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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 671


AST 671 - Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (9)

Poison Killer Sting!

This was the sharpest attack of the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee, this Poison Killer Sting wasn't any slower than the Descending Heavens Talisman. In a flash, the sting sunk into the body of the black-haired man.

Poison Killer Sting, this was the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee's mightiest trump card, it attacked using its stinger, that can only be used once per day. The poison was much stronger than the one used for its regular attacks.

Very soon, the body of the black-haired man exuded a dense pink fog. However, he quickly took out a medicinal pill and swallowed it.

Even so, Qing Shui could sense that the man's abilities were reduced by about 500 countries. Qing Shui was not certain, whether the medicinal pill, which the opponent took, was effective or not, but it still could not prevent the man's strength from plummeting.

A person, who was lacking in abilities, would die under the effects of this poison. Even a person with strong abilities such as this black-haired man had his overall power reduced by the abilities of 500 countries, despite him taking an antidote.

Qing Shui did not expect the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee's poison to work like this. It was a pity that he could only use it once per day. He hoped that its regular poison would also have a decent effect.

Given the abilities of the black-haired man, the medicinal pill that he swallowed, could not have been useless. A Grade One Martial Saint poison beast was able to land an effective attack on a Grade Ten Martial Saint. Furthermore, it even gave quite the astonishing results, this went to show how strong the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee was.

Even now, Qing Shui was still 2000 countries short of his opponent's abilities. It was a good thing, that Qing Shui did not see any poison beasts on the opponent's side, he was only worried about any hidden poison beasts and the poisons of his opponent.

The effect of the Seven Star Armored Vest was still in play, thus Qing Shui could still fight head on against his opponent. He did not dare to tarry any longer and summoned the Diamond Gigantic Elephant immediately.

Godly Force Talisman, divine Shield Talisman! Qing Shui raised his abilities to their peak without holding anything back. After going through so many life and death situations, Qing Shui knew the value of life. In that moment, when he almost died, he experienced the intense desire for staying alive and understood all his regrets, this made him aware of how difficult it was to keep one's life.

Even if it was because of his face, hopes or expectations. Even if it was because of his mother, the girls that followed him, or his children. He could not easily speak of dying, he did not even have the right to die.

State of One with Elephant!

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion!

Four Moves Combination Sword Technique!

Bang! Qing Shui's body was able to execute the abilities of 4350 countries, adding the abilities of 320 countries provided by the Combination Sword Technique and the abilities of 375 countries from the State of One with Elephant, Qing Shui could achieve the abilities of 5000 countries.

This was also the greatest level of ability Qing Shui could muster. Even so, Qing Shui and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant were still pushed backward by each strike. However, with the State of One with Elephant and the Seven Star Armored Vest, Qing Shui had no problems defending.

Binding Talisman!

Body Securing Talisman!

Armor Break Talisman!

Qing Shui threw Heavenly Talismans at the black-haired old man continuously, he even used the Shield Attack to force the man back.

Art of Pursuing! When they exchanged blows once again, Qing Shui cast the Art of Pursuing on the body of the black-haired man, Qianxi Ye.

Although his abilities were not directly lowered, the decrease of 20% in speed and increase of 20% in weight was significant. As long as there was anything, that could negatively impact Qianxi Ye, Qing Shui would not hesitate to use it.

Critical Damage!

When the time was ripe, Qing Shui used the Critical Damage and chopped at Qianxi Ye's Evil Dragon Tooth. It was a pity, that it could only ignore 20% of the opponent's defense.

This was the first time when Critical Damage failed!

Even so, it caused Qianxi Ye's expression to change. The attack from earlier almost caused his whole body to tear apart, giving him a scare.

Ji Ji!

Suddenly two soft sharp sounds resounded, these two cries caused Qing Shui to feel uncomfortable. When Qing Shui saw those two things, he felt his scalp go numb, he no longer dared to enter close combat with Qianxi Ye.

Marrow Nibbling Worms!

Qing Shui noticed, that there were two gray-colored worms hidden beside the black-haired man. They were only about the size of a finger and were completely gray with the glint of silver mixed in. They had two heads, one in the front and one in the back, their mouths were full of cold reverse hook-teeth and tongue, their bodies were incomparably shiny, they had no eyes, anyone who looked at them would feel a chill run down their spine.

The worms were fed blood essence by the person controlling them since their youth, they would only obey one person for their whole life. As long as they were inserted into the target's body, they would nibble away their target's bones in a few breaths of time, eating the marrow. If they were inserted into the brain, they could cause the death of the victim almost instantly. Their two mouths allowed them to move around the body like fish in the water, they could go anywhere. These were the most terrifying existences among the poison worms.

There were very few people who reared this kind of poison worms because they grew inside the owner's body. It was possible for them to be devoured, especially at the early stages of the worm's growth. There were many people, who got completely devoured by the Marrow Nibbling Worms.

The attack range of this kind of Marrow Nibbling Worm was 30 meters, as long as one entered a range of 30 meters, it was possible to suffer an attack, the closer they were, the easier it would become.

Furthermore, this kind of Marrow Nibbling Worm cannot be exposed to the outside for too long, most of the time, it stayed in the bloodstream of its master. The stronger it was, the higher the danger. The might of this kind of worm was very terrifying, its ability to kill and its speed were outstanding, but they came at a great sacrifice. Each time it attacked, it had to drill a hole through its master's body first.

It was difficult to defend against the Marrow Nibbling Worm, its speed was high, especially at a close distance. When Qing Shui thought of his actions from earlier, he paled. If the opponent had used these worms just an instant earlier, he might have been dead already.

’’You have to die today!’’

Qianxi Ye's metallic voice revealed, that he was suppressing his anger, it was very different from the casual attitude he showed earlier. After all, he was just a human, no matter how well he controlled his emotions, there was still a bottom line.

The huge Evil Dragon Tooth was like a long wriggling dragon as it slashed towards Qing Shui. The sound of a dragon's roar echoed out, it was extremely loud, like a thunderclap, causing anyone who heard it feel uncomfortable.

Twin Dragon Pearls!

Twin Dragon Explosion!

Qing Shui continuously threw out four Frosted Iron Balls, two of them flew towards the peak of the Evil Dragon Tooth, that was where the 'dragon's eye' was, the other pair flew at an even greater speed and struck at Qingxi Ye's chest.


The poisonous nature of these two Frosted Iron Balls was stronger than before. They were soaked in the poison, which was enhanced by the crystals of the Crystal Lions. The strength of the poison inside these Frosted Iron Balls cannot be compared to the regular ones.

Qingxi Ye twisted his body, trying to evade the two Frosted Iron Balls, but Qing Shui had used the hidden weapon technique, Twin Dragon Explosion.

Qing Shui shouted lightly, the two Frosted Iron Balls suddenly smashed into each other. In an instant, they blew apart, scattering Frosted Iron Poison Powder in all directions and filling the sky.

At the same time, the other two Frosted Iron Balls struck the 'dragon's eye' of the Evil Dragon Tooth. Qing Shui's tyrannical hidden weapons struck the weak-point of the weapon. In addition to the fact, that the Twin Dragon Explosion forced his opponent into a bad position, the Evil Dragon Tooth was knocked backward at an angle, which caused its tip to stab two finger-breadths below Qianxi Ye's right chest.

Qimen Acupoint!

When the Qimen Acupoint was struck, it directly caused the lungs to swell up. When he tried to breathe, it caused him so much pain, that he wished he was dead. This spot was one of the death acupoints, if it was struck with enough force, it could directly cause his death.

When Qing Shui was forced to keep his distance from him, he thought up ways to severely injure him. When cultivating the Saintly Hands, he learned of the death acupoints of the body. As long as he knew where, and could strike it accurately, it would cause the opponent to instantly die.

Just that Qing Shui had never used this before because those areas were not easy to hit, he had never tested it out either. Now that he met the strongest opponent in his life so far, he that the thought of trying it when he ran out of solutions.

Due to cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique, his ability to plan multiple moves ahead was quite extraordinary. This situation was the result of his preparation, if Qianxi Ye had turned to the opposite direction, it would not have struck the Qimen Acupoint but the Xuemen Acupoint, resulting in the damage of similar severity.

Qing Shui saw Qianxi Ye's face turn purple, every time he took a breath, he felt chest-tearing pain. As soon as he realized, that he could not withstand the pain, he held his breath.

Although he stopped breathing, his chest continued to expand. Qianxi Ye was worried that he might explode if this continued. He had no choice but to stabilize the expansion of his chest by regular breathing.

However, breathing caused him extreme pain, just taking a few breaths made his whole body tremble. He looked in horror at this strange youth, his strength was much higher than the youth's, but he suffered multiple setbacks until he was forced into his current predicament. Furthermore, his opponent only suffered a light injury, what a cunning youth......

The most mystical thing was the sequence of debuffing abilities, there were some techniques like these in the Main Continent, some weakened the opponent, some strengthened the user's body. Most people would choose the strengthening of their own body. On the other hand, when someone used a debuffing technique, they could directly shave off their targets abilities by a set amount of countries. This kind of technique had different levels of strength in different realms. Normally, with the abilities of a Martial Saint, being able to weaken the opponent by the abilities of 50 countries was considered above average. However, for a supplementary art to increase the user's abilities by 30 countries was quite great.

Thus, when certain people found it hard to advance any further, they would learn some weakening techniques, raising their relative strength.

Debuffing techniques in the World of the Nine Continents were a bit special in the sense, that they were rare. However, techniques that were as tyrannical as Qing Shui's were only possessed by some unique demonic beasts. Although that was the case, they did not seem to be that strong. There were some chieftain-level demonic beasts, that had the ability to cripple those weaker than them but when they ran into something that was stronger than them, the usefulness of this ability would be greatly decreased.

Qianxi Ye looked at Qing Shui, the intense pain caused him immense regret. Now that it had gotten to this stage, he was finished. He had never thought that after he got this far, he would be forced into such state by a youth, that was not even 30 years old. The Ten Thousand Poisons Sect would be destroyed today.

The Ten Thousand Poisons Sect is finished......

Thinking of this problem, his body was instantly covered in sweat. Originally, he was already sweating from the unbearable pain, now, he was completely out of his wits, he was totally horrified.

He was the sinner of the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect, he was the sinner of the Qianxi Clan. How was he going to account to the ancestors of the Qianxi Clan?

He was resigned to his fate, his sect was destroyed by a youth. His red eyes stared at Qing Shui. If he managed to kill this youth, then there was still hope, when he thought of this, his blood started boiling once again.

He took a deep breath, that intense pain caused his body to tremble.

’’What kind of broken technique is this? This pain is killing me!’’ Qianxi Ye cursed in his heart.

’’Even if I die here, I will make sure to drag this brat along with me!’’ the pain had already caused him to have a death wish.


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