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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 769


AST 769 - Massacre In the Night, Qing Shui's Sharp Senses

The prowess of the Combination Sword Technique was already the same as that of the Heavenly Talisman, and Qing Shui felt that the divine technique was like a bottomless hole. Of course, the prerequisite was that a certain number of sword techniques had to be combined.

The increase to a person's physical strength would be 10% with two combined sword moves, 20% for three, and 40% for four. Qing Shui felt, that in the future, the prowess of the Combination Sword Technique would increases exponentially. However, it had already been very tough to practice the Combination Sword Technique for four combined moves, and it would only be tougher for five or six moves. Qing Shui was afraid that he wouldn't be able to even practice it.

Another day passed by in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Throughout the day, Qing Shui had been practicing the Four Moves Combination Sword Technique almost non-stop, hoping to be able to use it more fluently. It might be because he had made progressive breakthroughs, but the rate at which he was improving was very fast. That feeling of being like a fish in the water made Qing Shui feel great and he couldn't bear to stop.

However, there was a flaw to the Combination Sword Technique. When there were 4 moves, Qing Shui felt that the many moves wasted some time. The impact wasn't too bad for four moves, but in the future, it could add up for more combined moves. There was a kind of balance.

Suddenly, Qing Shui sensed that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was giving out a warning. He quickly exited the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and fortunately, it was also around the time he would've left anyways. Qing Shui had rested and changed his clothes. Therefore, he left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal directly. Even if he were to wash up outside, it would only take a short moment.

It was still very quiet when he walked out. After a while, the Ye Clan's old man came out as well, followed by Ye Guyan. When the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable saw Qing Shui, it immediately leapt onto his shoulder.

’’To think that they're really doing this. Since they've come, they can all stay behind.’’ Qing Shui looked to the distance. By this time, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant had also came up to him.

’’Miss Ye, senior, the two of you can get on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. Senior can take care of Miss Ye. I'll let Miss Ye believe that I have the ability to win the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

It might be because he had to take care of Ye Guyan that Ye Clan's old man didn't object. After slightly hesitating, he went up on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and instructed Qing Shui to be careful. Now, they could only place their trust in Qing Shui as they had no other way out.

Time passed by and Qing Shui just sat there, unmoving. He activated his spiritual sense and everything in his surroundings down right to the smallest detail was noticed. Nothing could escape him, even if it were to hide behind some building. This was the prowess of his spiritual sense.

Qing Shui saw the people from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan through his spiritual sense. There were seven of them and they didn't seem to be trying to hide. On the other hand, they didn't make too much noise, not even activating their flying rides.

When they appeared before Qing Shui and the others, they were stunned for a short moment before looking toward the Ye Clan's old man and Ye Guyan, who were on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. Then, they turned towards Qing Shui.

The one in the lead was Donggong Maisun. When the Ye Clan's old man saw the other six elderly men that came along with Donggong Maisun, his face turned grim and he shouted out to Donggong Maisun, ’’You guys have really come. The Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's reputation has been completely soiled.’’

’’Old Man Ye, there hasn't been any grudges between our Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan and your Ye Clan. I hope that you won't be interfering today.’’ Donggong Maisun said in a low voice toward Old Man Ye.

Qing Shui sensed the level of the seven people and his heart skipped a beat. Two of them were five star experts while the others were around the four star level. Four star experts were much stronger than three star experts. Just with the strength of these people, the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan was much more powerful than the Zuoshi Clan.

’’There's only me today. Donggong Maisun, it's been a few decades, but you still haven't shown any improvement. Just because of you, the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan will disappear. What do you think about this?’’ Qing Clan gradually circulated his powers. These people were very strong, so he had to go all out today. He needed use whatever methods he had to kill everyone.

’’The demise of Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan? By the likes of you?’’ Donggong Maisun said sarcastically with a smirk.

’’You'll soon see. A person like you brings disaster to the world just by being alive. Your grandson wasn't any better either. If one commits too many sins, that person will die a terrible death full of regrets.’’ Qing Shui laughed and said.

’’Stop with the crap. Today, I'll tear you apart alive.’’ Donggong Maisun did not care how loud his voice was.

’’Senior, Miss Ye, don't move, just watch. Stay there and watch as I take them all out.’’ Qing Shui instructed without even turning his head before he took out his Violet Gold divine Shield and Thunder God.

Cloudmist Steps!

He threw out his Heavenly Talismans and followed up quickly with his Fiery Golden Eyes and Emperor's Qi. While his opponents were in a daze from the astonishments, they had already been hit by all the Heavenly Talismans.

Without any hesitation, Qing Shui took out ten Coldsteel Needles that had previously been soaked in Five-Color poison and sent them flying out. Everything was completed in just an instant.

Three of members of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan had been hit. It was a pity that Qing Shui didn't have more poisonous needles. Otherwise, if there had been enough, he might be able to kill another two. This result was within Qing Shui's expectations. Hidden Weapons were meant to attack at the moment the opponents were caught unawares. Moreover, Qing Shui had weakened them earlier, causing them to be in a daze. The three weakest were hit and died very quickly.

It was only now that the remaining four old man looked at Qing Shui, horrified. Earlier, they had done everything they could to dodge the unknown objects. Thinking back, they had felt that death was so close that they had even forgotten about the fact that their abilities had been weakened.

The old men who originally had five stars of strength had lost almost 15,000 countries worth of strength. The old men who were previously at four stars were now not even at the three star level...

Grey colored primordial flames burst out from Qing Shui's palms and were then condensed into two fireballs, each the size of a child's head. After he had attained a great breakthrough in his abilities, the prowess of his primordial flames had also risen by a lot.

Hidden Weapon Twin Dragon Explosion!

Qing Shui quickly closed in on his opponents and shot out the two Primordial Flame Balls in his hands. The earlier Coldsteel Needles had caused them to be extremely careful so they instinctively dodged the weird grey flames.


Those who came across Qing Shui's Twin Dragon Explosion would tend to suffer, or even just die on the spot. After all, the primordial flames were just that powerful. This time around, the prowess of the Primordial Flame Ball, which had already been tremendous, had increased to even greater heights. The sparks that scattered out in all directions caused everyone to be greatly astonished.

Cloudmist Steps!

It was impossible for Qing Shui to let go of this chance and he closed in on his opponents at great speed. His target was a cultivator whose level had been weakened to below three stars and the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable on his shoulder also shot out abruptly.

The people from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan were hit by a few remnant sparks as they were dodging the primordial flames, but thankfully, they were still considerably strong and weren't killed immediately. However, they were still scorched and large pieces of their flesh disappeared. Before they could relax, they sensed another tremendous threat coming at them.

Shield Attack!

The Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable killed its target instantly. It was impossible to try to dodge the primordial flames and the terrifying speed of the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable at the same time. Someone who was just a bit slower and encountered the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable had no choice but to die. This was the reason why Qing Shui was so happy when he had first gotten his hands on the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable. Poison beasts were much stronger than demonic beasts of the same level. Similarly, there were too few people who could tame poison beasts because regular beast tamers knew nothing about poison.


That old man was sent flying by Qing Shui's Violet Gold divine Shield. Qing Shui quickly gave chase with his Cloudmist Steps and swung his Thunder God out. A hint of purple light flashed, and the Thunder God smashed toward the old man with a horrifyingly thunderous sound.

Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt!

The paralyzed old man was not even able to show any reaction before he was killed by Qing Shui. The battle had only just started and now, five out of seven people from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan had died...

Qing Shui was more agitated than anyone else. These seven people were considered the main pillars of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan and now, five of them were gone. Even for a clan with the reputation and power of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan had, what had occurred today was the equivalent of losing an arm.

Donggong Maisun looked as if he had turned into stone. Before they had even started to attack, five out of their seven had already died. What level were the people he had brought along with him? They were top notch cultivators no matter where they went. To think that they were forced into such a bad spot by just Qing Shui, with more than half of them dying before they had even done a thing.

’’He's not human, he's a devil...’’ This was the only thought that went through Donggong Maisun's mind when he looked at Qing Shui. He recalled the scenes on the arena and the things that Qing Shui had said... only now did he knew that everything was true. His grandfather had laughed at Qing Shui's ignorance, and now, he had done the same too. He thought of how he must have looked like a clown earlier.

The Ye Clan's old man and Ye Guyan were both similarly astonished. They had been feeling worried for Qing Shui all along, and Ye Guyan's heart had been beating rapidly, especially when the battle had started. She had been afraid of how the battle might turn out, but had never expected the results to be like this. In this moment, she was overcome with surprise and joy.

Qing Shui looked at Donggong Maisun and the other remaining old man, a smirk on his face. The results today were within his expectation. Since his opponents did not care about attacking in groups, he wasn't too concerned over the fact that the use of poison and hidden weapons weren't exactly aboveboard. After all, in such a battle, the one who remained standing in the end was the one who was the stronger one, regardless of methods.

’’Now, do you believe that I can eradicate the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan?’’ Qing Shui gradually walked up to Donggong Maisun.

Now, Donggong Maisun was truly afraid. He had the feeling that this guy really would be able to eradicate the entire Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. However, when he thought of the few strong experts remaining in Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan, he still felt that it was impossible for the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan to lose.

’’Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan will not lose. You'll still die.’’ When Donggong Maisun said this, he didn't seem very confident.

’’Whether the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan will lose or not, you won't be able to see it. I really don't understand why you still came here even after I'd already issued the challenge for a Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death.’’ Qing Shui looked at Donggong Maisun. He really wanted to find out the answer.

’’Because I couldn't wait until tomorrow to see you dead. You're unworthy of being in a Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death against our Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan.’’ Donggong Maisun gritted his teeth and said.

’’When you were young, you were ignorant and inhumane. After so many years have passed, you still haven't learned a thing. Remember, the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's demise will be because of you, because of the sins you've committed in Greencloud Continent.’’ Qing Shui felt sorrowful when he thought of how the Old Ancestor had felt so helpless on his deathbed. As a top notch cultivator in the Greencloud Continent, who would be able to understand his pain?

Not many people would be able to withstand the agony and helplessness after being forced into such a misery. Death had been an escape for the Old Ancestor. Living had been his greatest agony, a torture beyond what most humans could endure.


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