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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 763


AST 763 - Tantai Aristocrat Clan, Three Days Passed

’’There's something you need from me?’’

Qing Shui reached out his hand and softly tapped on Ye Guyan's Lingtai acupoint before he took a step forward with a smile on his face.

Qing Shui's tap no longer made Ye Guyan felt suppressed as before. Earlier, she felt uncomfortable but she didn't know if it was due to fury or embarrassment. Now, she couldn't feel that sensation.

’’I'm Qu Runie, and I'd like to have a spar with you.’’ The young man said with a clear and strong voice as he looked at Qing Shui. His voice was not very loud but it had a penetrating effect.

Qu Runie was cordial with Donggong Taiqing and had a lot of of admiration for him. He felt that he needed to do something for Donggong Taiqing when he heard that a nobody was going to challenge him.

He came here today to have a spar with Gao Yangtian, but he did not expect to meet Ye Guyan and that young man who had challenged Donggong Taiqing. Therefore, he wanted to take this opportunity to humiliate Qing Shui.

In a battle, as long as both parties had made an agreement, no other people would issue another challenge as it would offend the other party.

This was an unspoken rule, but since Qu Runie and Donggong Taiqing had a close relationship, it was another story. It was clear he was trying to suck up to Donggong Taiqing.

’’My martial techniques is only for killing, not for sparring.’’ Qing Shui stared at the young man and said softly, however, his voice was swift yet strong.

Sounds of astonishments could be heard out from the surroundings. Clearly, the atmosphere started to heat up.

’’I think well of this young man.’’ A middle-aged man laughed and said.

’’Old Liu, can you please don't always blow your own trumpet? Go look at yourself in the mirror. He needs you to think well of him?’’ Another middle-aged man retorted.

’’Do you think that this young man will go up to fight with Qu Runie?’’ Someone brought the topic back.

’’It's hard to say. This Qu Runie is the Qu Clan's genius. Although he can't be compared to Donggong Taiqing, he's still a character who's hard to find amongst hundreds of thousands of people. He's the future of the Qu Clan. That young man had said that he'd only kill and not spar. I think it will be hard for this battle to be carried out.’’ An old man said slowly.

’’What if Qu Runie is bent on fighting?’’ Someone carried on.

’’By right, they shouldn't end up in a fight, but if they do, it will be a life and death battle. The Qu Clan will definitely send someone to stop the battle since they will not allow anything to happen to him. For the past few years, they have been forbidding them from fighting it all out with other people.’’ The old man smiled and said.

At that moment, Qu Runie stood on the arena with his brows furrowed as if he was deciding on something.

’’Look, he's hesitating. Seems like it's true that the Qu Clan forbids him from taking any part in fights. I wonder if he can hold it in this time.’’ The old man smiled and said.

’’Who do you think is stronger, Qu Runie or that young man?’’ Someone felt that the old man knew a lot and could not help but ask.

’’I'm old, my eyes aren't as good as before and my cultivation level is low.’’ The old man said as he waved his hand.

’’Don't be so humble. With your experience, it should be easy for you to tell. Come on, just share a little bit.’’ A young man said respectfully.

’’Then I'll just say a little. Do you think that young man looks like a fool?’’

’’Of course not. How could the man that Miss Ye Guyan thinks well of be a fool?’’ Someone immediately said.

’’Shouldn't that explain everything?’’ The old man smiled and left.

Just when Qu Runie was about to agree to a battle to the death with Qing Shui, a few people ran towards them. The one in the lead was a middle-aged man who shouted as he ran over, ’’Young Master Qu, Old Master wants you to return immediately. There's something he needs to discuss with you.’’

’’I'll take my leave today.’’ Qu Runie said to Qing Shui and Ye Guyan before he leaped off the arena and left.

Everyone was astonished and saw that the elderly had already left. Only now they had realized that the old man knew that the fight would not continue since the beginning, that he really had experienced a lot in life and could see between so many things.

The place became lively again with Qu Runie's departure, with some people gossiped on how Qu Runie was a coward...

’’Let's go take a look in front!’’ Ye Guyan smiled and went together with Qing Shui.


Qu Runie returned quickly to the Qu Residence and went straight to the backyard. There, an elderly casually stood next to the pond as he watched the fishes swimmed freely. If those few young men from before could see this, they would definitely find it strange that this old man in the Qu Residence was the same old man from earlier.


Qu Runie walked towards the old man and said softly.


A loud slap rang out and the amiable-looking old man from earlier now appeared like a ferocious lion. This slap left a clear handprint on Qu Runie's face.

This old man was actually Qu Runie's grandfather. It was no wonder he could be so sure that the fight would not go on, because he was the one who called Qu Runie back.

Qu Runie was stunned by the slap. Since young, he had been spoiled due to his talent and he only would receive applause and commendations. The one who had given him the most praises and doted on him the most was his grandfather. It could be said that he was much closer with his grandfather compared to his parents. From what he remembered, his grandfather had never hit him nor did he shouted at him loudly before.

However now, the tight slap from the old man had stunned him.

’’Nie`er, do you know why I've hit you?’’ In fact, the old man felt even worse than Qu Runie when he had hit him. However, it was something that was needed to be done to let Qu Runie understand some things.

’’It's because I was planning on fighting with someone.’’ Qu Runie looked at the old man and said.

’’I'm not afraid that you'd fight with others. I'm angry because you didn't use your brain. It's nothing much to have sparring matches between cultivators. However, you didn't use your brain and was about to just throw away your life. Do you think you deserve to get hit?’’ The old man sighed and said.

Qu Runie was shocked and cold sweat filled his forehead. He dropped to his knees and said, ’’Grandson has been unfilial to have caused you to worry.’’

’’Get up!’’

The old man helped Qu Runie up before continuing, ’’If you can understand, then this slap wasn't for nothing. The goal was not to hit you, but to let you think things through when you come across similar situations in the future. Think more about it, otherwise, you wouldn't even know how you died. It's not easy for a person or for a clan to survive and it's natural to have some humiliation and injustice. Those who can succeed in life would be able to bear what others can't and can adapt to all circumstances. If you can't do this and also do not have the support of an absolute power, you will not have a good ending.’’

’’I understand. I may not be able to do this immediately, but I'll try. Thank you, grandfather. You've made me realized a lot of things today.’’

The old man's slap didn't let him learn anything, but rather enlightened him about certain situations. It felt as if like you suddenly had an increased sense of maturity when you finally realized things that you don't understand previously..


Qing Shui and Ye Guyan continued to walked towards the south along the Martial God Street. The weather in the Southern Sea City was great, with spring throughout the year. There was nothing to complain of except the frequent rainfall, however, it was rare for a heavy downpour to occur. Rather, there were more instances of light drizzles which would take a long time before a person get fully drenched.

The sky which was sunny a while ago had now turned slightly dim, with the sun covered up with dark clouds. However, it didn't make people feel suppressed. Light drizzle started to fall from the sky after just a short period of time.

Such an environment could make a person to indulge in it easily, moreover, there was an unparalleled beauty next to him. However, Qing Shui didn't harbor any thoughts for her. The reason he came to the Southern Viewing Continent was to eradicate the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. He would return immediately once he attained this as there were still many people who waits for him back at home.

They walked all the way towards the south of the Martial God Street. Earlier, Ye Guyan had introduced Qing Shui to a quite number of reputable clans. However, it meant nothing to the Qing Clan now. He was only afraid earlier that the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan would have a lot of helpers and they might hinder him with his plans. But now, everything was fine. Putting aside the fact that the people from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan was not well received by others, with the Ye Clan's old man definite decision to take action, a situation where he would be surrounded and attacked would less likely to occur.

However, it was still not an easy task to eradicate Donggong Taiqing and it might be something he couldn't accomplish within a short amount of time. Donggong Taiqing must die, so that there would be a loophole in the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan.

’’Look, that's the Tantai Aristocrat Clan!’’

Ye Guyan's voice interrupted Qing Shui's train of thoughts. He followed her gaze to look at a unique manor. It was a dazzling manor which was conspicuous compared to the others within the area. The large area it encompasses and its high build together with its golden color made it stood out a lot.

This was the Tantai Aristocrat Clan. Only when one sees it for himself, would he be able to feel that astonishment, that feeling of resplendent and magnificent. Only now did Qing Shui realized that the color gold could be so dazzling and luxurious.

’’Probably only the Tantai Aristocrat Clan can be so dazzling.’’ Qing Shui lamented as he looked at the Tantai Aristocrat Clan's building.

’’That is true. The Tantai Aristocrat Clan is not only strong and hold great power but it is also a clan that all others could not be compared to. Moreover, it had a great number of descendents and had the most number of talents. The younger generation is stronger than ever before.’’ Ye Guyan smiled and said to Qing Shui.

Powerful clans would need to go through decades before they could grow. Qing Shui thought of his own clan, it was just himself alone no matter how powerful he became. For a clan to become more powerful was not something that could be accomplished overnight. However, Qing Shui was confident that he could make his clan powerful within a shorter amount of time compared to the others.

Just then, a smart looking young man walked out from the Tantai Aristocrat Clan's Residence. His eyes lit up when he saw Ye Guyan and Qing Shui, ’’Miss Huyan!’’

’’Mmm, what coincidence.’’ Ye Guyan smiled and said.

’’This must be Mister Qing Shui.’’ The handsome young man smiled and said warmly after seeing Qing Shui.

Qing Shui didn't expect a stranger to call out his name. However, his expression remained calm as he smiled and said, ’’I'm Qing Shui. May I know how to address you?’’

’’I'm Tantai Aoyun. It's a pleasure to meet you.’’

Qing Shui also answered politely. Although the Tantai Aristocrat Clan received him warmly, they wouldn't do this to all strangers they encounter. This meant only one thing, Ye Guyan. Everything was because of this lady next to him.


Three days had passed by very quickly. Qing Shui made ample preparations during this past three days. The battle will be on the late morning today, however, Qing Shui still practiced Taichi when he woke this morning.

Ye Guyan seemed to have a false impression when she saw Qing Shui's composed look while he practiced Taichi. He was really very special and hard to understand.


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