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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 759


AST 759 - Tragedy of Gongxi Hao, Donggong Taiqing's Assertiveness

Qing Shui was just asking casually without any ulterior motive.

’’Oh, the two clans that forced their way in are the Song Clan and the Xu Clan.’’ Ye Guyan said softly with a chuckle.

Qing Shui was surprised at that realization. The trio continued down the Martial God Street. Along the way, Qing Shui checked out the surrounding topography while waiting for Ye Guyan to continue describing the two families' position.

’’Qing Shui, look, that's the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's mansion.’’ Ye Guyan looked back at Qing Shui, pointing out a huge luxurious manor in front of them.

Qing Shui stared blankly in the direction that Ye Guyan was pointing towards. All Qing Shui could see was the most luxurious manor with the tallest pavilion in the nearest vicinity. The building materials used for construction were also the most expensive.

No matter what the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan was still very strong. Even though they could not compare with the likes of the Tantai Aristocrat Clan, Putuo Mountain or Sea King's Palace, those that could suppress the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan on Martial God Street were close to none.

Looking over the manor wall, you could see a majority of the pavilions and kiosks. Due to the distance from the manor and the height of the wall, Qing Shui could only see some of the pavilions' roofs.

This manor was wide enough to span a couple hundred meters. The Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's main personnel could live here with space to spare. Qing Shui observed the unending crowd moving through the gates of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat manor, trying to distinguish those from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. Qing Shui momentarily felt a little fatigued.

Unconsciously, he had already walked to the front gate of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat manor. He could not help but look inside. While walking, he saw that there were dozens of guards by the gate. Qing Shui glanced towards them, but none of them had any reaction.

The guards' job was to gatekeep. Over here, even the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan guards did not dare to be arrogant. After all, anyone appearing here could have the ability to take their heads.

’’Guyan, why are you here?’’

At this time, a clear voice could be heard. Qing Shui glanced over toward the origin of the voice. Not far from them, a group led by a young man approached them. That man could still be counted as a young man. At least from his appearance, he was radiating with health and vigor. However, compared to a youth, his age should be higher. Perhaps calling him a man was more appropriate.

In reality, this man's real age was around forty years old. He had thin cheeks, a pair of bright black eyes and tight lips when he was not speaking. His complexion gives off a sense of perseverance.

’’Brother Hao, what a coincidence.’’ Ye Guyan said while smiling at the man.

Qing Shui looked at Guyan's relaxed expression, deducing that the two of them had a decent relationship, probably knowing each other for a long time.

’’And who might this be?’’ The man said in surprise, only noticing Qing Shui now.

’’His name is Qing Shui, a new friend that I met.’’ Ye Guyan explained in a hurry.

’’Qing Shui, this is Gongxi Hao. Our parents are best friends.’’ Ye Guyan smiled while looking towards Qing Shui.

’’I see that you do not seem to be older than me, you would not mind letting me call you brother, right?’’ Gongxi Hao smiled while extending out his hand in greeting towards Qing Shui.

’’It is an honour to meet Brother Hao.’’ Qing Shui hurriedly shook his hand. Making new friends at such a time was for the best.

’’What are you guys up to? Do you need any help?’’ Gongxi Hao said while laughing.

He exuded such friendliness that it would be difficult to dislike him even if it was just the first meeting. Either he had a great grasp of the situation or it was his appearance that was easy on the eyes.

’’I have just arrived and unfamiliar with everything, so Miss Ye brought me around to familiarize with the surroundings.’’ Qing Shui said without waiting for Ye Guyan to explain.

’’Oh, Yan'er?’’ It was during this time that Gongxi Hao finally noticed Ye Yan who was behind Qing Shui. He then glanced towards Ye Guyan. Qing Shui had completely blocked the view of Ye Yan earlier... ...

’’My younger sister was saved by Qing Shui.’’ Ye Guyan said while downplaying the situation.

’’Hmph, Brother Hao used to be the one who adored me most, but this time i was lost and he did not come find me.’’ Ye Yan said while raising her little nose and puffing her cheeks.

’’Yan`er, your Brother Hao has been trying his hardest to find you these last two years.’’ Ye Guyan said softly to Ye Yan.

’’Guyan, I am incompetent. If not, Yan`er would not have to bear such hardships.’’ Gongxi Hao said with a wry smile.

’’Brother Hao, I'm only teasing, Yan`er knows that you would look for me.’’ Ye Yan said quickly with a smile.

’’Brother Qing Shui, from the fact that you saved Yan`er, I, Gongxi Hao, will treat you as a brother. Whatever you may end up doing, you will always be my brother.’’ Gongxi Hao said to Qing Shui with much reassurance.

Qing Shui smiled without saying much. Although he felt that Gongxi Hao was speaking from the heart, it was hard to grasp the truth. Sometimes it was better to be on guard.

’’Oh, why is Gongxi's eldest son standing in front of our doorsteps? Was the last beating not enough? To address others as brothers, ah I see, you can only show off a little in front of those people.’’

A sharp and harsh voice suddenly sounded. Qing Shui watched as Gongxi Hao clutched his fists as they heard the voice.

Qing Shui wrinkled his brows a little. He was also insulted by the words that were spoken. As he looked up, a tall man walked out from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan's manor.

He was roughly forty years old, had a pair of sharp eyes and a hooked nose. Although he would not be described as handsome, he still carried a wicked charm, one that would cause people to take a second look at him.

From the strength of his presence, Qing Shui had already guessed who he was.

This person was a strange one.

’’Donggong Taiqing, compared to how you were ten years ago, you've already stagnated.’’ Ye Guyan said softly.

’’Ye Guyan, have a little restraint. In my eyes, your talents are nothing worth flaunting. Your Ye clan is not worth mentioning as well.’’ The man looked at Ye Guyan and spoke with sharp and harsh words again.

There are all kinds of fish in the sea. Qing Shui could never understand what such a derisive person was thinking. However the world was not short of these types of people. Qing Shui could never understand the type of people who vilify others to make themselves feel superior.

’’Donggong Taiqing, you've gone too far with that statement.’’ Gongxi Hao said while clenching his teeth at Donggong Taiqing.

’’Gone too far? Haha, so what if I am bullying you? Are you worthy?’’ Donggong Taiqing glanced at Ye Guyan coldly and said with a smile. He did not even bother looking over at Gongxi Hao.

’’I want to duel with you!’’ Gongxi Hao said while clenching his fist. His eyes were beginning to get bloodshot. Even though men are fully aware that they are being baited by these words, they will still do the most stupid things. It was better to die than to swallow his pride.

’’A duel? That's really funny... Hahaha...’’ Donggong Taiqing said with a harsh tone.

’’Villain!’’ Ye Yan said angrily at Donggong Taiqing.

’’Brother Hao, it isn't worth getting angry at these people, he is not worth your anger.’’ Qing Shui said while grabbing the hotheaded Gongxi Hao. Qing Shui only stopped Gongxi Hao because he saw Ye Guyan moving to stop Brother Hao as well.

Therefore, Qing Shui decided to act the part of the fool, knowing that he would have to fight with the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan anyways. It was unknown whether the best occasion, but it was definitely the most appropriate.

Gongxi Hao was not stupid. Previously, no one had given him an opportunity to withdraw, but what Qing Shui had just said was too good a cue to miss.

’’Boy, I admire your courage, but do you know that only having courage without having any actual ability will only make you an idiot.’’ Donggong Taiqing said while tightly grinding his teeth.

’’Qing Shui, don't step into his trap, this matter doesn't concern you.’’ Ye Guyan stepped forward in front of Qing Shui and said.

’’Oh it doesn't concern him? A man hiding behind a woman is no man at all. He will pay dearly for what he said.’’ Donggong Taiqing said aggressively.

He could tell by the way Ye Guyan was defending Qing Shui that there was nothing to fear about Qing Shui. The Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan never paid much heed to the Ye Clan anyways. For a man to require the protection of the Ye Clan after uttering such insults was no different than courting death.

Although what Qing Shui said was to help Gongxi Hao, Ye Guyan could not help but feel upset. If Qing Shui had kept quiet, she could have stopped Gongxi Hao without incident. At most, they would have only heard more harsh words.

However, they could not get away so easily now. Qing Shui had good intentions but have overstepped his bounds. Donggong Taiqing had been deliberately trying to find ways to force his hand with her.

Only Ye Guyan knew that Donggong Taiqing had intentions to force her to marry him. The problem was that Donggong Taiqing already had seven other women.

He had been looking for opportunities to force his hand, especially by insulting Gongxi Hao in front of Ye Guyan, because Gongxi Hao was Ye Guyan's fiancé.

Gongxi Hao frowned a little, feeling sorrow for not having enough talent. Although his hatred for Donggong Taiqing was strong, he was helpless in this situation even though he was aware of Donggong Taiqing's intentions.

Since they were young, Gongxi Hao and Ye Guyan's engagement had been determined by their parents. However, Ye Guyan's parents were no longer around. Even though the Gongxi Clan had proposed for Gongxi Hao and Ye Guyan to marry, Guyan had immediately declined. She wanted to continue training. Given her genius talents, and her ability to control the Ye Clan, she was definitely outshining Gongxi Hao in every possible way.

Gradually, Ye Guyan's achievements kept on growing and the Gongxi Clan stopped mentioning any matters related to marriage. It was to the point where Donggong Taiqing continuously insulted Gongxi Hao in order to force him and Ye Guyan to cancel the engagement.

’’Oh? You want to defend him?’’ Donggong Taiqing looked at Ye Guyan coldly.

’’He is my friend, I won't let him get hurt.’’ Ye Guyan said calmly.

’’Get out of the way, you aren't my opponent nor do I want to kill you.’’ Donggong Taiqing hollered.

Ye Guyan grimaced a little and Gongxi Hao stepped forward. ’’If I die, will today's incident be over?’’

’’Who are you, get away. You however need to die.’’ Donggong Taiqing pointed to Qing Shui without the slightest hesitation while completely ignoring Gongxi Hao.

’’Moron, why don't we have a duel of our own then!’’ At this moment, Qing Shui said as he stepped to the side of Ye Guyan, smiling toward Donggong Taiqing.


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