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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 762


AST 762 - Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan, Expert With A Strength of Seven Stars?

Hearing Qing Shui's words, Ye Guyan smiled unnaturally, stunning Qing Shui. This lass was really afraid that he would be killed. Thinking about it, she had let him eat all the delicacies available...

Qing Shui didn't stand on ceremony and tried to eat more. Ye Guyan even made it an exception and helped him pick some dishes, causing him to feel overwhelmed. It was rare to be able to receive such a treatment, for a woman like her help take dishes for a guy.

’’Come, Qing Shui, have more!’’

Ye Guyan did not eat much herself and was just taking food for Qing Shui all the time, causing him to not know if he should laugh or cry. He picked up his chopsticks and filled up her bowl with food which he thought looked good. ’’You eat too. Isn't there still a few more days? I'll still be able to eat.’’

The meal ended in just thirty minutes. This time around, the old man whom Ye Guyan addressed as Grandpa Crazy was also present. The atmosphere was a bit stifling.

However, it was the old man's presence that calmed many people down. After all, the old man was the Ye Clan's pillar while Ye Guyan was the future pillar.

’’Senior, do you know the level of the strongest person in the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan?’’ Qing Shui asked the old man after the leftovers had been cleared and top grade tea was served.

’’Since the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan can be considered one of the great aristocrat clans, they naturally have their strong points. Although the people from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan are arrogant and haughty, the talent of their members is still quite strong. The old generation is still strong and the new generations of strong experts have also appeared. At least, at the present time, the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan is still able to keep up. I'm not sure about the strongest person they have now since I've not had any contact with them for many years, but it should be around seven stars of strength.’’ The old man thought about it and said.

Hearing this, Qing Shui didn't know what to feel. This was within his expectations since Donggong Taiqing already had a strength of three and a half stars.

Even Ye Guyan had slightly more than three stars of strength. Although she was only weaker than Donggong Taiqing by half a star, this gap was sufficient to make their abilities seem like worlds apart.

A strength of seven stars... Qing Shui thought of his Emperor's Qi, Heavenly Talisman, Fiery Golden Eyes, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's Mighty Elephant Stomp, as well as the few other powerful demonic beasts he had.

The Jade Emperor Queen Bee was now a Grade Six Martial Saint demonic beast. However, he wasn't sure of the prowess of the Poison Killer Sting. Qing Shui felt that there was a restriction of the Jade Emperor Queen Bee's ability to lower the target's abilities, and that restriction was its success rate. It was not as overbearing as the Mighty Elephant Stomp.

Thinking about these, Qing Shui felt that he could still put up a fight. Moreover, when he had first arrived here, he had not expected that his demonic beasts could suddenly power up by multiple folds. At the same time, he also had not expected the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan to be so powerful.

Therefore, he still had quite a high chance. Since he was going to fight alone, there was no room for mistakes. This time around, not only had his demonic beasts powered up by multiple folds, even his abilities had suddenly improved by a lot to reach over one star of strength. His ability to receive hits was much higher too.

Another factor was the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's Mighty Elephant Stomp. Due to how strong the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was, the Mighty Elephant Stomp's prowess had reached a terrifying level of seven stars of strength, making Qing Shui overjoyed. When required, he could use the Mighty Elephant Stomp to kill or stop his opponents.

’’Qing Shui, listen to me, don't go for the fight. I'll do my best to make sure that you guys can leave safely.’’ Ye Guyan frowned, looking at Qing Shui.

’’Don't fight? And let you get married to that Donggong Taiqing?’’ Qing Shui looked at Ye Guyan gently and said.

The old man just sat there quietly and sipped on his tea, not saying a word.

Ye Guyan fell silent, not knowing how to explain it to him. She knew that cultivators had their pride and if he were to shrink back now, it would leave an irrevocable impact on him.

’’If you like that Donggong Taiqing, I can give up on the fight, or I can spare his life.’’ Qing Shui smiled and looked at Ye Guyan.

’’Qing Shui, stop trying to cheer me up. I can't make myself feel happy.’’ Ye Guyan said dejectedly.

’’I'm serious. I hope that you guys can stay out of this. I'm thankful if you guys can help me take care of them. I can settle this myself.’’ Qing Shui gave it some thought and said. Even he found it hard to be saying this.

’’Stop kidding. Qing Shui, I'll do my best to help you.’’ Ye Guyan gritted her teeth and said determinedly.

’’Sure, but you're not allowed to get married to that guy from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

’’Qing Shui...’’

’’I don't want to see you become a widow.’’ Qing Shui said calmly.

’’What are you talking about...’’ Ye Guyan chided Qing Shui unnaturally.

’’Alright, alright. Lass, listen to Qing Shui this time around. We'll do our best to help him. Now that things have come down to this, let's just focus on the fight first.’’ The old man said slowly.

’’Crazy grandpa!’’

’’Trust me. Lass, you're very clever, but you still don't know Qing Shui well. Actually, you would understand if you think about it.’’ The old man's slight laughing voice rang out.

’’Alright. Young man, I'll do my best to help you. You must do your best in this fight. Although this old man is nothing much, I still have some influence.’’ After saying his piece, the old man stood up and started to leave.

Qing Shui quickly stood up, ’’Thank you, Old Master. I'll definitely do my best to settle this.’’

Everything was decided. Although Ye Guyan was still a bit doubtful, she chose to believe the old man's words. Therefore, all she could do now was to place her trust in Qing Shui.

’’I'm going to take a look at Martial God Street. Miss Ye, how about joining me?’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

’’You're still going?’’ Ye Guyan said in surprise.

’’Let's go. No one would come to look for trouble in these three days.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

’’If you still have the mood for it, then let's go.’’ Ye Guyan's mood wasn't that good, but she saw that Qing Shui's mood seemed to be very good.

This time around, it was only Qing Shui and Ye Guyan that went. Qing Shui occasionally asked questions and Ye Guyan would answer them. However, she was not as lively as she was the day before.

’’You're so worried about me?’’ Seeing how Ye Guyan was, Qing Shui smiled and teased.

’’You dream on!’’

’’I know you feel that you owe me because I brought Yan`er back. You don't owe anyone anything. I didn't plan on getting repaid for bringing Yan`er back. Moreover, am I such a reckless and brainless person?’’ Qing Shui smiled and said helplessly.

’’A little...’’

Qing Shui: ’’...’’

The two of the continued to chat and the mood lightened up. They continued to walk along the Martial God Street. When they walked past the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan, they didn't see anyone coming out.

Very quickly, they had arrived at the biggest arena in the Martial God Street. Currently, there were two people in it, engaged in an intense fight.

There were many people below, shouting out and cheering for them. It was very lively.

The current battle was between two young men. One of them was wearing blood red colored clothes while the other one was wearing snow white colored clothes. They both seemed to be in their thirties, nearing forty years of age.

What Qing Shui was astonished was that one of them was an elementary Martial Saint while the other was a Grade Ten Martial Saint. Although the Martial God Street was where the strongest in the area gathered, weren't there too many geniuses around?

’’Are you astonished that the two up there are very strong?’’ Ye Guyan smiled and asked Qing Shui.

’’That's right. If not for the people around seeming very normal, I would have doubts of whether I've seen wrongly. From the start, I was very astonished when I heard about Tantai Xuan from Tantai Aristocrat Clan. And then I met you, and then there was also Donggong Taiqing...’’ Qing Shui was truly astonished.

’’Those two fighting are the younger generation from the Qu Clan and the Gaoyang Clan. They're also considered the more outstanding juniors and are well known in Martial God Street. They like to spar with other people here and are on good terms with Donggong Taiqing. Their clans are also very close to the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan and even are related by marriage on their grandfather's generation. Therefore, the three clans are also considered to be related by marriage.’’ Ye Guyan and Qing Clan stood slightly away from the arena, watching the intense battle.

There was no room for comparison between a Grade Ten Martial Saint to an elementary Martial Saint. The two of them were only sparring, and more of putting up a show. Their grand-looking stances made the crowd cheer.

’’Oh, these two are really talented. Although they're still not comparable to Miss Ye and Donggong Taiqing, they are already rare finds.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said as he looked at the two young man.

’’Then how about when compared to you?’’ Ye Guyan smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

’’Uhh, I think I should be slightly better than them.’’ Qing Shui was stunned for a short moment before he braced himself to say this. He knew what Ye Guyan was going to say.

’’Haha, then aren't you complimenting yourself?’’ Ye Guyan laughed softly and said.

Just as Qing Shui did not know what to say, a voice rang out, ’’Miss Ye, you're here as well? The person beside you should be the one who's competing against Young Master Donggong?’’

Qing Shui looked up to see that it was the young man in blood red colored clothes. His handsome appearance had a hint of coquettishness to it due to his clothes, causing Qing Shui to feel slightly uncomfortable. Moreover, the young man in white clothes was already nowhere to be seen.

The young man's words caused many heads to turn toward them. Many people got closer to Qing Shui, wanting to see the person who would dare to challenge Donggong Taiqing.

’’So he's the one who's going to challenge Donggong Taiqing!’’

’’Although this young man looks more handsome than Donggong Taiqing, when it comes down to a fight, it's not a matter of who is the better looking one.’’

’’It seems like there's a problem with his head. Why is he not treasuring his life?’’

’’I feel that this young man has potential.’’ A young man said.

’’How did you sense it?’’ Someone asked immediately.

’’Look at how close he is with Miss Ye? What kind of person is Miss Ye? She doesn't even take a liking to Donggong Taiqing but fancies this young man. What do you think the reason is?’’ The young man felt that his words were very reasonable.

’’That's hard to say. Maybe this young man is good in bed...’’

’’Who said that?! Are you courting death? Say it once more if you dare!’’

’’That's right! Kill him...!’’

Qing Shui looked at Ye Guyan's unnatural expression and knew that she had heard what they said. There were many voices standing up for Ye Guyan as well. It seemed like there were quite a number of people who liked and admired this lady.


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