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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 665


AST 665 - Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death (3)

Twin Dragon Pearls!

Qing Shui once again lashed out abruptly with the strange weapon he had concealed. This time, he locked onto the two Grade Eight Martial Saints who were pathetically trying to dodge his blows, this move of his was even more incisive than before.

The two warriors stiffened and paled at the approaching weapon, their faces ashen as they resigned to their impending doom.

They had given up all thoughts of resisting!

Pft! Pft!

The oppressing sounds of defeat silenced the spectators. In a flash, the two warriors fell from the sky, their eyes wide open even in death.

Thump thump!

The two thuds that followed indicated that the two corpses had made contact with the ground. Heated debate rose from among the spectators.

’’ The competitors from the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect have fallen!’’ Someone cried out in in alarm.

’’I almost doubted my eyes just then. Such a swift attack! It is incredible how the Casting Technique can be employed to this extent!’’ an elderly man ruefully remarked.

’’Those two were Grade Eight Martial Saints, but they still fell like saplings in an instant.’’ a matron uttered out in shock.

In an instant, those who hadn't expected much from the Di Clan became agitated. They were unable to react to this progression of events.

In the tent of the Qianxi Clan, the elders could only watch as the corpses were cleared away. They felt deeply disturbed by the bruised and battered bodies of the two warriors. Qing Shui's hidden weapons were indeed worrying.

Based on their cultivation, they could just stand far away but still see the ongoing battle clearly. Qing Shui's hiddens weapon caused them to frown upon seeing it.

’’Chief, can the Di Clan possibly overturn the situation?’’ an elderly man pondered for a moment before looking over to a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was clothed in pitch black from head to toe. His eyes and hair were dark. The day was scorching hot but a gloomy cold aura emanated from him. His demeanour belied his age, a man who had been through the ups and downs of life. He was not tall, yet his presence towered over the rest.

’’Bother, who do you think will win?’’ his voice was roving as he asked the elderly man, tinny and hollow.

’’I can no longer guess who the victor will be;this youth doesn't seem all that powerful. His level seems to be only barely on par with those two Martial Saints yet he unexpectedly killed them both effortlessly in seconds...’’

Strictly based on the capabilities he has displayed so far, he shouldn't be able to emerge victorious.’’ another elder commented unhurriedly.

’’Let's just watch and see, we still have a lot of time and can slowly enjoy the fun.’’ the middle-aged man chuckled coldly.

The old man was actually the younger brother of the seemingly middle-aged man!


Qing Shui retreated immediately after killing his opponents and did not follow up with any attacks. Meanwhile, the opponents remained stunned from this loss.

It was just too sudden for anyone to accept.

For a kid who appeared to be around a Grade Five Martial Saint, it was shocking to everyone for him to defeat two Grade Eight Martial Saints from a distance.

Even Di Xuan and Old Madam Mo stared incredulously at Qing Shui but they were soon overcome with joy. The realized that the situation might be looking up for them.

Di Chen and Di Qing watched while they floated in mid-air. The fact that Qing Shui was able to easily kill two strong warriors boosted their confidence immensely.

Especially for Di Qing, she thought of Yuan Su and even now, she truly believed that Qing Shui was the benefactor he spoke of. As she gazed at his back from afar, his figure seemed all the more imposing.

Violet Gold divine Shield, Big Dipper Sword!

Qing Shui drew out his own weapons and then circulated his power to the peak. Facing the remaining Grade Nine and Ten Martial Saints, he wasn't very concerned as they were only about about as strong as Old Madam Mo, with abilities just over 5000 countries.

On fights at this level, it did not matter whether they had 5300 countries or 5700 countries of abilities. As long as the difference was within 400 countries, the outcome of the battle couldn't be predicted.

’’Senior Di Xuan, Granny, eat the Pure Jade Pellet;after this we have to finish them up within the next fifteen minutes. Granny, you shall stall the elder in black.’’ Qing Shui continued facing their opponents as he instructed his companions slowly.


Qianxi Yong was now on guard against Qing Shui. The remaining Grade Nine Martial Saint was trembling with fear after seeing his comrade getting striked down so effortlessly. Perhaps he had finally sensed his perilous situation. While he had initially thought that he was the predator, their roles had now reversed and he was being preyed upon.

Qing Shui smiled faintly at his opponents and aimed his stare at the two Grade Ten Martial Saints.

Fiery Golden Eyes!

At this point in time, Qing Shui didn't intend to further complicate matters. With opponents highly skilled in poisons, he only wished to cut to the chase and impair his opponents by reducing their power to the lowest level possible.

His Fiery Golden Eyes shot out twice in rapid succession, causing his opponents' expressions to swiftly change from shock to despair.

Emperor's Qi!

With his consecutive attacks, the strength of the Grade Ten Martial Saint had dropped drastically to below 3600 countries. Not to mention the Grade Nine Martial Saint, who couldn't even compare to Di Xuan now.

’’Kill him!’’

Qing Shui called out as his blow swept over the Grade Ten Martial Saint. Simultaneously, Old Madam Mo struck out with her Golden Staff.

Only those involved in the fight were aware of what was truly happening;the spectators could only tell that Qing Shui and his party were suddenly initiating an attack and going on the offensive.

Among the spectators below - there were some who were the region's strongest cultivators. Their expressions all turned grim as they sensed the shift in the power balance. It wasn't hard them to deduce that the people from the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect had been weakened drastically by their opponent's technique.

’’This heaven-defying art is so formidable!’’ a few aged elders observed gravely.

’’Indeed, I haven't seen such an impressive Heaven Rebelling Skill in hundreds of years. In times to come, this kid will definitely rise to the top. More importantly, his technique is one of a kind. The elite will be fighting to recruit him. Even if his actual power is average, his uncanny ability to weaken his opponent's power more than compensates for that. Truly mind boggling!’’ an elder by the side added, his brows knitted with worry.

’’Pass down my command, don't offend him at all costs. Even if we cannot be allies, we don't want to make an enemy out of him. If he survives this battle, this kid will surely dominate the World of the Nine Continents.’’

’’Yes, patriarch.’’ his subordinate who had remained silent throughout bowed in assent and left.


Qing Shui and his party had caught their opponents by surprise with their attack. The disparity between their strengths and their opponent's inner despair had already taken its toll. They had already lost most of their will to fight.

Combination Sword Technique!

Art of Pursuing!

In just one move, Qing Shui unleashed his combination sword attacks and had forced his opponents to retreat. Instead of following tight on their heels, Qing Shui craftily attacked the opponent who was currently exchanging blows with Old Madam Mo.

This was because he had already noticed Qianxi Yong summoning a grotesquely fat Five-Coloured Python. The python was three metres in length and was as thick as two adult bodies combined.

’’Granny, leave this to me, you settle the other one.’’ as a precaution, he wanted to deal with this elder who owned a Poison Beast on her behalf.

’’You be careful then!’’

Without hesitating, she turned her attention to the elder who was charging at her.


The grotesque python swiftly spitted out a dazzling venom at Qing Shui. A dense fog settled over a radius of tens of metres. A bizarre and sickly fragrance permeated the air.

Qing Shui immediately blocked the venom with his Violet Gold divine Shield. The shield had been pretty handy so far and its grade was almost that of a divine Artifact.

Nature Energy!

Qing Shui once again employed Nature Energy to its peak. Although the poison immunity effects of the Pure Jade Pellet still hadn't worn off, he still felt a sense of urgency to get rid of the opponents as quickly as possible. He wanted to reinforce the impression that he was an efficient and merciless opponent.


Qing Shui charged towards the elder in black at full speed, lashing out at full force with his Violet Gold divine Shield. When they met, there was a tremendous boom! Even the air was distorted by the impact.

Shield Attack!

When used against an opponent that was weaker than oneself, this attack was guaranteed to cause the opponent's retreat.

With Qing Shui's current speed, Qianxi Yong couldn't even dodge and had no choice but to collide firmly with him. The impact cause Qianxi Yong to fly backwards.

This was the moment that Qing Shui had been waiting for!

Cloudmist Steps!

Qing Shui's speed was at its pinnacle. He ferociously charged towards the forlorn elder who was already injured from the collision, wielding his Big Dipper Sword.

Sword of Fifth Wave!

This was by far his most deadly move, that might only be surpassed in the distant future with his Combination Sword Technique.

The Big Dipper Sword drew flashed with a dark shadow in the air and silently smash onto the body of the Five-coloured Python.


There was a fleeting screech from the python before it disintegrated Although the Poison Beast possessed a tough body, it was only a Peak Martial King after all.

Qianxi Yong took advantage of this interlude to try to retreat, obviously feeling panicked.

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

Qing Shui lashed out at Qianxi Yong, his leg like a whip lashing out on Qianxi Yong's chest. Qianxi Yong's panic turned into a resigned despair at the acute energy of the kick.



The brutal kick inflicted a gaping hole in Qianxi Yong's chest. Blood pooled and he was flung out of the arena by this sinister move. His body dropping to the ground.

Even in death, his eyes were still wide-open.


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