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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 77


AST 0077 - Another Xiantian

’’Y... you are bullying me!’’

Looking at Yu He's expression that was akin to a weak and helpless woman, a wave of heat surged through his body. He executed the same action he did previously, and hugged her into an embrace. Although the actions were similar, there was no se*ual intent in this embrace.

’’I'm sorry, I will take responsibility for it!’’ Qing Shui's heart slightly shuddered with pain as he glanced at the tear-streaked face of Yu He, before seriously making his statement.

’’Responsibility?’’ Yu He was dumbstruck, as she involuntarily questioned.

’’Er... Be my woman, I will marry you and treat you well.’’ Qing Shui rubbed his nose, as he awkwardly spoke.

After a short moment, Yu He couldn't help but laugh. That laughter, was like raindrops on a pear blossom, and she herself had no idea why she was laughing. She was not laughing at Qing Shui, who wanted to eat the flesh of a swan[1]. After all, in her mind she was not worthy to be compared to a swan, while Qing Shui was definitely not a hideous toad. Her laughter, was directed towards herself, and it was tinged with helplessness.

’’Why are you laughing? Did you fall in love with me? After spending time with me, did you realize all my good points?’’

Yu He continued laughing as she stared at the serious young man in front of her. She was bewildered at herself. She had no adverse reaction towards the earlier vulgar actions of Qing Shui, and only felt that Qing Shui had somehow touched on a soft spot in her heart. Other than feeling slight discomfort, there was even a hint of excitement, Yu He was blushing as she recalled that moment.

’’You are still so young, don't say things on impulse. I will forgive your naughtiness once. If there's a next time, I will not show you any mercy.’’ Yu He bared her teeth ferociously at Qing Shui after that.

Qing Shui could not help but feel that Yu He had the adorableness of a younger women. He did not know should he be happy or crestfallen upon hearing her words.

’’Aunty Yu!’’

’’WHAT?! Call me Sister Yu!’’

Qing Shui, ’’......’’

’’Do you have something to talk to me about?’’

’’Yeah, about the black fish.’’ Yu He had recovered from her shock earlier, she swept her hair behind her ears, emitting the air of a mature woman as she spoke.

’’Did you find the supply of 10 fish per day too little?

’’Yes, those with money and status have all booked it. Even people from outside the city would camp around in my inn daily, and complain. Do you think you would be able to provide more fish for me?’’ Yu He blinked her beautiful eyes, as she charmingly beseeched Qing Shui.

The two of them walked side by side towards the Yu He Inn. There were many in the crowd of people on the streets frequently staring at them;they gave off the feeling that they would make a good couple. Qing Shui was handsome and tall, and more importantly, he emitted a sense of gentleness and poise that was lacking in most adult men, causing people to be envious and making them want to become closer. His eyes were especially charming, and that purple speck between his brows seemed to give him a slightly demonic air, capable of bewitching even more people.

Yu He, her voluptuous figure was exquisite, like jade. She was a head shorter than Qing Shui, and that smile of hers contained slight traces of flirtatiousness. Her eyes, were limpid and clear, while her nose like a jade carving. Her twin peaks and that full perky bottom of hers looked as well-rounded as melons, and when coupled with milky white slender legs, it was a combination that all men would find it hard to resist.

The two of them chatted as they strolled the streets, and in the end, Qing Shui agreed to increase the number of fish provided to 20. This was the limit he said, if not, the black fish would no longer be as popular.

’’Oh right, the matter of the black fish has already noticed by others, you better act more carefully. I'm afraid they would try to create trouble for you.’’ Yu He explained as worry was painted over her face.

Qing Shui felt that this was no surprise. Things that invoked jealousy, would surely attract attention!

’’I suspect they are already keeping tabs on the people near us, seeing who we interact with, as they try to find the source of the black fish.’’ Qing Shui said thoughtfully.

Qing Shui in actuality, had already discovered people spying on him. As a result of his unique way of cultivation, his senses were many times sharper than other cultivators. Even the senses of some Xiantian cultivators may not be as sharp as him.

’’Do you want to smoke them out?’’ Yu He furrowed her brows.

’’No, let's not alert them prematurely, after all, all these spies are just henchmen with no authority.’’

’’Then how will you be able to deliver the fish to me?’’ Yu He creased her forehead. After all, this was a very big problem, and their opponent was hiding in the dark, which means they have no intentions of clashing head on with the Yu clan.

’’Don't worry, leave this to me. I will find a way to stealthily pass you the fish.’’ Qing Shui blinked his eyes as he reassured Yu He.

Very quickly, they arrived at the Yu He Inn. Because it was still in the morning, there weren't many customers. Qing Shui took a quick glance at the surroundings - two couples, three teenagers, two tall and sturdy middle-aged men, and a table of eight people consisting of three girls and five guys.

Qing Shui then glanced at the seat near the window where there was an elderly old man and a young man drinking wine together. The old man had a head full of white hair, displaying an aura of extremely old age, and was decked out in ordinary clothing. However, if one were to inspect him closely, one would notice the bright shine in his eyes, while his skin was as fair as a baby. He looked like some celestial hermit up the mountains, inadvertently causing people to look again.

As for that youth, he was handsome looking with sword shaped eyebrows, a straight nose, and thin lips. Just from a look, Qing Shui could tell that this young man before him had unwavering determination. His body was tall, and the clothes he wore were all intricately designed, which indicated that he was a person of wealth. The most attention grabbing thing was the aura he emitted, akin to that of a unsheathed sharp sword.

’’Interesting!’’ A thought flashed past Qing Shui's mind.

As he swept his gaze back to the old man, he discovered that the old man was also watching him with interest. That gaze of that old man was incredibly mysterious. Qing Shui lightly nodded his head towards him, as the old man let out a smile. However that smile had no hints of friendliness in it, and caused Qing Shui to feel as if he was trapped in a cage, unable to break free.

Shock arose in Qing Shui's heart, as he could feel that the energy contained within the gaze of the old man was similar to something he had experienced before.

’’F*k, another Xiantian, why does Hundred Miles City have so many Xiantian cultivators all of a sudden? Also, it seems like he is much stronger compared to Wenren Wu-Shuang. He should have broken through to the Xiantian realm ages ago.’’ Qing Shui silently deduced.

When Qing Shui silently activated his Heavenly Vision Technique, he could clearly see rays of rainbow flashing through the eyes of the old man, but he had no time to ponder over this. That was because Qing Shui had discovered that the Dantian of the old man appeared to be severely damaged. The shape of his Dantian had bent into a shape resembling ’’W’’. Several energy channels near his Dantian were extremely thin when compared to the other thick energy channels around the old man's body.

Qing Shui could feel that Xiantian Qi of the old man was surrounding him as he turned his head to look at Yu He, realizing that she had no knowledge of what was happening. He knew that he was the target of the old man. From the quality of his Qi, Qing Shui could tell that that old man was most assuredly an expert, it was just that he didn't understand why the old man would be interested in him.

Actually, the reason the old man was so interested in Qing Shui was because he realized that somehow, he couldn't see through Qing Shui. If Qing Shui was a old man at the Xiantian realm, the Xiantian old man would have thought nothing of it. However, Qing Shui was obviously below 20 years of age, and thus invoked great curiosity and interest in him.

’’Little brother, do you mind to accompany this old man for a drink or two?’’

As a kind voice sounded out, Qing Shui felt his body loosen, as he knew that the old man had retracted his Xiantian Qi.

Qing Shui froze before quickly recovering with a smile. However, the young man beside the old man, turned his sharp gaze upon Qing Shui, as if he wanted to challenge him.

[1] eating flesh of a swan - chinese idiom meaning lusting over beautiful woman. The full idiom = a hideous toad wanting to eat the flesh of a swan.


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