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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 768


AST 768 - Four Moves Combination Sword Technique, Profound Grade

The lunch this time lasted much longer than before because most of them were not in the mood to eat, they felt as if that eating had became a chore. Qing Shui ate slowly too, while he urged the others to eat from time to time.

’’Grandpa Feng, do you think that anyone from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan will come to ambush us tonight?’’ Ye Guyan who didn't really eat much looked at Old Man Feng.

’’Normally, they won't. But it's very hard to say sometimes. The opponents may strike tonight for the sake of their safety tomorrow. So we must stay alert,’’ Old Man Feng chuckled.

’’Grandpa Feng, I would like to participate in the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death this time,’’ Ye Guyan looked at Qing Shui before turning towards Old Man Feng.

’’Girl, it wouldn't make much of a difference even if you joined.’’ The old man sighed.

’’Miss Ye, I have already said that I am going to participate alone. Thank you for your kindness though.’’ Qing Shui said with a smile. He really never considered letting someone else to take the stage.

’’If you were to go alone, what will happen if there are five opponents from their side?’’ Ye Guyan asked worriedly. Regardless of everything, the Ye Clan was already involved with Qing Shui now.

She didn't blame him either. Just as what he had said, he didn't know the Ye Clan and besides, the Ye Clan couldn't help him much in this matter so she had chose to believe in Qing Shui. She still feel indebted to him because he had saved her younger sister.

’’I have my ways, trust me. Just like what senior had said, you won't be able to help much even if you go. On top of that, I will also have to look after you,’’ Qing Shui laughed. He had a relaxed look and didn't seem to be under too much pressure.

’’If you really think you can eliminate the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan all by yourself, then why did you choose to use this method? You could have confront them directly and eliminate them,’’ Ye Guyan was still not convinced that Qing Shui was capable of taking care of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan all by himself.

’’That's because this is the Southern Viewing Continent. If we were at the Greencloud Continent, I would have done it directly. I am totally unfamiliar with the people and place here and I don't know anything. A clan like the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan would normally be a tyrant and seem to have a strong root somewhere. To be honest, I don't have the confidence to take on the entire Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan all by myself,’’ he laughed bitterly. More than the fact that they had came all the way here, for them to be at this level so soon was out of his expectation.

’’Since you don't have any confidence to take on the entire Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan, why did you still challenge them to the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death?’’ Ye Guyan looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. She expected Qing Shui to assure her that him alone was more than enough to take care of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. She didn't expect that he would say something so uncertain.

’’It's exactly because I don't have the confidence to take on the entire Eastern Palace Aristocrat Palace. I decided to challenge them to this Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death because they are only allowed to send out five people at most to the fight. I still have some confidence in killing five people,’’ Qing Shui chuckled to Ye Guyan.

’’I don't really know what to say to you right now. You need to show me the strength that can convince me.’’ Ye Guyan hesitated for awhile before she gave Qing Shui a stubborn look.

She had no idea why she was worried for him, was it for the sake of the entire Ye Clan or because she felt obligated to repay him for saving her younger sister. But she really wished more than anyone for Qing Shui to claim his victory this time. Then again, she knew that the possibility of a complete victory was slim, or even non-existent.

’’Does the Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable count?’’ Qing Shui pondered for a moment before he asked Ye Guyan.

’’The Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable of yours is indeed formidable and extremely poisonous. But just relying on it alone is far from enough.’’

’’What if I have other killing techniques?’’ Qing Shui thought for awhile before he asked again. He could tell that if he couldn't assure Ye Guyan today, even fighting alone would be an issue.

’’Can you show me?’’ Ye Guyan pressed. Although these were taboos to martial cultivators, Ye Guyan couldn't afford to bother about it so much during this special circumstances.

’’Sure!’’ Qing Shui didn't really mind too. Anyway, he only needed to show a little of it.

He showed her the Fiery Golden Eyes, followed by his Emperor's Qi!

Ye Guyan's supplementary skills were quite decent. A strong person would normally have strong supplementary skills, and also the equipments they wore were more powerful. Just like how Qing Shui's Thunder God was stronger than any of his supplementary skills, at least for now.

Speaking of equipments, he recalled about the Jade-Armored Immortal Garb that Donggong Taiqing had worn along with those shoes and poison fang. He felt a bit of regret that he didn't get his hands on them.

With the reduction effects of both the Fiery Golden Eyes and the Emperor's Qi, Ye Guyan's initial strength of three countries was reduced to roughly about two countries.

’’Is this enough?’’ Qing Shui smiled at Ye Guyan.

Ye Guyan was currently amazed yet alarmed at the same time, these weakening techniques were simply too formidable. But if it could only reduce the strength of his opponent by less than one country, then it still wasn't enough.

She hesitated because she still felt that it wasn't enough but Qing Shui just smiled instead. With a wave of his sleeve, a Silver Needle shot out violently......

Something flashed before Ye Guyan's eyes and a strand of her hair drifted down. She wasn't able to evade in time earlier at all. Of course that was due to their close proximity and also how sudden it was. But then again, this kind of proximity could be very easily to achieve in battles and she wasn't paying attention either. This kind of throwing battle technique were intended to be used when the opponents were not paying attention.

’’Alright, Miss Ye. Just believe in me, I still have other techniques. I'm not stupid to just throw my life away. Do I really look like an idiot?’’ Qing Shui joked.

’’A little.’’ Ye Guyan didn't smile at all. Qing Shui could only rub his nose speechlessly after he heard her words.

The situation was left like this for a moment and Ye Guyan also didn't comment any further. The Ye Clan's old man was originally eligible to participate in this Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death, but the Ye Clan had too little experts. It was extremely dangerous for them to go if they couldn't gather five or even more than three people, so she had completely banished the thoughts of letting the Ye Clan's old man to participate.

However, Qing Shui was worried about tonight. The Ye Clan was a big clan, at least they were much powerful compared to the Zuoshi Clan. But he had grown much stronger ever since the time his confrontation with the Zuoshi Clan.

’’Senior, if the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan decides to come over tonight, are there any places in the Ye Residence that they can use to hide?’’ Qing Shui was still very concerned because he saw how sinister Donggong Maisun expression was and the Donggong Clan's old man appeared like he was in deep thoughts when Qing Shui left. The former had made him very uncomfortable and the latter made him felt very nervous.

’’Let me arrange for it. But there won't be too many coming over tonight. Don't worry, my Ye Clan may not be some supreme clan but still, no one is allowed to come and go as they please.’’ Qing Shui was slightly relieved to hear the firm tone of the Ye Clan's old man.

This period of time was the biggest ordeal, especially waiting under such situation. Even Qing Shui also felt a little pressured. He would rather fight in the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death right now. If that was the case, he would probably be done with it by now.

In the late afternoon, the Ye Clan's old man had temporarily sent the Ye Clan members along with Cang Wuya and the rest away from the Ye Residence through a secret passage. Qing Shui had initially thought of asking the Ye Clan's old man and Ye Guyan to not return until the next morning. However, the two of them wouldn't agree no matter how hard he persuaded.

By nightfall, Qing Shui still had to enter the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. He had already summoned out the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and the Ten Thousand Violet Poisonous Sable. The Ten Thousand Violet Poisonous Sable accompanied Ye Guyan while the Diamond Gigantic Elephant patrolled around nearby. If it sensed anything out of the ordinary, it would inform him immediately.

Qing Shui was confident in challenging the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. Other than his increased in strength and the breakthroughs of his demonic beasts, he still had those poison weapons that he had refined last time. He still also had a planned to refine more of them. More than half of the people were killed last time because of those poison.

There weren't much Five Colored Poison Pearls left and he intended to use all of it this time. Just seeing those poisonous weapons gave him the greatest sense of security. The strange capabilities of his hidden weapons and those highly toxic poisonous weapons were basically deadly.

He had no idea how many cultivators with high cultivation were there in the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. In any case, they could only send out five people at most in the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death. If in any events the opponent went crazy and decided to send out many people, Qing Shui also had killing techniques up in his sleeves that would make them pay a very heavy price.

Although the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death was tomorrow, he still cultivated as usual today. Besides, he doesn't feel distress or afraid. If he was, then everything that had happened just now wouldn't happen. However, he still need to think about his strategies for tomorrow's fight.

Time had passed bit by bit. Other than being absorbed in his deep thoughts during breaks, Qing Shui spent his time in cultivation, concocting poison and cultivating the Thousand Hammer Technique. He still couldn't put that Wolf Fang into good use for now. Otherwise, it could have increased his strength to another level.

Qing Shui cultivated the Combination Sword Technique, he had cleverly combined the sword techniques from the Basic Sword Techniques. It was awkward and somewhat shaky at first, but he had managed to gradually increase his proficiency until he was able to perform it smoothly and easily. By now, he was able to skillfully execute three moves in his Combination Sword Technique and it had even attained a bizarre realm.

A three moves combination. Qing Shui was already capable of performing it just as his heart had wished. An intense feeling suddenly came over him. Every time he reached the third combo, he would have the urge to combine a fourth combo. But he had been suppressing that urge as he performed the Three Moves Combination Sword Technique over and over again.

That urge spread within him. It gradually became a feeling like how it was impossible for a running person to stop abruptly. Qing Shui felt as if he had continuously stored the energy from this sensation after he felt it. That intense drive rapidly coursed within his body

When he hit his limit in suppressing the urge, he launched a fourth combo very naturally. That flow had strangely allowed him to launch out a sword technique. The violent energy that was unleashed made his heart raced. He happily glanced down at the Big Dipper Sword in his hands.

He had succeeded in a Four Moves Combination Sword Technique. It had definitely taken a considerable amount of time to advanced from three moves to four moves. If he were to calculate it with the realm's time, then it would be even longer. However, the technique's prowess was indeed impressive.

A 40% of physical strength increase!

Compared to the Three Moves Combination Sword Technique, its prowess had been raised by one-fold.


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