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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 705


AST 705 - Turn of Events, It Wasn't Over Yet

Qing Shui's words were just too blunt. The Luo Clan was the largest and most prominent clan in Cold Ice City. Even the Tu Clan would not dare to cause a ruckus with the members of the Luo Clan. The Hai Clan had fallen into a complete mess, so they desperately needed the support of the Luo Clan to settle their matters with the Tu Clan.

It hadn't been a simple case to start with, and it became more complicated after Qing Shui said the Luo Clan could never deserve a woman like Hai Dongqing. In the World of the Nine Continents, those who possessed power and strong martial skills would be able to have it all. Not only could they have the most spectacular woman in the world, they could also have many others if they wanted to. In essence, the head of the Luo Clan had the right to deserve every woman in Ice Cold City, regardless of her status.

’’Kid, I will deal with you later. This is the Hai Clan, so you don't have the right to say such useless things. If you don't want to die, then shut your mouth.’’ Hai Chuan shouted in a thin strident voice despite having a delicate tone.

’’I didn't think a person who's neither a man nor a woman could shout in such a piercing way like this. You have such a feeble Yang pulse. If you didn't depend on medicines, even if that woman were to present herself to you, you could only stand and watch her. Huh, what a waste of a di*k.’’

Qing Shui's casual comment had completely angered Hai Chuan. His face turned red in anger, as if someone had stepped on the fur of his tail. Qing Shui had touched on his ultimate pain, which Hai Chuan had managed to conceal behind his delicate demeanor on usual days. Regardless, even if someone knew of it, no one had dared to mention it to his face before.

’’Kid, you're really asking for it. Having a smart mouth isn't the best trait one can have. I'll consider you capable if you can keep that up in front of the powerful people later.’’ Hai Chuan slowly walked up to Qing Shui as he talked.

’’Let me take care of this for you!’’ Qing Shui stepped backwards a bit and said in a soft-spoken tone to Hai Dongqing without turning his head towards her.

Hai Dongqing still felt unnerved at this point. However, since these men in the courtyard had no basic respect left in their soul, she would have no choice but to fight it out with them. She felt the need to step in to save the situation from getting worse. If her big brother was here, he wouldn't consent to her behavior right now.

’’Let me do this myself!’’ Hai Dongqing stepped to the side of Qing Shui while wielding the Luan Silver Sword.

’’Dongqing, do you really want to fight with the members of the Hai Clan?’’ Hai Chuan stared intensely at Hai Dongqing. He knew very well that this woman must never die, because the Hai Clan still needed her for the clan's survival.

She replied by swiftly pointing the sword at him in a purposeful manner. Her speed and demeanor had thrown off Hai Chuan's balance, so he quickly drank his wine to get back into the reality of the situation.

Hai Dongqing was initially an Elementary Martial Saint, but she had successfully advanced to the level of a Grade Two Martial Saint due to Qing Shui's medicinal pills. The Luan Silver Battle Dress she was wearing doubled her powers as well, meaning she was now stronger than a Grade Two Martial Saint.

She had already surpassed Hai Chuan's power, so even without the Luan's Strength, she would have defeated Hai Chuan quite easily. If she summoned the Silver Spirit Beast to assist her in the fight, she could easily kill this effeminate man in a split second.

Hai Chuan pushed away the woman in his arms and began to look at Hai Dongqing seriously. How did she even gain such an amount of power in the span of a month?

What he didn't know was that the Luan Silver Battle Dress she was wearing was the main reason she had become exceptionally strong.

’’Your brother and the others are in my grasp. Do you not care whether they live or die?’’ Just then, a few dozen men came into the courtyard in succession. The one who asked the question was none other than a stout but semi-old man by the name of Hai Zhen, the head of the Hai Clan.

Hai Dongqing, who was in a battle stance, suddenly stopped. Although he was furious, Hai Chuan did not try to fight her. He knew that Hai Dongqing could not be touched, otherwise his brother would kill him. The Hai Clan still needed this woman to save their own hides.

’’The Hai Clan used to be one of the three great clans of Ice Cold City. Now all you can do is beg for pity like a dog. What a joke.’’ Qing Shui didn't care who the head of the clan was. He ridiculed the Hai Clan directly without any restraint.

’’Young man. You are decently powerful, but don't be so cocky. I don't know whether you're a fearless fool or someone who is confused about our situation. Do you seriously think that you alone can challenge the whole Hai Clan?’’ Hai Zhen frowned as he looked at Qing Shui.

At that moment, he released a strong suppressing aura from his body. Qing Shui could tell from his aura that he was a Grade Ten Martial Saint who possessed about 6000 countries of strength.

Qing Shui had a special skill to hide his true power. His disguised aura revealed that he only had fewer than 3000 countries of strength, less than half of Hai Zhen's strength. Even though Qing Shui was an exceptional martial warrior, his opponent would not even take him seriously.

Hai Zhen could also vaguely make a guess as to which clan Qing Shui belonged to. He was familiar with Cold Ice City more than anyone, so naturally he would know which clans had powerful descendents and which did not. Yet despite his familiarity, it was impossible for any clan in Cold Ice City to have someone as powerful as Qing Shui.

Just as he was still guessing which clan Qing Shui belonged to, Qing Shui spoke out in a nonchalant tone: ’’The Hai Clan is still unworthy!’’

His words had everyone stunned. The Hai Clan was like a camel, and even if it were to die from starvation, it would still be superior than a regular horse. Qing Shui's words were a sign that he was ready to challenge the entire Hai Clan.


Hai Zhen, who was in his thoughts a moment ago, began to laugh out loudly. He felt that the young man in front of him could not be described by the word 'crazy' anymore. He could only be described as an ignorant fool, and a stupid one at that.

Qing Shui wasted no more breath. These men were like ants in his eyes, so no matter how they performed or what kind of attitude they displayed, any gestures of provocation would only yield indifference.

Qing Shui also knew why these powerful men could keep their cool despite his words of provocation. These people had had experience about a lot of things that regular people were incapable of understanding, as well as things that were forced upon them for no reason. Because of that, they gradually learnt to feel nothing of it, because they could solve these problems with a flick of a finger. Sometimes they were too lazy to solve them, because these problem were like small puddles - they could never become a strong wave.

’’I will give you two options. The first one is to release Dongqing's family, and they will never have anything to do with you all anymore. The second one is for me to force you to let them go.’’ Qing Shui waited until Hai Zhen had finished laughing before he began to speak again.

Qing Shui's tone was calm, and it was not as 'crazy' as Hai Zhen had thought. On the other hand, his words were beginning to anger all of the Hai Clan members preset.

’’Elder brother, why are you still talking to him? Kill him!’’

’’Uncle, let me kill him.’’ A handsome man with greying temples spoke out first.

’’No one has ever dared talk to my clan like that. Young man, you are the first.’’ Hai Zhen laughed for a bit before he began to talk again.

’’What a real fool. I didn't know that you could still spout such words even after becoming the Tu Clan's dog. You even had to destroy the happiness of a family after you were intimidated by the Luo Clan. The ancestors of the Hai Clan have had their dignity thrown away because of you. I don't know how you will face them after you die. Stop pretending to talk with a graceful and superior attitude, as if you are really an angel. Your words are beginning to sound disgusting and awful.’’ Qing Shui couldn't help but laugh.

These people were always spouting words without considering the consequences, and some of them didn't even use their brains at all before they spoke. They could only blame their bad habits as a result of speaking like that for a long period of time.

Qing Shui's words were the truth, and his words silenced Hai Zhen completely. Hai Zhen's face was flushed with shame as he was at loss for words. After a few moments, he regained his composure and looked at Qing Shui in the eyes: ’’Young man, you are dead.’’

’’I will say it again: Release Dongqing's family now.’’ Qing Shui remained calm as he looked directly at Hai Zhen.


’’Go to hell, you inbred!’’ The man who had addressed Hai Zhen as his uncle swung his sword at Qing Shui as he rushed towards him. He pointed his sword and aimed at Qing Shui's neck.

Qing Shui didn't even look at his incoming opponent as he took a step forward nonchalantly. His right hand seemed like it was clenching into a fist. Then he pulled it back, took another step forward, and struck the man's chest.

In an instant, everything was over!

This man had been the best of his generation in the Hai Clan, as even Hai Chuan hadn't been on his level. Now he had killed in a split second by this young man, with his bare hands no less.....

’’What kind of power is this?’’

Everyone on the scene was shocked, including Hai Dongqing. Hai Zhen was completely baffled as he stood there watching in bewilderment. He couldn't even kill his nephew Cong 'er this easily even if he had tried. How was it possible that this young man could possess such an abominable power like this......

Qing Shui naturally severed that man's life force when he had eagerly thrown an insulting remark and had volunteered himself to kill Qing Shui. It was best in Qing Shui's opinion that he had killed him in one swift move.

’’Give me back my son!’’ The old man shouted in anger as he rushed towards Qing Shui.

He seemed to be in a heartache as he moved towards to Qing Shui. That was to be expected as after all, his son had died. However, people were, by their inherent nature, selfish. He had the right to be utterly upset because that had been his son. On the other hand, he wouldn't care about other people's children. They did not matter to him, and he would much rather use his power to sacrifice Hai Dongqing and the others for his own gain.

’’Third brother, be careful!’’ Hai Zhen shouted in panic.

’’Your brothers all have the same blood as your extended family who lived thousand of miles away. Even though the lineage between you and them was a bit further away, you still had the nerve to force them to the end of their road. You lot really deserve to die a horrible death.’’

Qing Shui still didn't take out his weapons as he stepped forward in an abrupt manner!


The Tiger's Roar had an aura that could overwhelm those who heard it. Qing Shui's Tiger Form had already surpassed the Grand Perfection Stage long ago, and with one move of the Ripping Tiger Claw, he was able to crush his opponent's wrist easily. He ended his opponent's life with the Crouching Tiger and Tiger Laceration moves next.

The battle ended just like that. Qing Shui had just finished his words when everything ended. He had started his move when he had begun to talk earlier.

Without much effort, he had already killed off two Martial Saints and both were a split-second kill. At this moment, everyone had their jaws wide open as they looked on in disbelief. It was only now when they felt a tremendous aura of suppression from Qing Shui that they began to realize their life was in great danger.

’’I don't want to kill anymore. You all still have a choice.’’ Qing Shui gazed at Hai Zhen as he spoke in a composed manner.

’’No need for choices, I will make one for them.’’ Just then, an old-sounding voice rang out. An elderly man slowly walked in into the courtyard.

Qing Shui had already sensed someone coming in, but he didn't think that it would also be a member of the Hai Clan.

’’Old Ancestor!’’

’’Old Ancestor!’’


In one split moment, all of the members of the Hai Clan had looks of surprise on their faces, especially Hai Zhen, who stared in disbelief as he looked at the elderly man who was walking in!

At the same time, three pale old men and a few dozen people walked in behind the elderly man as well. One of them was Hai Dongqing's elder brother, and the other one was a woman named Hai Shiya.

Standing in the front was an elderly man with white hair and a ruddy complexion that flush on his cheeks. His eyes were the only ones filled with the vicissitudes of life and wisdom. His expression was calm and gentle, much like the serenity of the calm water.



Hai Shiya and Hai Long ran towards Hai Dongqing as they shouted with joy. A graceful man walked towards Hai Dongqing before he smiled bitterly and said: ’’I am sorry you had to go through this.’’


’’Old Ancestor!’’

Hai Zhen quickly knelt on the floor. His body shivered in intense fear as he bent on the ground.

’’Useless fool. Did you think I was going to die soon? What good do you think you will do for the clan with these actions? You have no dignity to live longer than a hundred years if you are forced to go down to this path.’’ The elderly man inched closer to Hai Zhen as he spoke in a calm tone.

’’Old Ancestor, I was wrong. I shouldn't have harmed you, and I shouldn't have been so greedy to become the Head of the Hai Clan. I was wrong......’’

’’Old Ancestor!’’


Hai Zhen's disciples all knelt down at the same time, with sweat running down their backs!

’’Take all of them back. Punish them according to the clan's rules!’’ said the elderly man calmly.

’’Yes, sir!’’

The old men behind the disciples bowed as they received the order.

’’Old Ancestor, please have mercy!’’

Their crying voices diminished as they were dragged away. Qing Shui hadn't thought things would end in such a way, but it still wasn't over just yet!


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