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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 713


AST 713 - Four Eared Shadow Mouse, Obtaining 'Thunder God' Hammer

Up until now, Luo Di only treated Qing Shui as someone of an equivalent level. This caused him to feel uncomfortable, he had an unreal feeling about it, which strengthened his determination to quickly destroy Qing Shui.

Qing Shui looked at the Demonic Swallow in the distance, it was a pity that it was too far away for him to kill it. If it was closer, he would have some way to kill it, but now, the one he had to deal with first, was Luo Di.

Cloudmist Steps!


This time, Luo Di did not use the tactic of paralyzing his opponent, this led Qing Shui to guess that this battle tactic had some kind of limitation. Perhaps this limitation was not big, like being able to use it only once in a certain period of time.


Maybe because the Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly was far away, it did not work this time. Although it caused Qing Shui to be disappointed, it was still within reason, after all, the difference in abilities was too great.

Perhaps the reason why the first time it worked was this Luo Di was not guarded against it. The Jade Emperor Queen Bee was also occasionally spitting poison at him, however there was no effect.

Qing Shui knew that he could not drag out the battle, he had to finish this before the State of the 7 Stars Armour vanishes or one hour after it vanishes. Because the Godly Armor Shield had a similar effect.


Art of Pursuing!

When Qing Shui was struck back, he used the Art of Pursuing, he also relied on the strength of his body and stuck a large batch of Heavenly Talismans on Luo Di's body. Although the effects were not obvious it was better than nothing, who knows, it might be the deciding factor in this battle.

He now felt very comforted in his heart, no wonder some people choose to train the body, when the body's strength is great, the feeling they got when their defense was high was great, it was as though they did not feel any pain.

Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt!

Qing Shui hurried retreated then he used both his hands to quickly use the Twin Dragon Explosion, he had thrown out Primordial Flame Balls. Just as Luo Di used the Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt, Qing Shui controlled the two Primordial Flame Balls to explode.

All these happened very suddenly, in addition to the fact that Qing Shui had a significant improvement in strength, the might of the Twin Dragon Explosion was incomparable to the past. Or else, when Qing Shui used the Primordial Flame Balls on the Demonic Swallow earlier, it would not shock Luo Di, because the destructive powers of the strong Fireballs could Luo Di to have palpitations.

Some of the primordial flames burned Luo Di's shoulder, he did not hesitate to slice of some of the meat there. It was a good thing that he made his move early, or else, he would have lost an arm.

This was the terrifying part of the primordial flames, of course, it was also related to the weakening of Luo Di's abilities. If the opponent's abilities were not weakened, then he might have been able to resist that small portion of primordial flames or at least he would not have to take so drastic a measure.

Seeing the effectiveness of the primordial flames, Qing Shui felt joy in his heart. He had a move that could cause dread in Luo Di's heart, when he found an opportunity, he would kill him with it.

Qing Shui was looking for an opportunity, he was afraid of the opponent's move that could paralyze him, likewise, the opponent was afraid of Qing Shui's Primordial Flame Ball, the pair of Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies also caused him to be afraid.

After Luo Di hesitated for a while, he waved his hands!

Chi Chi!

Four Eared Shadow Mouse!

Qing Shui saw ten-odd Four Eared Shadow Mice appear behind Luo Di, his heart tightened. Qing Shui had been suspecting that Luo Di was a Beast Tamer, could it be that he also had some heaven-defying treasure like he did.

The Four Eared Shadow Mouse was also called the Sky-Earth Devouring Mouse, its four ears had excelling hearing abilities, the scariest thing about it was its speed and the fact that it could chew through anything, even the legendary divine equipment could not survive the bites of the Four Eared Shadow Mouse.

It moved like a shadow, its body was stronger than diamond, with that perverse chewing ability, it was a terrifying existence. It was not given a classification for its abilities because even Martial Saints could not do anything about it, if one met a group of Four Eared Shadow Mice, then even a Martial Saint would lose his life.

For this kind of mutated beast, the more there are the stronger they will be, this is because they had speed and a destructive ability but no strength. If a cultivator was strong enough, he could knock it flying for miles.

The length of the Four Eared Shadow Mouse was not even a meter long, it looked somewhat cute. Each time it pounced, it moved a hundred meters, it was not inferior to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's Instantaneous Diamond Evasion. Just looking at this perverse speed, Qing Shui's scalp went numb.

The only weakness of this creature was that it could not fly, this was a fatal weakness of the Four Eared Shadow Mouse. However, when it evolved into the Six Eared Shadow Mouse, it would obtain the ability to fly, it was even mentioned in legends that Twelve Eared Shadow Mouse existed and that is was the highest existence it could evolve to.

Qing Shui watched the ten-odd Four Eared Shadow Mice, he felt very jealous at this moment, he even wanted to try and obtain these Four Eared Shadow Mice for himself.

Qing Shui knew that when he was paralyzed, these Four Eared Shadow Mice would gobble him up in an instant. Qing Shui would not be worried if he were facing these Four Eared Shadow Mice alone. However, if he were not able to move, these Four Eared Shadow Mice would be the most horrifying existence for him.

He took out a Agility-Enhancing Fruit and ate it, this way he could temporarily raise his speed by 50%

His figure flashed by!

Sword of Fifth Wave!

The Big Dipper Sword wield a force of 10000 countries and slashed out. When he saw Luo Di execute the paralyzing ability again, a silver needle flew out from Qing Shui's sleeves.


The Sword of Fifth Wave actually caused Luo Di to retreat by a few steps, Qing Shui had not expected this. This was the first time he used it against an opponent after his abilities improved. It felt entirely different from before, with his strength now, it allowed the Wave Essence to be able to display a stronger might.

Almost instantly, Qing Shui took out a Gale Pellet and swallowed it!

Cloudmist Steps!

Qing Shui looked at the retreating Luo Di, he did not hesitate to follow him, the Big Dipper Sword slashed towards Luo Di's brain.

Critical Damage!

His speed had suddenly doubled, plus Luo Di was forced to retreat by Qing Shui. All of this was very coincidental, it gave Qing Shui an opportunity to send a sword strike at Luo Di, it had almost reached Luo Di's neck.

The killing aura of the Big Dipper Sword caused Luo Di to extend his arm out to defend because he did not have enough time to use the hammer to save himself or avoid it.

His abilities were severely weakened, especially after the Binding Talisman and Art of Pursuing. Speed had always been Qing Shui forte, furthermore, he had swallowed a Agility-Enhancing Fruit and a Gale Pellet.

Ka Cha!

Luo Di was not concerned that Qing Shui chopped out one of his arms. Qing Shui did not hesitate to grab that 'Thunder God' hammer. When Luo Di had already attempted to retreat he was resisting that strike.

Luo Di groaned, his face was pale, this turn of events was too sudden. That earlier sword strike caused all his hair to stand on end.

Qing Shui was incomparable happy, when he held this 'Thunder God' Qing Shui laughed. Originally, the 'Thunder God' was a pair but even just by holding one, Qing Shui could feel the surge in strength from it.

After he felt that, Qing Shui directly put the Big Dipper Sword into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

How could the Big Dipper Sword, that could increase 50% of abilities, compare to the 'Thunder God', that could increase 100% of abilities? It was not just adding to the strength of the body either, it was overall strength, just like the Luan Silver Battle Dress Set.

This moment, Qing Shui wanted to let out a loud laugh, the other preparations that he had made were no longer necessary.

Qing Shui, who had kept the Big Dipper Sword, had a little more than the abilities of 7500 countries. Under the effects of the 'Thunder God', his abilities was directly raised to a little more than 15000 countries......


Qing Shui's body released a heaven shaking roar. Although the Big Dipper Sword was put away, the 'Thunder God' protection was not inferior to his earlier defense, furthermore, it was permanent.

This 'Thunder God' was on the level of false divine equipment, the characteristic of false divine equipment was the increase in the user's abilities. This led Qing Shui to think about the legendary divine equipment, no one knew what was so marvelous, but every divine equipment had its own unique abilities.

It was an unexpected joy, the 'Thunder God' not only allowed his abilities to improve significantly, he did not have to fear that paralyzing ability anymore. The most important thing was that his abilities now exceeded Luo Di's by more than 3000 countries.

Chi Chi......

A Penta-color light suddenly flashed around Luo Di's body and he rushed towards Qing Shui. His speed was not fast but it was incomparably resolute, there was a firm and persistent look in his eyes.

Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire!

Suddenly Luo Di brandished the hammer with his remaining arm, a Thunder flame erupted out, it was two meters long. There was an electrical power and the Thunder Flame gave off a terrifying aura.

’’Go the hell!’’

The Thunder God made a graceful arc, the 'Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire' slashed towards Qing Shu and the Four Eared Shadow Mice all attacked together.

divinity Protection!

Zi Zi......

A gut wrenching sound resounded, the Four Eared Shadow Mice all pounced as well!

Primordial Demon Refining Furnace!

’’Since you came, then you might as well stay!’’ The duration of Qing Shui's divinity Protection was very short. He directly brought out a Primordial Demon Refining Furnace, it was flashing with a simple radiance and rapidly trapped the ten Four Eared Shadow Mice.

Qing Shui did not dare to 'refine' the strong Luo Di, it was not even easy to refine strong Demonic Beasts but it was simple to refine these ten Four Eared Shadow Mice. They were weak and could not even move the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace.

The earlier situation was too dangerous, he did not consider that the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace might be eaten by the Four Eared Shadow Mouse. He now guessed that they would not, they Demonic Beast pictures should have a strong intimidating effect, furthermore, the materials of the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace should not be inferior of those of a divine equipment.

Thousand Hammer Technique!

After Qing Shui's divinity Protection vanished, he used the Thousand Hammer Technique that he was incomparably skilled at.

The 'Thunder God' that was imbued with the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique flashed with a Penta-color electrical light, it smashed heavily onto Luo Di's 'Thunder God'.


A dull sound actually resounded, the electrical power created a 'Zi Zi' sound. Luo Di was smashed back by Qing Shui.

Cloudmist Steps!

The heaven and earth shook!

Every smash of Qing Shui's was earth-shattering, each strike seemed to smash open the heavens, the berserk force poured out from his body.

Bang Bang Bang......

The attacks kept coming like torrenting rain, suppressing Luo Di. With his earlier broken shoulder, Luo Di could only endure bitterly, his hair was a mess, his clothes were tattered and torn, the amount of blood on his body was shocking.


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