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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 786-787


Chapter 786-787

AST 786 –Return Journey, Earth Dragon Beast

The journey on the way here was considered peaceful and at least for now, the journey on the way back was still peaceful. However, what was awaiting him next was the heart of the barren land which ran for tens of millions of li. It was also the most dangerous spot of this journey.

On his way here, he had dodged a few large-scaled flying demonic beasts and now that he was heading back, Qing Shui’s cultivation level had gotten an increase. However, it was still insufficient for him to be able to go up against those demonic beasts.

The Fire Bird flew low in the valley as countless black spots there were densely packed and flying in their direction. Qing Shui knew that they were not something which he could go up against.

The valley was very deep. After all, the it was between two tall mountains that had reached up to the clouds. The plant vegetation in the mountains were very messy, filling up the place. There were even a layer of grass and vines, many of which were covered with sharp thorns, on the mountain rocks.

The air smelled of a humid grass scent but it was a nice scent. Qing Shui looked up to see the countless black-colored flying demonic beasts. There were really too many of these ferocious demonic beasts in nature here.

Such barren land was very common across the world of the nine continents and there were also some which were located out of the world of the nine continents, such as the west of the Greencloud Continent, the back of the Westeria Continent, the immense Eastern Sea region to the east of the Eastern Victory divine Continent, as well as the boundless Southern Sea to the south of the Southern Viewing Continent.

These were all unknown territories and no one knew how dangerous these places were. After all, no one could even find out how deep the waters in the world of the nine continents were, let alone checking out those unknown regions.

Black Feather Roc!

Qing Shui tensed up as he looked at the flock of Black Feather Rocs which had covered up a large stretch of the skies. Before such large scaled demonic beasts, a human’s power was very, very small. All along, it has always been humans who were battling against the demonic beasts in the world of the nine continents. Where there was people, there were generally no demonic beasts which were exceptionally powerful and the barren land would be the world of the demonic beasts.

The Black Feather Roc was a kind of roc-typed demonic beast. It was about fifty meters in size, its body pitch black like ink. It could absorb sunlight to strengthen its cultivation and its attack contained a fire-attributed poison.

If it was just one of them, it would be nothing to Qing Shui. But with such a tremendous number of them, there would be no end to them even if he were to start to kill them, Cang Wuya and the others were no match for the Black Feather Rocs.

Ning ning!

Countless sharp cries filled up the sky. Ordinary people would not be able to withstand those cries. After the time taken for half an incense to burn had passed, they flew off. Qing Shui had wanted to knock a few of them down as he didn’t like how arrogant they were appearing to be but he didn’t do it. It might potentially infuriate them and bringing out their violent side. If all of them dashed down to him without a care, it would not be good for him either.

The flock of Black Feather Rocs flew off and after taking a look at the surroundings, Qing Shui then continued flying in the direction of the Greencloud Continent on the Fire Bird, together with Cang Wuya and the others. When they came across small-sized demonic beast groups, they would simply charge through. The Fire Bird was also considerably strong.


Suddenly a soul throbbing cry rang out in the valleys before them. Just from its cry alone, Qing Zun knew that this was a Peak Martial Saint demonic beast. There was then a deep knocking sound, followed by the cry of another demonic beast.

It sounded like two demonic beasts of the same kind were fighting each other.

Qing Shui hesitated. He didn’t know if he should fly past them. He didn’t wish to get involved with such powerful demonic beasts, even if he’d be able to get his hands on some good stuff after killing.

Just as he was about to fly past them, two huge yellow demonic beasts dashed out from the valley. Qing Shui realized that they were actually two huge Earth Dragon Beasts.

Qing Shui had seen Earth Dragon Beasts that were like them, ahead of their packs. Now that two of them were fighting with each other, it was clear that they were fighting to be the leaders of their packs. This was a battle to the death. There can only be one leader.

The two Earth Dragon Beast were about a hundred meters, with a yellow-orangey color that shone under sunlight. The had huge heads and extremely power bodies. The Earth Dragon Beast were of the earth elements and were also known as Earth Dragon Beast. Their greatest trait were their powerful defences and when battling on the ground, their battle prowess would be two times as strong. But why would they fight in the air? With their big bodies, although they still appeared to be a little agile in the air, it was just barely so.

Now, both of them were covered in blood. This was a unique way of battling between Peak Martial Saints…relying only on purely physical strength.

Furthermore, they were battling in the air. Since both of them were Earth Dragon Beasts, it was still considered fair. The level of these two Earth Dragon Beasts were about at three stars and was considered the weaker beasts amongst Martial Saint level beasts.

If it was in the air, even the Fire Bird would be able to take one of them alone and would definitely be able to kill it. Qing Shui didn’t plan on letting go of the unexpected fortune.

He must finish it in the air. If they were on land, there would not just be a large group of Earth Dragon Beasts but their abilities would also multiply. He didn’t have the time to delay either, since the Earth Dragon Beasts on the ground might also dash up while these two escape toward the ground.

Another thing that Qing Shui had the advantage over was that both of these Earth Dragon Beasts were injured and heavily injured at that. Qing Shui’s mind quickly turned and he let the Fire Bird stay here.

Cloudmist Steps!

He called out the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and with a Mighty Elephant Stomp, stomped toward the other two.

At the same time, he also called out for the Thunderous Beast.

Violet Lightning Strike unleashed!

The Fiery Golden Eyes and Emperor’s Qi had also reached them before the Mighty Elephant Stomp did. It was because it took a little time to activate the Mighty Elephant Stomp. This little time was enough for Qing Shui do complete the other actions.

The two Earth Dragon Beasts noticed Qing Shui very quickly. However, one of them was hit by the Violet Lightning Strike and was unable to move. Although the other was not hit, it was weakened by Qing Shui to be left with only slight above two stars worth of strength.

A pitch black flame wave that had the darkness of dark clouds and yet was terrifying like a hurricane in deep abyss spread out toward the two Earth Dragon Beast. It was the Mighty Elephant Stomp.

When the Earth Dragon Beast which had not been struck by the Violet Lightning Strike saw the terrifying Mighty Elephant Stomp, it quickly headed for the ground. After giving it some thought, Qing Shui chose not to pursue. Just then a loud explosive sound rang out.

Qing Shui then followed to see the Earth Dragon Beast’s corpse which was a horrible sight. The huge explosion had smashed the Earth Dragon Beast’s body into pieces, leaving only the Core intact. Qing Shui was thankful for that. If it was any other demonic beast, there would be probably nothing left of it. The Mighty Elephant Stomp had the power of seven stars…

Initially, he had wanted to use the Earth Dragon Beast’s corpse for refining demon. The chances of getting Essence Pill from Peak Martial Saint demonic beasts were higher. But now, he could only get a Core and some hide.

Qing Shui kept the Core and hide and quickly left on the Fire Bird. The stench of blood was already spreading out and very quickly, other demonic beasts would be attracted over. It was not a safe place to stay.

Although the journey was boring, most of the time was spent in the air. However, at night, he would still look for a place to stop for a rest. One reason was for Qing Shui to enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for his cultivation and another reason was for safety. Demonic beasts who appeared at night tended to be bloodthirsty and vicious.

There were many times when he had to dodge from danger and there was also one time when he was surrounded by the demonic beasts and had to forcefully fight his way out. There was also a time where he was pursued for quite a while by a group of demonic beasts. Those were Green Ants and were only about one foot in size. However, they were extremely venomous and their flying speed were very fast. He had only managed to shake them off after a very long while.

Greencloud Continent was within reach and Qing Shui was extremely agitated. Although he was nearing Greencloud City, it would still need to take many days. However, he could now stay in inns.

Back in the Greencloud Continent, Qing Shui felt that the place was very endearing. Although the weather was very different from that in the Southern Viewing Continent, Greencloud Continent was where he grew up in and where his family and friends were. They said that one would feel lonely when in a new place as there would be no familiar people and people one cared for.

If his family and friends were all in Southern Viewing Continent, in Southern Sea City, Qing Shui would also feel that the place was very good. It was just like now, Hundred Miles City was not as endearing as Greencloud City.

The population in the world of the nine continents changed very quickly and the flow was large. These people tended to be those who were developing. Those leaders of an area and clans who were deeply rooted to a place would not move easily. It was because the place was their base, just like how for a huge tree, if its roots were moved, there would be a large possibility that the tree would die.

Qing Village now felt very far away. He should consider if they should go back to spend the new year. Qing Shui remember that his grandfather had always missed Qing Village and decided to return once every few years.

Happiness Inn!

This was a higher end inn in Chu Central City. This was Qing Shui’s first visit to Chu Central City. In fact, Qing Shui can’t even remember all 81 countries in Greencloud City, let alone the 81 cities in each country.

He felt that there was no need to remember them, as there would be people who would do so. Some coachmen who would travel long distances would be willing to bring you there if you spend some money. Another alternative was to spend money to let them tell you how long the journey was and to travel by yourself, asking for more directions when nearer to the destination.

“Do you guys know that there’s been many things happening at the Continent’s Capital recently?”

When Qing Shui was having a drink at the Happiness Inn, he could not help but listen to what other people were talking about. Now, the biggest players in Continent’s Capital were Heavenly Palace and Qing Clan. If there were any major events there, they would probably be after Heavenly Palace or Qing Clan.

Qing Shui looked toward the person who spoke. It was a man about 35 to 36 years old. He was wearing a grey long-sleeved top, was thin and tall, had bright eyes and gave one the feeling that he was intelligent.

“Of course many things have been happening. It’s the same for this place right? Three days ago, the boar my third aunt was keeping had given birth…”

“F*ck off, I’m referring to big events, not insignificant things like yours.”The man from earlier interrupted before the second person finished.

“3rd Brother Wu has some new?”Another middle-aged man smiled and asked.

“Uncle Xiang, this time around, I’ve received the latest news.”The intelligent looking man smiled and said.

“Aren’t you just trying to get yourself a drink? Just say it, I’ll pay for the drinks you order today.”The middle-aged man smiled and replied.

“Alright! Two bottles of Mantura Fragrance!”The intelligent-looking man smiled and snapped his fingers before saying to the waiter.

“You can share it now, right?”

“Alright, I’ll speak. You know Heavenly Palace?”The man smiled and asked.

“Of course! Which cultivator in Greencloud Continent doesn’t?”The middle-age man said.

“Heavenly Palace might be in trouble soon.”

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AST 787 –It's So Nice To Be Home!

"Something will most likely happen to the Heavenly Palace!"

His words shocked the people around him. They curiously looked towards to that man. Even Qing Shui, Cang Wuya and the rest couldn't help but to look over there in panic too.

"Alright, stop keeping us in a suspense. If you don't tell us, no wine for you." The middle-aged man said with a smile.

"Am I not telling you right now? My cousin just came back from the Continent’s Capital last night. He said that a new aristocratic clan has emerged there. Something by the name of Baima Aristocrat Clan and something may happen soon. They seem like they want to compete with the Heavenly Palace over the title of number one strength in the Greencloud Continent." Wu Laosan summarized his story, in fear of not getting any wine.

"Baima Aristocrat Clan? Are they very strong?" The middle-aged man frowned.

"I have no idea. My cousin said they are something like a supreme aristocrat clan and have moved here from another continent eight months ago." The slim man who appeared to be somewhat shrewd replied.

"Could it be this Baima Aristocrat Clan had no idea how the Zuoshi Aristocrat Clan died?" A middle-aged man named Uncle Xiang* asked the other middle-aged man with a frown.

"I asked my cousin the same question too. But apparently they knew about it but felt like that is only a rumor. On top of that, they said the Zuoshi Aristocrat Clan cannot be compared to them. They have already done their investigations on the Heavenly Palace over the past few months and are preparing to challenge the Heavenly Palace within these few days. But they seem to be waiting for something and keep delaying it." Lao Wusan continued.

"You are saying they only want to challenge the Heavenly Palace but not forcefully invade the Heavenly Palace right?" The middle-aged man unknitted his eyebrows.

"If the Heavenly Palace doesn't accept it then maybe they will use force against them. One of the sons from the Baima Aristocrat Clan was killed by a woman from the Heavenly Palace. They are going to challenge the Heavenly Palace under the guise of seeking for justice." Wu Laosan explained while he sipped on his wine. He loved the bottle as if it was his life. As long as he had wine, he was willing to share any information.

"Wu Laosan, you are saying that the Baima Aristocrat Clan is purposely provoking the Heavenly Palace and not for that disciple that had been killed?" Uncle Xiang asked him.

"That's what my cousin said. That disciple that had been killed was a lecherous guy. He was brazen enough to harrass a woman from the Heavenly Palace but he was instead unexpectedly killed by her." Wu Laosan downed another bowl with a single gulp as he explained with a flushed face.

Qing Shui had been holding his breath as he sat there and eavesdropped up to this point before he finally sighed in relief inwardly. The other party shouldn't have made their move yet. Since someone had said that the Zuoshi Aristocrat Clan was destroyed by him, they'd further consider their move too so they would most likely wait until he was back before making any moves. After all, knowing one's own strength and the enemy's is the sure way to victory. So Qing Shui concluded that they wouldn't blindly make their moves. Big clans were more cautious in their way of doing things compared to small clans. That Wu Laosan mentioned earlier that they seemed to be waiting around for something. They must be waiting for him.

But even so, Qing Shui still decided to head back first by himself. Cang Wuya and the rest had flying beasts. Besides, they were at the interior part of the Greencloud Continent. It was still very safe to travel from here to the Continent’s Capital. On top of that, it wasn't like Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji were inexperienced so there was no need for him to be worried about them.

After sitting for a little longer, Qing Shui saw that Wu Laosan was already drunk and had fell asleep lying on the table. Since he knew he wouldn't be able to get more information out of him, he'd rather hurry back as soon as possible.

He rode on the Fire Bird and flew in the direction of the Continent's Capital!

He put away Fire Bird when he reached to a high altitude.

Nine Continents Steps!

He couldn't use this when there were a lot of people but it was an extremely convenient skill. He was able to forge more than a hundred thousand li ahead within a flash. Then he summoned Fire Bird and continued forging ahead. It should be the time to enter the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal right now, but Qing Shui wasn't in the mood to do so.

When one o'clock at night had just passed, Qing Shui once again used the Nine Continents Steps. Fortunately Fire Bird's speed was much faster now compared to before. With it and the Nine Continents Steps, the Heavenly Palace Mountain was already in Qing Shui's sight at the dawn of the third day.

In less than an hour, Fire Bird had already flown into the sky above the Heavenly Palace. Qing Shui breathed a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw no indications of anything happening down there. With him around, to hell with all those nonsense supreme aristocratic clans. If they got annoying, he wouldn't mind destroying them.

Many cheered when they saw the gigantic Fire Bird hovering above them in the sky. It was a happy cheer. Qing Shui was the Patriarch of the Heavenly Palace and also its pillar of support. He was also the spiritual dependence of many. Nowadays, he was kind of like a God-like existence among the Heavenly Palace's disciples.

It was because of his existence that this place could have such a morale. He waved at the people below, and then flew in the direction of the Qing Residence. The Qing Residence was situated at the peak where the Starmoon Hall was.

Qing Shui landed when he was about to reach there and walked on foot towards the Qing Residence. On his way there, there were endless of people greeting him respectfully. It had been more than a year. The Heavenly Palace had changed a little.

Buildings had shrunk a lot and the amount of houses and pavilions in the vicinity had reduced by a lot too. After all, only less than one-tenth of the population before remained. But he was actually very happy about the current situation. The remaining ones were basically all elites that had a strong and fearless heart.They had their own goals to pursue as well as their own principles. They were also more determined than others so naturally, they were also stronger than those people who had left.

Furthermore, the building of those aristocratic clans that had stayed were much more enormous now. Just like the current Qing Clan. Their manor were now way bigger than the one that they had exchanged from the Hai Clan.

Very soon enough, he arrived at the entrance of the Qing Residence. Qing Shui who hadn't returned for a year felt a little excited. After all, he was going to have two more children. He was looking forward to it yet he felt guilty at the same time.

With a complicated feeling, Qing Shui stepped into the Qing Residence. There were four guards by the entrance, but they were just some idle old men who guarded here in the morning but they were allowed to chat over tea. By night time, they would be replaced by younger people. Besides, this was the Heavenly Palace. There were already guards on the Heavenly Palace Mountain, the internal guards were just for show.

"Qing Shui!"

Wenren Wu-Shuang who had just came to the front courtyard from the back was startled when she saw Qing Shui. She greeted him happily before quickly walking over.

Qing Shui smiled as he watched the woman walked towards him. He then immediately pulled her into a tight embrace. "Have you missed me?"


Wenren Wu-Shuang laughed happily.

"Is that true?" Qing Shui smiled as he slid his hands downwards from her delicate waist.

Wenren Wu-Shuang blushed and immediately admitted. "I missed you……"

"You're not honest at all." Qing Shui joked. His hands immediately fondled those two perfectly round globes. The indescribably pleasing sensation jolted his mind.

"You rascal. Someone is coming. Get your hands off," Wenren Wu-Shuang trembled as she quickly said in a soft voice.

Someone really came after that and she appeared from behind Wenren Wu-Shuang so Qing Shui was able to clearly spot her. The other person had also clearly seen Qing Shui caressing Wenren Wu-Shuang's perky rear……

This person surprised Qing Shui greatly. So much that he forgot to retract his hands. It was Di Qing. It was actually her. The last time he left, she was still in the Central Continent. But now she was actually here.

Wenren Wu-Shuang pushed Qing Shui away as she rolled her beautiful eyes at him before looking at Di Qing. Di Qing instead looked at Qing Shui with a faint smile on her face before looking at Wenren Wu-Shuang.

"Sister Wu-Shuang, so you and Qing Shui are already……"

"Sister Qing……" Wenren Wu-Shuang called out embarrassedly.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose in embarrassment but only saw Di Qing looking at him in bewilderment. He thought that she was looking at his face, but it took him a moment to realize that she was actually looking at his hand and his hand was at……

She couldn't be thinking that he……

"You're back!" Di Qing looked at him with a smile on her face. Her graceful appearance were peerlessly gorgeous. She had some of Di Chen's extraordinary grace, but she was a little more elegant and a little sly.

Just like now, Qing Shui could sense some teasing in her graceful smile. But he still nodded at her with a smile. "When have you returned?"

"I arrived just when Shizhuang was delivering." Di Qing smiled at Qing Shui.

"Oh. Hehe, I'm going to see the child!"

Staying here would only make the atmosphere more awkward so Qing Shui quickly said that and fled. Besides, he also really wanted to see his child so he ran towards the rear courtyard. Qing Shui was dumbfounded the moment he arrived at the rear courtyard. Many of the Qing Clan members were gathered here.

Di Chen, Canghai Mingyue, Huoyun Liu-Li, Mingyue Gelou, Shi Qingzhuang, Qing Qing, Luan Luan, Qing Yi, Qing Bei……

The female members and children of Qing Clan were basically gathered here. Many of them saw Qing Shui too. The atmosphere quickly turned lively. Qing Shui smiled happily.

"Qing Shui!"

"Qing Shui!"

"Big Brother!"



Qing Shui cheerfully told everyone he was back. He gave Qing Yi a hug first, then Qing Bei, Qing Luan and Yuchang clung onto him.

"Hurry and go see the child!" Qing Yi smiled as she pushed Qing Shui towards Mingyue Geloou and Shi Qingzhuang.

Shi Qingzhuang's hands were empty but Huoyun Liu-Li was beside her, with a small baby that was as precious as a crystal in her arms. Shi Qingzhuang was looking at Qing Shui with a smile. Qing Shui was startled as he discovered that her smile had lost a trace of that coldness that she used to have in the past.

On top of that, it was brimming with the brilliance of a mother. It was a very gorgeous.

Mingyue Gelou, who was a few steps away from Huoyun Liu-Li was also holding a baby. It was a baby boy that was like a jade sculpture. Her gaze met with Qing Shui and she showed him a very happy smile. This was the child of Qing Shui and herself.

Qing Shui knew that Mingyue Gelou had only now truly became part of this clan. Before, she would exclude herself. But now this child had connected her closely with Qing Shui and the Qing Clan.

The rest only looked at them and smiled.

Qing Shui took the little baby into his arms from Huoyun Liu-Li first. She wasn't four months old yet. Children of three or four months old couldn't really recognize anyone so they'd let anyone hold them.

Although Qing Zun and Qing Yin were still very young. Many things could happen in the span of one year……

All of them walked towards the the big lounge at the front yard as they chatted and laughed. Everyone seemed very happy.

Qing Shui could still feel a low-spirited atmosphere the moment he entered the room earlier, but it seemed like the mood had turned lighter now. He couldn't help but to chuckle when remembered the news he heard at the Happiness Inn. "What's the deal about the Baima Aristocrat Clan?"

"Oh, so you know about it already." Huoyun Liu-Li exclaimed in shock.

"Go on, Liu-Li. What is it about?" Qing Shui asked Huoyun Liu-Li. He still had the baby, whom he had no idea what her name was yet, in his arms with a smile.

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