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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 715


AST 715 - Destruction of Luo Clan, Hai Dongqing's Thoughts(2)

She was a lady with great pride, and it was very difficult for her to be the one professing her love to Qing Shui. She had tried to show it through all the things she was doing now and was waiting for Qing Shui's reaction. If he felt something for her, then he would react accordingly. Otherwise, even if she were to say it out, it would only make it increasingly awkward between them.

Therefore, after some hesitation, she decided to hold her reins. It was because the decision now lay in Qing Shui's hands.

Sometimes, Qing Shui was really slow. Take now for example, he was still thinking to himself subconsciously that he didn't wish to get involved with any women. Therefore, he didn't give it much thought nor would he be such a narcissist to think that Hai Dongqing would like him.

Even though she had hugged him before, it was a result of the situation then. At most, she was merely grateful to him. After all, he had done her a great favor.

Hai Dongqing was slightly disappointed. She was still unable take the initiative to profess, and she had not fallen so deeply in love with him yet. Therefore, to a certain degree, the fact that Qing Shui didn't show any reaction also made her let out a sigh of relief.

Sometimes, humans can be really contradictory creatures!

’’Let's go over. I'll take a look at Old Master's injuries in the afternoon. With him around, you can save a lot of effort.’’ After lunch, Qing Shui smiled and said.

’’Mmmm, then let's head over now.’’

Now, Qing Shui was Hai Clan's benefactor and Hai Dongqing was considered Hai Clan's main pillar. Most importantly, to them, Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing were already a family.

’’Qing Shui and Dongqing are here.’’ When Hai Tian saw Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing, he was very happy.

’’Old Master, let's go in. Let me take a look at your injuries!’’ Qing Shui said openly. Since he had promised it, it was better to get it done earlier.

’’Then I'll need to trouble you, Qing Shui.’’ Hai Tian hesitated before smiling and said.

Hai Dongqing smiled and left. Qing Shui followed Hai Tian into his room.

’’Qing Shui, take a seat, have a drink.’’

Hai Tian picked up his teapot and made a pot of tea, before pouring two cups. This tea was not thick, it was light and fragrant. It was the kind that Qing Shui loved.

’’My ailment comes from poison. After so many years, my body has already been fully corroded by the poison. I no longer hold any hopes.’’ Hai Tian sipped on his tea and said softly.

Qing Shui smiled and didn't say a word. He knew what Hai Tian meant. He was trying to tell him that it was normal if he couldn't heal him. It wouldn't be because of his lacking in medical skills, but because the poison was hard to counteract.

’’Please take this first and see if there's any effect.’’ Qing Shui took out a Five Dragon Pellet and passed it to this kind old man.

Hai Tian took it without hesitation!

Qing Shui sensed the changes in Hai Tian's body. The lost vitality strummed in his body. However, as he had been poisoned for too long, the Five Dragon Pellet showed no other effects.

Qing Shui then took out a Pure Jade Pellet and got Hai Tian to take it. This time around, it might be because the Five Dragon Pellet from earlier had purged the remaining poison in Hai Tian's body, thus the effect of the Pure Jade Pellet seemed a lot better. However, it only made Hai Tian's condition better. It couldn't heal Hai Tian.

In the end, Qing Shui still had to use the Gold Needles to purge the poison as well as using acupuncture to stimulate the potential in Hai Tian's body. This was something that ordinary Alchemists would think of as an top notch existence. This was something that they would chase all their lives.

Nature Energy!

The Nature Energy which was now at level five let Qing Shui discover how powerful its use was. It could completely clean up the poison in Hai Tian's body. That instant effect let Qing Shui feel extremely comfortable.

Strengthening the body's foundations!

The body's potential could be stimulated and the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique had a similar effect as well. Adding in Nature Energy and the amazing acupuncture, the condition of Hai Tian's body was slowly changed for the better.

Time passed by little by little, and Hai Tian's face started to look a little flushed. Even his cultivation level was slowly increasing.

Qing Shui knew that it was not actually increasing but was just Hai Tian recovering his initial abilities. In the past, Hai Tian must have been a very powerful person, no weaker than the man-slaying bear. However, he would also not be stronger than Luo Di with his 'Thunder God'.

After a full six hours in the afternoon, Qing Shui finally succeeded in his mission when the sky turned dark.

He let Hai Tian head to his own private chamber to cultivate and stabilize his condition while he took his leave. Having completed this mission, he could leave after staying for a couple of days.

He thought of heading to Di Clan to call Di Chen along before heading back to Greencloud Continent. The thought of going home let Qing Shui have the urge to leave immediately. He missed his mother, his women, and his kids.

Once he came out, he saw Hai Dongqing at the door. Her silhouette appeared very beautiful in the darkness, but at the same time, gave off a lonely feeling that would made one's heart ache.


’’How's Old Master?’’ Hai Dongqing asked softly.

By this time, many of Hai Clan's members also came over, looking at Qing Shui feeling very concerned. Hai Tian was the spiritual pillar in Hai Clan.

’’It's fine now. But don't disturb him now. He's in his secret chamber stabilizing his cultivation. Don't worry!’’

Qing Shui's words gave them great assurance. At the same time, they were also especially thankful to Qing Shui. Their lives had all been saved by Qing Clan, and now, everything in Hai Clan was given by him as well.

’’Dongqing, let's go back. Everyone, have an early rest as well!’’

After greeting them, Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing left Hai Clan.

’’Qing Shui, if a person wished to get something, do you think the person should work hard to fight for it?’’ On the way back, Hai Dongqing looked at Qing Shui and asked softly.

’’If the person felt that it was possible to get or even with the help of others, then of course the person should fight for it. After all, it's something the person wished to obtain. Another thing is to consider if it's worth it. If the sacrifice put in is more than what is obtained, then it wouldn't be worth it.’’ Qing Shui smiled and said.

’’What if the person is willing to give up everything to get it?’’ Hai Dongqing gave it some thought before she continued to ask.

’’Then of course, the person must go all out to get it.’’ Qing Shui looked at Hai Dongqing and said, feeling puzzled.

’’Qing Shui, do you believe in fate?’’

When she asked this question, Qing Shui had guessed that something was up. However, he still subconsciously dismissed the thought. He looked at Hai Dongqing and smiled, ’’To be honest, I don't believe in fate.’’

Regardless whether Qing Shui's guess was right, he felt that he should still avoid this topic.

’’I believe in it! Qing Shui, don't you think that we have a good affinity between us?’’ Hai Dongqing smiled and said.

’’Yes, that's true.’’ In fact, Qing Shui also felt that they had a strong affinity.

’’Then it goes to show that we're fated.’’ When Hai Dongqing said this, she felt a little hesitant. At the same time, she was also struggling over whether she should be saying it. After all, he was going to leave soon. If she didn't say it now, she would really lose him for life. If she were to say it, even if they didn't end up together in the end, at least she wouldn't feel any regrets.

’’We're really fated. Why? Are you interested in me?’’ Qing Shui smiled and teased.

This was the second time he said this. The first time was when they were back in Hai Clan. Back then, when Qing Shui said this, Hai Dongqing had said that she was not interested in a little rascal like him.

Hearing Qing Shui's words, Hai Dongqing was stunned for a moment. She had recalled the same thing too. A blush quickly filled her face but she still lifted her head to look at Qing Shui, ’’I like you! You said that one must work hard to fight for something they like! Do you detest me?’’

Toward the end, Hai Dongqing's voice turned increasingly softer.

This time around, Qing Shui was the one stunned. He could only smiled bitterly before saying softly, ’’Dongqing, you're very beautiful but the reason you feel this way right now is because of gratitude. After some time has passed, this feeling will fade off and everything will be fine.’’

He didn't wish to get involved with other women anymore. He had already gotten himself involved with quite a few and if this were to carry on, he would be letting them down.

’’I know what I'm feeling. I'm not an emotional person. I know what I'm doing. Qing Shui, I'm not asking you to do anything. I just want to tell you that I like you. You'll be leaving soon. I'm afraid that I'll never have the chance to tell you this.’’ Hai Dongqing looked at Qing Shui and said softly.

Now that things had come down to this, Qing Shui neither felt happy nor sad. He would by lying if he were to say he didn't feel happy that a beauty like her says that she likes him. But he felt that he was a person with conscience and found it hard to make use of her and then only to discard her away later.

’’Dongqing, I'm very honored that you've taken a liking to me. I don't want to hide it from you, but I already have a few wives.’’ Qing Shui said softly. This should be a good excuse.

’’I know!’’ Hai Dongqing looked at Qing Shui.

’’Then...’’ Qing Shui couldn't understand.

’’It's very normal for someone like you to have a wife or even many wives. Since I've said it, I won't be expecting anything from you. I just hope that you can come and visit me when you're free.’’ Hai Dongqing looked at Qing Shui.

She made her intentions very clear. Qing Shui was feeling very emotional right now. She didn't care about anything, would not follow him, nor would she interfere in his matters. She merely hoped that he could come and spend time with her when he's free.

She was a rational lady and a prideful one. Once she'd decided on someone, she would not give up easily. She would even lower down her stance like what she's doing now. With her beauty, what kind of man can't she find for herself? However,right now, she wasn't asking for a legitimate name. She was not asking for anything but for Qing Shui to come spend time with her when he's free.

As for how he should be spending time with her, Qing Shui was still not very sure...

’’Dongqing, why do you need to do this? This isn't fair for you. It's not worth it.’’ Qing Shui's heart strummed as he looked at Hai Dongqing bitterly.

’’Fairness has nothing to do with matters like these. There's also not the issue of whether it's worth it or not. As long as I'm willing, everything will be worth it.’’ Hai Dongqing looked at Qing Shui and said seriously.

’’I promise that I'll come back to visit. When that time comes, we'll leave it all to fate, what do you think?’’

’’Mmm!’’ Hai Dongqing smiled happily.

Hai Dongqing went upstairs to rest. After Qing Shui returned to his room, he immediately entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Quite a lot of time had passed. Just a little time outside would have wasted one day inside.

Upon entering, Qing Shui couldn't wait but head toward that pair of ’’Thunder God’’ hammers. This was an unexpected gain and the biggest one. To Qing Shui, this was even more exceptional than others.

This was the strongest external support item he had came across so far. It was even more powerful than the Violet Gold divine Shield. Everything Qing Shui had was formed from the basis of Qing Shui's cultivation level and to strengthen it from there. The ’’Thunder God’’, however, took the basis of one's entire powers, just like the Luan Silver Battle Dress.

Moreover, Qing Shui's mastery of the hammer technique was also very high. The Thousand Hammer Technique he cultivated was very powerful.

Recalling the paralyzing technique Luo Di had used, he sensed that this ’’Thunder God’’ must be a product of some deity statue, just like the Luan Silver Battle Dress.

He couldn't wait and used the Heavenly Vision Technique on it!


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