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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 730-731


Chapter 730-731

AST 730 –Showdown with Strength of Two Stars

Zuoshi Clan once again showed up. When Qing Shui saw them coming in force, he felt bewildered. Could it be that they have already managed to find out that he killed people from Zuoshi Clan in such a short time?

But Qing Shui still kept his calm and walked out to greet them. There were around twenty people on the opposite side and the person leading the group was a wise old man. His eyes looked as sharp as a hawk's eyes. Qing Shui could tell that they were here for him.

A handsome young man was standing next to the old man. He had sharp eyebrows and a face that looked as pure as jade. The aura which he exuded while standing there felt really refreshing, giving the others a favorable impression of him. Qing Shui could already tell that he was Zuoshi Yun, the young man with the most outstanding talent in Zuoshi Clan, by merely sensing his strength.

There were three elderly men behind him. Each and every single one of them were just like old antiques. The remaining people were mostly middle-aged men, with a few young men mixed in.

Qing Shui smiled after he sensed the opponent's strength. The elderly man taking the lead had strength of two stars, strength that's worth twenty thousand countries. The other three old men at the back on the other hand, had strength which slightly exceeded that of one star. The few young men in particular, they were at either the early or middle stage of Martial King. They were most likely here with their clan members to gain experience.

Qing Shui let out a sigh of relief. His strength was already worth around twenty two thousand countries. He had a few countries more than the strength of two stars. Even if he was to face them on forcefully, he was confident that he would be able to trap them here. Besides, reducing opponent's strength was his specialty.

"Who are you?" Qing Shui blocked their path and asked with his brows knitted.

At this moment, the rest of the members from Qing Clan had also begun coming out one after another. A few of the Martial Saint elderly men were also coming out along with Canghai Mingyue, Di Chen, Mingyue Gelou and Yiye Jiange. At the moment, there were already quite a few Martial Saints in Qing Clan.

When the Martial Saints from Qing Clan came out, the leading old man had a deep discontented look on his face. From his perspective, if they were to combine their strength altogether, he would still be able to instantly kill them one by one. For someone at his level, it’s not a difference that could be filled up by numbers.

"Qing Shui, you dare kill people from Zuoshi Clan?" The old man was straightforward. His voice may sound hoarse and weak, it still felt really pressuring.

This was the strongest opponent Qing Shui ever faced. Back then, the clan head of Luo Clan, Luo Di too only had strength barely below two stars. This old man on the other hand, he had already achieved two stars.

"I killed people from Zuoshi Clan? Zuoshi Clan? Never heard of them." Qing Shui shook his head and said.

"You don’t have to look for anymore excuses. You killed them and even destroyed the entire building. What? Do you not dare to admit what you did? There's a saying, if you don’t want anyone to know, don’t do it. Today, I’m here not because I want you to admit that you did it, I just want to let you know that Zuoshi Clan isn’t a clan you can challenge with your strength." The old man looked at Qing Shui with his sharp eyes. It was as sharp as needles. A normal person would die under his gaze because it was congealed up by Qi.

"Oh, you're talking about those people? I thought they were some idiots. Not only were they rude to me when they were in Qing Clan, they were the ones who started the fight, that's why I killed them. I should have asked them who sent them at that time. If I did, I would have been able to go up to you guys to fight for my rights." Qing Shui said patiently.

The old man looked towards Zuoshi Yun in confusion. Zuoshi Yun's expression looked abnormal, despite so, he only remained silent. The old man also didn’t really say anything.

"Haha, you indeed have great talent. You've already become the patriarch of Heavenly Palace at such a young age. Unfortunately, you are still quite inexperienced in life. You don’t know that there will always be people stronger than you. You're looking at the sky from a well, which is laughable." Upon hearing Qing Shui's words, the old man also laughed. But it’s an insulting and disdainful laugh.

"Even if I am, not only are you guys proud and arrogant just because you are a supreme aristocratic clan, you even tried to snatch away a commoner's wife without realizing how big your heads are. How long can a clan like this survive? Not to mention that a supreme aristocratic clan that’s near the bottom in terms of ranking shouldn’t be considered a notable existence?" Qing Shui slowly took out his Violet Gold divine Shield because he knew that the fight today would be inevitable.

Qing Shui also used the Heavenly Talisman on himself. He did all of this calmly. Instead of bothering about his opponents, he turned back and informed the people from Qing Clan: "Get further away from here. Remember, do not take part in the fight."

Di Chen first took a look at Qing Shui, but eventually, she also nodded her head. The others also grudgingly moved back. They knew that they would only end up a burden to Qing Shui if they were to help with their strength.

"Young man, I really admire your bravery." The old man said slowly while looking at Qing Shui.

"Bravery? It’s something that’s needed to be supported by strength, what do you think?" Qing Shui smiled.

Qing Shui's smile looked calm and tranquil. This showed that he had a lot of confidence in himself which the old man really hated. The old man did not like seeing his opponent being so calm. Instead, he preferred to see his opponent shivering in fear. The old man subconsciously squinted.

"Are we going to start by having a single match between you and I or are you guys going to come after me all at once?" Qing Shui smiled looking at the people in front of him. He was concerned for his clan members behind him. If it hadn’t been because of them, he wouldn’t have had any difficulty dealing with the people in front of him. After all, there was only one person with strength of two stars and three people with strength that slightly exceeded one star.

"Young man, you don’t have to push me. If I couldn’t manage to kill you, there's no point for me to live. Step back." The old man unsheathed a huge red sword that was as tall as an actual person and said.

The people behind the old man gradually stepped back. Being a core member of Zuoshi Clan, he possessed outstanding strength. He was among the top five strongest members in Zuoshi Clan. Being a warrior who was at the peak of Martial Saint, it was very easy for him to kill this young man.

Qing Shui observed the huge sword in the elderly man's hand. The color of the sword resembled the color of blood and the blade itself was jagged. The violent aura exuded from the surface of the sword could be felt from even ten meters away.

Qing Shui didn’t summon the Diamond Gigantic Elephant or the Fire bird because it wasn’t the right time for them to show up yet. It would only be counterproductive and end up attracting unnecessary attention from his enemy.

Qing Shui first tossed a Talisman at the old man and unsurprisingly, the Heaven Descending Talisman was effective.

A strength reduction as much as four hundred countries!

Twenty thousand countries, strength of two Stars!

Sometimes, what the eyes see wasn’t necessarily the truth. Not only so, there was also a chance that what they felt might be fake. But Qing Shui had faith in his Heaven Descending Talisman. He could finally confirm the old man's strength.

The elderly man didn't really care about the four hundred countries of strength reduction casted by Qing Shui. He slowly took a step ahead and locked onto Qing Shui with his aura. He thought to himself that he would let Qing Shui make the first move. Then he would take the opportunity to cripple him with one move and make him understand the difference in their strength.

Fiery Golden Eyes!

Qing Shui smiled. He made yet another move and straight away reduced his opponent's strength by one thousand countries.

The old man slightly knitted his brows, but he still maintained the same position as before. Including before, he only got a thousand and five hundred countries worth of strength reduced, so he wasn't really that worried. He was waiting for Qing Shui to make his move.

Nature Energy!

Immovable Mountains!


Qing Shui raised his strength all the way to its peak without letting out any of his qi. After that only did he slowly take out Thunder God. At that moment, the eyes of the old man changed.

He stomped the ground and violently charged himself towards Qing Shui. The old man's figure didn't really look big and sturdy but at this moment, it felt as if he could shatter the earth with it. This was the old man's qi. Qing Shui waited until this moment to let out the final Emperor's Qi.

Emperor's Qi!

In just a short while, the opponent's strength was reduced by four thousand countries. Including the previous reduction, the old man's strength was already less than that of the strength of half a star. Qing Shui picked this moment to use his most powerful technique.

Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt!

Qing Shui's speed instantly got raised to its peak. He immediately charged himself towards the old man's enormous red sword while protecting half of his body with the Violet Gold divine Shield.


A noise which sounded like thunder rang out. The old man was pushed back by Qing Shui. The red light on the sword intertwined with the violet light. It turned out that the elderly man wasn't stunned by Qing Shui's Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt.

"The sword actually has this kind of ability."

Qing Shui originally planned to instantly kill the elderly man. It seemed like he would have to waste a bit more time on it. But now, there was already quite a large gap between their strengths. Even though he wasn't killed by the shockwave, his five viscera and six bowels were still damaged by it. A thread of fresh blood flowed out of his mouth.

Qing Shui had a feeling that the opponent's weapon still had other uses. For example, it could defend against a limited amount of attacks. Otherwise, his attack from before would have most likely crippled the old man. However, the opponent could still barely fight him. If Qing Shui was to attack him once again, he would be crippled.

Cloudmist Steps!

As if Qing Shui would keep him alive at such a crucial moment. He swiftly charged towards the elderly man. At the same time, the other three old men who were watching the fight also went after Qing Shui. Two of them approached him head-on whereas the other one attacked him from the side.

Shield Attack!

Qing Shui's Violet Gold divine Shield immediately collided against the weapons of the two elderly men in front whereas the Thunder God sneakily went towards the old man who attempted to sneak attack from the side.

Heaven-Shaking Attack!

Qing Shui right away used one of the powerful techniques of the Thousand Hammer Techniques. The strong hammer hit one of the warriors with strength of one star and caused him to fly away. He spit out fresh blood, his weapon broke and both of his arms disappeared. He laid down on the ground gasping out his last, he shouldn't have much time left to live.

After all, their strength differed greatly. The attacks of the hammer itself already had 20% additional power in it. This was the hidden ability of the hammer and also the advantage of having a heavy weapon. Of course, it also had its own disadvantage. For large weapons like hammers and axes, the disadvantage of using them was that the user would become slower.

The two elderly men in front were also blown away. Even though there were two people, the amount of damage that each of them suffered were as serious as Zuoshi Long's. Qing Shui's Shield Attack was a technique which boosted attack.

Zuoshi Long got both his liver and guts destroyed. He felt furious and at the same time shocked. He has been making a huge mistake since the very beginning thinking that his opponent's strength differed from his by hundreds or thousands of miles. For a moment, he had a feeling that all his life has been a waste.

"I can’t die like this. It seems that the people who came today will not be able to make it out alive. Even if I die, I will still have to cause great suffering to the enemy." The eyes of the elderly man was filled with hatred and anger when he looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui once again pressured the two elderly men with strength of one star. The Violet Gold divine Shield and Thunder God in his hand became his most fatal weapons.

Right at this moment, Zuoshi Long switched his sight to the two children in Qing Yi's arms. At the moment when Qing Shui charged towards the two old men, he made his move. He waved his enormous bloody sword and charged towards the people in Qing Clan.

Qing Shui's heart thumped. He never thought that the opponent would still make the decision to do so even though he has long since been prepared for this kind of scenario. All along, Qing Shui was worried that the opponents would lose their minds and do something like this. Therefore, he has been keeping an eye on it.

Qing Shui shot one of the Frosted Iron Balls that he had been holding in his hand all along towards Zuoshi Long. This was Qing Shui's all-out attack, naturally, it would have incredible speed and strength. It blocked the path of his opponent and forced him to make a large change in direction. Qing Shui wouldn’t allow anything to happen to his family members.

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AST 731 –Kill, Golden Eagle, Hidden Room

The wounding power of the Hidden Weapons which Qing Shui released in a fit of rage was absolutely terrifying. Upon feeling the frightening power of the weapons, Zuoshi Long had no choice but to change his direction. But as he was about to charge in again, the frightening Frosted Iron Ball once again assaulted him.

Aside from the previous Frosted Iron Ball which changed its trajectory, Qing Shui also tossed out another Frosted Iron Ball from his hand in the opposite direction to trap Zuoshi Long.


He shot out four Frosted Iron Balls all at once, this was the most Qing Shui could control for the time being. The four Frosted Iron Balls pushed Zuoshi Long back into a corner. No matter what he did, he wasn’t able to avoid them. His strength has already been reduced significantly by Qing Shui, on top of being quite heavily injured from the previous blow, he was already very far behind Qing Shui.

Zuoshi Long immediately let two of the Frosted Iron Balls pierced through his shoulder and ribs as he clenched his teeth and attempted to once again charge towards the people from Qing Clan.

Unfortunately, he underestimated both the strength of the Frosted Iron Balls and Qing Shui's speed. During this time, Qing Shui had long since arrived in front of Zhuoshi Long and stopped him.

Qing Shui who swallowed the Gale Pellet and Agility-Enhancing Fruit had become way faster than Zuoshi Long in terms of speed. It might have been because of the difficulty in raising speed, they shared the smallest difference of ability in terms of speed. The effect of the Gale Pellet was still the same as before.

Zuoshi Long watched as Qing Shui stood in between himself and the people in Qing Clan. Despite the heavy injuries he was suffering from, he would still be able to at least cause heavy damages to the people in Qing Clan if he could manage to rush to them in his current condition. But now, the young man was already standing in his path. At that moment, he knew that all hope was gone.


Zuoshi Long screamed out madly into the air. He swung the enormous blood-colored sword in his hand and once again charged towards Qing Shui. However, this time, he knew that this was his last move and he would be leaving this world.


Qing Shui sliced down on Zhuoshi Long with the technique 'Mountain Splitting Strike'. The fierce attack immediately helped close the curtain of the battle, leaving only the enormous blood-colored sword.

Zuoshi Long died. Two of the four powerful people from Zuoshi Clan also suffered the same fate whereas the other two were heavily injured. The remaining people on the other hand, were feeble.

The present Qing Shui was as bewitching as a demon. At least from the perspective of Zuoshi Clan's remnants, he was an inconceivable evil genius. He was a young man who came from Green Cloud Continent but surprisingly, possessed such formidable power,

The people from Qing Clan felt incomparably happy and relieved. Previously when Zhuoshi Long was charging towards them, it did make them feel scared. Sometimes, it’s not death that they feared but the death of their loved ones.

"Kill them! Only by killing them would we have a chance to survive!" Zuoshi Yun shouted out loudly to the people in his surroundings. He said it in a firm and unwavering tone.

The others were also fully aware of the situation. It might have been because they knew that that they charged in towards Qing Shui together. If they didn't kill this very young man from Qing Clan today, the only thing that awaited them would only be death.

Qing Shui first stared at Zuoshi Yun. After that, he proceeded with his massacre like a tiger going into a flock of sheep. Zuoshi Yun gradually skywalked into the air and took a step towards Qing Shui. As he waved his hand, a golden eagle appeared in the air. The eagle was less than ten meters in size, but its appearance caused a change in Qing Shui's expression and made him abandoned the others to charge towards Zhuoshi Yun.

Golden Eagle!

It was a speed type mutated beast and it possessed the unique ability to instantaneously evade attacks. In a fixed amount of time, it could teleport a distance as far as ten thousand meters. It was also incomparably fast in terms of speed. Even the present Fire bird was a bit inferior when it came to that.

The Golden Eagle was a Demonic Beast which lived to avoid and assassinate people. Zuoshi Yun looked at Qing Shui and showed him a ruthless smile. After that, he disappeared in front of the crowd.

Qing Shui got really furious. He killed off the remaining people all at once and burnt them completely. After that, he looked into the direction where Zuoshi Yun disappeared into and turned blank.

Originally, Qing Shui was planning to eradicate the Zuoshi Clan in three or four batches, but now, this was unlikely to happen. The next time Zuoshi Clan showed up, they would most probably come as an entire group. At least all of their experts would be here. Furthermore, Zuoshi Yun would definitely inform Zuoshi Clan about everything that happened here once he was back. This would cause them to pay particular attention to him. For a moment, Qing Shui had a headache as soon as he thought about facing twenty warriors with strength ranging from one star to three stars. He was clueless about what to do.

"Qing Shui, don’t worry about it." Canghai Mingyue said gently while carrying Qing Yin.

With Qing Zun in her hand, Di Chen approached him along with the others from Qing Clan. Deep in their hearts, they understood that even though Qing Clan had become really powerful, they weren't strong enough to take part in battles against even the weakest secluded clans. Other than Qing Shui, even the strongest person among them wasn’t qualified to take part in the match.

"I’m not worried, I’m thinking about when they will come here and give their lives away." Qing Shui smiled as he took over Qing Yin from Canghai Mingyue's hand. He also kissed her cheek.

From the beginning, Qing Shui has never planned to let the two little brats stay here until he fixed this place to how it originally was. This time, another seven of Qing Clan's pavilions were destroyed.

Everyone knew that Qing Shui's words were only to comfort them. Nevertheless, they still showed him a happy smile. After all, the things that happened today were already considered to have ended. Today’s battle was a total victory, the only unfortunate thing was that Zhuoshi Yun managed to escape in the end.

"Daddy!" Qing Yin embraced Qing Shui's neck and called out in a baby voice.

"Little brat, what’s wrong?" Qing Shui asked the little brat in his arm while walking towards his room.

"I want to go and look at birds……"

"Birds?" Qing Shui looked at the little brat in confusion.

"Daddy, I want to go and see……"

Qing Shui was confused: "Little brat, where's the bird?"

"I don’t know……"

Qing Shui was speechless, she didn’t even know where it was. But Qing Shui could still look for some of his stuffs from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to play with her.

At night!

Qing Shui embraced Shi Qingzhuang and laid down on her bed. There were traces of redness on Shi Qingzhuang's cold and beautiful face, giving a strong mental stimulation to Qing Shui.

Her cold and shy face in particular, along with her enchanting and delicate moan stimulated Qing Shui to send her to the peak of happiness.

After the two calmed down, they hugged each other tightly while listening to each other's heartbeat. Shi Qingzhuang's soft breasts were closely attached to Qing Shui's chest and Qing Shui was infatuated with the comfortable feeling of them. Her snow white and upright posture revealed her arrogance.

Her face had been red for a long time. There was also a light trace of water in her cold pupils, making it extremely alluring.

Qing Shui smelled the faint fragrance on her body and felt at peace. The incidents revolving around Zhuoshi Clan were like a big mountain which was pressing on Qing Shui to the point he couldn’t breathe. Even now, it was still on his mind.

"Don’t worry about it. Didn’t you say before? We have been through so much stuff, we are going to make it through this time as well." Shi Qingzhuang said gently while raising her head to look at Qing Shui.

"Now, I couldn’t manage to even look for a place for you guys to hide." Qing Shui sighed and said gently. He didn’t hide anything from Shi Qingzhuang because deep down, they knew what the situation was.


After two days, a rare guest showed up in Qing Clan.

Elder Ge!

"You're here!" Qing Shui happily welcomed Elder Ge.

This was already the third main hall. Compared to the first one, this one was slightly smaller.

"Are you panicking over Zuoshi Clan?" Elder Ge said it straightforwardly as soon as he sat down.

Qing Shui’s eyes flashed the moment he heard Elder Ge's words. He glanced towards him;"do you have a great plan?"

"No I don’t, I only want to know if Qing Shui, you can beat Zuoshi Clan with your current strength?" Elder Ge looked at Qing Shui and said slowly.

"At least it’s worth a try. The chance of me winning is also quite high. However, I am worried about them" Qing Shui confessed his biggest worries.

That day, Zuoshi Long actually made the decision to do something like that towards the end. Fortunately, he has been prepared for this kind of scenario, if not, the consequences would have been unimaginable. Even if he was to kill all of them, it wouldn’t be able to help make up for his loss.

"There is an extremely large secret room in Heavenly Palace. It can help to get rid of your worries. It’s just that I want to know clearly how confident you are in winning. If not, even if they're to enter the secret room, they'd only be able to live up to a year and a half." Elder Ge looked at Qing Shui anxiously.

"I am seventy percent confident that I can beat them!" Qing Shui said seriously after thinking for a while.

"Alright then, I won’t say anything more. I will safely bring them to the secret room and leave everything here to you. I won't carry on with the niceties, I won’t be of any help here anyway." Elder Ge said with a smile.

"What are you talking about? Since you are able to help me get rid of my worries, I’m even more confident that I’ll win. Is this secret room really reliable?" Qing Shui said with a smile.

"I know you wouldn’t believe me, I’ll bring you to go and have a look later to help put your worries to rest. This was something that was left behind by an Old Ancestor from a long time ago. He was very proficient in the study of mechanics. The mechanisms of this secret room is hard to break and understand. If the correct steps are not taken, then it would be impossible to enter." Elder Ge smiled gently

On the next day, Qing Shui eagerly followed Elder Ge to the hidden room. In any case, it would still take quite a while for Zuoshi Clan to come here.

The hidden room wasn't actually located in Heavenly Palace. It was located in a valley not so far away from it. It was the place where Diamond Gigantic Elephant experienced its breakthrough. The entrance was within an enormous lake. There were a few Water Repelling Pearls in Elder Ge's hand.

The lake had a circumference of a few Lis. It could not considered to be large but it was still quite decent.

Even though the Water Repelling Pearls weren’t considered a gifted earth treasure, they were still precious objects. Qing Shui had them too. He got them from that 'palace'. Furthermore, those that he got seemed to be obviously better than Elder Ge's.

Elder Ge wasn't really surprised when he saw Qing Shui also had the Water Repelling Pearls. The two of them held the Water Repelling Pearls in their hands and jumped into the lake. After that, they slowly moved forward to the bottom of the lake.

The lake was about a hundred meters deep. There were only a few fresh-water fish in the lake and the occasional middle or large sized aquatic species like crocodiles. At a less noticeable spot, when Elder Ge took out a one foot long silver-colored key and moved a few enormous stones, a smooth surface that was about the size of a ruler showed up. There was a shallow dark groove on top of it which was almost unnoticeable unless one looked at it carefully.

Elder Ge inserted the key into it and twisted it a few times and a hole with circumference of around three meters appeared next to it. There was a mysterious force spreading out around the hole to prevent water from flowing into it.

After the two went in, Elder Ge held the key and twisted it a few times at another similar dark groove. The opened hole went back to its original shape.

Only at this moment did Qing Shui look toward the dark area that was like a mountain cave.

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