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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 66


Ravishing Beauty

’’Oh, if that is so, I want you. Would you be able to satisfy me?’’

The words of Qing Shui caused the girl to be startled, but she soon recovered with a lewd smile before replying, ’’Of course I can, follow me!’’

Qing Shui's eyes roamed about as they traversed the through the main hall, capturing all the images of the beautiful girls in this place, intent on storing them in his memory.

’’Hehehe, could it be that...’’ Qing Shui rubbed his hands in glee, feeling excitement in his heart.

Qing Shui followed behind the girl, as he silently made comparisons in his heart. The other girls in the brothel although they were beautiful, they did not emit the sense of grace that he felt from this particular girl.

Qing Shui felt bizarre in his heart. Could it be the reason for that was because he had a desire for older women? Despite so, he felt that the girl in front of him was filled with grace albeit a little bit sultry, although calling her graceful could be considered sarcasm in this place where she was working.

However, after thinking further, Qing Shui realized that it was only logical. Even in a brothel, there needed to be someone with higher ranking who would be trained in more skills and arts, giving better satisfaction to the customers. There were even some girls who started out in this place, and eventually got married off to wealthy men as their mistresses.


Were it not for the superb hearing of Qing Shui, he would not have been able to hear the moans of pleasure being emitted from inside the rooms.

Just thinking of that, caused his blood to surge. Other than the moans of pleasure, there were also sounds of thumping resounding out, which brought to mind all the p*****ographic films he had watched in his past life before. Visions of a woman se*ily raising her butt, as the guy behind her doing it doggy-style emerged in his mind. The vision was so vivid that Qing Shui could not help but shiver in excitement.

Qing Shui slowly followed the girl, as he continue admiring the design of the building. Pink-colored wallpapers adorned the walls of the corridors while red carpets were laid everywhere in the building.


As he ascended the building, the higher the level, the more extravagant the design was. It was the same for the quality of the women. Arriving at the 4th level, all of the women here could be considered top quality, cream of the crop. Each and every one of the women here was capable of causing men to go crazy. No matter their look or figure, they were all of the top grade without a doubt.

Stepping onto the 5th level, Qing Shui's eyes begin to shine. The design of the 5th level was somewhat different from the other levels. The difference was so great that it could be compared to Heaven and Earth. On the 5th level, there were only two valiant-looking women with a heroic-bearing standing guard there, and upon seeing Qing Shui and the girl arriving, they bowed as they respectfully stated, ’’Welcome back, Mistress.’’

Qing Shui knew that his guess was right, however he was still suspicious. He was just randomly wandering about the streets before deciding to enter the Night Fragrance Court. How could it be so coincidental, for him to meet with the owner of the brothel?

Fake mountains and stones decorated the great hall of the 5th level until it resembled a mountainous region. There was even a big heated pool built for the enjoyment of guests. In the distance, there was a white-colored wooden house, and surrounding it, were flowers of different colors and varieties, giving Qing Shui an extremely surreal feel. It was as if he had stepped into a different world.

’’Are you satisfied with this place?’’ The girl turned her head as she smiled at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui looked around him before nodding his head, as hints of a smile touched his lips.

’’Let me go take a bathe first. You can wash yourself in the pool over there, after you're done, there will be people bringing you a new set of clothes for you to change into.’’

Qing Shui had no objections. How could he fail to enjoy himself in such a heavenly place. He quickly undressed as he jumped into the heated pool.

Qing Shui relaxed himself totally in the pool. The water was only waist-deep but the heat caused layers of white misty swirls of steam to drift about, giving it the appearance of a celestial pool!

Just as he was done with bathing, Qing Shui proceeded to lie down at the side of the pool, losing himself in fantasies of what would happen later. ’’Could she want to do that with me later? But she does seem different from the rest.’’ Although the girl looked graceful, but still, day in day out staying in this type of environment, wouldn't she give in to temptation and be polluted some how?

Qing Shui shook his head to organize his thoughts. Swiftly afterwards, Qing Shui heard footsteps approaching. It was a young maiden bringing a new set of clothes for him.

Wiping his body dry, Qing Shui changed into that new set of clothes as he started to closely inspect his surroundings, appreciating the art of the designer. Abruptly, a voice sounded out.

’’Sorry, did you wait for long?’’ A charming voice drifted over.

Qing Shui felt himself petrified, as he turned his head back. An enchanting woman, with beauty exuding demonic charm had appeared before him. Unlike Shi Qing Zhuang, who was like the cold winter, in contrast, she was like the spring wind. Her clear eyes capable of rousing passion and her se*y little mouth was curled up in laughter.

That raven black hair was shoulder length, adding to her overall charm by 30%. The snow-white pyjamas that she wore fully displayed the curves of her body, and those jade-white legs seemed to shine with an unholy light that caused men to be mesmerized. At this moment, Qing Shui could barely keep himself under control. All he wanted to do was to rush over right now at this moment and fondle her to his heart's content.

Using willpower that he didn't know he possessed, Qing Shui clenched his toes as he forcibly restrained himself. Rubbing his nose as he asked, ’’Sorry, you are?’’

’’Wow, do you have the memory of a goldfish? It hasn't even been an hour since we last met.’’ The girl lightly laughed.

’’It is really you?’’ How could there be such drastic changes after she bathed. Qing Shui momentarily couldn't connect the current face that he was seeing to the matured face from earlier.

Qing Shui stared unblinkingly at the girl in front of him. Were they really the same person? Although their voices were similar, the aura emitted, as well as the bearing and personality seemed slightly off. This girl that was in front of him had 30% more elegance, but she had none of that sultry aura from before.

’’I don't believe you.’’

’’Elder sister, I have lost. I'm not playing anymore.’’ The girl from earlier, stepped out from somewhere as she was called out.

’’What the f*k?’’ Qing Shui was extremely confused now, could it be he had unknowingly participated as the subject of a bet?

The expression on Qing Shui face got more and more unsightly as he looked at this pair of beautiful sisters. ’’This old me is here to play around with women, how dare you disrespect customers in this manner.’’

The two sisters stared dumbly at Qing Shui. Only now did they realize that they had forgotten about Qing Shui.


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