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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 761


AST 761 - Ye Clan's Lunatic Elder, Demonic Pupils

’’Miss Ye, regardless of whatever I do next, this is not something you have to be responsible for. When I brought Yan`er back, I had no other intentions. I did not know of her circumstances then. Currently, I'm not thinking of wanting you to do anything for me. However, I am still very grateful to you, for you have informed me of many important things.’’ Qing Shui smiled as he told her everything as he felt that it was no longer important anymore.

He did not wish to lie to a person like Ye Guyan because Qing Shui did not wish for her to shoulder all this pressure. She was already shouldering too much on her own already.

When Ye Guyan heard Qing Shui's words, her eyes brightened. However, she said: ’’Your strength differs too much from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. Do you have any support?’’

’’Nope, just me. However, I would like to know the exact level of abilities of the strongest person in the Eastern Palace Clan.’’ Qing Shui said after thinking for awhile.

At this time, Ye Yan and an old man in ragged clothing walked in. The old man's hair was very messy but was not dirty. His ragged clothes did not look dirty either but it caused one to feel that he is deranged.

’’Grandpa Crazy!’’ Ye Guyan immediately stood up and greeted him before gesturing for him to sit down.

The others naturally stood up as well. However, when everyone else had sat down, Qing Shui continued to stand. At this moment, he knew why Ye Guyan had Ye Yan invite this old man over.

Qing Shui was not able to sense the true level of the old man's abilities. However, he was sure that this old man was very powerful. He was much more powerful than Ye Guyan. Finally, Qing Shui understood how Ye Guyan was able to hold up the Ye Clan in Southern Sea City despite her level of abilities.

QIng Shui slowly sat down.

’’Lass, you reached an irreconcilable situation with the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan?’’ The old man's voice was incredibly hoarse but was very powerful.

’’Grandpa Crazy, you know about it already?’’ Ye Guyan said gently.

’’En, I'm aware of it already.’’ As the old man said that, he casted his gaze on Qing Shui. Due to his hunched posture and his messy hair, Qing Shui was not able to clearly see the old man's appearance earlier.

Now that he saw it, Qing Shui was startled. His face, nose, mouth and skin were normal. However, his eyes...... they were complete jet black. There was no white in them at all......

Demonic Pupils!

Legend has it that people with these kinds of eyes had very strong demonic powers. They would be able to see the image of their opponent's next move. It was a very miraculous power. Furthermore, the speed of the opponent's attack would appear to be lessened by several times in their eyes.

This was equivalent to reducing the opponent's speed. As for the other abilities of the Demonic Pupils, Qing Shui was not aware of them. When he saw this pair of strange eyes, he was startled.

As for the old man, he was stunned when he saw Qing Shui. A moment later, he laughed. That laughter coupled with the black eyes was not repulsive but it could cause one's heart to turn cold.

’’Haha, young man, are you from Greencloud Continent?’’ The old man looked at Qing Shui as his hoarse voice sounded out.

’’Indeed, Senior!’’

’’For a person that came from Greencloud Continent, you are the youth with the greatest potential that I have seen. There is an unknown power residing in your body. Your aura is very righteous, containing the purest energy of heaven and earth, able to overcome every obstacle. I am actually unable to see through you.’’ The old man smiled.

Ye Guyan was stunned. This old man was the pillar of the Ye Clan. This was only the second time that he praised a person. The first was Tantai Xuan of the Tantai Aristocratic Clan, he was the second. Even Donggong Taiqing did not obtain any form of praise from him. What did this mean?

However, Ye Guyan shook her head and rejected what she had just thought. In the World of the Nine Continents, amongst the younger generation, there was few who could compared against Tantai Xuan, who possessed the World Cleansing Demonic Lotus. At least for now, she had not heard of any. Could Qing Shui be compared with her......

’’Grandpa Crazy, what should we do? I have said that I would not let anything happen to him......’’ Ye Guyan looked at the old man and asked.

’’Lass, trust in Grandpa Crazy's words. There is no need to think too much. Qing Shui will be fine for now. Spread word of Donggong Taiqing's duel everywhere. The more people that know, the better.’’ the old man smiled gently as he said.

Ye Guyan was not stupid, in fact, she was very smart. The person she respected the most was this Elder Crazy. She felt that this old man was omnipotent. In her eyes, regardless of how difficult something was, this old man would have the best solution for it. However, for this matter with the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan, she did not expect any good solutions from the old man. Neither did she expect him to eradicate the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan as she knew that he did not have the ability to do so. Her purpose in calling him was to discuss this matter. The old man should be aware of the strongest person in the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan and his level of abilities. The best solution was for her to marry into the Eastern Palace Clan. When she thought of this, her heart was casted into turmoil......

However, the words of the old man caused her to be shocked. The words of the old man was very clear. There would be no problem in Qing Shui battling with Donggong Taiqing. By spreading the word out, it would prevent the Eastern Palace Clan from killing him.

Actually, without the Ye Clan spreading the news, it had already spread everywhere. Most people were familiar with Donggong Taiqing. Although they did not like this arrogant and despotic person, his strength was undoubtable. Now that someone had suddenly challenged Donggong Taiqing, how could they not be curious. Furthermore, it was a youth who challenged him.

There were even many people who hoped that this youth could defeat Donggong Taiqing. Many of them had suffered from Donggong Taiqing's humiliation and mockings. They did not dare to say it out but they hated him to the bone.

At this moment, in the gray manor on Martial God Street, a middle-aged man walked into the backyard. There was an old man in the pavilion enjoying a cup of wine by himself. His stature was tall and sturdy and he had long whiskers and hair, giving off a sense of might.

The man smiled as he walked over, ’’Grandfather!’’

’’Sit, I knew you would come today. Is this about the matter of Donggong Taiqing's duel with a youth?’’ The old man said without even raising his head.

’’Indeed, the background of the youth is not very clear. All I know is that he is residing in the Ye Clan. He actually dares to challenge Donggong Taiqing to a battle, how exciting. However, Ye Guyan tried to stop him and even Gongxi Hao tried to prevent the duel from happening. This youth should not be comparable to Donggong Taiqing.’’ The man smiled and he took a seat.

’’Songyang, some things are not as simple as they seem on the surface. Even I can't tell clearly this time. However, people who dare to challenge Donggong Taiqing are either fools or geniuses. Which do you think he is?’’ The old man raised his head and looked at Wuma Songyang.

’’Donggong Taiqing already has his reputation for more than ten years. Basically everyone in Southern Sea City knows about him. Thus, if anyone in Southern Sea City dares to challenge him, they would fall under one of the two categories. However, I heard that this youth is from Greencloud Continent. He seems to be an extremely strong existence there, a super genius. Do you think that he came to Southern Viewing Continent thinking that he is undefeatable?’’ Wuya Songyang said after thinking for awhile.

’’Although the Greencloud Continent is the weakest continent amongst the Nine Continents, do you think that the thought of a person who can conquer a continent would be so simple? That he is unaware of the inferiority of Greencloud Continent? Don't think that you are the only smart one while others are stupid.’’ The old man was unhappy as he said this, glaring at the man.

’’Yes, yes, indeed, Grandfather is right. Although that brainless Donggong Taiqing has some decent abilities, with that character of his, he would not have a good ending. It is just a matter of whether someone wants to make a move or not.’’ Wuma Songyang hurriedly smiled and said.

’’It seemed that you are in a good mood. Did you make a breakthrough?’’ The old man looked at Wuma Songyang and smiled.

’’I can't hide anything from grandfather, the Marrow Nibbling Poison Gu had a breakthrough.’’ Wuma Songyang said happily.

’’Good! Although you are not comparable to the Tantai Aristocratic Clan's arrogant daughter of heaven, you should not be in any way inferior to Donggong Taiqing.’’ The old man smiled.

’’I am slightly older than him.’’

’’This is not a problem. To achieve this level of abilities within a difference of eight to ten years is not bad. The 'Ten Thousand Poison Gu' we nurture is stronger toward the later stages. Furthermore, it gets more dangerous. You must know that might of the Gu in your body is very strong.’’ The old man felt very proud when he spoke about the Wuma Clan's secret techniques.

’’En, grandfather, I will do my best.’’ Wuma Songyang smiled.

’’En, you should go take a look at that duel. Maybe you can learn something.’’ The old man smiled and said after thinking for awhile.

’’En, I know. How can I not go to such an exciting event? Will Grandfather go as well? It will be very bustling on that day, Furthermore, it's taking place on Martial God Street.’’ Wuma Songyang said in anticipation.

’’I should be going. Those old men would probably go as well. At that time, we can have some tea together.’’ The old man finished off the contents of his cup in one gulp.


’’The duel three days later should be very exciting!’’

In the top floor of Martial God Inn, there were a few youths drinking wine. One of the youths, who was handsome and had silver hair, laughed and said.

’’Why, Tuoba Dashao looks fondly upon to that youth?’’ a slightly older man across the table said. This man was very handsome too but had an eye catching scar on his face, giving him a more tyrannical air.

’’I look fondly upon him because of Ye Guyan. Qu Jiao, who do you think will win? Shall we make a bet?’’ The man called Tuoba Dashou smiled.

’’How shall we bet? Count us in too.’’ A black-clothed youth interrupted.

’’Alright, we shall bet on the victor of the duel, Donggong Taiqing or that youth. If our opinions are all the same, then the bet is off. If they are different, then we shall bet on that.’’ The silver haired youth smiled as he said.

’’Who will Tuoba Dashao bet on?’’ Qu Jiao smiled as he asked.

’’I bet on Donggong Taiqing losing!’’

’’I beg to differ, I bet on Donggong Taiqing winning.’’ Qu Jiao smiled.

Of the four remaining people, only the black-clothed youth agreed with Tuoba Dashao. The rest of them betted on Donggong Taiqing winning. The losers will treat the winners to three days of fun at Lunar Mist Court.


The few of them laughed in a outspoken and straightforward manner as they continued to drink!

Lunar Mist Court was the best brothel in the area.

When they were having their meal, Qing Shui discovered that there seemed to be many more dishes on the table. He looked at Ye Guyan......

Qing Shui felt that this was similar to the final meal of convicts in his previous life. Before they were executed, they would be given a good final meal. Although he did not feel like he was going to be executed, most people would think that was the case..

’’Did Miss Ye prepare such a sumptuous meal because you think that I'm going to die? There is too much to eat, it will go to waste!’’ When Qing Shui saw this, he felt like laughing.


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