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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 711


AST 711 - Demise of the Tu Clan, Cloud Eagle, Thunder God

’’You coarse old fellow. Stop with your words if you have the guts to come and fight me.’’ Tu Renxiong angrily shouted at Hai Tian.

Qing Shui wanted to laugh. Earlier, this Tu Renxiong had scolded him very terribly. When he saw that he didn't have an advantage against Qing Shui, he instead tried to spur Hai Tian into action, knowing that Hai Tian could not beat him.

’’You are not worthy of fighting with Old Mister Hai. I killed your son, so let's settle that first. However, since you will not be able to defeat me, your Tu Clan is doomed.’’ Qing Shui took over. He didn't want Hai Tian to have to take action.

’’Then I will kill you first before killing that old dog.’’ Tu Renxiong looked coldly at Qing Shui, who was riding the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

’’Come out!’’ Tu Renxiong waved his hand and shouted.

A huge bull-like Icy Beast appeared. Its size was comparable to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and it had a turquoise body with two huge silver horns.

The Icy Beast attacked without reservation. As its name implied, it excelled at the Ice element. It could breath out a fog from its core through its nose and attack with it. The extreme temperatures could freeze a target and those who were not strong enough might even be frozen to death.

Qing Shui used his Spiritual sense to feel his surroundings. It was almost time for him to make a move. If nothing unexpected happened, then he should be able to settle this matter by today.

Nature Energy!

State of Immovable as Mountains!


Heavenly Talisman!


Qing Shui rapidly raised his abilities to its peak. He wielded the Big Dipper Sword in his right hand and the Violet Gold divine Shield in his left hand before entering the State of One with Elephant.

Within a short period of time, Qing Shui raised his abilities even further. He then ordered the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to use the Vajra Subdues Demons.

Another 10% debuff!

All of the debuffs required that the target to be locked on to before they could be used. It was a good thing that Qing Shui still had not found anyone that could avoid his and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's debuffs.

These debuffs were convenient to use, and applied to his opponents very quickly. Qing Shui also unhesitatingly used the Fiery Golden Eyes and Emperor's Qi.

Tu Renxiong, who originally had the strength of 9000 countries, had been debuffed by Qing Shui until he had only about the strength of 4000 countries......In an instant, Tu Renxiong's complexion turned ashen. He trembled as he looked incredulously at Qing Shui, as though he had seen the devil.

The surrounding people only briefly saw the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's move before they noticed Tu Renxiong trembling and panicked expression. They had no way to imagine what Tu Renxiong had seen, something that could cause even this tyrannical person to be in fear.

No matter how much Tu Renxiong had planned, he could not have imagined such a scenario. If there were people with debuffing techniques, even a 10% debuff would be considered very perverse already. Thus, when he had felt Qing Shui's strength earlier, he hadn't been worried. He felt that Qing Shui had no way of triumphing over him.

From the distance, there was a sound of splitting air. Qing Shui knew that he should finish the matters with these people. He ordered the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to use an Instantaneous Diamond Evasion to go over quickly.


The Icy Beast quickly breathed out an icy fog that covered the sky as it headed for Qing Shui. Tu Renxiong took the opportunity to actually retreat quickly to the back.

How could Qing Shui give him an opportunity? Earlier, Qing Shui did not even let the Icy Beast off, as it was the first thing he debuffed. He had done it at the same time as when the Diamond Gigantic Elephant used Vajra Subdues Demons on Tu Renxiong.

Primordial flames!

Qing Shui threw out two balls of primordial flames and melted that icy fog, vaporizing it. His posture did not change at all as his speed became even faster.

The Big Dipper Sword had an overwhelmingly resplendent yet simple radiance as it struck towards Tu Renxiong.

Combination Sword Technique!

Qing Shui had earlier raised his abilities to its maximum. His attack had the strength of 8500 countries, and furthermore, the Combination Sword Technique increased that by another 20%.

He slaughtered without any concern!

He did not hesitate to shuttle around the remaining people and kill them!

Fiery Golden Eyes!

Emperor's Qi!

Vajra Subdues Demons!

He even threw out a large number of Heavenly Talismans!

The people of the Tu Clan who had been weakened could not even break through Qing Shui's defense. As long as they did not attack any critical areas, there wouldn't be any damage. Those with the strength of 6000 countries had been totally disabled by him. When they were killed, they just stood there staring blankly, as if they had been lost in thought

Their original strength of 6000 countries had been lowered to slightly more that 3000 countries. No one would be able to accept that.

This perverse debuffing ability was what Qing Shui relied on. These techniques could ignore cultivation grades and weaken his opponents greatly. This was his biggest trump card he had against Grade 10 Martial Saints after eating the Everlasting Pellet and raising his body's abilities to 8500 countries.

Qing Shui relied on his strong defense and perverse recovery abilities, as well as the miraculous ’’Ancient Book of Rebirth’’ and the Yin-Yang Image in his sea of consciousness. Furthermore, he had many mysterious Demonic Beasts. All these placed Qing Shui into a unique position.

The ten experts of the Tu Clan were not even able to withstand a single blow of Qing Shui. Of course, all of this was within Qing Shui's expectations, as he was matchless under the Peak Martial Saint realm.

Qing Shui stood and gazed over the situation. The surrounding Tu Clan members were all dead on the ground, and even the Icy Beast hadn't been spared. He would not belittle any of his enemies, so he did not hesitate to kill the Icy Beast.

This time, the Hai Clan was shocked. The Tu Clan that had forced them to a dead end had its strongest powers killed by one person.

Furthermore, this person was a youth. This caused the members of the Hai Clan to feel as though they were in a dream.

This was what an insurmountable gap in abilities could do. Qing Shui did not feel anything and understood the situation. Sometimes, one would feel helpless because the things that they were unable to do could actually be done easily by someone else.

Just like his past life, there were some things a helpless person had to do but couldn't accomplish, despite trying for so many years. However, to a person with connections and power, it was just a matter of saying a few words in the time it took to make a pot of tea.

Wherever you are, abilities decided everything. Qing Shui knew what would happen to the Tu Clan when he saw them. As long as no super strong cultivator appeared, there would not be any unexpected occurrences.

He raised his head and looked into the distance. He discovered tens of people riding on Flying Beasts approaching him.

The one leading them was riding a huge Cloud Eagle. Anyone who saw the huge fierce eagle head would know that it was a cruel Demonic Beast. It gave a few loud eagle screeches from the distance.

Qing Shui locked his gaze on the man riding the Cloud Eagle. However, he knew that this person was definitely much older than the old man beside him. He wouldn't have guessed that he was the clan head of the Luo Clan because he could not sense his exact powers. He was definitely much stronger that that dead Tu Renxiong.

This was how he felt!

Qing Shui remembered that Hai Dongqing said that the strongest person in the Luo clan only had a foot into the Peak Martial Saint. Yet, why was the aura of this person much stronger than the White Jade Jiao from before?

When they got closer, Qing Shui fixed his gaze on the hammer of that man. There were five colors surrounding it, and although it was not big, it had a feeling of being able to shake the heavens and earth.

Thunder God!

Qing Shui saw that the hammer was much stronger than his Heaven Shaking Hammer. Now, he no longer just relied on his own knowledge to evaluate things.

For example, this hammer was known as 'Thunder God'. It was not something that could be seen everywhere in the World of the Nine Continents, but more than a few existed. It was made out of the special metal 'Thunder Rock'. Its attack was enhanced by strong electricity, causing the holder's strength to be increased by many folds.

No wonder he had such a strong aura. Earlier, he was just a foot into the peak Martial Saint, around the strength of 10000 countries, but with the Thunder God, that was almost the strength of 20000 countries......

Qing Shui did not know if his strength had reached 20000 countries but he knew it was at least 15000 countries or above. In this short moment, Qing Shui felt the burden on his shoulders had increased by a lot.

The Luo Clan of Cold Ice City was the largest clan in Cold Ice City. They were famous for their warriors, but just this man alone could cause the Luo Clan to be at the top of Cold Ice City.

Qing Shui was not worried even in the face of what was looking to be a tough battle!

The man's face was dark like black clouds. After he saw the collapsed Tu Clan members, and especially after seeing Tu Renxiong's corpse, his face was shocked. However, he quickly turned his gaze towards the youth blocking his path. A hundred meters behind the youth were the Hai Clan members.

’’You actually killed my fifth brother and thirteenth brother. You deserve death.’’ The man looked at Qing Shui with an eagle-like gaze. His voice seemed to be as though it was squeezed out from the gap between his teeth.

’’Since when was there a rule that only the Luo Clan could kill people and other people could not kill the Luo Clan members? Could it be that the Luo Clan members possessed remarkable abilities or they are superior to others?’’ Qing Shui slowly relaxed.

Qing Shui did this on purpose because he could feel the strong might of this man. Under the effects of Qing Shui's Nature Energy and State of Immovable as Mountains, he was not affected by it, thus Qing Shui felt very relaxed.

This caused the man, named Luo Di, to be surprised. There was no one in the Cold Ice City that was able to speak to him in such a relaxed manner, so this caused him to feel that this youth was very mysterious.

’’Big Brother, this youth is likely to have an ability that surpasses others,’’ a man with snow-white hair said.

’’Ninth brother, you are speaking the obvious. He is so young yet he was able to kill the Tu Clan member. Of course, he has an ability that surpasses others.’’ a valiant old man said unhappily.

’’Such a pity for this talented genius, or else he would have shone brightly in the World of the Nine Continents within tens of years.’’ An old man with a distinct voice shook his head and sighed.

’’Indeed, third brother is right, he would definitely have shone brightly within tens of years.’’ one of the old men frowned. He was the number two of the Luo Clan, named Luo Zhi. In the clan, he was the person with wisdom and insights.

The old man with the distinct voice, known as third brother, did not say anything else. No one knew whether he understood the hidden meaning behind Luo Zhi's words.

’’Since when did it become your right to interfere in the business of my Luo Clan? I admit that you are very talented but your arrogance has led you into a bad place.’’ The man did not conceal the killing intent in his eyes. He knew that he had to kill this youth and that there was no way he could spare him.


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