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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 7


Chapter 7 - Cleansing of impurities

The expression of Qing Shui was now refreshing. He never felt in this way, feeling excessively well. He resembled a thirsty man who was about to die wanting water. Naturally his body and soul were relaxed.

He slowly moves away from the basement!

’’Mother!’’ Qing Shui happily shouts!

Looking at Qing Shui coming out after he actually reached two hours of meditation, Qing Yi was astonished when hearing what Qing Shui said when she approached him happily.

’’Mother, I was able to flow qi, but it was quite thin, like a thread of hair!’’

The always graceful and refined nature of Qing Yi changed, his jade face changed into a red one. It was clearly that she was quite excited!

’’Qing Shui, extend your hand!’’ Qing Yi said a little earnest!

Qing Shui obediently extended his hand! Qing Yi also extended his white and slender jade hands tightly grabbing the small hand of Qing Shui!

’’Qing Shui, now you have to work according to the Blue Lotus!’’

In that moment, Qing Yi happily lifted Qing Shui, and gave him two kisses on his resolutely small face.

’’Son, you have talent!’’ Qing Yi was a little happy that she forgotten all restrains. It was natural facing her son Qing Shui!

When Qing Shui looked to Qing Yi being so happy, his heart also was warmed. Because Qing Yi always looked happy with a faint smile on her face all the time, Qing Shui was aware that she wasn't really happy! But now he knows that right now she was really happy!

’’Mother has a talent in making delicious food!’’ Qing Yi was patting the head of Qing Shui when he said that.

Qing Yi goes out to prepare a meal and Qing Shui didn't know to whether laugh or cry. His real age compared with Qing Yi was not smaller. This body can be small but nevertheless it has eight years. Not only that, although this kid was eight years old, the adults listened to the way that this kid praised them...

Only Qing Shui feels that as long as he has his mother, Qing Yi, even if the heaven were to collapse, it would have nothing to do with him. Qing Shui as long as he has his mother Qing Yi, he would be happy!

Perhaps was due to his good mood. Compared with before, now Qing Yi was eating a bit more and so its was Qing Shui. He didn't know if the reason could be because him practicing martial arts or being his good mood!

’’Mother, I will stroll outside. Tomorrow I will go to the same place as them to practicing!’’ Qing Shui said while laughing and blinking in cute way after finishing his meal!

Only in front of her, his mother he reveals his child's smile!

When seeing acting like that, Qing Yi cannot help but feel distracted but soon after she recovered!

Qing Shui goes out by the door of the Qing Family and runs towards a cave in the mountain. He found that hidden and small cave accidentally when he was wandering though the mountain. And these few days he would came to this cave to practice the ancient strengthening technique!

The cave was quite small but it was of the size of one small house. When he went inside the cave he was hoping to find some rare books or treasures but he didn't found even a pile of junk. Nevertheless at the corner he discovered a very small oval jade pendant of the size of a thump and it was extremely old. Qing Shui originally he didn't fell anything about it, but he saw on the top of it a faint Yin and Yang picture on his back so he picked up. When he touched he felt warm his hand!

The picture of the Yin and Yang came to his mind so at once he hangs the pendant on his neck and placed under his clothes!

After that, he would come every day to the cave and each time he would practice the ancient strengthening technique, he would leave after, and today was not the exception. One more time he practiced the ancient strengthening technique. Qing Shui would never give up in cultivating the martial art that he learned on his mind!

It hasn't come out yet the so called flow of qi by using the ancient strengthening technique, and nor it has formed a whirl of qi on my dantian!

Today, contrary to what I expected, by cultivating the Blue Lotus in my datian has appeared a cloud of mist.

Sited cross-legged, Qing Shui put to work one more time the ancient strengthening technique but to his surprise, cultivating the Blue Lotus, the stream of qi was slowly flowing on the route of the ancient strengthening technique!

Qing Shui was a little confused!

But after running a far distance he found that he wasn't feeling bad, he even felt that the stream of qi was making itself stronger. It was becoming a more thick and solid thread!

The ancient strengthening technique has to be used with others techniques. Maybe that's why it has its own stages!

The ancient strengthening technique is divided into nine layers on behalf of the nine heavens, and in spite of what is said it possible to cultivate itself, the middle dantian and even its capable of making pellets!

’’Forget about it, first I will train!’’

Qing Shui continues careful training with closed eyes. He didn't found a suitable area on his chest for where can pass thought the stream of qi. Although the jade pendant emitted a tiny warm light and together with the stream of qi from the Blue Lotus, they looked like they were interweaving!

Although he didn't know when his dantian had become a whirl of qi, he felt that the flow of qi was slightly turning around. And from what considered Qing Shui, it was distributing a formidable strength!

’’Originally the ancient strengthening technique needs other techniques to execute it. It's no wonder that why I wasn't able to cultivate it!’’ Qing Shui face was covered with happiness!

The stream of qi of the Blue Lotus was a light blue color and the other stream of qi of light yellow color must be from the ancient strengthening technique!

’’Finally a stream of qi, as long as I rely on the ancient strengthening technique and the Yin and Yang picture, in the future, the strength of my body would be able to reach an astonishing level! At that time with only relying on my body I would be able to become an expert!’’

’’Furthermore, I cannot neglect the Blue Lotus. I must be able to cultivate it to the ninth flower that mother talked about!’’ But thinking about the lost part he feels uneasy. Qing Shui feels that it was difficult to his mother to talk about the last part. That's what he felt!

’’Forget about it, the most important now is the ancient strengthening technique, and for now I will not put in my mind the Blue Lotus. I will only cultivate it so I can fool other people!’’

Although I only started today cultivating the ancient strengthening technique, but I will not think about when I started cultivating. It's like mother said, don't bite more than what you could eat. I must be realistic!!

When Qing Shui stooped cultivating, he found that all over his body, a layer of what it's similar to black grease was all over his skin and gave off an unpleasant odor.

It was cleaning his impurities?


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