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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 699


AST 699 - The Powerful Battle Between Demonic Beasts and Sudden Appearance of the Five-Tailed Immortal Fox

Although the location here wasn't considered very spacious for the two of them, it was sufficient enough. However, it could only be considered a thin gap for those enormous demonic beasts.

They observed the movements of the Immortal Fox whilst paying attention to their surroundings at the same time. After all, there were many powerful and deadly demonic beasts in the area.

’’If any Immortal Fox were to appear later, just stay here and don't come out no matter what. You're a clever woman, so you must listen to me.’’ Qing Shui repeated again.

’’I've said this for the third time...’’ Dong Haiqing said. She found it hilarious, but she was feeling very happy at the same time. On top of that, there was also an indescribable feeling.

The destination of many demonic beasts that were arriving to drink was the Immortal Fox Lake. Most of them wouldn't stay long and left after having a drink.

Despite that, there were practically no end to the demonic beasts that came by. Before one batch took its leave, another would arrive.

Nature was very mysterious. This moment for instance, demonic beasts of different cultivation levels could co-exist harmoniously. They didn't go for each other's throat upon meeting.

Many of the demonic beasts travelled in groups. The power of a collective group was tremendous. Once a collective group of demonic beast arrived, the ones which traversed alone would leave temporarily even if they hadn't had their fill of water. They would quietly wait in an isolated area and return later, after the group leaves.

Qing Shui saw a big group of Earth Dragon Beast half a day later. There were no less than a hundred of them in the group. For a demonic beast at this level, a group of 100 was already considered quite powerful. By right, each one of them would take up a space of 30 square meters. In reality though, each of them would need to take up a space of 60 square meters. It wasn't possible for them to be standing extremely close to each other with no gaps in between. Therefore, when such a group arrived, they would need to occupy tens of thousands of square meters.

This group of Earth Dragon Beast appeared very majestic. Since they were spaced out from each other, they look up a large portion of the road on the way.

The one in the lead was a purple Earth Dragon Beast which was about 100 meters in size. It was many times bigger than an ordinary Earth Dragon Beast and exuded an aura of great arrogance.

Earth Dragon Beast King!

It went without saying that this Earth Dragon Beast was the lord of all Earth Dragon Beasts. It was also much stronger than ordinary Earth Dragon Beast. Qing Shui wasn't able to tell its cultivation level.

Qing Shui felt that he might not be able to deal with it even if he were to weaken its cultivation level. This was an instinctive feeling. Moreover, there were about a hundred other Earth Dragon Beasts. The four Earth Dragon Beasts next to the Earth Dragon Beast King already stood out amongst the group as their height was over 70 meters.

Those four should've also held some kind of leadership amongst the Earth Dragon Beasts. Other than the Earth Dragon Beast King, those four should be the strongest few in the group.

The time it took for the Earth Dragon Beast group to drink was longer than any other demonic beasts. The Earth Dragon Beast King was the first to drink, followed by the four sub-leaders. Then the other Earth Dragon Beasts had their drink.

The Earth Dragon Beasts standing together took up more than 3000 meters next to the lake. Qing Shui had a feeling that the Earth Dragon Beasts were one of the more powerful groups of demonic beasts in the Immortal Fox Valley.

Both Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing were trying their best to be careful. They tried to only take as few breaths as possible, let alone talk. They didn't dare to circulate their martial techniques or even emit a bit of force.

A day passed by without any traces of the Immortal Fox. As night fell, all the birds returned to their nests and many demonic beasts also returned to their hideouts to rest. Only the nocturnal demonic beasts were left roaming about in the forests and mountains.

The two of them took their leave and found a secluded spot to pitch their tents.

Qing Shui was quickly woken up when he heard the alarm from the Diamond Gigantic Elephant during the middle of the night. When he came out, he saw that it was going in circles uneasily. Qing Shui could sense an overwhelming aura in the area.

’’First Miss Hai, have you woken up?’’ Qing Shui called out toward Hai Dongqing's tent.

’’Mmm, I've woken up!’’ Hai Dongqing came out.

Qing Shui packed the tents before taking off on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant together with Hai Dongqing.

Both of them could feel a powerful aura, but they couldn't tell it's exact location of origin. This was the reason Qing Shui was feeling panicked. He didn't know which direction to run toward.

The best thing to do in this situation was to face the changes by remaining where they were.

The two of them found a more concealed area to hide with the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. They started to wait and observe any changes in the surrounding. Qing Shui was fully prepared to make a run for it if they couldn't handle it.

Suddenly, a high pitched shriek came piercing through the air from the east. Just as Qing Shui was preparing to escape toward the north or south, a tremendous roar came from the south.

Qing Shui's countenance changed.

A horrifying aura was emitted from both the west side and from behind them. It was only now that he understood why there was a feeling of an overwhelming aura coming down on them. He had really gotten a shock earlier.

That overwhelming pressure meant that the difference between their levels were too significant. There was no possibility of them being a match. It was now that he realized it had came from four powerful demonic beasts. It was no wonder that the aura had came from all directions.

Mystic Bird!

The first beast that entered Qing Shui's sight was the Mystic Bird, a Peak Martial Saint demonic beast. Qing Shui wasn't sure what its cultivation level was, but it was the nemesis of viper-type demonic beasts. If viper-type demonic beasts were to come across it, they would have to run and hide.

When the Mystic Bird's wings were spread out, it spanned 100 meters. It's with feathers that were like bronze, and it gave off an astonishing, domineering and sharp feeling.

Qing Shui had long kept him Diamond Gigantic Elephant and was now staring at the Mystic Bird which was very far away.

He hadn't paid much attention when he arrived here last night. It was only now that he realized this rocky terrain had many rocks which were red-colored. Qing Shui's vision was quite excellent, so he could clearly tell that they were dyed red from blood. Some of it was quite fresh too, they were dyed just a few days ago.

The Mystic Bird flew in the air while its huge figure emitted a faint green light amidst the dark sky. Although it was dark, Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing were still capable of looking at the surrounding scenery. It was just that at this moment that they didn't dare to even exhale.

The demonic beast in the west also appeared quickly after. It was a pitch black Skywolf. Only its blood-red eyes were showing a horrifying glow. It was about 100 meters long and over 20 meters tall.

Qing Shui was a bit stunned at the moment since he wasn't able to comprehend the current situation. It was one thing if there were going to be just two of them fighting it out, but could it perhaps be a group fight?

Just as Qing Shui was feeling puzzled, two demonic beasts appeared from the south and north respectively. The one which appeared from the south was an extremely large and majestic looking icy-blue lion.

Ice Fire Ferocious Lion!

This huge fellow, which wasn't any smaller than 100 meters, was actually a Ice Fire Ferocious Lion. It's a powerful demonic beast which controlled ice flames. Its cultivation level was at least Peak Martial Saint too.

Qing Shui was stunned when he saw the demonic beast in the north. At the same time, an unknown flame started to rise from within his body, he almost couldn't stop himself from dashing out.

Hai Dongqing noticed that something was wrong with Qing Shui, so she pulled him back and gave a signal telling him not to be rash.

Qing Shui grabbed Hai Dongqing's tender hand tightly and nodded.

Hai Dongqing blushed and withdrew her hand. She had grabbed Qing Shui's hand in a panic earlier. She didn't know if Qing Shui was intentionally trying to take advantage of her...

A huge snow-white fox appeared from the north. Its length was also about 100 meters. Even during this pitch-black night sky, it still appeared to be a lump of white snow. Its eyes were like a black jade emitting a weird glow. It was fast like lightning, and appeared next to the Skywolf in an instant.

The thing which had attracted Qing Shui earlier were its five huge tails. Each of them were about 50 meters long, about the same length as the fox demon's body. The huge tails of the fox especially stood out, giving it a different feeling of coordination and showing off its unbelievable beauty.

Due to how nimble its huge body was, it also emitted an indescribable beauty. Qing Shui was extremely excited at the moment. It had finally appeared!

Immortal Fox!

It was even a Five-Tailed Immortal Fox!

Qing Shui wasn't sure if he should be feeling happy or gloomy. The Five-Tailed Immortal Fox's body was the largest amongst all Immortal Foxes. In fact, reaching 100 meters in length was a crucial point for demonic beasts. Demonic beasts which were Peak Martial Saint or lower would have reached their maximum at 100 meters. Most of them wouldn't continue to grow thereafter. As for demonic beasts which exceeded Peak Martial Saint level, Qing Shui had no idea.

Immortal Foxes would become smaller in size after they aquired five tails!

Qing Shui finally understood. The Ice Fire Ferocious Lion and Five-Tailed Immortal Fox were the helpers found by each party. What that made Qing Shui feel most uncomfortable was that the Skywolf and Five-Tailed Immortal Fox were about the same size when standing next to each other. It was just that one was pitch black while the other was snow white.



Both parties started the low shouts. Qing Shui's eyes were focused on the Five-Tailed Immortal Fox from the very beginning. As long as he could acquire some of its blood, he would be able to refine the Everlasting Pellet and significantly increase his cultivation level. When that happens, these overwhelmingly powerful demonic beasts would be considered nothing to him.

Qing Shui felt he was going out of control the more he continued to think about it. His blood shot up to his brain, his face had turned flush red and his eyes started gleaming maniacally.

Qing Shui had never craved for power so much before. Now, his expression was causing Hai Dongqing to be very worried. Qing Shui's face appeared to be too excited, which caused her to start panicking.

She could not help but tug at his clothes gently.

Qing Shui knew that he must have scared her. He smiled to convey that he was fine. The two of them didn't dare to make a single sound.



Their cries seemed to be getting increasingly excited. There was fury in their voices. Suddenly, the Ice Fire Ferocious Lion spewed out a large volume of icy blue flames toward the pitch black Skywolf.

Skywolf was the highest level existence amongst all wolf-type demonic beasts. It had reached the level amongst top grade wolves. Looking at the attacking ice flames, it spewed out a gush of pitch black fog. Even the darkness of the night could not hide the black fog.

Chi chi!

Not knowing which attack had taken effect over the other, everything disappeared!

Now, the silence was wiped out. Both sides dashed out toward each other amidst the loud roars and gushing forces, while the whole place was turning out into a complete mess.

The Ice Fire Ferocious Lion was faced up against the Skywolf, while the Mystic Bird's opponent was the Five-Tailed Immortal Fox!

The Five-Tailed Immortal Fox's white figure dashed toward the Mystic Bird with a leap, its five tails curled upward at the same time.


The Mystic Bird didn't lose out either, it flapped its huge wings and dashed out toward the Five-Tailed Immortal Fox.

Qing Shui kept his eyes on the Mystic Bird and Five-Tailed Immortal Fox. His brain was circulating very fast, and his brows were also slightly furrowed.


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