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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 708


AST 708 - The Gathering of the Three Clans, Murder

In just one night, the Old Ancestor of the Hai Clan seemed to had been severely wounded. Qing Shui didn't need to think for a second to know that this was the work of either the Luo Clan or the Tu Clan.

When Qing Shui first met him, Hai Tian said he would use his remaining time to clear Hai Dongqing of all obstacles. Could it be that he went to meet with the Luo Clan or the Tu Clan last night?

’’Old Ancestor, what happened?’’ Hai Dongqing and Hai Dongying both asked after they had exchanged a few words.

’’My girl, I'm useless. I have caused you so much trouble yet again. The members of the Tu Clan had become even stronger. I couldn't kill them, instead they have wounded me heavily.’’ Hai Tian looked disappointed. He initially thought that he could eliminate the strong martial warriors of the Tu Clan with the remaining days of his life. The worst thing that could happen was he would perish together with his enemies. But now, everything was over - the Hai Clan was now in real danger. The young man named Qing Shui was now their only hope.

Hai Tian already lived so long and had seen everything. Compared to others, he was already aware on what the Luo Clan would do next, and how the Tu Clan would behave. He also knew that the cultivation base of the head of the Luo Clan was from unrighteous techniques. All these years, a lot of women had suffered terribly because of him.

Hai Tian didn't need to guess to know what the head of the Luo Clan needed Hai Dongqing for - he needed her special fine bones. Since there was no one who would shoulder the main responsibilities of the Hai Clan anymore, the clan was therefore deemed unworthy to be one of the three big clans in the Ice Cold City. Because of that, the Hai Clan was eventually doomed to be devoured either by the Luo Clan or the Tu Clan.

’’Please don't say that. I had promised you since the beginning, and I will continue to battle to the end.’’ There was no emotion on Hai Dongqing's face. She was unperturbed despite how things had unexpectedly become.

At that moment, Qing Shui walked to the side of Hai Tian and quickly pressed a few acupuncture points on his chest. In a spectator's point of view, Qing Shui had actually hit about eighteen acupuncture points on the chest.

’’I can probably heal your wounds, but if you leave it be for a long period of time, it might be too late. Also, I have no problem in extending your life for about 30 to 50 more years. You still have unfinished responsibilities to bear, so now's not the time to curl up and die.’’ said Qing Shui as he smiled at the Old Ancestor.

Hai Tian had lived for too long and he understood what Qing Shui meant. He could never let go of Hai Clan, because if he wanted Hai Dongqing to take over the clan, it would require her a few more years of experience before she would be ready. A clan would need a prestigious senior to support them, even if the senior did not possess an incredible strength that could conquer the world.

Moreover, he didn't have the intention to die just yet. If he were to die right now, then he would never rest in peace. When Qing Shui said he didn't need to die, he was glad and delighted. If it wasn't for Qing Shui's 18 taps on his acupuncture points, he would have never believed his words. But now, he fully trusted Qing Shui with all his heart.

’’Thank you, sir!’’ said Hai Tian as he gave a sincere smile to Qing Shui. Age and gender didn't matter when it came to showing respect to someone who were truly capable.

Just then, the people from the Luo Clan came and approached them!

’’Miss Hai, it's almost time. Our master is currently waiting for you in the residence.’’ The elder from the Luo clan said with a serious tone.

’’To where?’’ Hai Dongqing looked at the dozen men from the Luo Clan before she stopped her gaze at the relatively old elder in front of these men.

’’Of course we are going back to the Luo Residence. You are already part of the Luo Clan. A lot of people in the Ice Cold City admires Miss Hai, you know. We have already prepared the carriage in front of the door for you.’’ The elder of the Luo Clan smiled.

’’Why are the people from the Luo Clan acts like a bunch of brainless pigs!’’ Qing Shui frowned and looked at the surrounding people with dubious gazes.

Qing Shui's words were basically the reflection of the inner thoughts of the members of the Hai Clan. Up until now, no one had ever dared to speak in such a blunt, impudent manner by calling the members of the Luo Clan as a bunch of pigs.

His words had also completely enraged the people from the Luo Clan in an instant. The Luo Clan had a sense of dignity that outweighed everything else in the Ice Cold City. No one dared to be plainspoken in front of them, nor want to oppose the Luo Clan's ruling. Certainly they wouldn't even dare to ridicule them like how Qing Shui just did earlier.

’’You really are a fearless fellow with no sense of death. In any case, Miss Hai, we are still waiting for your decision.’’ The elder of the Luo Clan turned to ask Hai Dongqing after he had managed to hold in his anger. His face was swollen red from anger, but he kept his frustration in checked and did not make a simple situation to explode.

’’He was right about you all. You even had the guts to say such things now. You really are brainless.’’ Hai Dongqing did not hold back her words.

’’Good good, Hai Clan seems to be resolved in their decision. You've got guts.’’ Even though the elder of the Luo Clan was at his boiling point, he began to laugh.

Then at that moment, a few dozen men came inside the Hai Residence in succession. The leader of these men was a seemingly valiant yet fierce middle-aged man. Before he could even enter, his voice already rang out first.

’’Hai Tian, my old ignorant man. How did it feel to sneak up on my father last night? Today, the Tu Clan will come to pay a visit as a reciprocation for your deeds. I hope you all can endure your best this time.’’

The Tu Clan had initially planned to remain as a spectator in the fight between the Hai Clan and the Luo Clan then reap the benefits of the winner after that. Unfortunately, they were forced by the Luo Clan to initiate a fight with the Hai Clan if they were to be uncooperative with the Luo Clan's wishes. The Tu Clan was helpless - they had no choice but to do what the Luo Clan dictated.

Before anyone knew it, the combined force of the people from the Tu Clan and the Luo Clan had forced the members of the Hai Clan to the corner of the room. The people from the Luo Clan had a sly smile on their faces.

The expressions of the members of the Hai Clan changed when they saw the overwhelming number of people that had surrounded them. Most people would turn grim when they were about to face death, even those who had proclaimed their fearlessness towards death - their faces would turn pale at the moment that they were face-to-face with death.

’’Where's that coward Tu Renxiong? Why is his bastard son here instead?’’ Hai Tian remained unfazed by the situation.

’’Haha, one tiny Hai Clan isn't going to force my father to come. I alone will be enough to kill you, ignorant old man.’’ The middle-aged man gave a sinister chuckle as he revealed his set of snow white teeth.

’’Miss Hai, it's not too late to change your mind now. Do you really want to see your brothers and sisters getting killed by the Tu Clan? They will not harm you of course, you still need to go to the Luo Residence after all of them were killed. Since you are going to the Luo Residence sooner or later, you don't really have to sacrifice your family.’’ The elder from the Luo Clan smiled as he said those words.

His voice wasn't particularly loud, but everyone around him could hear what he had said. Most of the members of the Hai Clan stared at Hai Dongqing with eyes full of hope. Her decision could either kill them or let them live.

’’Hai Dongqing, you must not drag us down with you!’’

One of the members of the Hai Clan wasn't able to hold his frustrations anymore as he shrilled at Hai Dongqing.

’’Hai Ping, execute him according to the clan's rules. The Hai Clan doesn't have such a treacherous weakling like that man. If he can't stay on the same boat, then finish him on the spot. He is unworthy to be a member of the Hai Clan.’’ Hai Tian ignored the shrilling middle-aged man who was about to be executed by Hai Ping.

After a while, the middle-aged man was executed and the whole room became quiet. The people from the Luo Clan and the Tu Clan all had faint smiles on their faces, as if they were elated to have seen such a situation happened to the Hai Clan.

’’Whoever wants to leave the Hai Clan now, I will give you the choice to walk out from here alive. If you decide to leave, you can still stay in the Ice Cold City. As a member of the Tu Clan, we will never go back on our word.’’ The leader of the Tu Clan group made a proposal in a loud voice.

’’Then maybe I should leave this Hai Clan. From now on, I will have nothing to do with the Hai Clan anymore.’’ After a while, a man seemingly in his 30s stood up with a grimace.

’’The blood flowing in your veins is of the Hai Clan. If you still want to go, I will not hold you back. Just leave one of your hands before you step out from here.’’ Hai Tian sighed.

The man buried himself in a deeper frown for a moment. Losing an arm would always be better than losing his life, he thought. So he took out his sharp sword, let out a deep groan, and proceeded to chop off his left hand. He was last seen with his teeth clenched before he left through the door.

Hai Tian with his eyes full of distress, watched as the man walked away.

’’Those who want to leave, just leave. You don't have to cut off your hand anymore. Once you passed this door, you are no longer a member of the Hai Clan.’’ Hai Tian let out a long sigh before he began to talk slowly.

A breath of time had passed when he had finished speaking. A young man stood up as he trembled from fear and he slowly made his way outside with heavy steps.

Of course, 'heavy' was the right word to describe his footsteps. After all, once he left the Hai Clan, he could never come back. When the sight of his silhouette had vanished from the door, a few more people gradually began to stood up.

These few people felt that it was better to try their luck and leave the clan rather than to stay here and die. The Tu Clan was one of the big clans in the Ice Cold City, so their words could be trusted for the most part. That was just one of the reasons why they chose to leave the Hai Clan.

The people from the Tu Clan and the Luo Clan still had a smile plastered on their faces, as they watched the great performance of the former members of the Hai Clan leave. In a blink of an eye, half of the members were already gone.

’’Hai Chusheng, if you leave, we will sever our ties as father and son.’’ An old man shouted as he looked at his middle-aged son.

’’Father, I am still young, I don't want to die.......’’

The man knelt and bowed a few times at the old man before he quickly vanished from the residence!

In the end, a clan with such an enormous size had been reduced to about 40 people. The one-third of the people left in the residence were the core members of the Hai Clan. These remaining members were determined to stay despite the high possibility of losing their lives to the two big clans.

It was important for a clan to have such determined and courageous members who would fight without fear in spite of difficulties. They were the ones who should be considered as the fundamental soul of the clan.

’’You all are the best sons and daughters the Hai Clan could ever have.......’’ said Hai Tian while he held back his tears.

’’We will fight them. Even if we die trying, it is enough if we managed to kill one of them. It will be a bonus if we can kill two.’’

’’Yes, kill them!’’

’’This has gone too far, let's kill them!’’


Hai Dongqing was silent as she turned around to look at the remaining members of the Hai Clan.

’’Don't agree to their wishes. We will not fall back. We will rather die than to trade you. They will never let go of us alive anyway.’’ One member of the Hai Clan shouted at Hai Dongqing.

’’Miss Hai, let me ask you again. If you don't give me a firm reply, then today's matter will be none of our business.’’ The elder from the Luo Clan said in a non-pleasing, calm manner.

’’Are you done?’’ Qing Shui seemed to mind the perverse smile that was on the elder's face.

’’What do you mean? I've had enough of you.’’ The elder of the Luo Clan shot a sinister murderous look at Qing Shui as he took a step forward in front of him.

’’What I mean is that you should go and die if you are done talking.’’ Qing Shui replied casually before he abruptly rushed towards the elder and used the Tiger Laceration move against him.


Heavenly Thunder Slash!


The elder of the Luo Clan was quite overwhelmed by Qing Shui's power. Even though he wasn't completely paralyzed by the Heavenly Thunder Slash move, his movements appeared to had stopped, as if he was suddenly interrupted by something.

Qing Shui pushed him back with his strength and proceeded to boost up his own speed!

Cloudmist Steps!

Ripping Tiger Claw!

Qing Shui didn't even give the old man a chance to strike back and quickly smashed his head into smithereens. The elder of the Luo Clan had been killed instantly, and all of that happened in less than a breath's time after Qing Shui spoke.

Everyone was shocked. Qing Shui had killed the fifth brother of the Luo Clan's head - Luo Chong. Although Luo Chong wasn't that strong, he was still a Martial Saint warrior. He was one of the important figures who was tasked to 'escort' Hai Dongqing back to her wedding at the Luo Residence.

However, he had been killed in a split-second by someone who was apparently looked down by the Luo Clan.


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