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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 740


AST 740 - Zuoshi Family's treasury, Liu Family's ambition

Qing Shui descended to a place of high altitude that was near the Zuoshi family. He had prepared to remain here for a few days to try his luck to see if he could get his hands on the valuables of the Zuoshi family.

Although observing from here was very boring, it would not matter if he could get his hands on the valuables. Unknowingly, time flew past and the sky had already turned dark.

The Zuoshi ancestral house was in a state of complete disorder, with the surroundings already turning in a region devoid of people. Therefore, if there were any people around, they would be towering existences. Qing Shui continued to remain on the top of a hill and proceed to train while surveying the Zuoshi family for any activity.

Qing Shui treated the time within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal as day. This was due to him feeling that the members of the Zuoshi family would only appear at night time.

The first day passed just like that, with no reward at all. However, Qing Shui felt that this was very normal, as there would not be such a lucky coincidence that this would happen on the first day that he arrived. Even if it was three days, five days, ten days or even half a month of waiting, being unable to spot any of the members of the Zuoshi family was still considered normal.

On the second day Qing Shui had spent all the time till afternoon before entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. After entering he proceeded to take a rest and slept fully before starting to train. After going through such an intense fight, he still was not able to get his Mighty Elephant Stomp to breakthrough to the Great Perfection Stage.

The battle this time had made Qing Shui realise that many things, especially with his great increase in his combat awareness. There was also the increase in his state of mind which allowed him to remain calm during battle to the point that he was able to make sure that his expression does not even change.

In addition, Qing Shui had seen the formidability of poison. If it was not for the Five Colored Poison, Qing Shui would have no chance of victory. Therefore, he had decided to properly utilize the strengths of poisons in the future.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had not been promoted for quite a long time. Indistinctly, Qing Shui felt that the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal seemed to have a connection with the Ancient Strengthening Technique,he had stagnated on the sixth level of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and the sixth level of the Ancient Strengthen Technique for a very long time.

The breakthrough for the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and the Ancient Strengthening Technique would basically not take such long of a time. Maybe it was the reason of his spirit energy, as every breakthrough of the Ancient Strengthening Technique would naturally bring along a huge promotion of his spirit energy. Once he is able to discover the breakthrough point he would be able to promote the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to the next level.

After defeating the Zuoshi Family, Qing Shui's reputation had risen. As long as he was present, no one dared to touch the Qing Family, however the strength of the Qing Family in the whole was too weak. It would be much better if the Qing Family had a strength that was similar to the Zuoshi Family.

Qing Shui shook his head as he knew that although the realization of the wish of him was a possibility, it would require a very long time and it would even need him to exhaust his entire life to achieve it.

In a flash three days had past and there was still not a single trace of activity. Qing Shui had long thought of this situation and did not feel much disappointment. He had only felt slight pity that he did not have the time to wait here for long.

Now, it was already nighttime and Qing Shui had planned to return back when the sky brightens up. Having nothing to do, he stood on top of the hill and stared at the bright moon and the many stars in the night sky. Suddenly, he felt that he was slightly thinking about home.

Just out a few days and he was actually thinking about family. Shaking his head, he withdrew his gaze before suddenly spotting a sneaky figure in the distance which was far away from the Zuoshi Family.

This was already the eighth time and Qing Shui has long gotten numb to this. This was due to the seventh time leading to no results, as it was just a few small thieves who were trying out their luck.

However since they had met with him, Qing Shui would naturally not let them off. Remaining calm and collected, he increased his speed and rapidly followed the figure. After following from a distance, Qing Shui was able to see that it was an old person and was able to travel that fast with only one leg. Having one disabled arm, he wore a wide black robe that made him appear especially towering in the night.

Qing Shui's intuition informed him that this man should be related with the treasures, as he could feel that this person was seemingly very familiar with the geography of the Zuoshi house.

A fit of excitement travelled through Qing Shui's heart as he followed the disabled old man of Initial Martial Saint Stage from a distance. From the appearance and strength of the old practitioner, Qing Shui could deduce that he was definitely a member of the Zuoshi Family.

This old practitioner dressed in black travelled all the way to the end of the ruins of the Zuoshi house before stopping. Upon stopping he started to walk towards the gigantic man made lake within the Zuoshi Family.


Qing Shui had seemingly caught onto something as he saw the old practitioner take a water repelling pearl and dive into the lake water. Qing Shui did not follow along and quietly observed before using his spiritual sense.

Not long after the old man exited the lake. Both of his hands were still empty, however and incomparably happy expression was hanging on his face. Qing Shui had placed a dozen of Interspatial Silk Sachets in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. These belong to those few members of the Zuoshi Family, however he had never opened them up. It was not because he did not wish to but he had forgotten about it.

At the beginning he was reluctant to do so and afterwards he had forgotten about it. At this moment after seeing the old man entering the lake to seemingly retrieving something, he had suddenly remembered that he might have already gotten quite a few things from the Zuoshi Family.

There were definitely quite a few treasures within the Interspatial Silk Sachets of the few strongest old men of the Zuoshi Family. Generally most people would still carry the good stuff with them as they might be put into good use in some special occasions.

While thinking about those Interspatial Silk Sachets, Qing Zhui carefully followed the old man as he headed towards the outskirts of the Zuoshi Family. Time to time the old man would turn his head around to look at the surroundings as he continued moving forwards.

When he turn his head around, Qing Shui noticed that this old man was blind in one eye. The remaining one was shiny black, causing people to feel a chill down their spine.

’’Who exactly is he? How was he beaten to such a sorry state?’’ Qing Shui wondered. Till now, he had felt that this old man was a member of the Zuoshi Family, however he should be sorry figure in the Zuoshi Family.

The place that the old man headed to was a valley within a range of mountains. There was a massive lake in the center of the valley which was surrounding by mountain peaks that were covered in clouds. After entering the valley the old man was seemingly more careful,turning his head around three times for every one step.

It was at this moment that Qing Shui felt a bunch of strong fluctuations. Those were also of Martial Saint Stage, and were seemingly stronger than the disabled old man.

’’Since you have followed me up you should show yourself, friend.’’ said the old man as he turned his head around and looked towards a gigantic stone in the distance.

’’Ha ha ha, Zuoshi Yangcan, I truly have never thought that you would actually appear here. See, I told you that following this guy would definitely bring us to the treasures of the Zuoshi Family.’’ a candid laughing voice appeared as a somewhat old man stepped out.

’’So what if you know about it, Liu Zilang. You, the Liu Family were the number one great family in the Pingyang County and bore grudges against our Zuoshi Family for competing with you all. Although you did not explicitly say it, in your hearts you all had all along wished for the destruction of our Zuoshi Family. You should be definitely very happy now.’’ said Zuoshi Yangcan as he smiled fakely towards Liu Ziyang.

’’In any case your Zuoshi Family had been wiped out by other people. Let's put it this way, you gift the treasures to us the Liu Family, and in the future I will keep you by my side. I will absolutely let you be more well off then your time in the Zuoshi Family. Look at what the Zuoshi Family had done to you.’’ said Liu Ziyang with a warm smile as he walked towards Zuoshi Yangcan.

’’Ha ha, I'm a member of the Zuoshi Family. Although I've let them down, and they are all dead. You should be more clear than me, about what your Liu Family is. If I say the position of the treasures you would immediately kill me.’’said Zuoshi Yangcan with a cold laugh as he looked towards Liu Zilang.

’’Ha ha, I'll give you a quick end if you open up the treasures location. How's that?’’ said Liu Zilang calmly as he restrained his smile.

’’He he, do you think that the current you are my match? I've known all along that you were following me, however I doing this to lure you here. I want to kill you the moment you see the treasure.’’ said Zuoshi Yangcan as he laughed coldly at Liu Zilang.

Finished speaking, Zuoshi Yangcan proceeded to walk towards an unremarkable mountain peak, before shattering a large piece of mountain rock with a wave of his hand. Following up, he used his hands and rapidly patted towards the glossy rock that was exposed.

After patting for a full 99 palms, the surface of the glossy rock slowly parted, revealing a inch deep place where a keyhole sat.

Watching from a distance, Qing Shui also knew that the old man had entered the man made lake to retrieve the silver key placed there. Looking at Liu Ziyang, Zuoshi Yangcan took out a foot long bright gold key.

Inserting the key in, he rapidly turned it for a couple of times before a clanking sound rang out. A nearby glossy rock surface rapidly sunk in, directly revealing a three metre tall door.

’’Liu Ziyang, if you have the balls you will come over.’’ said Zuoshi Yangcan with a faint smile as he looked towards Liu Ziyang.

’’Ha ha, how can I take the risk on such a thing. Come out big brother and second brother.’’ replied Liu Yilang with a chuckle, his face showing his self satisfaction.

Ten people walked out in succession. Two of them were old men, while the rest were semi old men.

’’Liu Zilang since you made a fool out of me, no one will be able to get the treasures. Even if I were to die, I will die within it. No one will be able to get them.’’ roared Zuoshi Yangcan before turning around and running into towards the door.

The people of the Liu Family gawked before hurriedly rushing forward. They however did not rush into the door. Only upon seeing the Zuoshi Yangcan was about to use the key to close the big doors did they finally reach their limit and rushed forwards. However there were still four people who stood before the doors.

Seeing the other party rushing over and being unable to close the doors, Zuoshi Yangcan pulled out the key and rushed inwards. Although the people of the Liu Family were secretly feeling apprehensive, they only hesitated for a moment before following closing behind him. This made him unable to stop and activate some of the traps within the treasure room.

’’Big brother, second brother, I feel as if there is something not right about this.’’ said Liu Zilang rapidly to the two old men.

’’ The dangers of chasing riches and honor. Its pretty good of the Zuoshi Family to place their treasures here. For so many years we, the Liu Family had also not done nothing. This time, not only do we want to become the number one great family within the Pingyang County when we return, we even want to use the treasures of the Zuoshi Family to propel us, the Liu Family to the next level.’’ said the old man standing on the left resolutely while clenching his teeth.

’’Try harder and kill him as early as possible to guard against any later troubles.’’

Finished speaking, Liu Yiyang took out a great bow that was five feet long. Yellow and Green colour merging into one, it was as thick as a wrist. Following that, he extracted out three two meter long jet black arrows.


Zuoshi Yangcan keenly evaded the incoming arrows. When he turned around, Liu Yiyang could see that his brows were beaded with sweat. This made the nervous and apprehensive heart of Liu Ziyang calm down.

’’Could it be that I'm thinking too much...’’

Suddenly, Zuoshi Yangcan disappeared in a corner ahead. Not daring to slow down, the people of the Liu Family rapidly rushed forwards. They were still very careful, and in the worst case scenario they would retreat along the same path that they had treaded.

As the people of the Liu Family reached around the corner, they came to a stop. After the corner was a set of doors, and Zuoshi Yangcan was already nowhere to be seen. Within the doors was a very large room, and within the room was a dazzling lineup of items.

Treasure room?


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