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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 771


AST 771 - The Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death Against Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan (1)

It was already late in the morning and the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan had already appeared on the arena. There were about fifty of them and they all appeared to be the strong cultivators of Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan.

The leader was a very old man. He looked even older than the Donggong elderly man from the other day. His eyes were dull and he had a hunchback. Dressed in extremely plain clothes, people would have thought that he was merely a very elderly man.

However, the respectful attitudes that the other people from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan clan had towards him gave away his influential status among the clan to the others. Perhaps even though he wasn't normally involved in the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's matters, his orders were still absolute to the current Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's heads.

This time only this elderly man sat down while the others stood behind him. Each and every one of them were reverential and respectful towards him, causing everyone around to also feel a great deal of pressure and subconsciously back off a few steps.

The people from the other few big clans appeared in succession too. After the arrival of the old man from Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan, the Wuma Clan's old man also joined him on the same table.

’’Uncle Shengtian, you're here too.’’ Wuma Clan's old man greeted the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's old man with a smile after he took a seat.

’’It's truly a failure for the Eastern Palace Clan to be forced into this situation by a young man. If this old bone still doesn't show his face, the Eastern Palace Clan is going to be razed to the ground soon.’’ The man's voice was very calm and he didn't sound very unusual either. The only unusual thing was that this old man seemed too ordinary to be true.

’’How could that happen with you around?’’ Wuma Clan's old man laughed.

’’Even if it is the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan who claims the victory today, we will still need a few decades to regain our former strength. It isn't easy to nurture a Peak Martial Saint cultivator.’’


It was getting late in the morning. Qing Shui, Cang Wuya, Fei Wuji and the rest, including the Ye Clan's old man, Ye Guyan, Ye Yan and some strong cultivators from the Ye Clan, set off to the Martial God Street.

Tears streamed down Fei Wuji's face the moment he knew that Donggong Maisun, who had forced his grandfather to kill his father back then, had died. Although he wasn't the one who did it, enemies should be executed. Besides, he had come so it could be considered that he had exacted his revenge. Back then, there were about five or six of them in total and Donggong Maisun was the key person. As for the others, he wondered if some of them were among the other six who had died.

Anyway, now that they were going to fight in the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death, those people who were still alive from back then had nowhere to escape. Actually the most important thing was that he had exacted revenge for the Old Ancestor and had found solace in it. The burden in Fei Wuji's heart had been lifted. If the Old Ancestor knew about this, he would be able to rest in peace now.

Human are emotional and sentimental beings. A man needs self respect just like how a Buddha needs incense.

’’Qing Shui......’’ Fei Wuji seemed like he had something to tell Qing Shui but didn't in the end.

’’Martial Uncle Fei, I know what you want to say. The Old Ancestor was my savior. Mingyue is my wife. She is your granddaughter. We are a family, there's no need to be a stranger,’’ Qing Shui gently told Fei Wuji in the carriage.

After hearing Qing Shui's words, Ye Guyan glanced over at him. ’’So he actually has a wife already,’’ she thought to herself.

But she was quickly startled by her own thoughts. What did it have anything to do with her if he had a wife? Besides, it was extremely normal for an outstanding man like him to have a wife. That Donggong Taiqing had seven wives. Some even said he had more than ten of them. Yet he still continued taking wives. Capable men were all like this......

However, she admired what Qing Shui had said before. It was very rare to find a man who took comradeship seriously and was capable. Besides, he seemed to have a mysterious power in him that really made others think very highly of him. He was like a fine wine. The longer you spent time with him, the more you would be able feel his attractiveness.

’’Donggong Maisun is dead and I am content too. Qing Shui, you must survive no matter what. You cannot afford to let something happen to you,’’ Fei Wuji said slowly while looking outside.

The Martial God Street was already in sight. Qing Shui could feel an oppressive feeling in the carriage. Those people from Ye Clan knew very well that if this youth lost, that would spell the end for the entire Ye Clan.

Those old men from the Ye Clan were lacking confidence in their hearts whenever they saw that young and delicate face. How could that young man be someone worthy without being tempered by the passage of time? Even if the young man had a decent cultivation, he still lacked those essential experiences......

Little did they know that Qing Shui's experience was not in the least bit inferior to those old men. Compared to these old men from the Ye Clan, Qing Shui had so much more experience than them. Only not many knew about it.

The beast carriage stopped in front of the Martial God Street's entrance. Qing Shui and the rest walked towards the arena. The time was not too tight for them this time because there was still some time left before it was late in the morning.

Another wave of heated discussion was revived at the appearance of Qing Shui and the rest. Some instantly cheered.

’’They're here early! It seems like this round of Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death will begin earlier. That's great!’’ Someone exclaimed happily.

’’Yeah, I thought it was going to be like yesterday again. Seems like both parties are early this time. How unexpected.’’

’’I hope the battle will last longer. That young man mustn't get defeated instantly. Otherwise we have wasted our time waiting for so long,’’ A man in his thirties and dressed in brown joked to the person beside him.

’’Old bean, this is hard to say precisely. The Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death allows five people to go out at once. Other than that old freak from the Ye Clan, there doesn't seem to be anyone decent from their side. Do you think two versus five is possible?’’ Another man about the same age gazed at Qing Shui from a distance at one side.

’’I can't stop feeling that this young man is very special. Hopefully he can create a miracle this time.’’

As Qing Shui and the rest approached, everyone automatically parted for them to pass. There were specified locations for the two battling parties, especially for the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death.

’’The Ye Clan looks promising this time.’’ The old man from the Eastern Palace Clan said gently after the Ye Clan's old man passed.

The Ye Clan's old man shook and then sighed. ’’More like your descendants failed to live up to expectations.’’

’’Hahaha. I accept your comment. People have said that the people from Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan are arrogant. But they know how to behave appropriately. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to survive until now. And the other thing I want to say is that the people from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat aren't arrogant. At least we are honest and not fake like some people. We are just doing what we want to do.’’ A hint of sarcasm could be heard in the old man's laughter.

In just a moment, the time had come. The elderly man from Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan looked towards Qing Shui and the Ye Clan. ’’Time's up. Many of our friends here are getting impatient. Let us get started,’’ he announced.

’’Sure!’’ Qing Shui agreed with a smile.

’’Zhenghong, the few of you go up!’’ The old man from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan ordered without even turning his head around.

’’Yes, Old Ancestor!’’ An elderly man standing behind the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's Old Ancestor responded with a bow. He then soared up and landed on the arena with the other four people.

The Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's Old Ancestor was aware that there were only two people from Qing Shui and the Ye Clan's side taking part in the fight. Or more like there were five of them but the other three were going to be killed in a flash. So he didn't say much and just sent out five people from his clan. There was no need for courtesy in Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death. Besides, the old man felt that the youth was very odd.

So the opponent sent out five people at once. This was very normal. The Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death was a battle between clans and aristocratic clans. There would always be five people allowed to participate in the battle. So the number of participants that the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan had sent out was extremely normal. The abnormal one was Qing Shui's side.

’’Qing Shui, why not let me and Grandpa Feng go too?’’ Ye Guyan looked at Qing Shui.

’’I have confidence, you all just watch from below. Don't worry, I'm very afraid of dying,’’ Qing Shui declined with a smile.

’’You're afraid of dying? If you were, you wouldn't be doing this in the first place,’’ Ye Guyan huffed angrily and glared at him.

’’I'm going then!’’ Qing Shui laughed.

’’Be careful up there!’’

’’Take care, Uncle. You must defeat them!’’ Ye Yan held her fist up and told Qing Shui.

’’Take care!’’


Qing Shui nodded and then soared up and landed on the arena and stood across from the few people from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan.

He had a hunch that the opponent still hadn't known about what happened to Donggong Maisun and the others. Otherwise they wouldn't have sent out only two cultivators with the strength of five stars and the remaining three cultivators with strength of about four and half stars.

Seeing the five people that his opponent had sent out, Qing Shui didn't really bother to take them seriously. Yet he knew he shouldn't be reckless, because Donggong Taiqing had a poison beast. Donggong Maisun had a poison beast too. If someone among them had a powerful poison beast too, then things might get troublesome for him. If it was only a demonic beast, Qing Shui wouldn't be worried because he was able to tame demonic beasts now. Judging from their strength, they shouldn't be able to tame some powerful demonic beast either unless they had some miraculous encounters. But miraculous encounters were known as miraculous encounters because the possibility of it happening was slim to none.

He summoned the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable since the opponent had seen this demonic beast. Qing Shui was calculating in his head right now. He wanted to wear his opponents down little by little. This Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death was very important. This matter of life and death had a big impact for his future. He could only succeed. The consequences of failure were simply too horrible to contemplate.

Nature Energy!

State of Immovable as Mountains!


Qing Shui knew that he had to win this round with some difficulties, so he let the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable display its might as much as possible. He also had to expose his strength bit by bit in order to stall for time to eliminate his opponents and also let them suffer and be nervous.

Cloudmist Steps!

Qing Shui consumed one Agility-Enhancing Fruit and Gale Pellet. He wasn't only careful about it, but he also took out the Violet Gold divine Shield and Thunder God before he sprinted towards his opponents.

The phrase 'he who strikes first prevails, he who strikes lates fails' seemed to make a lot of sense. It was imperative for Qing Shui to seize the initiative.

He locked onto one person and sprinted towards him. While he was on his way there, he had already thrown out the reduction effects or else it was going to be too easy. The Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable clung on Qing Shui's shoulder, this strongly intimidated his opponents.

And this was the exact effect that Qing Shui wanted. He then started to violently attack one of them. Shield Attack!

Shield Attack!

Vajra's Glare!

Heavenly Thunder Slash!



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