power continued to increase to an extraordinary amount. The other members of Qing Clan stopped to watch Qing Shui striking and blocking with Qing You at the same time. It was quite obvious what was happening right now but they still had a hard time comprehending the sudden situation between two members of Qing Clan.

"Qing You, use all your power to attack me. If you want a breakthrough, you must strive forward." Qing Shui said calmly without stopping his movements.

His words had a magical effect on Qing You, because in the next moment, Qing You's aura had increased exponentially to a greater level, causing his eyes to glow with a faint red glint. Power was everything in the World of the Nine Continents. There might be a step difference between a Peak of Xiantian and an Elementary Martial King but the difference was one of Heaven and Earth –the vast disparity was undeniable. Once a Xiantian warrior was able to break through to the Elementary Martial King, the treatment and conduct by the public opinion would change significantly. Most importantly, one could become confident and superior due to the increase in power as an Elementary Martial King, thus paving a path towards the next level with hope and aspiration.

If a martial warrior ceased to cultivate, then the martial warrior would cease to exist.

Shield Attack!

The Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique had sealed the less critical parts of the body for the time being to allow the power of the meridians to reach the pinnacle, thus allowing the Qi to attempt the breakthrough of the barrier forcefully. At the same time, Qing Shui had infused the force of the Shield Attack with Qing You’s power and targeted the impact on the barrier.


The barrier had only been shaken slightly by the force but did not break.

But it was a sign of a good start. Qing Shui had thought that the method would be effective because Qing You had reached the peak of his current cultivation. Only Qing Shui could perform this method due to the ability of his Saintly Hands to transform the raw power to some sort of Spiritual Qi, which was a conventional method for people of different elements. Otherwise, if he had used a technique of different element on someone with dissimilar element, it would definitely end up as a failure.

Shield Attack!



Qing Shui persisted on using the same method on Qing You –after a period of time when Qing You's power had reached a pinnacle, he would infuse the force of the Shield Attack with Qing You's power to pierce through the barrier.

Despite the succession of failures for the 20th time, the barrier was beginning to show signs of crumbling after being shaken continuously. The barrier might be able to break successfully after three more attempts.

Qing You was drenched in a puddle of sweat after attempting to break the barrier continuously with a bit of effort by Qing Shui. A cloud of red mist began to form on the surface layer around his body, mixing in with the profuse production of his own sweat.

"Qing You, try your best to endure it. You will reach a breakthrough soon. If you can endure this, then you will become a Martial King warrior. If you can’t, you will keep on being a Xiantian martial warrior forever. If you can endure this, then I will bring you to travel around the World of the Nine Continents." Both of Qing Shui's hands hadn’t had a moment of rest since he had started tackling Qing You's meridian points. Just then, Qing Shui took out three Golden Needles and inserted them into the area around Qing You's chest


Qing You let out a loud howl as his body seemed to experience a growth spurt, making him significantly taller. Qing You dashed forward and attacked Qing Shui, who allowed himself to be attacked without the intention to evade or defend himself. At the same time, he performed another Shield Attack and infused its force into Qing You's body.


A sound much like an exploded watermelon rang out in the air. A faint glow of blue light began to emit from Qing You's body, which signified the starting of the insane absorption of energy that flowed continuously into his body.

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