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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 64


Have you hugged enough?

’’Beautiful girls are there to be cherished!’’

Yu He was stunned, as she stared strangely at Qing Shui. She only saw the clear eyes of Qing Shui looking back at her. Encompassed in his gaze, was accommodation and tender protectiveness. How could this young man already possess such a gaze. Other than that, from his eyes, she could see wisdom and foresight. There was also purpose, yet all of these qualities were also adorned with layers of gentleness. It was extremely attractive!

’’Oh, so do you know how to cherish woman?’’ Yu He laughed, she felt extremely elated at this moment, but was uncertain why she felt this way. She only knew that she felt at peace in her heart, and a sense of security.

’’I will do things for her, take over her burdens, protect her, and make her happy.’’ Qing Shui was caught unawares by Yu He sudden question. Without much time to think, he hurriedly blurted out a bunch of nonsensical stuff.

Yu He could not help but laugh at his inane replies. At this moment she felt that Qing Shui had a really pure heart. She felt that he would be a good husband to his future wife.

’’If elder sis wants you to dote on me, would you do so?’’ Yu He continued teasing Qing Shui, and yet, it had some traces of seriousness hidden in it.

’’Elder Sister Yu He should be one of the top few ravishing beauties in our country. I think the number of suitors you have would constitute almost half of the entire population. Are you serious that you need me to dote upon you?’’ Qing Shui glanced at Yu He seriously, and in his heart at this moment, he was thinking - If Yu He was serious, Qing Shui didn't mind at all. After all, Yu He was exactly his type of tofu. A mature lady older than him by 10 years, yummy.

’’Hehe, sister is just teasing you. Sigh... a woman like me, who would still want me, who would still cherish me?’’ Yu He bitterly smiled, as if there was something on her heart, as she glanced at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui did not reply, he knew that Yu He was from the Yu Clan, and had a high status. To say that Yu He truly fall in love with him? Only if Qing Shui's brains were damaged, would he believe it. Maybe in her eyes, he was just a youngling, someone to tease, to laugh with. What she really needed was a strong man capable of protecting her.

The more beautiful a woman is, the more it was likely they would be surrounded by lecherous wolves [1]. There were two ways to get beautiful girls you desire. One, was both parties were willing. Second, to be so strong to the point where no one would dare to say a thing. A person with sufficient strength, would have millions of ways to break apart a loving couple, or could directly pressure the male party to leave.

’’Okay, we should not be digressing so far from our main topic. Qing Shui, elder sister should be able to guess your intentions for coming here today. Tell you what, as long as you are willing to provide the same type of fish that we ate earlier, whatever conditions you have, I would satisfy you.’’ Yu He blinked her beautiful lashes as she looked to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui laughed lightly, as he looked at Yu He, who was reclining lazily on the sofa. ’’A merchandise is only valuable if it is rare. This type of fish was bred using a special method, and there are a limited number of them. At most, I would be able to supply you with 10 of such fish per day. But, if beautiful ladies like yourself want to dine with me, then no matter how many of the fish you need, I would still be able to provide.’’

’’Only 10 such fishes everyday, although the amount is somewhat meagre, but still, I believe if I set the selling price at 100 taels of silver per fish, the customers would still be raving for more.’’ Yu He murmured to herself.

’’You already know how delicious the fish tasted, and I can guaranteed that other than me, no other supplier would be able to provide this kind of fish. What we need now, is a good marketing strategy. Not to mention 100 taels, I believe even if it was sold for 1,000 taels, there would still be people willing to try!’’

Yu He's eyes flashed, ’’Wow, I didn't think that a little brat like yourself would have a business-oriented mind too.’’

Qing Shui almost fainted when he heard Yu He referring to him as a little brat. Feeling stabbing waves of depression assailing his heart, feeling wretched beyond measure.

This fish is reared by you?’’ Yu He randomly asked a question, while observing Qing Shui closely.

’’This can be considered so I guess. However, if there are others who ask you this question, please keep my identity a secret. After all, this has a lot to do with money.’’ Qing Shui embarrassedly replied.

’’Are you so lacking of money? Hehe, elder sister will not take advantage of you. How about 30% of the proceeds to you and 70% to me?’’

Qing Shui gently smiled as he rejected the proposition. ’’It's not that I'm lacking for money, I have no money! How about a 50/50 split of the proceeds? Let us earn money together.’’

In the end, Yu He furrowed her brows as she considered, and eventually accepted the offer. Stalking forward like a tigress after her prey, she hugged Qing Shui. Qing Shui stood there mutely, dumbstruck by her actions. Her actions caused the virgin Qing Shui to float on cloud nine, as his mind blanked out.

’’Happy partnership.’’ Yu He whispered in Qing Shui's ear in the instant she hugged him.

That charming and magnetic voice, gently brushed past his ear. Qing Shui could feel himself blushing as his ears went red. This type of feeling was incomparably refreshing. After the initial awkwardness, Qing Shui quickly recovered, and only joy remained.

’’Happy partnership!’’ Qing Shui replied, and initiated the hug this time around just as Yu He was retreating, while a nefarious fire burned in his lower region.

Shock suffused the features of Yu He as she gasped. Never did she think that Qing Shui would be so daring. Although Qing Shui was 10 years younger, he was still already considered a man. However, in that embrace of his, Yu He did not show any signs of anger or rejection.

When observing Yu He at such a close distance, Qing Shui was in awe. Her beauty was capable of stirring the souls of men. Looking at her delicate face, and limpid eyes akin to the beauty of valuable gemstones, Yu He appeared like a celestial being flying in the skies. Her elegance was beyond comparison as Qing Shui continued to hug harder.

’’Pfft, have you hugged enough?’’ Yu He gently patted Qing Shui's back as she lightly said.

’’Not enough, even if I could hug you for a lifetime, it would never be enough!’’ Qing Shui continued hugging as he nestled his face in Yu He's neck.

’’You smelly brat, your mouth is indeed sweet. However, you are not allowed to take advantage of me like this in the future. Hmph, you little naughty egg.’’ Yu He gently replied, but made no moves to free herself from the embrace.

Qing Shui unwillingly relinquished his hold on Yu He, feeling slight dissatisfaction in his heart. The scenario was not going according to the plots of the adult novels and ’’artistic’’ films he had watched in his past life. Wasn't the lady in question supposed to eat him up like a cougar?

’’Maybe I'm not the main actor.’’ Qing Shui frowned. ’’Either that or, I have not read enough adult novels or learnt sufficient cheesy lines to use yet.’’ Shaking his head, Qing Shui's inner voice retorted, ’’No! I am the main lead! I will be in control of my own destiny and direct and produce my very own version.’’

After Qing Shui left, Yu He remained in her room pondering over the matters of her heart. She felt that Qing Shui had already somehow wormed his way inside of her heart. Obviously, she did not believe that she would fall for Qing Shui, a guy who was so much younger than her. Yet, she was not disgusted or angered by his actions. She only felt joy and happiness as they joked around during the times they spent together.

The first time she met him, was out of curiosity! A young man, with a shy and bashful appearance had actually defeated Situ Bu Fan. In any case, didn't the saying go that the relations between a man and woman would always start because of curiosity, and eventually slowly develop to the point where there was love?

The second time was this occassion, when Qing Shui had brought her two of the unique black fishes. It was the most delicious thing that she had ever eaten. Looking out of the window, and glancing at the back view of Qing Shui, Yu He could not help but feel joy, as well as how mysterious the young man who just hugged her was.


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