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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 775


AST 775 - The Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death Against Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan (5)

The old man moved, a short dagger immediately appeared in his right hand. It had the same color as that large sabre. The Jade Dragon Dagger lunged towards Qing Shui. Right at this moment, a golden light appeared on Qing Shui's body.

divinity Protection!

This was a technique that matched the Tiger Grip. It could inflict heavy damage to others at close proximity, but similarly this also allowed the others to inflict heavy damage to him, especially when it came to opponents who were stronger than him.

While the Tiger Grip was in effect, there was no way Qing Shui would let such a good battle opportunity slip by. He immediately pricked the poisonous Coldsteel Needle that was readily prepared in his hand on the back of the elderly man's neck......


The elderly man's attack was blocked by Qing Shui's divinity Protection. Their moment of life and death was reversed.

It was impossible for that elderly man to even be able to withstand the five colored poison that had been refined by the crystal produced by the Crystal Lion. The life of the old man was already drained away almost instantly.

Qing Shui had already tossed his opponent's dagger and Jade Dragon Battle Sabre into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal in midair. As for the Jade Dragon Battle Armor and boots, Qing Shui didn't have the impulse to take them off. He had only taken the Jade Dragon Battle Sabre and Jade Dragon Dagger because he was worried that he'd need to deal with them again if the Eastern Palace Clan used them again in the next battle.


The elderly man's dead body fell lifelessly to the ground. That dull noise was not only dull but also dulled the hearts of many people, although by now most of them were already feeling numb about it. However, they were becoming more conscious of the mystery that shrouded the young man suspended in midair. They gazed up towards him. It was as if there was a brilliant halo surrounding his body, making it difficult to get a clear view of him.

The Old Ancestor from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan raised his head to gaze at that figure tha stood tall and straight in midair. For a moment, his mind was in an extremely chaotic state. He hadn't felt this way for so many years and now, a mere junior was able to make him felt this flustered.

Donggong Nianyun's death made the hearts of everyone in the the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan heavy. It was obvious to them that Donggong Nianyun's strength could definitely make it to the top five ranking amongst the clan. But in the end, he was still murdered by this youth, despite being fully dressed in the Jade Dragon Battle Armor set.

’’Big Sister, uncle is so impressive. He defeated so many people all by himself.’’ Ye Yan had grown up in an aristocratic clan. Although she was quite young in age, she could be considered an adult and had witnessed quite a number of hand-to-hand combats. So this kind of scene was very normal to her. She was just worried for Qing Shui's safety.

Ye Guyan on the other hand didn't have it that easy. She was someone with powerful cultivation. She had observed how Qing Shui seemed to be a little spent and was worried about how he was going to fight next.

Naturally, that didn't escape the eyes of the Eastern Palace Clan's old man either. He couldn't shake off the feeling that there was an immense power hidden within this youth. This power was a type of toughness and perseverance that was shocking even to him.

’’Old Ancestor, let me take care of it.’’ An elderly man who had been standing by side of the Eastern Palace Clan's Old Ancestor bit his lips as he stepped forward and volunteered with determination.

’’Sansha, are you sure you want to fight this youth?’’ The Old Ancestor of the Eastern Palace Clan looked at this elderly man. There was a conflicted look in his eyes. Whether the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan won or not, they had already lost today. If they were to really lose the fight, their clan would completely disappear.

’’Father, the Eastern Palace Clan is already in a situation where I ought to fight. I have confidence.’’ The elderly man told the Old Ancestor of Eastern Palace Clan affirmatively.

’’Go then.’’ There wasn't too much sadness on the old man's face. No one could see any emotions from those aged eyes either. But it felt like he was sending off a hero to the end of his road.

Qing Shui looked at another wave of five participants from the sky. There was an obvious emptiness among the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan down there. For now, he ought to quickly end this before the state of the 7 Stars Armor wore off.

The one leading the pack was an elderly man who exuded a killing intent. Qing Shui could even feel how bloodthirsty he was from all the way up there. This was an elderly man who had been through countless battles. His heart couldn't help but to race.

Qing Shui waved his hand and summoned the Thunderous Beast.

This was pretty much Qing Shui's trump card. Everyone around cried out in alarm at the appearance of the violet colored gigantic Thunderous Beast. It seemed like most of them could already tell that this was a Thunderous Beast.

The Thunderous Beast appeared together with the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus and the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus was a sacred Supreme Treasure. Only a man of virtue could possess it. Qing Shui didn't expect that him possessing the Thunderous Beast would have anything to do with his virtue.

Either way this was a good thing. Most people were now hoping that Qing Shui could claim victory because the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan was overbearing and arrogant. Besides, this Thunderous Beast had also raised Qing Shui's spirit by quite a lot

This time Qing Shui was riding on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant along with the Thunderous Beast by his side and Fire Bird hovering over him. Regardless of everything, the Fire Bird's Nether Fireball was quite decent. Under the state of Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens, as long as it didn't provoke that old leader of the opponent or leave Qing Shui's side too far, it would be safe. The Fire Bird's speed was still very impressive after its breakthrough.

Vajra Subdues Demons!

Fiery Golden Eyes!


QIng Shui didn't dare to take any chances. He immediately used his weakening cultivation arts once. At the same time, a violet halo surrounded the Thunderous Beast. A beam of light that was as thick as an adult arm was launched towards the leading old man across them.

Green colored light!


Even if the elderly man was powerful, his body jolted when he was struck by the attack. The Thunderous Beast continued launching its attacks at other people across from it. The strength of its Thunderbolt lay in the fact that the opponents were unable to evade.

The speed of Thunderous Beast's Thunder attack was quite fast. Qing Shui's weakening effect was done within an instant. But the elderly man from across had already dashed towards him. The weapon in the hands of the leading elderly man was actually a fork and it was dark jade in color. On top of that, it strongly reeked of blood. Qing Shui didn't dare to be careless. He flung out his right arm.

Heavenly Maiden Scattering Petals!

Although it was a pity, Qing Shui scattered his poisoned Coldsteel Needles one last time. At the same moment, the violet light that surrounded the Thunderous Beast amplified. A ray of violet light that was as thick as an adult thigh was unleashed towards the elderly man.

The elderly man's face contorted. The poison needle from earlier had only managed to make his expression change slightly. But the attack that the Thunderous Beast was about to unleash shocked him so much that he was at loss of what to do. Unwillingness filled his face.

Violet Lightning Strike!

An absolutely paralyzing Violet Lightning Strike.

Qing Shui had already launched the poisoned Coldsteel Needle out before the Thunderous Beast unleashed the Violet Lightning Strike. His Big Dipper Sword slashed across the elderly man's throat at almost the same moment when the Violet Lightning Strike paralyzed him.

The powerful elderly man didn't even have a chance to unleash any attacks from the beginning to the end and died by the Thunderous Beast's Violet Lightning Strike.

Only one out of the other four people was able to survive Qing Shui's 'Heavenly Maiden Scattering Petals' from earlier. He had completely lost all his will to fight and had been standing at one side since long ago. It was as if he wouldn't even bother to fight back if Qing Shui was going over to kill him.

The elderly man's death was an indication that the Eastern Palace Clan could still fight. There was only one or two from their clan who was eligible to fight. Or should he say, it was only that old man. Donggong Sansha was a powerful cultivator within the Eastern Palace Aristocratic Clan. He was the strongest among them aside from their Old Ancestor. But even a man of his calibre wasn't able to seize the opportunity to strike. The old man stood up, the curvature of his hunched silhouette was even more obvious.

’’Are you going to move, or are you waiting for me to come?’’ Qing Shui chuckled at the remaining elderly man.

’’I'll fight it out with you...!’’ The elderly man shouted before he brandished the longsword in his hands and dashed towards Qing Shui.


Every single Thunderbolt of the Thunderous Beast struck its opponent. Their falling speed was so fast that even Qing Shui was dumbfounded. Although it wasn't to an exaggerating level, it was definitely deadly.

After the last elderly man was disposed of effortlessly, Qing Shui turned his gaze towards the hunchbacked old man below who had already risen from his seat. This man was the pillar of the entire Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. Qing Shui's confidence diminished a little when he saw him.

The elderly man from earlier had already died. It was unnecessary to fight any further without those few elderly Grade Four Martial Saints around. Sending anyone else out would just be throwing their lives away.

Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji along with Bai Gui's were emotional yet their hearts were heavy. They were emotional because they had gotten back what those people had owed them. Their hearts were heavy because Qing Shui was about to be in danger next.

But they could only watch. They weren't able to help him out even a little and could only be anxious down there.

’’Old Man Tantai, this youth indeed possesses an unusual strength for him to be able to force the Eastern Palace Clan to this level.’’ Wuma Clan's old man laughed.

’’This young man has a great deal of potential. I think he is about the same level as my girl.’’ Tantai Clan's old man said as he watched Qing Shui who was in midair.

’’This young man is really a wonder. He is beyond anyone's expectation. I'm sure in the future there will definitely be legends of him in the World of the Nine Continents.’’ Wuma Clan's old man chuckled.

’’That's true. What an outstanding young man. The more I see, the more flawless he is. He is truly an impressive youth.’’ Tantai Clan's old man laughed leisurely too.

’’The Old Ancestor of the Eastern Palace Clan is about to go up. Do you think that youth can get past him?’’ Wuma Clan's old man asked Tantai Clan's old man.

’’That young man shouldn't be able to take on the strength of the Old Ancestor from the Eastern Palace Clan. But I have no idea why I think this young man will remain standing until the end.’’ Tantai Clan's old man said after thinking for a moment.

’’Haha, my thoughts exactly. I'm quite curious to find out if this young man can get past him.’’ Wuma Clan's old man watched as the Old Ancestor of the Eastern Palace Clan soared up.

Everyone else watched earnestly too.Things had already reached the final stage. This was a decisive moment that decided which party would survive and it was no longer the matter of an individual, but rather the matter of the clans behind them.

Qing Shui shook his head and focused all of his energy into battling the elderly man before him.

There was a Dragon-Headed Cane in the old man's hand. Qing Shui had no idea what it was made of but he was sure that this Dragon-Headed Cane was definitely unusual.

Qing Shui couldn't feel the elderly man's strength. But he should at least have the strength of seven stars. Qing Shui felt a little powerless when he thought about it. This old man had the strength of at least seven stars or even more.

’’Bring it on! Kill me and you can do whatever you please with the Eastern Palace Clan.’’ The elderly man sprinted towards Qing Shui the moment he finished his sentence.

Qing Shui's reduction effect had just emerged and he was already sent flying by the elderly man. He coughed out blood in midair.

Such disparity!

So this was the disparity between them.


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