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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 659


AST 659 - Seven Stars Arena, Provocation

’’Remember to keep it a secret. Or else we might not even know how we die.’’

’’Don't worry Brother Zhao, are we the kind of people who would do that?’’

’’From what I heard, there was a time when the young master from Ten Thousand Poisons Sect went to Di Clan to propose a marriage but got rejected by them. Ever since then, Ten Thousand Poisons Sect has hated them. Coincidentally, things didn't turn out well for Di Clan as their Old Ancestor passed away. Everything is in Ten Thousand Poison's Sect's favor because even if they themselves don't take action, a fat meat like Di Clan will also be targeted by other people.’’ The young man who was known as Brother Zhao explained slowly while looking at Qing Shui and the others.

’’Brother Zhao indeed knows about a lot of things. Oh yeah, what do you think they are at Seven Stars Street for?’’ Immediately, there was already a person trying to flatter Brother Zhao. Of course, he didn't forget to ask his question.

’’Judging from the direction they're heading, they're most likely going to Seven Stars Arena.’’

’’Let's go have a look, for all you know, we might discover something unexpected.’’ The young man with surname Zhao said happily after thinking for a while.


Actually, Qing Shui heard what they said. At present, Qing Shui, who had already had a huge leap in strength acquired a terrifyingly powerful Spiritual Sense. He was able to detect every single movement of the things in his surroundings.

Qing Shui moved his sight to Di Chen and Di Qing. It seemed like they didn't hear it. Di Qing was constantly chatting with Yuan Su and Di Chen. Occasionally, she would point at some demonic beasts or shops.

’’Qing Shui, look, that's the Seven Stars Arena! It's the biggest battle arena in Seven Stars Country. For ordinary people, it's really hard for them to even have a match in it.’’ Di Qing smiled as she explained to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui finally saw the Seven Stars Arena for the first time. Prior to this, he had only heard about it, it was right in front of him. It was located in one of the most bustling areas in the city, being in the center of a crossroad, the Seven Stars Arena was round in shape and about hundred meters tall. There were seven shining crystals decorated around it, which resembled seven stars. But Qing Shui wasn't actually able to recognize what they were.

The Seven Stars Arena was dark purple in color. It had a circumference of around three hundred meters. Indeed, it was one of the biggest battle arenas which Qing Shui had ever seen. Even so, Martial Saint Warriors would most likely rise into the air while battling, very rarely would they remain on the arena to fight.

Not to mention that some gigantic demonic beasts were a hundred meters long. If it was a battle between two aristocratic clans, they would feel cramped even if they were in the Seven Stars Arena.

Another factor that played a part was that people feared that the Seven Stars Arena would be destroyed as a result of the battle. Hence, for truly formidable warriors with strength that surpassed Grade Eight Martial Saints, they would very often rise up above the arena to fight rather than fighting on the ground. The arena was only a tool for battles. For formidable warriors, their true battle was high up in the sky.

Only aristocratic clans like Di Clan and Ten Thousand Poisons Sect would battle on the Seven Stars Arena. Normally, one of the clans would send a battle invitation to their opponent. If the opponent accepts their challenge, both side would agree on a location to fight.

Slowly, the arena became a place that was specially used for battles between warriors below Martial Saint grade. For warriors above that level, the destruction brought about by them would be too devastating.

’’Sima Sha! Look who that is!’’

There were a lot of people in the arena. This place had always been crowded with people. A lot of beast carts would also pass back and forth around the arena.

The person speaking was a handsome young man. Similarly, Sima Sha was also a handsome young man except that he looked really devilish as well.

Sima Sha heard what the young man said and looked towards Qing Shui. He first fixed his sharp sight on Qing Shui before giving the three women around Qing Shui a perverted look.

’’Sima Sha, the brother of yours that got beaten up indeed has good eyes. The three women around him are all extreme beauties.’’ The young man from just now told Sima Sha with a smile. He sounded calm while he was saying it.

’’Hm, the Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death is in just two days. Since they're here, why don't we have some fun with them in advance. If they don't dare to accept, we will just forget about it.’’

After Sima Sha finished speaking, he went on to approach Qing Shui and his group. The people behind him, including the young man, hurriedly followed him. After all, Sima Sha was one of the strongest young men from his generation. It seemed like the seductive and handsome man was a bit older than Di Fentian. He was originally supposed to be considered the senior, but for some reason he was holding onto the most formidable nickname of the strongest person in his generation.

’’Qing Shui, Sima Sha is about to come here.’’ Di Qing pulled Qing Shui and said.

’’Sima Sha? Someone from Sima Clan?’’ Qing Shui looked at the young man who was approaching them in confusion.

’’Yeah, if he wants to challenge you, it's best if you reject it. Despite his young age, he is much stronger than his older brother.’’ Di Qing said hurriedly.

Qing Shui was more confused now. Di Qing seemed to be really concerned with this man. Could he really be that strong?

’’He is the youngest elder in the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect. He is really adept with his poisons. None of the people from his generation is a match for him.’’ By the time Di Qing finished speaking, Sima Sha was already less than ten meters away from them.

’’Young lady Qing indeed knows me quite well.’’ Sima Sha chuckled.

Di Qing totally ignored Sima Sha. Instead, she told Qing Shui, Di Chen and Yuan Su: ’’it's not fun here, let's go back.’’

’’Young lady Qing, why are you planning to leave as soon as you come? It's not common for us to run into each other, why don't we spend some time together?’’ The young man behind Sima Sha said in a joking manner.

Di Qing knitted her brows and looked towards the young man who was talking: ’’shut up if you don't want to die.’’

’’Haha, Zhuo Siming, how does it feel to be insulted by a woman?’’ Another young man laughed at the one who was speaking just now.

’’Di Qing, Di Clan is at the brink of being destroyed. We are both Peak Martial Kings, do you think that I'm afraid of you?’’ Zhuo Siming felt really embarrassed being berated by a woman in public. If it was before, he would just forget about it but Di Clan was no longer what it once was.

’’Siming, you're wrong, she is already a Grade One Martial Saint, you are not going to be able to block her move.’’ Sima Sha said while maintaining a calm mind.

Zhuo Simin: ’’......’’

In the end, Zhuo Siming remained silent.

’’So the young master from Zhuo Clan is nothing but scum?’’ A person's voice came through. Coincidentally, everyone was able to hear it. No one was certain who said it but the person who actually dared to make such a statement was definitely someone who didn't fear Zhuo Clan.

’’The people from Zhuo Clan are like this. This is normal, they're all scum, don't worry about it.’’ There are still people who don't fear death. Not to mention, as there are a lot of people around them, it was difficult to detect who that said it, even if one possessed keen spiritual sense.

Zhuo Siming got so furious that his face turned red. Nevertheless, he remained silent and didn't say anything. No matter how upset one was, they should never put their life at risk.

’’Even young lady Qing said that I intended to challenge you. If I don't do it, it'll just show that I'm useless. Mister, I wonder if you will accept?’’ Sima Sha smiled while looking at Qing Shui

He had investigated Qing Shui's strength before. His strength seemed to be at Grade Two Martial Saint. Even though he used Hidden Weapons during battles, he needed someone to help him with it. It's going to be useless if it's used in a single match.

His poisonous webs and other objects on the other hand, unless used for sneak attacks, they would be useless for single matches. If he dared to accept today, Sima Clan would definitely have to leave his body here to help stand up for Sima Clan. Let alone that the young man seemed to be quite experienced with team attacks!.

At the moment when Sima Sha was evaluating Qing Shui's strength, Qing Shui was also doing the same thing to him. He was evaluating the strength of the young man, or rather, the strong and robust man.

Peak Grade Six Martial Saint!

At this moment, Qing Shui himself was unclear with how he felt. The strongest young man in his generation was actually a Peak Grade Six Martial Saint, that had the abilities of 2000 countries.

For the younger generations, which was Di Qing and Di Chen's generations, they're already considered geniuses by having been able to break through to Martial Saint unless they're disciples with unique talents from hidden clans. But since Sima Sha was slightly older, they could only be barely considered the younger generations.

It's a piece of cake for Qing Shui to beat him.

Qing Shui really wanted to laugh. Not only that, he actually had broken into laugher. Humans are weird, when one found that someone who is a lot weaker than them, they wouldn't have much interest when their opponent challenged them. It's just like looking at an ant. No matter how much you saw it moving, you wouldn't be enraged by it.

’’You sure you want to challenge me?’’ Qing Shui smiled as he looked at Sima Sha.

’’I'm sure, you won't get cold feet will you? No one can stop you if you want to do it. There are so many people looking at you, if you do that, then you will be known as a person who hides behind a woman's skirt!’’ Sima Sha said calmly.

’’Yeah, fight if you're a man!’’

’’If i was him, I would battle! If not, I don't think I'd have the face to stand here. They're outstanding women, please don't choose a coward to be your husband.’’


’’I accept your challenge. I wonder, where you get the confidence to force people to take part in a match with you?’’ Qing Shui stared at Sima Sha. All along, he had misgivings about Sima Clan.

’’Great, everyone around the battle arena is the witness. Today, we will have a showdown to the death. I will wait for you up there.’’

Sima Sha soared up into the air as soon as he finished speaking. He did it all smoothly at one go. People in the surroundings were amazed with what he did. After all, Skywalk was an ability only exclusive for Martial Saint grade warriors.

’’Qing Shui!’’

Di Chen called out softly and pulled his sleeve.

Di Chen managed to hear what Di Qing said previously. After all, no one was actually aware of how strong Qing Shui truly was.

’’Have faith in me, it would be such a waste if I were to die right after getting you, such a beautiful woman, to be my wife.’’ Qing Shui grabbed her hand and smiled.

’’You are still in the mood to joke around at a time like this......’’

’’Qing Shui, you need to be careful of his poisons!’’ Di Qing knitted her brows and reminded him.

’’Thank you, he won't stand a chance.’’ Qing Shui let out a humble smile and stepped up into the sky. Very quickly, he was on opposite side of the sky from Sima Sha. The two were less than a hundred meters away from each other.

Qing Shui slowly sheathed the Big Dipper Sword while determining if he should kill him off instantly or try to hide his strength for now.


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