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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 724


AST 724 - Family reunion, Absolutely Beautiful

Di Chen who stood at the side laughed as she rubbed Qing Zun's head. Two years ago, every time Di Chen came by, she would carry him, even now, it still felt very intimate.

This time, Qing Zun stretched his hands out towards Di Chen: ’’Auntie!’’

Di Chen was shocked before picking up Qing Zun, laughing at the shocked Qing Shui.

Not only was Qing Shui shocked, the others were shocked as well. Di Chen smiled: ’’Zun`er still remembers auntie?’’

The little fellow shook his head, just when everyone was felt puzzled, he said: ’’Aunties looks like mother.’’

Qing Shui was stunned, he thought in his heart: ’’The two of them are women from the Portraits of Beauty, is there a relation? Also, Di Chen and Canghai Mingyue bore a remarkable resemblance to each other.’’

’’Girl, let daddy carry you.’’ Qing Shui held his hands out to Qing Yin, smiling. He had never felt this awkward in his life, although it was not his fault, after all, his children did not allow him to carry them......

’’No!’’ The girl blinked her crystal-like eyes before looking at Qing Shui and pouting, she looked so cute that Qing Shui almost went crazy, he really wanted to carry her.

Qing Shui massaged his head, suddenly, he thought of something. He took out a passion fruit from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it could be eaten raw and was very tasty.

When Qing Shui took it out, a fragrant odor filled the whole place. The young girl drooled at the sight of this passion fruit, her eyes were opened wide.

’’Come, let daddy carry you and feed this to you, alright?’’ Qing Shui felt a little ashamed as he said this, Huoyun Liu-Li, who stood beside them, laughed out.

’’Mother, I want it too.’’ At this time, Qing Zun said to Di Chen.

Di Chen directly stretched her hand out and took it from Qing Shui, then he gave it to Qing Zun. After he obtained the passion fruit, he laughed happily, his laughter could be heard from afar.

Qing Yun's large eyes started to water, feeling afraid, Qing Shui quickly took out two more and placed them into her hands: ’’don't cry, I still have plenty......’’

Qing Shui's appearance caused everyone to laugh, at these kind of moments, a man was very charming, he had the look of a father.

After the young girl received the passion fruit, she stopped crying and laughed, Qing Shui took advantage of that to quickly pick up the young girl. The young girl who was eating the passion fruit did not mind, this caused Qing Shui to be excited.

He carried the young girl in one hand and hugged Canghai Mingyue with the other. He did not say anything as just stood there in silence.

Children were naturally mischievous, it was easier to trick them with things. Very soon, they became familiar with Qing Shui. The family then entered the largest living room, it instantly became incomparably lively.

’’Brother, I am now a peak Xiantian.’’ After they exchanged greetings, Qing Bei happily informed Qing Shui.

’’Mn, not bad, our clan's Qing Bei is a genius.’’ Qing Shui smiled.

’’Brother, you are teasing me, there is no way for me to compare to you or the few sister-in-laws.’’ Qing Bei said disappointedly.

’’With brother around, you don't have to worry. You are now a peak Xiantian, in two more months, I will help you to break through to Martial King, alright?’’ Qing Shui smiled.

’’You said it, you are not to lie to me.’’ Qing Bei became happy when she heard Qing Shui's words, she knew that if Qing Shui said he could do it, then he would definitely do it.

Qing Shui smiled as he wondered what was the abilities of the Qing Clan members were like, with one look, everything became clear. Qing Hu was at Grade 5 Xiantian, Qing You at Grade ten Xiantian, Qing Hui at Grade 6 Xiantian, Qing Zi at Grade 7 Xiantian......

Qing Yi's abilities did not change, neither did Qing Luo. Lin Zhanhan's abilities had improved but he was still at peak Martial King. When Qing Shui saw the few girls, he smiled in satisfaction.

Shi Qingzhuang was already a Grade 2 Martial King, her speed was steady, to others, she would be an absolute genius.

Huoyun Liu-Li was already a peak Martial King with the abilities of 4 countries. Wenren Wu-shuang was also a peak Martial King but she was one step into the Martial Saint realm, even though she started later, her progress was faster.

When he saw Mingyue Gelou, Qing Shui sighed at the strength of a body with all the meridians cleared. She was an early Martial Saint, just using the Tiger Form, she cultivated until the early Martial Saint realm, causing Qing Shui to felt secretly shocked.

He looked at Canghai Mingyue, although she had to take care of the two children in these two years, she was also an early Martial Saint and was about equal to Mingyue Gelou.

Qing Shui had not expected his women to break into the Martial Saint realm, not to mention Qing Shui, even the few girls were shocked when they broke through.

Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan were not here but the others told him that when Luan Luan was eighteen, she was already a peak Martial King and Yiye Jiange was a Grade Two Martial Saint.

Qing Shui was not shocked at Yiye Jiange's abilities but he was shocked when he heard about Luan Luan. The Heart of Seven Orifices was too strong, Luan Luan's future accomplishments would not be inferior to his, this was a true genius. Her only weakness was that her lifespan would not increase with her cultivation, however, he did not know if it would be the same when she became a Martial Emperor, thus he still had to find ways to increase her lifespan.

Thinking of the Martial Emperor realm, Qing Shui felt a little dispirited, now that he achieved his current strength, he had the means to find some information. 10000 countries of strength were one star of strength.

A peak Martial Saint human cultivator had at least one star of strength, this was the lowest possible, only when achieving ten stars could they be considered to be at the zenith, that was not to say the maximum a peak Martial Saint could hit was ten stars. It was only after achieving ten stars then they would have the hope of touching the boundaries of the Martial Emperor realm, then they would have the hope of becoming a Martial Emperor.

As for the conditions for breaking through, Qing Shui did not know. Even for breaking through to Martial Saint, it requires the rare Five Elements Fruit, or some other substitutes.

Qing Shui often felt that the Five Elements Fruit mentioned in the Main Continent was very similar to the Five Elements Fruit he had in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

There were also other ways of breaking through to Martial Saint in the World of the Nine Continents, such as Duo Cultivating with another peak Martial King with the same element, eating a small Five Elements Fruit, as well as having a special constitution like Mingyue Gelou's naturally clear meridians, the divine bodies of the Portraits of Beauty, Luan Luan's Heart of Seven Orifices......

Qing Shui was not clear on the conditions for breaking through to Martial Emperor, with his current strength, he was nowhere near it. It was rare to hear of Martial Emperors in the World of the Nine Continents but they existed in legends.

Ten stars of strength, only with ten stars would one have the hope of touching the boundaries of Martial Emperor. This threshold was too high, furthermore, they were likely to have some other harsh conditions. However, Qing Shui did not have to think about it, maybe his Ancient Strengthening Technique would not suffer from such limitations.

He shook his head and stopped thinking, the Qing Clan members were waiting for him to speak.

When it was afternoon, the Martial Saint cultivators also came, their abilities barely improved, this was not strange. When they saw Qing Shui's eyes did not waver, as well as his accomplishments that they could not achieve, they celebrated the fact that they made the right decisions.

This place was originally the Hai Clan, now it was the Qing Clan. There were many pavilions and there was sufficient room. At night, they had a reunion dinner, the two young ones were very familiar with Qing Shui already, thus most of the time, Qing Shui was carrying one of them.

Maybe because how Qing Shui looked then, after dinner, everyone let Qing Shui spend time alone with Canghai Mingyue, as well as the two young ones, allowing them to enjoy domestic bliss.

Qing Shui and Canghai Mingyue carried one each as they headed to the courtyard. Qing Shui carried Qing Yin, she was very mischievous and would occasionally stretch her hands to pinch Qing Shui's nose

Canghai Mingyue carried Qing Zun and smiled as she watched Qing Shui and the young girl having fun, this scene gave her endless satisfaction.

Qing Shui was playing with the young girl and occasionally looking at Canghai Mingyue. When their gazes met, they laughed. Soon, they arrived at Canghai Mingyue's courtyard.

When they entered the room, after they were set down, the two of them ran around the whole place, up and down. The good genes that they had ensured that their constitution was very good.

Qing Shui held on to Canghai Mingyue's soft body as they sat on the couch: ’’has it been tough?’’

’’It's not, it's not tough at all.’’ Canghai Mingyue looked at Qing Shui before watching the two children playing nearby.

For these two kids, Canghai Mingyue would not mind any difficulty, just watching them gave her a sense of stability. Being able to hear them call her mother, watching them learn to walk, then run and jump, from speaking baby speak to a simple conversation, being able to see them grow up allowed her to feel gratified.

When it came to their children, parents would be selfless, the mother was alway the noblest. When Qing Shui thought of his mother, at the same time, Canghai Mingyue's parents, he felt that he had not done his part as father, however, he did not have much of a choice.

After they were tired, the two little ones fell asleep in Canghai Mingyue's embrace. Qing Shui and Canghai Mingyue carried them to bed and tucked them in.

Then Qing Shui pulled Canghai Mingyue to the room next door. From the time Qing Shui started pulling her, she had been blushing, her heart rate had increased.

They had not seen each other for two years, it was a feeling that exceeded that of newlyweds. Qing Shui felt excited as well, when they entered the room, Qing Shui immediately captured Canghai Mingyue into his embrace.

’’Yue Yue, I miss you.’’

’’I miss you too!’’

Qing Shui did not speak anymore and just directly kissed those charming lips. They frantically kissed. His two hands expertly wandered around her body, exploring all the curves and bumps, there was nowhere where her did not explore.

Very soon, Qing Shui did not feel satisfied enough, his hands reached under her clothes, that warm jade-like skin felt good to touch, at this moment, the two of them trusted each other fully.

Canghai Mingyue immediately blushed, since becoming a mother, she had became even more charming. However, now her expressions seem incredibly shy, her excellent figure had not lost its shape, her towering peaks caused Qing Shui to plunge his face deep into them......

She was a woman of the Portrait of Beauty, she was charming and had a proud expression and figure, Qing Shui's blood seemed as though it was lit on fire.

They were tangled in each other, they had se* for the entire night!

Seeing that the sky was almost bright, Qing Shui did not intend to rest. Seeing Canghai Mingyue in his embrace, Qing Shui felt an indescribable satisfaction. This devastating beauty was now sleeping comfortably in his embrace, remembering that she was his woman, he felt proud.


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