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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 647


AST 647 - The Violent Undercurrent (2)

’’Why? I did all of this for you. Did I do anything wrong? Is it because you're blinded by this man? Who is he!’’ At this moment, Sima Mingyan was really agitated.

Qing Shui was speechless when he looked at Sima Mingyan. He was really worried that he would be driven crazy by the way things were going. He felt that this man was really on the verge of going crazy. At the same time, he also felt resentful. Indeed, women were dangerous creatures.

’’It doesn't matter if I'm blinded by anyone. Just stop annoying me ever again! I don't want to see people like you!’’ Di Qing told Sima Mingyan off without even batting an eye.

Suddenly, Sima Mingyan glanced towards Qing Shui: ’’it must be you! You took her away from me. I want to battle you.’’

Qing Shui hadn't even gotten to react to the situation and the man had already started screaming at him. Qing Shui really wanted to laugh. He was just a Martial King Grade warrior, what kind of a battle could he bring? Initially, Qing Shui felt that this man was really brave considering all the things he did for Di Qing. But as things went on, he realized that this was as far as Sima Mingyan could go. Furthermore, his strength was most likely gained by taking medicinal pills because with his mentality, it should be really hard for him to cultivate up to the Martial King Grade.

’’I'm really curious to know how you are still alive.’’ Qing Shui despised people like this. Hence, he didn't hold back when he spoke.

’’Why can't I be alive? In fact, I am enjoying my life more than anyone.’’ Sima Huoyu shouted like he was offended with what Qing Shui said. At present, he was a completely different person than when he first came into the yard.

’’If you weren't born in Sima Clan, someone as brainless as you would have died ages ago.’’ Qing Shui said calmly. These kind of cold, ruthless, and inhumane people will only cause trouble living in this world.

This was Di Clan. If it wasn't for Di Clan being a powerful clan, Sima Mingyan would have most likely taken Di Qing away by force. Qing Shui suspected that this man might have done the same thing a lot of times. Except this time, he really was obsessed with Di Qing.

’’You dare scold me?’’

In a short while, Sima Mingyan took back the miserable look that he had when he was in front of Di Qing and glared at Qing Shui furiously. The hatred in his eyes was really strong. People could straight away tell that he got angry from feeling embarrassed.

Qing Shui scolded him secretly ’’I only said that you're brainless, is there any point for you to hate me so much’’. After that he glanced towards him with an unsatisfied look: ’’If you keep on accusing people for nothing, one day, you might end up getting killed.’’

’’I want to have a duel with you!’’

Sima Mingyan let out a furious scream and was about charge straight towards Qing Shui. As he did so, he was immediately stopped by a middle-aged man. The man looked at Qing Shui: ’’You're the first person who actually dared to ridicule our Sima Clan.’’

Qing Shui's expression turned serious as soon as the middle-aged man said that. Even though he looked middle-aged, Qing Shui felt that he was definitely far older than that.

Half of his hair had already turned white. He wasn't the least inferior to Di Xuan in terms of his wise look. The expression he had on his face gave people the feeling of a ferocious sleeping beast. But it felt even more like he was an arrogant person because Qing Shui felt that he was only a Grade Five Martial Saint Warrior.

However, on the surface, Qing Shui was only a Grade Three Martial Saint Warrior. Qing Shui felt that Di Fentian also had a cultivation level of around the same grade. It's just that he had heard from Di Qing before that Di Fentian possessed a divine Artifact which could temporarily boost his strength up to the Grade Six Martial Saint.

Increase by one fold?

But Qing Shui was more curious about the duration of the effect because he was aware that this artifact could only be considered a false artifact. Its effect was similar to that of the Critical Damage. It could temporarily increase one's strength by several fold. Unfortunately, it could only be used once. Because by the time it was used, it would have consumed around eighty percent of the user's strength. Hence, they wouldn't use it in normal occasions. Once someone decided to use it, it would mean that they're are about to give their opponent a fatal blow.

’’Oh, could it be that I've said something wrong?’’ Qing Shui was annoyed as soon as he saw the way the man behaved. He didn't like anyone from Sima Clan. In fact, he was starting to feel that there was a reason behind why Sima Yanming was going after Di Qing.

’’No one from Seven Stars Country has dared to look down on us Sima Clan so far. Could you happen to be a guest from Di Clan?’’ The man looked at Qing Shui. It could be because Qing Shui's strength was nothing worth mentioning in his eyes.

At this moment, Qing Shui came up with another thought. Even Di Fentian himself couldn't help but knit his brows. If it had been Sima Clan in the past, they wouldn't have dared to do so because by doing this, it would mean that they're trying to provoke Di Clan.

They were, in a way, trying to pass Di Clan a message by doing so. Not only were they not afraid of Di Clan, they were even planning to go head to head against them. They wouldn't mind eliminating the entire clan itself when the time was right. As for their motives and schemes, no one has yet to find out about them so far.

’’Hahaha, how ridiculous can Sima Clan be? You guys here to pick a fight today, right?’’ Qing Shui fixed his sight on the man.

’’Our clansman has confessed his feelings again and again to this young lady from Di Clan. Yet what he got in return was humiliation after humiliation. Not only that, he was even insulted by an outsider like you. Do you really think that there's no one from Sima Clan who could stand up against you?’’

This man truly has a thick face. But since he was here to cause problems, there's no reason for Qing Shui to be polite to them. Right at this moment however, Di Chen opened her mouth.

’’We don't welcome you here, please go back!’’

The man was stunned as soon as he heard Di Chen's words. After that, he chuckled: ’’Of course I'll go back. But this man needs to pay for insulting Sima Clan.’’

It seemed as if the man was pointing all his arrows at Qing Shui. An intimidating aura also started emerging from his body into the surroundings. Not only that, his sight was firmly set on Qing Shui. It was as if he was going to kill Qing Shui sometime soon.

Qing Shui shook his head. His strength, on the surface, had managed to tricked many brainless people, there were even plenty of people with brained who ever deceived by this.

’’Sheathe your sword. I'll deal with it. The Di Clan is not afraid of anyone.’’ Di Fentian stood up and tried to tell the man off. Since things have taken such a turn, it was no longer necessary to be long-winded.

’’Di Fentian, you have no right to be so cocky with your current strength. Even though that False divine Artifact of yours could help raise your strength up to the Grade Six Martial Saint, it could only tolerate one attack at most. It's something of little to no value. You are just a Grade Three Martial Saint. I can kill you almost in an instant.’’ The man was really arrogant when he said this. There was a feeling of superiority and pride in his voice.


At this moment, Qing Shui laughed. He has never seen someone who thought so highly of themselves before. Even though a Grade Five Martial Saint was already considered quite good in the sense that they were respected figures, their strength were only so-so. If Qing Shui was to demonstrate all his strength at once, he would be a Grade Six Martial Saint. Despite this, he didn't have much pride about it. In fact, he still felt insecure with his current strength.

There was a huge difference between their personalities!

At this moment, a few people once again stepped into the courtyard one after another. There were around ten of them. Among them, there were even people with attires that Qing Shui was familiar with.

Ten Thousand Poison Sect!

There were also a few people with other costumes which Qing Shui couldn't recognize. But at this moment, everyone had finally came to the realization that there was someone who wanted to destroy the entire Di Clan.

Qing Shui was really confused. In the past, Di Clan has always been close to the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord. At least on the surface of it. After that, the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord was eliminated. So why would there be other people who fixed their sight at Di Clan?

For women? Money? Or some heaven-defying treasures?

If it's money, Qing Shui would be able to understand, but women?

Qing Shui glanced towards Di Chen and Di Qing. After that, he thought that it could be possible but the possibility of it was quite low, leaving only one more option, they were doing it for their own benefit. It's either that Di Clan has blocked off all sources of income to a particular person or Di Clan has a formidable treasure. Otherwise, no one would dare to take such a risk.

Qing Shui looked at Di Fentian and noticed that his face looked really abnormal. It seemed like he had also begun to feel that something wasn't right. The way the incident progressed far exceeded his expectations.

Among the group of people, Qing Shui saw a familiar person. It was a young man from Ten Thousand Poison Sect. He was the teenager whom people called Young Master.

The moment the people from Sima Clan saw the group of people approaching, Sima Mingyan who originally intended to fight Qing Shui immediately changed his expression and smiled as he welcomed the arrival of the elderly men from the group.

’’Father!’’ The man from Sima Clan bowed his head to the elderly man.

’’You useless trash!’’

The old man who was speaking looked like a withering tree. Despite how he looked, the aura he gave off felt really dangerous.

The man was no longer proud like before, standing in front of this elderly man. Instead, he was respectful and polite to him. From what was shown, this elderly man was definitely someone of high position within Sima Clan.

The elderly man was wearing the attire of Ten Thousand Poison Sect. The young master really respected the elderly man. It seemed like there truly was an extraordinary relationship between Sima Clan and Ten Thousand Poison Sect.

’’Brother Qianxi, the man who stood up just now is Di Xuan's eldest son. At present, Di Xuan's side of the family has become the most powerful one among their clan. After that old man dies, Di Clan would never match up to their past glory again.’’ The old man from Sima Clan who looked like a withering tree explained to the elderly man with long brows beside him.

’’Alright, let him deliver a message to Di Xuan. In three days, we will wait for them at the Seven Stars Arena along the Seven Stars Street. We will hold the Ultimate Life-or-Death match there. If people from Di Clan don't attend it, we will have no choice but to topple them.’’ The old man with long brows said calmly.

As soon as he finished speaking, the young master from Ten Thousand Poison Sect came out. He walked up to the front of Qing Shui and the people from Di Clan and repeated what the elderly man said.

’’You guys are such bullies! I'm going to kill you!’’ Di Fenxing was about to charge towards the young master and confront him.

However, Di Fentian stopped Di Fengxing: ’’Second brother, what are you doing? Calm down.’’

’’Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death? What's this?’’ Qing Shui asked Di Fentian.

’’It's a battle to death between clan members from different sects. It will go on until everyone from one of the sects is crippled. The one with clan members remaining will emerge victorious.’’ Di Fentian explained gently. He looked quite bitter when he was explaining it.

’’Oh yeah, Qing Shui, you will have to take part in it too. Anyhow, you are still considered half a family member of Di Clan. You should do something for them don't you? By then, we might be able to interact with each other too.’’ The young man from Ten Thousand Poison Sect calmly said to Qing Shui.


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