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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 668


AST 668 - Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (6)

With a wave of the Psychotic Demon Scythe in his hand, a black fog appeared in front of him, filling a ten meter radius around him in a faint layer of black fog.

A stench could be sensed even if one didn't use his nose. Even from afar, it made people feel as if some rotting substance had adhered to their skin, causing a scorching prickling sensation.

Very soon after, Qing Shui felt that his mind was a bit blurry, and a giant with a height of tens of meters tall and a terrifying appearance appeared amidst the black fog. It was exuding an eerie aura and a horrible stench.


Qing Shui could sense that this was an illusion. He quickly circulated his Nature Energy to the extreme, and concurrently started spinning the image of Yin-Yang in his consciousness at a quick speed. He immediately felt a cooling sensation in his body and brain.

In a short moment, Qing Shui could feel a sharp aura slashing towards the back of his neck as he found himself standing amidst that black fog.

Shield attack!

Qing Shui turned abruptly and whacked with his Violet Gold divine Shield. At the same time, he activated his Shield attack at full power. Three 'golden-colored lotus flowers' protected him, blocking the venom from the Poisonous Jade Green Snake.


Qing Shui's Violet Gold divine Shield clashed against his opponent's Psychotic Demon Scythe, sending Qianxi Lang flying.

Qing Shui raised his speed to the maximum and gave chase. He had not expected that the Blue Lotus Art he cultivated would play such a huge role now. At the very least, it allowed him to remain unharmed.

Shield attack!

Shield attack!


Qing Shui would send Qianxi Lang flying backward with each attack, adding on to his injuries. Qianxi Lang's organs had already suffered serious injuries and he was trying hard to hang on.

Even one of the two Poisonous Jade Green Snakes on his arms had been killed by Qing Shui, and the remaining one posed no threat to Qing Shui.

Sword pierce!




Qing Shui knocked off Qianxi Lang's Psychotic Demon Scythe and was surprised. He had unintentionally used a Four Moves Combination Sword Technique.

Most importantly was the 40% increase in strength...

His strength was increased explosively to over 160 countries. At the beginning, the three moves combination would only increase his body's strength by 20%, but now, it has been increased to 40%. Suddenly, Qing Shui felt how domineering the Combination Sword Technique was. When mastered to greater levels, one could turn his opponent into mush with his domineering power.

The power of the Combination Sword Technique came from the skillful mastery of the sword techniques and the combination of different moves. It was a different method of amplifying power in a rational way.

After his surprise, Qing Shui once again sent Qianxi Lang, who had been driven to the end of his rope, flying. Qing Shui then used the same Combination Sword Technique with his Big Dipper Sword.


The deep clanking sounds of metal rang out, once again sending Qianxi Lang flying. Qing Shui remembered that Qianxi Lang had a pitch black armor under his black clothes. He knew how he should be attacking.

Nature Energy!

When the Big Dipper Sword lashed out and attacked his opponent, Qing Shui attacked immediately used the Shield attack. The power that could penetrate through everything would inflict more damage.


Qianxi Lang's internal organs were seriously injured by Qing Shui's Big Dipper Sword and he threw up a big mouthful of blood. This mouthful of fresh blood signified that his defences had been completed destroyed.

In that instant, Qianxi Lang's head exploded under Qing Shui's sword and he fell from the sky.

Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief. With Qianxi Lang dead, the remaining two would be easier to deal with. He didn't stop, quickly heading to the location where the other four were still engaged in battle.

Just as Qing Shui was a hundred meters away, Old Madam Mo dodged her opponent's blue colored powder and swept out her Diamond Scepter.

At this moment, Qing Shui shot out two Frosted Iron Balls in his hand, forcing Sima Ye to have no way of retreating, pushing him into a corner.


One of the Frosted Iron Balls pierced through his left shoulder, causing Sima Ye to quickly retreat. It was a pity that his speed was now very different from Old Madam Mo. With Old Madam Mo closing in quickly, the Diamond Scepter once again struck out toward Sima Ye.

Qing Shui no longer looked over. Old Madam Mo's attack was lethal and there was no way that Sima Ye could dodge it. He was originally injured to begin with and if he had not been relying on the poison powder, he would have died long ago. However, now that he had an additional injury from the Frosted Iron Ball, he was doomed for death.

Di Xuan and the Diamond Gigantic Elephant were in a heated fight with Guan Jiu. At that moment, Guan Jiu was a bit out of sorts. His face was filled with panic, his expression filled with desperation, especially after he had seen Qing Shui killed Qianxi Lang.

A hint of viciousness flashed in Guan Jiu's eyes as he suddenly headed for Di Xuan. That gaze and aura he exuded made it clear what his intentions were.

Fight to the bitter death!

’’Senior, quickly retreat!’’ Qing Shui quickly shot out a Frosted Iron Ball and urged.

Di Xuan did not dare to be too careless. He could sense that Guan Jiu's abilities had regained a little. Currently, the opponent was about 1000 countries stronger than him. That was what he sensed.


A Frosted Iron Ball pierced through Guan Jiu's body. With a slight move, his body sped up toward Di Xuan, his speed still increasing.

’’Quickly take the Gale Pellet!’’ Qing Shui shouted out loudly.

Di Xuan, who had been prepared for this, quickly swallowed it. He must have forgotten about it earlier. Upon taking it, his two legs seemed to be filled with endless power, allowing his retreating speed to be two times faster. His speed was now at par with Guan Jiu.

At that moment, Qing Shui arrived. Without any hesitation, he pounced forth and received Guan Jiu's attack with a Shield attack, and then attacked with his Big Dipper Sword.

Art of Pursuing!


The moment the Diamond Gigantic Elephant dashed over, Qing Shui leaped onto it and once again dashed toward Guan Jiu.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion!

State of One with Elephant!

Presently, under the State of One with Elephant, he could increase the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's strength by two times. Most importantly, there was also the Instantaneous Diamond Evasion.

Boom! Boom! ...

Qing Shui's attacks grew stronger. With both the Seven Star Armored Vest and the State of One with Elephant, Qing Shui would suffer no damages from each collision. However, Guan Jiu was forced to be on the defence and had to keep receiving Qing Shui's attacks. He was badly beaten up.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion!

State of One with Elephant!

Minute Subtlety!

Qing Shui carefully avoided the opponent's attack before tapping the Big Dipper Sword over Guan Jiu's heart.

The battle had come to an end. A moment before Qing Shui ended the battle, Old Madam Mo had finished up on her end. Both corpses fell downwards at almost the same time.

Qing Shui could not be bothered with the commotion coming from all around them. Old Madam Mo and Di Xuan came next to Qing Shui, the three of them exchanged a glance and smiled.

’’I wonder if we can hang on from now on. It's time for us to face the strongest few people from the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect.’’ Di Xuan's countenance turned grim.

Qing Shui didn't feel at ease either. After all, Qing Shui didn't know how much strength Grade Ten Martial Saint level cultivators had. If they were really close to Peak Martial Saint level, it would be a very tricky situation. Moreover, they would definitely have powerful Poison Beasts. The Poison Beasts from earlier had already caused him to panic. He wondered what was in store for the three of them.

’’Elder sister, it's another victory!’’ Di Qing held Di Chen's hand and said, smiling.

’’Mmm!’’ Although Di Chen replied, her expression was grim. It was because at this moment, everyone saw three old men heading up.

They weren't standing in the air but was riding a huge demonic beast. It was a three-headed snake which was about a hundred meters long. The huge pitch-black body gave one chills. The three humongous black snake heads looked twisted and horrifying, the black breath it exhaled reached up to a few meters.

Three-Headed Dark Flame Python!

This was a large-scale Poison Beast and upon seeing this, Qing Shui's heart could not help but skip a beat. It was of a similar level to the Red Jiao, but in terms of its cultivation level alone, it was slightly stronger than both Old Demon Ba and the Red Jiao. Qing Shui sensed that its strength was about 6000 countries, but since it was a Poison Beast, poison was what it truly excelled in.

The person in the lead was a man wearing a pitch black uniform from the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect. He had long black hair and his figure was ordinary. However, he gave out a feeling of having the majesty of a mountain and stood there upright as if he was a sharp sword, or like a dormant huge beast, waiting.

His eyes were those of one who had experienced a lot in life, revealing no sign of emotions. It was calm like the great sea, but amidst the calm, it gave the feeling as if it was concealing huge gushing waves.

Two old men past their sixties stood on either side of him. Both of them were also wearing black clothes but their hair was white. Their eyes were gentle but yet gave out a dominating feeling.

Anyone could tell with one look that these people had held the top positions for very long and their strength was unfathomable. When everyone saw the three of them, the commotions grew louder and there were countless exclamations from the crowd.

’’Oh gosh, that's the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect's Sovereign, Qianxi Ye. The other two are the two Protectors and are both Qianxi Ye's brothers, Qianxi Long and Qianxi Hu.’’ A person with a big mouth said happily.

’’The Di Clan's in trouble now. These three old monsters are extremely powerful, especially the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect's Sovereign. Rumor has it that he has a pair of Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies. I believe it's a type of Mutated beast and the poison it unleashes is extremely powerful.’’ Once the person with the big mouth stopped, another fatty continued to say.

’’Wow, Brother Pang is here. With Brother Pang around, everyone's in for a good treat.’’ A tall young man said with an intoxicating smile.

’’Brother Pang, how long do you think the Di Clan can hold on for this time around?’’ another voice rang out amidst the commotion. Seemed like the fatty was on quite good terms with the people in the area.

’’On the surface, it seems like the Di Clan's loss is a done deal. However, that young man seems to be exuding a certain charm. I keep feeling that he'd do an amazing act. I won't answer this question since I have no idea.’’ The fatty chuckled. Actually, he already had an answer, but he merely gave an unclear one.

’’Brother Pang, do you know what cultivation level the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect's Sovereign is at?’’

’’Haha, I don't know. Rumor has it that the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect's Sovereign is already very close to reaching Peak Martial Saint, but he is still a step away.’’The fatty chuckled and replied.

’’So powerful? No matter how strong that young man is, there's no way that he can be a match for the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect's Sovereign. It's really a pity for such an outstanding young man.’’ a thin and tall young man said.


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