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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 71


AST 0071 - Ancient Technique: Flames of Yin-Yang

The current Qing Shui, was drowning in waves of happiness. Aside from unlocking the alchemy methods and recipes in his mind, there was also still plenty of other information that was being unlocked.

<<Ancient Technique: Flames of Yin-Yang>>!

The Heaven and Earth could be categorized as Yin and Yang. Heaven was Yang while Earth was Yin. Not only that, every living thing on earth could be classified as either Yin or Yang. The Ancient Yin-Yang Flame was able to burn anything in the world while merging together strength and gentleness, and was one of the most primal types of flames that have ever existed. It could be used for concoction of pills, for tempering of weapons, for creation and forging, refinement and various others.......

’’Hahaha, the heavens are really kind to me. Whatever I need, I would get!’’ Qing Shui laughed uproariously in his sea of consciousness.

The contents and methods for cultivating the Ancient Technique: Flames of Yin-Yang, were recorded as well. Qing Shui smiled, because the Ancient Yin-Yang Flames needed Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique to activate it.

Hehehe, my Ancient Strengthening Technique is still the best!!

However, bizarrely, it felt as if he could learn everything he wanted to, and at a frightening speed at that. Unknowingly, as Qing Shui was reading the methods of to cultivate the Ancient Yin-Yang Flame, his body automatically circulated the Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique in the direction dictated on the methods. To his surprise, his progress in it could be compared to a horse galloping on a wide expanse of land, as there were no signs of hinderment.

The <<Ancient Technique: Flames of Yin-Yang>>could not be measured in levels or grades. Its might was generated from the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, thus the intensity of the flames depended on the level of one's cultivation in the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

’’Ai, why is it so simple to cultivate this technique?’’ Qing Shui felt that his hand was gradually emitting a wave of scorching heat.

This was an indication that one had successfully managed to cultivate the Ancient Flames of Yin-Yang Technique!

If Qing Shui knew that he was in the midst of enlightenment, then he probably wouldn't find it strange.

Qing Shui focused his entire attention on to understanding the Ancient Flames of Yin-Yang Technique. For example, during activation of the technique, what was the movement of his Qi flow, and studying how to control the intensity of the flames that were unleashed.

As time passed, the temperature of the scorching heat on his hand as well as the temperature of his body, got higher and higher. Strangely enough, he didn't feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. If it was not for the Ancient Strengthening Technique that had tempered his body and internal organs to such a state, it would be highly probable for him to already be burnt into cinders. This was probably the reason why only those who had tempered their bodies through the Ancient Strengthening Technique or other similar cultivation techniques, would be able to train in this particular Ancient Yin-Yang Flame technique.

As the temperature slowly rose, the circulation of his Ancient Strengthening Technique's Qi got increasingly slower, yet the force needed for raising the temperature, got increasing larger as well. It was as if the Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique was undergoing a compression of sorts!

Gradually, roughly about 15 minutes passed. However in these 15 minutes, it felt like an eternity. Qing Shui's countenance, alternated between fiery red and icy blue. The temperature of both his hands and his body began to rise to such a state where he could only feel numbness, as they alternated between scorching heat and freezing cold. When finally, ’’Peng!’’ A flame ember, about an inch tall, had materialized like the explosion of a firework on the surface of his palm.

’’So this is the Yin-Yang Flame?’’ Qing Shui looked at the grey-colored ember in his palm. Oddly enough, there was no sense of heat. The ember emitted a sense of frosty chill instead as Qing Shui stood there dumbly.

The Earth and the Heaven, could be classified as Yin and Yang, so could the night and day. Black for the night, and white for the day, ice and fire intermixed as one, so this is Yin Yang!

The ember only had the size of a single inch, but Qing Shui could clearly sense the intensity of the tyrannical power contained within.

This is the Yin-Yang Flame that had the power to burn everything!

As Qing Shui was contemplating about the Yin-Yang flame that was burning in his hand, he continued to study the cultivation methods of it.

’’What? Separate the Yin-Yang Flame?’’ Qing Shui stared at the methods, thunderstruck.

The cultivation methods for other techniques of similar nature, would usually first separate the components of the Yang Flame and the Yin Flame, cultivating one at a time until a certain level, before combining them together. However, this Ancient Yin-Yang Flame technique was actually the opposite. One was supposed to manifest the union of Yin and Yang together, and then separate them into the Yang Flame and the Yin Flame!

As to why there was a need to separate the flame into two components was because all ingredients, also either had a Yin or Yang nature. Yin ingredients naturally needed a Yin-type flame to refine, while using the Yang-flame to provide minimal support for simulation purposes. While as for Yang ingredients, one had to use the tyrannical fiery energy of Yang-type flame to refine the essence within.

Many ingredients required Yang Flame in the beginning, followed by Yin Flames while ending off with Yang Flames again. Naturally, there were also exceptions. However, in order to successfully refine certain rare spiritual ingredients, one would require a flame that had the nature of both Yin and Yang.

The grey-colored ember from earlier had already dissipated, and thus, he reactivated his Ancient Strengthening Technique Qi as he tried to separate the Yin-Yang components. Eventually, Qing Shui's left hand was manifesting the Yang Flame while his right hand was manifesting the Yin Flame.

Practice makes perfect!

As time passed, it was akin to driving a carriage across a familiar route, comparable to a walk in the park. Gradually, the left side of Qing Shui's body began to get heated up while the right side of his body was frosty chill to the touch. Yin Yang, Yang Yin, it seemed like he was going to succeed. The nature of his body was currently, left - Yang and right - Yin.

If he couldn't even master it in the state of enlightenment, then it would probably mean that the technique was flawed. However Qing Shui was oblivious to the fact that the current him was in fact, in that state of enlightenment! All he knew was that he felt like there was a god assisting him today. From a gentle rap of a pretty girl's hand, to unlocking alchemy and ancient flame techniques, it was as if he could do no wrong!

Could Wenren Wu-Shuang be his lucky star? His learning speed was lightning quick, especially after that rap of hers. Seems like he should hang out more often with her in the future and allow her to hit his head more often, who knows, maybe that was how he would achieve Xiantian.

Qing Shui quickly stopped all the distractive thoughts as he focused on mastering the <<Ancient Technique: Flames of Yin-Yang>>!

Qing Shui discovered that the moment he activated his Ancient Strengthening Technique, his body would no longer feel uncomfortable alternating between volcanic heat and frosty chill. The first time when he had experienced this feeling, he felt extremely bizarre, but now he only felt excitement.

To separate the Yin-Yang flame into its two components, required one to divide one's attention, and do two things at once while maintaining a calm state of mind. How many could truly be able to do that? Focusing on two extremely dangerous things at any one given moment, while remaining in a tranquil state.

Qing Shui could be said to have had a stroke of karmic luck this time around. If it was not for the state of enlightenment he was currently in, even if he spent 20 years, there was no way that he would be able to so quickly grasp the essence of that technique.

Peng, Peng!

On the surface of both of the palms of Qing Shui, once again, manifested embers roughly the size of one inch.

The Yang flame in his left hand was white, an ember the color of snow-white. The flame in his right hand was black, an ember the color of inky-black!

Bizarre, shocking!

Qing Shui looked at the two types of opposite-natured flame embers in his hands.

One was emitting an intense scorching aura, while the other was emitting an extremely frosty aura. Legend stated that the white flame was capable of even refining the souls of humans, while the bone-chilling black flame, was capable of injuring one's soul and spirit. However, the energy contained within, even though tyrannical, was insufficient for him to start refining the various spiritual ingredients. After all, his Ancient Strengthening Technique Qi, was only at the 3rd layer.

After getting more familiar with the technique by practicing a few more times, Qing Shui stopped as he began to inspect other unlocked information.

Hehehe, yet another good thing.


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