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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 712


AST 712 - Luo Clan's terrifying abilities, Tragic end of the Demonic Swallow

’’I don't want to care about the affairs of the Luo Clan, nor can I be bothered to, but your Luo Clan should not have targeted my friend, thus, you deserve death.’’ Qing Shui deemphasized, even the way he said it was in a relaxed manner and did not seem anxious at all.

’’How insolent, I wonder if your abilities are as difficult to deal with as your mouth.’’ Luo Di looked at Qing Shui with an abstruse gaze, he did not seem angry yet but was already releasing an aura of might.

Qing Shui composedly took out a stack of Heavenly Talismans and threw them out under Luo Di's shocked gaze, the most important of which was the Descending Heavens Talisman.

Because the possibility of him evading the other talismans was pretty high! In the end, only the Descending Heavens Talisman struck this strong man from the Luo Clan.

Through the usage of the Heavenly Talismans and the other weakening techniques, Qing Shui could guess the level of abilities of the opponent. Just like now, a Descending Heavens Taliman decreased the opponent's abilities by 380 countries!

380 countries!

When he found out, Qing Shui was shocked, the Descending Heavens Talisman weakened abilities by 2%, the abilities of this man were at 19000 countries......

It was quite close to what Qing Shui had guessed earlier, this time, the blood in Qing Shui's veins seemed to be boiling. This was the first time he truly fought against an expert of with the abilities of a Peak Martial Saint. Although when the man from the Luo Clan held the 'Thunder God', he only had the abilities of an early Peak Martial Saint, he was still incomparably strong.

Luo Di did not seem to feel anything for the 380 countries of abilities Qing Shui's Descending Heavens Talismans decreased, he did not even seem to care about this small amount of debuff. He felt that this tiny amount was not something that was worth mentioning.

’’If that's all you can do, then death is the only way out for you.’’ The man looked at Qing Shui, he could feel that the abilities in Qing Shui's body did not seem to be stable but he could make an estimate.

Qing Shui used the Nature Energy and all the Heavenly Talismans, following those, he used the Fiery Golden Eyes.

The Fiery Golden Eyes could weaken the opponent's temporary abilities, if they had more than the abilities of 5000 countries, then no matter how little temporary abilities there are, at least 1000 countries would be decreased.

But now, it was different, the 'Thunder God' hammer increased close to ten thousand countries of abilities, in addition to other techniques, the Fiery Golden Eyes should be able to weaken at least 1000 countries of abilities.

Qing Shui felt it, 1300 countries!

Qing Shui's Fiery Golden Eyes could weaken the opponent by 1300 countries, he could not be bothered about how much of his strength was from supplementary techniques, the most important thing now was to decrease the abilities of his opponent.

The weakening of the Fiery Golden Eyes caused Luo Di to react a little, in addition, Qing Shui had earlier decreased his abilities by 2000 countries. He knew that Qing Shui definitely had something special up his sleeves, or else he could not have killed Tu Renxiong so fast.

Now, he had lost the abilities of 2000 countries, if it was Tu Renxiong, he would have no longer been a match for this youth.

A Penta-color light circled the Thunder God in Luo Di's hands, it even seemed to circle Luo Di himself, this caused Qing Shui to feel that he had to fight this battle today.

He summoned out the Jade Emperor Queen Bee, the speedy Jade Emperor Queen Bee hovered beside Qing Shui, it even descended onto the back of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. Qing Shui decided to make his move.

Vajra Subdues Demons!

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Poison Killer Sting!

Seven Star Armored Vest!

All of these were completed in an instant, then under the State of One with Elephant, he rushed at Luo Di with the Instantaneous Diamond Evasion. He used the Violet Gold divine Shield and struck out a Shield Attack with all his might.

Hai Dongqing stood in the distance looking at Qing Shui, at that tall and straight man on the back of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, her heart beat loudly. Without realizing it, she discovered that she did not care about anything else, she was only worried that harm would befall Qing Shui.

She did not even notice Hai Shiya looking at her with a strange gaze, as well as the gazes of Hai Dongying and the others. They were happy but worried at the same time, Hai Dongqing had never liked anyone before but now, there was a man that she liked, he was very excellent, or to say, horrifyingly excellent.

They felt that Hai Dongqing and Qing Shui were very compatible, they even felt that there was not one better. When they saw Hai Dongqing recklessly saving Qing Shui, and Qing Shui's later expressions, they felt that there was a possibility, if they were able to be together, it would be a wonderful fate.

After this round of weakening by Qing Shui, Luo Di's expressions finally changed. He gripped the Thunder God in his hands smashing it towards Qing Shui as he rushed over, he knew that retreat was not an option.


There was a heaven-shaking sound, the air around seemed to be fluctuating. Qing Shui, who had used the Shield Attack was beaten into retreat, he had to get off the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

After being weakened, Luo Di's abilities hovered around 12000 countries, the Jade Emperor Queen Bee's Poison Killer Sting seemed to have lost its effectiveness, it caused the opponent to flash pink once before disappearing.

Maybe the difference in abilities was too large, or perhaps he had some special item on him. In conclusion, the Jade Emperor Queen Bee's Poison Killer Sting had no effect on him.

Under the State of the 7 Stars Armour, Qing Shui's defense achieved a terrifying 21000 countries but he was lacking in his attack. He was not injured earlier, he was only knocked back by the force of his opponent's attack.

With this simple strike, both sides could see the strength and weakness of each other, However, Luo Di felt like vomiting blood, although his opponent's attacks were not a threat to him, he was also not able to injure his opponent. His body seemed like it was wrapped in divine armor, he just could not break through it.

He knew that Qing Shui had used a temporary technique, he just did not know how long could it last for. He hoped that it would be shorter, or else he would be in for a hard battle.

Looking at the Thunder God in his hands, determination flashed in Luo Di's eyes. Although it might be a tough battle, he still had his trump cards.

Bang Bang Bang......

The strong smashing sound continued to ring out, the powerful shockwaves caused the surroundings to be clear of people in a radius of a hundred meters. This battle seemed to have thoroughly stabilized.

Qing Shui's moves had a simple atmosphere but it did not lose out in might, Luo Di's two 'Thunder God' hammers had an aura that could shake the heaven and earth, every smash was powerful and steady. This was not strange, this was the way to fight with hammers and there is no way to deviate from this.

Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt!

Luo Di's aura suddenly increased, the Penta-colored light on the hammers turned even more brilliant as it smashed towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui did not dare to be careless when he saw the resplendent light on the hammers and thought of the name 'Thunder God. However, he was not able to evade, this pair of hammers had blocked off all paths of escape. Even the Instantaneous Diamond Evasion would only work in a range of a hundred meters, when his opponent had such level of abilities, an instantaneous movement of a hundred meters was nothing.

Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly!

Qing Shui circulated all his techniques to its peak, the Violet Gold divine Shield blocked the opponent's hammer with all its might. At the same time, he ordered the Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly to use it's petrifying abilities.

Qing Shui had no other choice!

When he attacked he also used the Heavenly Thunder Slash.

However, there was only a chance for Heavenly Thunder Slash, it was not definite. Thus, he hoped that out of the two, one would work.

There was a huge sound, Qing Shui was smashed backward, there was a faint violet light on his body, Qing Shui was shocked, it was indeed the powers of electricity, paralysis.

Qing Shui was quite worried in his heart, the Nature Energy and Yin-Yang Image rapidly tried to resolve the paralysis.

There was joy on Luo Di's face, he wanted to quickly give Qing Shui the finishing blow, but at this moment, he discovered that his body was stiff. His body had a layer on something like stone on it.

He lividly tried to use force but his body was stiff. During this period, Qing Shi was able to resolve the paralysis, the Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly already returned to his side, fluttering beside him looking strangely beautiful/

Since it was so, he might as well use his hidden weapons!

Qing Shui took out a Frosted Iron Ball and quickly threw it at Luo Di, who was rushing over!

Meteor Smash!

The Frosted Iron Ball had a strange glow to it as it took a strange projectile. He used his Spiritual Sense to lock on the Luo Di, thus it was impossible to escape the Meteor Smash.


Luo Di smashed apart the Frosted Iron Ball with the twin hammers. When he saw the two Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly slowed down beside Qing Shui, he waved his hands.

Ming ming!

Demonic Swallow!

Two Demonic Swallow that were about three meters in size appeared, they were completely back and were covered in sharp feathers.

When he saw the two Demonic Swallow, Qing Shui knew the opponent wanted to use them to handle his two Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly. The Demonic Swallow was the nemesis of the bee, butterfly, and bug type Demonic Beasts, it strange cry could suppress Demonic Beasts of this category. Of course, there were exceptions, like the Sky Swallowing Worm, Devil Devouring Worm, or Five Element Worm King, they could easily kill the Demonic Swallow.

The grade of the Demonic Swallow was not high but it still had the abilities of an early Martial Saint. Its specialty was its strong flying abilities and speed, its sharp beak and claws could quickly grab onto the weak points of some Demonic Beasts.

Plus it could ignore spiritual attacks. Its body was very hard was carried poison, resulting in many huge Demonic Beasts not daring to eat it.

When Qing Shui saw the Demonic Swallow, he knew that they had to be killed as early as possible, he had already felt the restlessness of the two Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly. This was the result of meeting their natural enemy, there was an irrational fear.

Qing Shui silently held up a ball of primordial flames in his hands, he intended to use it to attack Luo Di when he was not paying attention. Now, so that he could use the Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly to hold back the opponent's 'Thunder God', he had to reveal one of his trump cards.

Primordial flames - Meteor Smash!

Qing Shui locked onto one of the Demonic Swallow and threw the primordial flames at it!

The Demonic Swallow's speed was very fast and it calmly evaded it. However, the Meteor Smash had locked onto its aura, thus is chased the Demonic Swallow at a speed faster than before.

Ming Ming!

When this happened, the Demonic Swallow gave out a horrified shriek twice, it felt the horror of this fireball and it could not even avoid it.


Now, the might of Qing Shui's primordial flames was very terrifying, it directly broke through those sharp feathers and sturdy skin, burning its body and its organs.

Very quickly, one Demonic Swallow died, the other one had quickly escaped the range of Qing Shui's attack.

Luo Di felt an incomparable heartache, this pair of Demonic Swallow was very useful to him. When he fought together with it against other humans or Demonic Beast, the Demonic Swallow could attack the eyes, brain, throat, It was the best killing combo when paired up with a human cultivator.

When he initially released the Demonic Swallow, he felt very relaxed, he felt that he would be able to suppress Qing Shui with the terrifying speed and strong sneak attacking abilities, this way, he would have breathing space when he was affected by the Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly's petrify abilities.

However, now, in an instant, one had died. What other terrifying techniques does this youth have......


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