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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 707


AST 707 - Hidden Weapon 'Meteor Smash', 'Decorated Carriage'

The distance between Hai Dongqing's small courtyard and the Hai Residence was actually not very far. They exited and continued on their journey towards the small courtyard on a beast carriage.

’’Why are you helping me? Is it only because we are friends?’’ Hai Dongqing sat beside Qing Shui and slowly asked as she stared into the distance.

Fire Bird forged ahead at a uniform speed. Ever since his breakthrough, Qing Shui's mind was at peace. The feeling of being in control of everything was indeed very pleasant.

’’Isn't that enough of a reason?’’ Qing Shui looked at Hai Dongqing who was beside him.

’’Can you tell me why you want to be friends with me?’’ Hai Dongqing turned her head around to look at Qing Shui who was looking at her. Her gorgeously intellectual eyes stared at him unblinkingly, the graceful expression on her face was extremely fascinating.

Qing Shui was a little taken aback before he chuckled. ’’Dongqing, you are very beautiful and you are even one of the most beautiful women I've met. If I had met you a few years earlier, I might have some other intentions. But now you really are a friend. A true friend of mine.’’

Hai Dongqing chuckled too. ’’Thank you,’’ she told Qing Shui softly while looking at him.

She could feel that little hope within her disappear the moment she finished thanking him. She had felt very nervous earlier and had hoped that he'd say that. So just like that, they were friends. But then again, she seemed to still have some other hope left in her.

The sky had completely turned dark since long ago by the time they returned to the small courtyard. But with Light Stones, the place was very brightly illuminated. They went in to find that everything was just like how it had always been. The mess from earlier was already cleared up.

’’You must be tired. Get an early rest!’’ Qing Shui stopped at the courtyard and told Hai Dongqing.

’’You should get an early rest too!’’ Hai Donqing waved at him with a smile and then walked towards the pavilion.


Qing Shui suddenly called out and then slowly made his way to Hai Dongqing's side. Hai Dongqing looked perplexedly at Qing Shui who was currently behaving a little strangely.

’’Come out!’’ Qing Shui inwardly breathed a sigh of relief when he reached to the side of her and called out towards the pavilion.

However, everything in the pavilion was completely still. Qing Shui unhurriedly retrieved his Frosted Iron Ball. He then extended his right arm in a weird manner. His arm seemed to be very long and well-shaped.

The moment his arm stretched, the Frosted Iron Ball in his hand violently launched out. Its speed was indescribably fast. It was like a flash of meteor, brilliant yet fatal.

Another killing technique of the hidden weapon - Meteor Smash!


A few people quickly leapt out from within the pavilion very soon, breaking through the roof. The entire pavilion collapsed loudly. Four men of unknown age stood at a distance.

One dead body of a man wasn't hidden by the collapsed pavilion. There was a gaping hole about the size of a chicken egg in his head. He had died an instantaneous death, not even in time to make a single noise.

’’Do you know them, Dongqing?’’ Qing Shui calmly stared at the people across from them. Every single one of them were cultivators of Martial Saint Grade, yet couldn't withstand a single blow from him.

To think that he had been forced to a helpless situation by the strength of Sky Tyrant Lord at one point. He had killed quite a number of Martial Saints up to now. He was very confident that he could dispatch the ones standing before him in a flash.

It wasn't like Martial Saint cultivators were no longer valuable or there were too many of them now. It was more because Qing Shui's strength and realms had reached the level where it was very easy for him to encounter them because they'd come looking for him even when he didn't look for them.

Qing Shui was able to use hidden weapons ever since his strength was greatly improved. He had a killing technique, the Meteor Smash, which was the one that he had used earlier. The target was locked with his powerful spiritual sense first before launching the hidden weapon. This prevented the target from evading and he could only either resist it with force or repel or catch the hidden weapon. It was futile to evade it.

Furthermore, Qing Shui's strength had suddenly doubled. The power, speed, oddness and aura of that hidden weapon were simply not something that these people standing before him could withstand.

’’People from Luo Clan.’’ Hai Dongqing pointed out softly. She seemed to be surprisingly calm at this moment. She could easily take care all of these people by just summoning a Silver Spirit Beast.

’’That's the clan of the old fellow who wants to marry you,’’ Qing Shui laughed awkwardly after he finished his sentence.

Hai Dongqing glared at him. Although she didn't say anything, she had pretty much tacitly agreed to that statement.

’’Make all of them stay?’’ Qing Shui looked at Hai Dongqing.

’’You actually dare to kill the people of my Luo Clan? All of you are going to die.’’ One of them bellowed at Qing Shui with reddened eyes and then shifted his gaze to Hai Dongqing.

’’What's so special about the Luo Clan?’’ Qing Shui asked disdainfully. These people's sense of superiority in being in the Luo Clan irked him. He looked down the most upon people who were riding on the coattails of their clan's reputation.

’’Brat, we are here to send you to hell today. How dare you snatch the woman that my clan master has set his eyes on?’’ The man who said this was the same man, with the reddened eyes, from earlier.


Hai Dongqing immediately used the Luan's Strength and then a trail of afterimages was formed with her body. The Luan Silver Sword in her hands turned into a deadly sharp weapon right at this moment. Under the absolute speed, eliminating these people was merely a trifling task to Hai Dongqing

Within a moment, all the four of them were eliminated!

’’Seems like the Luo Clan is about to start it.’’ Hai Dongqing sheathed her Luan Silver Sword and came over.

’’No need to worry. Kill every single one that comes. If it gets too much, we'll just go to the Luo Clan directly and kill the clan master,’’ Qing Shui said indifferently.

Hai Dongqing wasn't sure if she should place her faith in him after hearing his relaxed tone. If it had been that easy, she wouldn't be this worried.

Qing Shui extended his arms out and formed a few balls of primordial flames to burn the dead bodies.

’’This place has collapsed. Come stay in the pavilion here!’’

Hai Dongqing nodded helplessly. She stayed on the third floor while Qing Shui stayed on the second floor. Although they had taken care of these few people from Luo Clan, it seemed like the Luo Clan was about to take action.

Qing Shui thought that it was better to take action earlier. Otherwise they would need to personally go to the Luo Clan and he didn't want to waste too much time here.

He didn't say anything else for that night!

The next day, Qing Shui cultivated as usual and had his meal. Two people came in from outside when he had just finished eating. They were from the Hai Clan and seemed to be in a great hurry.

’’Miss, Mister, the Old Ancestor of Hai Clan has requested for your return to settle some issues,’’ the two youths informed with a bow.

’’Understood. You all may return first.’’

It was very normal for this to happen and Qing Shui had already expected it. For the Luo Clan to come to Hai Clan today, the contradictions between them would definitely intensify. This was also what they were hoping for.

’’We should return. Perhaps this issue can be completely resolved by today.’’ Qing Shui laughed to Hai Dongqing as he stood up.

Hai Dongqing's heart was a mess though. Things had already turned out this way, she could only trust this man beside her. To be honest, she actually secretly had a lot of faith in him.

’’Alright!’’ She smiled and walked out of this small courtyard with Qing Shui by her side.

Luo Clan!

’’What did you say?! Luo tong and the other four of them still haven't return until now?’’ The clan's head of Luo Clan roared in rage

’’Yes, Clan Head!’’

’’Get my second younger brother here. Hurry,’’ Luo Clan's clan head raised his voice. He was extremely furious right now.


The terrified voice faded away. Soon after that, an old man entered the room. This old man was the second younger brother of Luo Clan's Head. He appeared to be a very old and very easy-going person.

’’Big Brother!’’

The old man greeted when he saw Luo Clan's Head, who looked a lot younger than him.

’’Second Younger Brother, none from Luo Tong's party came back. Our intel has found nothing other than the pavilion of that Hai Clan's woman has collapsed,’’ the man gestured for the old man to have a seat.

’’It seems like they're all dead. Big Brother, I feel a little strange about that youth. We mustn't fail in an easy task,’’ the old man said prudently after thinking for awhile.

’’This has been my concern. But I must get my hands on that woman of Hai Clan. I cannot wait any longer.’’ The man frowned in his thoughts, both of his eyes were gleaming with determination.

The old man sighed but didn't say anything else.

’’I have already sent someone to fetch that woman of Hai Clan. If they can't bring her back, then we'll take action,’’ the man told the old man.

’’Big Brother. If that woman of Hai Clan isn't brought back here today, then Big Brother may let the Tu Clan to take action first. But they mustn't hurt that woman.’’ The old man's aged and amiable gaze instantly turned as sharp as a knife at this moment.

’’Alright. If the Tu Clan isn't going to do anything, we shall force them,’’ the man grinned at the old man. At this very moment, the pair of brother looked surprisingly similar to each other. They were both stern, vicious and ruthless.


When Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing reached to the entrance of the Hai Residence, they saw about ten lavish beast carriages that were decorated with flowers. The middle carriage was fully decorated with colorful fresh flowers and looked extremely gorgeous. Many people surrounded them, and they seemed to know what was going on.

A decorated carriage!

This was a decorated carriage. The very same sort that people drove during weddings in the Main Continent!

Hai Dongqing's face paled a little when she saw these decorated carriages. But still, she walked towards the Hai Residence without stopping. Qing Shui on the other hand was still staring at the decorated carriages while following her towards the Hai Residence.

The moment they entered they saw many people from the Hai Clan and Luo Clan standing in the courtyard. Both parties appeared to be engaged in some kind of discussion. Old Hai Tian was seated at one side while the people of the Luo Clan were all standing.

Qing Shui could feel that this Hai Tian old man seemed to have quite a temper. He didn't know how long the Luo Clan had been here but both parties seemed to be fighting over something right now.

’’So this is how your Hai Clan treats your guests?’’ An old man yelled towards Hai Tian.

Qing Shui could understand his anger. After all, the people of the Luo Clan had always been treated as guests of honor everywhere they went. Besides, the Luo Clan was also the most powerful clan in the Cold Ice City while the Hai Clan had waned in power long ago and they were actually slighting them like this.

’’You are not our guests. If this old man was still well, I would have driven you all out by now, you bunch of shameless fools,’’ Hai Tian relentlessly insulted them.

’’Wait till we bring that woman away, you all can go die after three days,’’ the old man muttered under his breath to dissolve the anger in his heart.

’’The young miss has returned!’’

’’Fourth Brother, that woman is back. Let us talk to her directly and see if she's willing? We are still going to use her family to threaten her too,’’ a younger man suggested to an older man who appeared to be in his sixties.

Everyone's attention instantly shifted to Hai Dongqing and Qing Shui.

Hai Dongying, Hai Shiya and the rest walked towards them.

Hai Tian stood up but his body quivered after taking a few steps, as if he was enduring great pain. His aging face was also extremely pale.

’’How did this old man sustain such a heavy injuryin one night?’’ Qing Shui was quite perplexed. He then glanced over at Hai Dongqing.


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