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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 692


AST 692 - Entering Icy Cloud Mountain, Immortal Fox Valley

When Qing Shui had left the Qing Clan, his two young kids had already started babbling and walking unsteadily. They should be at that mischievous age by now and Qing Shui wondered if they could remember him.

Thinking about it, Qing Shui began to laugh. Of course, one-year-old babies wouldn't remember anything, although if they had been two or three-year-old toddlers, they might vaguely remember some things.

Thinking of them, he felt guilty towards Canghai Mingyue, as she had to raise two kids by herself. However, she should be happy being able to see the two kids grow up.

When it was almost time, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

Every time he entered, Qing Shui would check on the Ice Snow Sacred Fruit tree. The two fruits on the tree were extremely enticing, but it was a pity that he had to wait for another half year before he could pick them.

As always, Qing Shui passed his time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal by cultivating, refining medicine, and drawing talismans. The techniques he had practiced during the time provided by the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had resulted in his current abilities and achievements.

During this period of time, the Ancient Strengthening Technique had broken through a few cycles, increasing the abilities of his body!

Thousand Hammer Technique!

He began to brandish the Heaven Shaking Hammer. His Art of Forging had been stagnant at the Three-color equipment level, and it had been a while since it had improved.

Even if his Art of Forging had hit a bottleneck and did not noticeably improve, Qing Shui would still persist in practicing it every day. Qing Shui felt that the bottleneck this time was probably large. He would need a lot of time to accumulate experience and wait for the opportunity to breakthrough.

On the other hand, Qing Shui could clearly notice his rapid improvements with the Descending Heavens Talisman. Since Qing Shui had experience drawing other talismans, he could save plenty of time when he tried to bring his proficiency with the Descending Heaves Talisman to the same level as his skill with the other talismans.

Qing Shui would also persist in drawing the [Hundred Forms of the Tiger] every day, knowing he couldn't afford to stop. He felt that raising his ’’drawing level’’ was key in improving his talisman drawing skills further.

What was more important to Qing Shui than even forging or talisman drawing was the Elephant Form. He wanted to achieve the Great Perfection Stage of Mighty Elephant Stomp sooner. Not only would this be a mighty killing technique in the future, it would also allow him to finally unlock the Roc Form.

Qing Shui eagerly looked forward to being able to cultivate in the Roc Form, and hated that he he couldn't already start.

The next day, Qing Shui woke up early and went to the front of the pavilion to practice the Taichi Fist. This tiny courtyard was surrounded by thick layers of snow, yet had a certain comfort and warmth to it. In such an environment, Qing Shui felt very peaceful.

Although the weather was still very cold, Qing Shui could still see the sun peeking out. Just being able to see the sun would cause one to feel a faint warmth in their hearts.

Just when Qing Shui finished practicing the Taichi Fist, he noticed a familiar smell. He knew that Hai Dongqing was cooking.

Qing Shui still felt that this woman was a mystery. She was pretty and mysterious, amiable and approachable, yet it seemed no one could get close to her. She was graceful and when she stood somewhere, it would be difficult for people to ignore her presence, because her temperament would distinguish her from the crowd.

Qing Shui now felt as though he was in a dream that was both real and not real. He had always felt that this woman was very strange and he could not understand her, especially now.

Qing Shui, after freshening up, went downstairs to discover that Hai Dongqing was at the entrance waving her hands at him.

Today she wore thin snow-white fox fur clothes, with her beautiful hair tied up high into a knot. This gave her a look of elegance and maturity, and with the addition of the perfect makeup on her lovable face, she was so beautiful that no one would be able to look straight into her face.

The surrounding white snow created a spotless contrast!

’’You look very pretty!’’ Qing Shui walked over and smiled gently. His tone wasn't one of sucking up or drooling at the mouth, rather it was one of sincere praise.

’’Thank you!’’ When Hai Dongqing heard Qing Shui's praise and saw his attitude, she felt especially happy in her heart.

There were many people who praised her, so many that she had lost count long ago. However, only Qing Shui could cause her to feel like this because he didn't have any ulterior motives when he praised her.

This time, after she added the spices that Qing Shui had given her, her dishes because even more delectable!

’’I eat so much more now. It's all because of you.’’ Hai Dongqing smiled as she said.

After one reached the Xiantian realm, they could control their body shape, so there was no need to worry about becoming too fat or too thin. There were some Xiantian Cultivators that were fat or thin but that was because of their techniques and original body shape, the looks they had before they broke through to be a Xiantain cultivator.

After they finished eating, the two of them headed out to the Immortal Fox Valley!

Riding on Qing Shui's Fire Bird, they left Cold Ice City and after four hours, saw the so-called Ice Sea. There were many floating pieces of ice, and it was possible in even colder weather for the entire sea to freeze over. The sea was so large the pair couldn't see to the other side.

Occasionally, there would be a big wave, tossed and breaking some pieces of ice in the air before returning them to the sea. This caused the sky to be filled with mist, and the view was spectacular.

There were many people who came to the Ice Sea, most to play on row boats on the sea. Since the beach was relatively safe, most of the people here had come to sightsee and relieve their boredom.

Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing did not stay. Instead, they flew towards Icy Cloud Mountain!

The Icy Cloud Mountain was just by the Ice Sea and was part of a huge mountain range. The ground of the mountain was made up of thick Ice Rocks. It was impossible for normal people to climb, and the path to the summit was like a winding ice dragon.

After flying into the range for about 500 kilometers, Hai Dongqing told Qing Shui: ’’Let's descend. If we keep going forward, we're likely to encounter attacks from groups of flying beasts.’’

’’How much further to Immortal Fox Valley?’’ Qing Shui asked.

’’There is still about 10,000 more kilometers!’’ Hai Dongqing said after she thought for awhile.

Qing Shui did some calculations. With the Fire Bird's current speed, it would still require more than 2 hours. It would take too long if they proceeded on foot. However, when Qing Shui saw that there were dense black dots heading towards them from the distance, he didn't say anything more and descended into the Icy Cloud Mountain.

Hai Dongqing was laughing by his side!

Earlier, the things that Qing Shui saw in the distance were actually countless numbers of Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagles. Although each only had the abilities of a peak Xiantian, they were too large in terms of numbers. Furthermore, they all were blood-thirsty and violent.

As long as one was stained by fresh blood, there would only be a path to death for him once he met a Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagle. They would frantically rush for food, and even if one was killed, its blood would cause the others to go into an even bigger frenzy and become more violent. Its abilities would increase and its poisonous attacks would become fiercer. Thus, no one would be able to defend against the attacks of countless of Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagles.

From such a distance, Qing Shui could only summon the Diamond Gigantic Elephant before riding on it with Hai Dongqing. They walked alongside the ravine and proceeded forward!

’’Do you come to this Icy Cloud Mountain frequently?’’ Qing Shui looked at the surroundings and asked casually.

’’No, I have only come here a few times.’’ Hai Dongqing said as she watched the large group of Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagles.

The Icy Cloud Mountain was very tall and the ravine was very deep. The group of Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagles were the tyrants of the sky because they could number in the hundreds of thousands or millions. Each they time they appeared, they would blot out the sky.

The Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagle was the size of a calf. It loved fresh blood the most but it could also eat rotten flesh. It was a Demonic Beast that could eat any kind of meat and it had strong vitality. The scary point of these Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagles was their accumulating poison that they used in their attacks.

However, because the Blood-Thirsty Bald Eagle couldn't easily land, they would tend to only be in the skies. Even when they landed, they would only choose very tall mountain peaks.

It was difficult to see any humans in the Icy Cloud Mountain, as it was too large and especially because Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing were just rushing inwards. Most people would just carry out their activities within 500 kilometers of the entrance to Icy Cloud Mountain. Very few people would head toward the deeper parts, as the groups of Demonic Beasts further in the mountains were the biggest danger.

Although the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was not as fast as the Fire Bird, it didn't matter, as Qing Shui wasn't in a rush for time. There was no problem arriving at a later time, and thus he carefreely let the Diamond Gigantic Elephant swiftly head toward the intended direction.

’’Qing Shui, are you going to rush back to the Greencloud Continent after finding the Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood?’’ Hai Dongqing sat beside Qing Shui. The back of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was quite broad, and despite the Diamond Gigantic Elephant rushing along, it was still very stable, like a moving war footrest.

’’Whether I find it or not, I can only stay for a maximum of half a year before going back to the Greencloud Continent. Why? Are you going to miss me?’’ Qing Shui asked casually. The two of them were engaged in idle chat to relieve their boredom. The two of them had already engaged in such talks even back in the Greencloud Continent.

’’You are so shameless.’’ Hai Dongqing rolled her eyes at Qing Shui.

It was rare for her to be so feminine. Qing Shui felt that when a beautiful woman did this action, she was particularly feminine.

After four more hours passed, the Immortal Fox Valley was visible in the distance.

He still hadn't seen an Immortal Fox but just seeing the Immortal Fox Valley caused Qing Shui to be excited. He was thirsting for strength, and once he found the Three Tailed Immortal Fox and obtained the Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood, he could refine the Everlasting Pellet. Qing Shui's abilities would have great improvements, and he would be confident about going to the Southern Viewing Ministry Continent. He felt impatient about his future possibilities.

The Immortal Fox Valley was quite expansive. It was not possible to see all the way the other side as only the cliffs could be faintly seen in the distance. There were some small mountains, forests, caves, and lakes in it, and also many weeds growing without restraint.

’’This is the Immortal Fox Valley?’’ Qing Shui looked at the breathtaking valley, as he asked Hai Dongqing.

’’Yes, are you thinking that it is quite large?’’ Hai Dongqing laughed.

’’It's pretty big.’’

’’Everyone who's seen it for the first time would say that it is big, as this is the Immortal Fox Valley. There have been people who've met Immortal Foxes here, some with two tails and some with five.’’ Hai Dongqing looked back at Qing Shui after looking at her surroundings and said.

’’Five tails? That should be a peak Martial Saint Demonic Beast.’’ Qing Shui looked at Hai Dongqing in shock.

’’En, the legends do say that it is a peak Martial Saint Demonic Beast. However, it seems that it is ranked towards the bottom of peak Martial Saint Demonic Beasts.’’

’’Are you not worried about coming here?’’ Qing Shui now felt very puzzled about this woman who had accompanied him here. Was she not afraid of the danger even after knowing that there were peak Martial Saint Demonic Beasts in this Immortal Fox Valley?

’’Why should I be worried?’’ Hai Dongqing looked at Qing Shui.

’’Are you not aware that it is possible to lose your life here at any time?’’ Qing Shui looked back at Hai Dongqing's pretty face.

’’I know, I'm not afraid of death, are you afraid?’’ Hai Dongqing smiled and looked calmly at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was speechless, what did this have to do with anything? However, Qing Shui noticed something. Hai Dongqing seemed to be under great pressure, to the point that she even seemed suicidal.


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