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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 749


AST 749 - Pear Blossom Wine, Weird Girl

There was a kind of mysterious dew within the World of the Nine Continents that could cause fruits to grow on medicinal herbs. It was a very mysterious and extremely precious item, with only a few plants being able to fruit using its effect. However, a thing like wine could only be slowly kept. Therefore, almost all of the families in the World of Nine Continents would keep their wine in a cellar or underground room. Every single generation would use some of their ancestors' wine, but save the rest for future generations. Slowly, this had formed into a virtuous cycle.

The waiters poured the wine in a big bowl sufficient for a few people: ’’Come, taste this pear flower wine of ours. Check out the taste of our trademark wine.’’

With a smile Qing Shui lifted up the bowl and waited for the others before slowly placing it on his mouth. The wine gave Qing Shui a fragrant taste that lingered in his mouth after drinking.

Qing Shui chose this restaurant in hopes of hearing fresh news about the Southern Viewing Ministry Continent and other matters. After all, this was his first time here and he didn't know anyone.

He did not know which county the Donggong Family was situated at, or if they were even in the prefecture city of the Southern Viewing Ministry Continent. A strong power didn't necessarily have to be in the prefecture city.

However the cities around this prefecture would mostly likely not have super powerful existences. Even if there were existences who were quite strong, each would most likely be some affiliated family or branches of some main family.

After finishing eating, Qing Shui decided to stay for a day, as there were quite a few dragons mixed with the fishes in this place. After booking their rooms, he arranged for Cang Wuya and the others to stay in their lodgings while he took a walk outside.

Cang Wuya repeatedly urged Qing Shui to be careful, as he knew that Qing Shui was going out to gather information. However, they were not especially worried, as it would not be a problem for Qing Shui to preserve his life with his current strength.

Although it was night by now, all the big cities in the prefecture were sleepless. Actually, there were a lot of sleepless cities in the World of the Nine Continents. After all, light stones were cheap and lasted a long time. Places that used them would expand more quickly than those that did not.

The moonlight was like flowing water across the vast sky dotted by twinkling stars. Under the light of the light stones, Qing Shui slowly walked around this unfamiliar city. Although it could not be said to be quiet or solitary, there was a feeling of loneliness.

After walking for the time it takes for a joss stick to burn, Qing Shui looked up and saw a big public square. It was still early in the day and there were many people of all ages in the public square. There were quite a large number of children.

The constant laughter and cries of happiness and amusement from the children made Qing Shui think about Qing Zun and Qing Yin. Even more so, he thought about the pregnancies of Mingyue Gelou and Shi Qingzhuang. They should be in their second trimesters by now.

It would be hard to rush back before the children were born, as the journey alone would take at least three months. Qing Shui hoped to either raze the Donggong Family to the ground or retreat if he was unable to defeat them within the next four months.

Regardless, it was not that easy to get his hands on information about the Donggong Family within a hundred days in order to be able rush back home. The Southern Viewing Continent was a spiritually rich ground, and relative to the Greencloud Continent, its strength was incomparably formidable.

Gradually walking toward the side of the public square, he noticed the many various kinds of snacks being sold all the way down long streets. Alluring and enticing fragrances endlessly wafted in the air. This atmosphere was the most captivating and attractive thing of this place.

Suddenly, a figure ran out in front of him, Qing Shui did not take it too seriously and continued heading towards the streets that sold snacks. Just as the figure moved past him, Qing Shui could feel the other party's hand extending out towards his waist, towards a coin pouch that contained a few broken up silver pieces.


Qing Shui instinctively grabbed the wrist of the opposite party and with a casual twist, held on with an iron grip. When he grabbed the wrist, Qing Shui could sensed it was a girl.

’’Aiya, you're hurting me.’’ a cry of pain followed by a melodious sound rang out, sounding a little powerless.

’’You shouldn't get pinched for stealing?’’ asked Qing Shui with a smile. Feeling bored, he felt that it was not bad to chat with this little thief.

While talking Qing Shui looked closely at the little thief, who was about 14 to 15 years old. Although her clothing was filthy and her face smeared with grime, her bright and gleaming eyes were especially nice to look at. Her small and straight nose was covered in dirt, and at this moment, she was looking miserably at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui released her and said, ’’Go and don't steal again. This is not good.’’

Instead of leaving, the girl started to stare at Qing Shui as if she wished to say something.

Seeing her reaction, Qing Shui extended his hand towards his waist and handed over his pouch to her.

Qing Shui did not mind about this little amount of money as he had a lot more within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. However he did not wish to give more to a thief. He normally despised thieves, but his heart had turned soft when he had seen the gaze of this girl in front of him.

’’Uncle, you're a good person, therefore I don't want your money’’. Clenching her teeth, the girl did not take Qing Shui's money.

Seeing her actions, Qing Shui was shocked. Previously, she had failed in stealing his money, but now she did not want to accept the money he was planning to give to her. Unable to resist, he asked, ’’At the beginning you wanted some money right? Why don't you take the money now?’’

’’Because uncle is a good person. I don't steal the money of good people.’’ replied the girl.

’’How do you differentiate a good person from a bad person?’’ Qing Shui's interest was piqued.

’’I don't know. I identify bad people with a single look. For example, an evil tyrant who bullies ordinary people would be a bad person.’’ replied the girl after thinking for a while.

’’What if you can't tell after looking?’’

’’I'd steal from those who dress very well...’’

’’Oh so you only steal from the rich huh? I don't care about this little as I have money. On the account that you still have your conscience, I'll give you this. You should find a more decent thing to do. The next person that catches you might not be like me.’’ said Qing Shui and he gently offered his money pouch.

’’I don't want it. I'll feel bad like that. If elder sis knew about this she would definitely be hurt,’’ replied the girl while shaking her head.


At this moment the girl's stomach suddenly made a gu gu sound. Hearing that sound, the girl lowered her head in embarrassment. As she lowered her head, Qing Shui noticed that her eyes had already turned red.

’’Come, I'll bring you to eat something. You can be considered the first friend I have made since coming here. I like treating friends to a meal.’’ said Qing Shui with a smile as he took back the money pouch.

Qing Shui took her straight to the Reverse Yuan hotel. Upon arriving, he requested the maid to prepare a few sets of fresh clothing. After ordering her to go and take a bath, Qing Shui sent for a few nice dishes and waited for her at the hall.

With a beet red face, the girl left with the maid!

Qing Shui thought about some of the details of the girl. She had a elder sister, and worshipped her greatly. She should have been forced into stealing, given her hunger.

In addition, she actually very good natured, as she only wanted to steal from the bad and not the good. She would only steal from a rich person if she was unable to identify any bad people. At least a rich person would not be bothered if he lost such a little bit of money...


Qing Shui's mind unexpectedly wandered off before a weak and slightly familiar sound rang out, causing him to wake up. Upon raising his head, he was immediately stunned.

After washing the filth off her body, the little lass had an indescribably delicate look with her snow white skin and big eyes. Wearing a snow white dress, Qing Shui discovered at this instant that she unexpectedly had the temperament of a high class girl.

’’Come, sit down and eat. You must be starving.’’ Without saying anything else, Qing Shui beckoned her to sit down and eat with a smile.

There were a lot of people who gave weird looks as they stared at Qing Shui. However, he did not care about any of the gazes from the surroundings. Instead, he was thinking that the lass in front of him was absolutely a girl from some rich and large family, as no ordinary family would be able to nurture such an appearance and disposition.

The girl did not say anything. She did not eat at a fast pace, and instead ate very naturally and comfortably with a slight elegance. This gave Qing Shui additional confirmation of his theory, as he had made quite a few people from powerful families in the past.

The girl ate quite a bit of food and one could tell that she was starving. Although she had cultivated, her cultivation was pitifully weak. This had overridden Qing Shui's thought that she had run away from her family.

’’What plans do you have?’’asked Qing Shui with a smile after finishing his meal.

The girl's eyes turned dim before she shook her head, as if she had instantly become distracted. Slowly, her eyes turned red and tears started to fall down.

’’Don't cry, what happened? Don't you have a elder sister? Why don't you go find your elder sister?’’ asked Qing Shui.

The girl looked vigilantly at Qing Shui before a complicated look appeared in her eyes: ’’I can't find my elder sis.’’

Qing Shui had seen too many great plays and schemes, and he knew in one look that there was something fishy about this. She seemed to be in great thought when he mentioned her sister.

’’You should be able to see that uncle isn't a person from around here and that he came to the Southern Viewing Continent to accomplish some things. If you're trying to find your elder sister I can send you there.’’ said Qing Shui serenely with a smile.

Upon hearing Qing Shui's words, the girl was clearly shocked, and an unusual struggle broke out in her eyes. After a while, her small face turned red, and for moment she actually was unable to speaks.

Two years, I've always wished to go back there! Now the chance has come!

Her vigilance was too strong. Without saying anything, Qing Shui continued to faintly smile at her.

’’Uncle, could you send me to Wolf's Teeth County City?’’ After hesitating for a long time, the girl finally asked slowly.

’’I can, but uncle doesn't know the road nor the direction. Do you know the approximate location? If not we could gather some information,’’ replied Qing Shui truthfully.

Gawking, the girl looked at Qing Shui, as if she was trying to see whether he was talking truthfully.

’’I know the approximate location, but I don't know exactly.’’ said the girl as she smiled towards Qing Shui. At this moment, her face was flushed with emotion.

Qing Shui booked a room for her to rest before returning to his own room and entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing Shui felt that the girl wasn't entirely speaking the truth and was guarding against him. He felt like laughing, but Qing Shui was also sorry for her. He did not know what exactly had happened for the girl to end up in such a dire situation, to the point that she had been reduced to stealing on the streets.

Qing Shui planned on sending the girl back to her elder sister, and perhaps he might be able to get the information he needed at Wolf's Teeth County City. Regardless, Qing Shui felt that it was not truly the place the girl wanted to go to.

Since he did not have any goal for the time being, he decide to bring her to play for a while. At some point, she would definitely tell him the truth, and hopefully he would be able to gather some information about the Southern Viewing Continent.

Previously he heard of the Tantai Fairy and the Tantai Aristocratic Family at the restaurant, and it seemed that both were especially strong existences!


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