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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 706


AST 706 - As Beautiful as an Immortal, Fairy Gu Ye

The final turn of events was indeed a little unexpected. Qing Shui had assumed that the issues of the Hai Clan could only be resolved through martial force. He didn't expect an old ancestor from the Hai Clan to come out in the end. On top of that, it seemed like he had been harmed by Hai Zhen before.

Hai Zhen, Hai Chuan, and the rest were led away by someone. There were about a few dozen more people behind the old man. Qing Shui guessed that they were the core members of Hai Clan, but from the other Hai Clan bloodlines.

It was only now that the old man shifted his gaze to Qing Shui. His eyes were filled with admiration and his face showed that he was impressed. He then turned towards Hai Dongying, Hai Dongqing, Hai Long, Hai Shiya, and the rest.

There were more than ten people by Hai Dongqing's side.They were Hai Dongqing's core members from the Hai Clan in the Greencloud Continent. All of them were directly related to her by blood.

Although the Hai Clan in the Green Cloud Continent was quite big, their connections were weak and even gradually declining. Although, the people of Hai Clan were very outstanding. On top of that, even the guardians of the Hai Clan were experts hired with money, or soldiers that were willing to give up their life for Hai Clan due to them previously having been bestowed favors upon by the Hai Clan.

’’Dongying has told me about you all already. I am the biological brother of your ancestor who had passed away. Since you're all his descendants, then you are I, Hai Tian's, and the Hai Clan's descendants’’ the old man said gently. His tone of voice was serene and warm.

A wave of unknown emotions bubbled up in Hai Dongqing's heart right at this moment. She silent watched the old man without uttering a single word.

’’The grandchildren of I, Hai Tian, are degenerates who had schemed against me. This caused me to be unable to come out from seclusion for a hundred years. I even almost lost my life a few times. The Hai Clan has let you all down. If anything happened to you all, I would have let Big Brother down even in my death’’ the old man spoke slowly while looking at Hai Dongqing.

’’These have nothing to do with the Old Ancestor. It isn't your fault.’’ Hai Dongqing said softly.

’’You all have come here from ten million li away just to be mistreated like this. This old man has let you all down.’’ Hai Tian said sincerely.

’’Please stop blaming yourself. Before his death, the Old Ancestor had us thinking every possible way to return, and we have managed to do so. He had seen it and his wish should have been fulfilled. Since things have turned out like this, we will return to the Greencloud Continent after things have settled down’’ Hai Dongqing pondered before speaking.

’’Girl, you have an exquisite body structure. Your future achievements will be profound. The Hai Clan is declining and has no qualified successors. You all are Hai Kong's grandchildren and also the grandchildren of Hai Clan. This old man is sincerely requesting for you to stay here. I will hand over everything in Hai Clan to you all. I believe you all will lead the Hai Clan towards prosperity’’ Hai Tian said earnestly.

’’Old man, I don't want to be involved with the Hai Clan anymore. How about we just pretend that we never came here before?’’ Hai Dongqing couldn't help but to feel disheartened whenever she remembered everything the Hai Clan had done.

’’So, you can't fulfill the request of a person who is about to die? I don't want the Hai Clan to be destroyed in my hands. This old man is begging you’’ Hai Tian said pleaded in agony.

’’You?’’ Hai Dongqing looked at this old man in shock.

’’I will not be able to make it past this month. Girl, this old man will help you eliminate as many threats as possible in his final month’’ the old man said after thinking for a moment.

Hai Dongqing was actually content with her life. She more so yearned for an ordinary life in which she could spend her days in leisure. Since she was already at a dead end, she had actually thought that she would reach the end of her life this time and be welcomed by the abyss of hell. There wasn't even an option left for her to choose.

’’They will definitely obey you. You all have already come all the to the Central Continent, so you should just stay!’’


’’They have all been punished by the clan's rules. Please stay here!’’


The few dozens of people behind the old man told Hai Dongqing. This puzzled her greatly. Why would they want her to take over the Hai Clan? Was it only because of her exquisite body structure?

Though, she instantly realized as soon as she saw the way the old man looked at Qing Shui. No matter what her future was, the chosen person in his eyes was Qing Shui. He must have thought that Qing Shui was her man....

’’Just agree to it!’’ Qing Shui said with a smile.

Qing Shui considered Hai Dongqing's personality. Even with the fact that she'd been situated at a high position over the past few years, her abilities weren't actually developing. He could've helped her in becoming the greatest being in the Ice Cold City. This way, she'd be able to live happily with her family.

He wished for her to be happy!

After Hai Dongqing heard Qing Shui's words, she looked at him and then nodded at the old man, ’’I'll do my best, but I can't guarantee to be best.’’

’’That's great! I believe in you. Let's go, we're returning to the Hai Clan!’’


News about the Hai Clan spread like wildfires in the Cold Ice City!

Tu Clan!

’’Father, it seems like that Hai Tian has come out. What should we do?’’

A middle-aged man who had a tough appearance questioned the other strongly-built elderly man in the main hall of the Tu Residence. Judging solely from the elder's appearance, it seemed like he had just reached his seniority. But those seemingly muddy eyes and six inch snowy-white brows revealed his very old age.

Eyebrows wouldn't be hanging down three inches for someone below the age of two hundred years. A person like that would be at least three hundred years old!

The main hall of the Tu Clan was extremely lavish. Luxurious birch floorings, a crystal-like mural and table....

’’Hai Tian. Hmph, he doesn't have long to live. His current cultivation level is also far inferior to mine. There's no need worry about him. We only need to be wary of the Luo Clan. We cannot afford to offend this deep-rooted clan right now. Let them be cocky out there for a few more years.’’ The muddy gaze of the old man immediately turned limpid at this very moment.

’’Then what should we do now?’’ The man asked the old man respectfully. It was evident that the old man's position in the Tu Clan was quite high.

’’Don't act blindly without thinking. Wait for that old geezer from the Hai Clan to die. Be sure to watch every movement from the Luo Clan. I have news that the Luo Clan will definitely make a move in snatching that woman. Of course, the Hai Clan will naturally object to it. This will be our chance. Remember to keep this confidential and remind the others involved to know their place for this period of time.’’ The old man thought for awhile before speaking in a strict tone.

’’Understood!’’ The man bowed happily before leaving!


Luo Clan!

’’Big Brother, Hai Tian has come out of seclusion. Do you think we should still continue?’’ The old man asked someone who appeared to be middle-aged.

’’So what if he's out of seclusion? That old thing isn't going to last long anyway. If he dares to stand in my way, then I shall send him to his death immediately.’’ The man stared into the distance with a sharp gaze. His powerful aura was extremely domineering.

’’Big Brother, I keep having this feeling that something fishy is going on. Should we let the Tu Clan investigate?’’ The old man asked after pondering for a moment.

’’No need to be this cautious. My target is that woman from the Hai Clan. Besides, we've already discussed this with the Tu Clan. They can only start doing things three days after we escort that woman from Hai Clan to the Luo Clan. There's no need to earn ourselves the reputation of being inconsistent over something so small.’’ The man waved his hand while speaking.

’’Then, do we still have to wait for two months before going to the Hai Clan to fetch that woman?’’

’’Send someone to fetch her tomorrow. We can let the Tu Clan go to pressure them a little’’ the man turned around and said after thinking for awhile.


The Hai Clan was actually still under a great deal of pressure right now. Although Hai Tian's appearance from seclusion had given the Hai Clan a little sense of relief, that oppressive feeling didn't vanish and it felt as if a storm was rapidly approaching.

Qing Shui, Hai Dongqing, Hai Dongying and the rest gathered after the banquet ended. They gathered in the living room which belonged to their residence and started chatting leisurely.

’’Qing Shui, you really aren't leaving? With you and your Fire Bird's speed, they shouldn't be able to stop you.’’ Hai Dongqing was still hoping for Qing Shui to not get involved.

’’Dongqing, trust me. Those people are still not taking me seriously.’’ Qing Shui gave her a relaxed smile.

Hai Shiya was smilingly looking at Hai Dongqing and Qing shui from the side. There was a crafty smile on her face. Even a woman like Hai Dongqing would feel uncomfortable being stared at like that.

’’You damn girl, if you keep staring at me this way I'm going to give your bottom a good spank....’’

It was normal for the two of them to joke around like this. With Qing Shui around now, Hai Shiya's lovely face quickly turned red. She then gave Hai Dongqing a look of being wronged, ’’I'm only thinking that aunt is as beautiful as an immortal. You look especially graceful and noble dressed like this.’’

’’That's enough. You're always using the same trick.’’ Hai Dongqing said with a smile.

’’How could that be? Qing Shui, don't you think my aunt is attractive?’’ Hai Shiya asked Qing Shui slyly.

’’She is. Just as what Miss Hai had said, she's as beautiful as an immortal.’’ What else could he say? Besides, Hai Dongqing was indeed as beautiful as an immortal, just like the Fairy Gu Ye. He had already complimented her twice.

[TL Note: Fairy Gu Ye is a deity that controls the snow. Her name is generally used to describe very beautiful women.]

’’You see, aunt? Even Qing Shui said it too. I'm telling the truth!’’ Hai Shiya chuckled as she latched onto Hai Dongqing's arm. The sight of two beautiful women standing together made for a very breathtaking scenery. Hai Shiya's beauty only paled in comparison to Hai Dongqing due to the Luan Silver Battle Dress she was wearing.

Hai Dongqing sighed inwardly. She was grateful to Qing Shui from the bottom of her heart, but she was unable to return the favor!

’’I hereby thank you, Mr. Qing.’’ Hai Dongying, who hadn't really spoken much, expressed his sincere gratitude to Qing Shui. He was someone who had experienced a lot and was naturally able to see the crucial point of the issue.

’’Dongqing and I are friends, and you are her elder brother. There's no need for courtesy. We are all friends.’’ Qing Shui said politely.

His politeness had instead projected another idea in their mind. They glanced at Hai Dongqing silently, all thinking about the same thing in their hearts. Both of them seemed to be a very good match!

’’Qing Shui, let us return to that small courtyard!’’ Hai Dongqing suggested when the sky was turning dark.

Qing Shui stood up and bid everyone farewell before leaving with Hai Dongqing under everyone's astonished gaze.

’’Daddy, do you think aunt is in love with Qing Shui?’’ Hai Shiya asked the refined man.

’’Perhaps. This is the first time in many years that I've seen her this close with another man.’’ Hai Dongying said happily.

’’Then, do you think aunt will marry Qing Shui?’’

’’I can't really say. Qing Shui is a wedded man, and it seems like he has more than one wife. I don't know what kind of a choice your aunt will make.’’ The man shook his head lightly.

’’I'm guessing that aunt will definitely marry him.’’ Hai Long said confidently.

’’What makes you so certain?’’ Hai Shiya doubtfully asked Hai Long.

’’It's very obvious that aunt is fond of Qing Shui. She has a very strong personality. After this incident, she definitely wouldn't mind that Qing Shui has other women. So she will most certainly marry him. I even have a feeling that aunt will be the one chasing after Qing Shui instead.’’

’’Hehe, big brother is indeed very good in speculating.’’ Hai Shiya chuckled.

Hai Long gave her an embarrassed smile!


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