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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 683


AST 683 - Two months later, heading to Village of Longevity

’’That is the White Jade Skeletal Structure from the divine Skeletal Structure!’’

Qing Shui had read the introduction about women with such a body constitution in Art of Observing Females, it was just like the special skeletal structures of the ladies in the Portraits of Beauty. ’’Could it be that Yuan Su was like one of the ladies in the Portraits of Beauty?’’ Qing Shui thought to himself.

Qing Shui felt that the twelve Portraits of Beauty are not sufficient to present all the beautiful women in the World of the Nine Continents. Instead, he inferred that the Portraits of Beauty was made to present the twelve different body constitutions of beautiful women.

In the Art of Observing Females, it is stated that women with White Jade Skeletal structure have beautiful and intelligent looks. Furthermore, they are blessed with a great aptitude for cultivation and good medicinal herb absorption. The book provided examples of some accomplished beauties and there were quite a few of them which had the White Jade Body constitution.

Yuan Su was not a cultivator so she did not need to stabilize her body condition. When she realized that she could move, she quickly dressed. Her face became scarlet red again and was very alluring.

’’Can I start cultivating now?’’

After she finished dressing up, she regain a little of her usual composure. However, her mannerism was vastly different from her usual cold and distant demeanor, right now, she couldn't even look at Qing Shui when she was talking to him.

’’All your major meridian channels have been cleared. Your dantian has also recovered. You can now cultivate normally. If you want to clear some of the smaller meridian channels, you will need the Meridians Clearing Pellet. I saved some for you. However, because I have limited ingredients, I don't have many.’’ Qing Shui took out the Meridians Clearing Pellet and other medicines which he had promised to her previously. He also gave her some of useful medicinal pills and other fruits. He did this without much thought.

He had accumulated quite a lot of fruits and they were exceptionally suitable for a person like her without any cultivation. Most good medicinal pills would be wasted on a normal person but a Strength-Enhancing Fruit was more practical. Those fruits can help her establish a good foundation, strengthen her body and also slightly enhance her natural body constitution.

Yuan Su opened her mouth as though she wanted to say something but she remained silent in the end. Even though she could cultivate now, she did not feel as happy as she anticipated.

She did not know how to face the man in front of her, she just looked blankly at Qing Shui while he kept his Golden Needles.

’’How are you feeling?’’ Qing Shui asked casually. Qing Shui could understand how Yuan Su was feeling. Perhaps, she just needed a couple of days or maybe this could really turn them into total strangers.

’’Thank you!’’ Yuan Su said softly. Regardless, she knew that Qing Shui had helped her and she willingly accepted the treatment. No one forced her, so such a matter was really out of his hands, thus she knew that she needed to thank him.

’’We are friends, so thanking me is not necessary. I just want you to be as before. Don't carry any burdens over this in your heart, otherwise it will be difficult for you to become a strong cultivator with this burden.’’ Qing Shui consoled.

’’Yes, I know. I'll be fine in a few days.’’ Yuan Su said, forcing a smile. She gazed at Qing Shui as if trying to remember him in her heart.

Yuan Su informed Qing Shui that she would send more ingredients to him and then she left.

Yuan Su headed back to Medical Prescription Chamber with Di Qing and a few of her juniors while Di Chen and QIng Shui only sent them to their carriage.

’’Is she cured?’’ Di Chen said softly.

’’She is.’’ Qing Shui replied looking at Di Chen, she still retained her usual demeanor.


A few days passed quickly and Qing Shui spent his days quite leisurely. Everyday, he would teach Di Xian his martial arts. While Di Xian was learning Hidden Weapon Technique from Qing Shui, her overall stats increased rapidly. This was a combination of her good foundation and Qing Shui's ability to teach.

The day before, Village of Longevity sent over quite a lot of Qianji Wood. Once Qing Shui laid eyes on that translucent green Qianji Wood, he immediately stuck one into the soil in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal just to try and see if it will germinate. Qing Shui did not know whether that Qianji wood was the type of root perennial that could propagate from its roots so he was just trying his luck.

Qianji Wood is obtained from the Qianji Tree. Only one to three half-foot long Qianji Wood with the girth of a baby's arm could be harvested from a single Qianji Tree each time and can only be harvested every one hundred years.

In this period of time, Di Xian was well on the right path in her cultivation. Qing Shui had given her all the tips he could, and even guided her directly for more than a week. That was not a long time but it was sufficient. After all, a master can only guide a disciple so much and the rest is up to the person. Qing Shui basically did not consider whether or not she could achieve success as it was up to her.

Qing Shui decided that he should look for the Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood soon. Once he found it, he would be able to create the Everlasting Pellet. Once that was done, Qing Shui decided that he would return to Greencloud Continent to get Elder Fei and the others. They will then head over to Eastern Palace Clan to collect the debts chalked up in the past.

Qing Shui's strength had greatly increased after his Diamond Crossing Rivers reached the Perfection Stage. At his current stage, he had a significant advantage in speed but he still looked forward to his Diamond Gigantic Elephant's growth. If his Diamond Gigantic Elephant becomes even more powerful, Qing Shui could tap its Instantaneous Diamond Evasion and State of One with Elephant to enhance his own strength.

Nine Continent Boots! This could be a heaven-defying footwear that Qing Shui tempered everyday. Without even considering Nine Continents Steps Effects, the speed boost that the boots provided could drive one insane with jealousy. It could definitely be classified as 'god-like' level equipment now.

Di Chen's matter had been totally resolved so Qing Shui was greatly relieved. However, he knew that there were others waiting for him: Elder Fei, Grandfather Lin, Yiye Chuge...

Even though the burden he bore weighted like a thousand countries, Qing Shui was motivated. Qing Shui willingly did all these and was never forced by anyone.

Di Chen looked at Qing Shui who was lost in his thoughts. His straight-backed figure could be compared with a strong pine tree. At that moment, she found him deeply profound as she did not expect that even he could present himself in such a manner, as if no one could defeat him.

Di Chen laughed. Her natural laughter had an aura which transcended mere mortals.

In the blink of an eyes, two months had passed. Nothing much happened during this period and everything was peaceful. Qing Shui concentrated wholehearted on his training during this time.

His Ancient Strengthening Technique edged forward another five cycles and his other skills also progressed. Regarding his alchemy, Qing Shui managed to clear many of his small meridian channels with the medicinal herbs that Yuan Su had sent. But, he still left about five hundred Meridians Clearing Pellets for Yuan Su.

Half a month ago Qing Shui met Yuan Su once, due to the agreement regarding the medicinal pills. He realized then that Yuan Su had already grown from a normal person without any cultivation to a Martial Commander in just over a month. Her progress was incredible.

Yuan Su explained to Qing Shui that it was because of the medicinal pills from her clan and also because she practiced a unique technique. The technique came from a book that belonged to her clan which nobody else could practice. Somehow, she just had an impulse to test it out and she was actually suitable to practice the technique. That was an exceedingly joyous occasion for the Su Clan.

After the conversation Qing Shui had with Di Qing regarding the question that he did not know how to answer, they never had the chance to interact without others around. Gradually, the two of them seemed to have forgotten the incident. However, Di Qing no longer teased Qing Shui, instead she gradually returned to how she was before, having that aura of magnanimity.

’’Qing Shui, go early and come back soon!’’ Di Chen and the Di clan waved their hands bidding their farewells to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui decided to head out to look for the Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood. He did not know how much time he needed so he promised Di Chen that he would return in half a year regardless of the outcome of his search.

After leaving the Di residence, Qing Shui decided to go to Village of Longevity first. Since they visited the Di residence because of him, he should visit them out of courtesy. He also wanted to see if he could meet a Three Tailed Immortal Fox there.

Nine Continent Steps!

Qing Shui used only a short amount of time to reach the Village of Longevity since it was also within Seven Stars Country. It was actually only a day's journey away from the Di residence.

At the Mountain of Longevity...

The Village of Longevity was located on the Mountain of Longevity. Mountain of Longevity was massive and it stretched further than the eye could see. On the other hand, the circumference of the Village of Longevity was only 30 li and spread over four peaks. From where he was, he could see what a marvel the place was. The four peaks were actually experiencing four different seasons each: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Flourishing trees with blooming flowers;torrid heat with dense vegetation;ripening fruits with yellow leaves;snow-covered land with piercing winter winds. As Qing Shui approached the mountain, he could clearly sense the 'atmosphere' of the four seasons with his Spiritual sense.

The place was like a realm for deities, it was quiet and a tranquility hung in the air. When Qing Shui reached the foot of the Mountain of Longevity, he was surprised to find that Elder Ying and the other old men were already standing there at the entrance of the only path that lead up to the mountain. Of course, if one chose to fly, they wouldn't need to use the path but there was still no one in the entire Seven Stars Country that would dare to fly up to the Village of Longevity.

’’Qing Shui, you're here.’’ The old men greeted him cheerfully.

’’Sorry to trouble all of you elders!’’ Qing Shui was rather happy to see the old men there. He could feel their genuine sincerity since they really did not have to do that considering their age.

Qing Shui followed Elder Ying and the other old men up the mountains through the winding stone steps.

Qing Shui could sense the dense spiritual energy in the surrounding atmosphere. This was really a heaven for all cultivators. A person could progress twice as fast if he trained here, that was double the effectiveness of a Spirit Concentrating Pill.

The Village of Longevity occupied the four most iconic mountain peaks as they stretched deeply inwards creating four mountain systems with four different seasons. Not surprisingly, the Mountain of Longevity was also called Four Seasons Longevity Mountain and within it there were many ferocious demonic beasts, poison beasts and fantastic beasts. It was a very dangerous place.

These were the words from Elder Ying.

’’Sir, can Three Tailed Immortal Foxes be found here?’’ Qing Shui asked lightheartedly. Anyway, even if he wanted to explore the mountain, he would need to inform that old man.


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