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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 633


AST 633 - Vengeance, entering the Di Clan

As he swung his hand, a silver needle immediately pierced into the opponent's heart. The young man's eyes bulged out excessively before he fell flat on his back.

The silver needle, which Qing Shui shot out previously, was coated in Primordial Flame. At the moment it pierced into the opponent's heart, it melted immediately. It also instantly destroyed that person's heart.

’’Martial brother......!’’

The other two men, who didn't know what happened, rushed over. After touching the ugly young man's nose and chest, they noticed that his heart felt really hot. They quickly confirmed that the person was already dead.

Qing Shui felt that there was no need to hold back against people like them. The poison from before was definitely something really extraordinary. Since the opponent never planned to let him live, why should he go easy on him?

The most terrifying thing about a poison master was their poison. Once that poison was proven to be useless, they would only be left with the fate of being killed. However, what made Qing Shui speechless, was that his opponent actually tried to approach him and kill him. Could this be the so-called ’’Killing people like mowing grass?’’ They viewed human life with very little value...

Or, you could also say that they were just a bunch of no-brains.

Perhaps, they were just relying on the reputation of the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect. In this place, if one was affiliated to the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect, everyone would have to give them face.

In any case, it seemed like he had already established hostility between himself and the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect. Nevertheless, Qing Shui wasn't afraid of them at all. There was no need to submit to humiliation for incidents like these. Not only was he already strong enough to stand up to them, he was even capable of refining the Pure Jade Pellet. Hence, it wouldn't be easy for the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect to actually touch him.

’’You killed my martial brother! Do you even know who we are?’’

The young man on the left had a ridiculously massive head on top of his thin body, which resembled a bamboo shoot. The fierce-looking face, as well as that thin body of his, made him look quite weird. At this moment, he was glaring at Qing Shui with eyes that were ready to shoot out flames at a moment's notice.

’’You actually dared to kill the people from the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect? You're dead!’’ A fat man, whose shape resembled that of a bucket, screamed at Qing Shui. Unlike the thin man, this fat one had a really small face. It was thin like a skeleton's and had bulging eyes. His hair was yellow-colored.

’’You are really annoying!’’ Qing Shui threw out the glass in his hand.



Countless teeth fell out of the fat guy's mouth. In an instant, that small face of his had already become so swollen, that it lost its shape.

’’Motherf*ker! I'm going to kill you!’’ On the other side, the thin man swung both of his hands as he cursed at Qing Shui. As he did so, a pink-colored powder dispersed into the air.

Qing Shui squinted both of his eyes and fixed his sight at the thin man. There was an incredible amount of killing intent within his eyes. The moment he swung his hands, two Primordial Flames flashed across the air and sunk into the opponent's chest.


The Primordial Flame, which had gone up by a grade was incomparable to its past self. It had already completely burnt all three people within a few breaths of time. The corpses were burnt to nothingness. There wasn't any trace of them left behind.

Qing Shui looked expressionless. He didn't feel anything as he gradually sat back down into his seat and poured a cup of wine. The people around him also acted like nothing happened.

Qing Shui realized that it's really easy for him to kill a person now. The people, whom he previously killed, were so fragile. Human lives were weak. Qing Shui thought, that with his current condition, he might end up being killed or easily choked to death by other people one of these days.

The only thing he could do now would be to live on and try to make himself as strong as possible. Considering that he had so many heaven-defying and insane treasures, if he was unable to live up to his reputation, he would be just too pathetic.

’’Are you guys leaving?’’

Lei Nuo smiled as she looked at Qing Shui and Di Chen.

’’Sister Nuo, sorry for the inconvenience.’’ After staying over for a while, the gang said goodbye to Lei Nuo.

The journey from the Four Sea Inns to the Di Clan shouldn't take longer than three days with the Fire Bird. If it was to hurry, they could be able to arrive within two days.

’’Sister, do you still remember Yao`Er?’’ Di Qing asked Di Chen.

’’Big brother's son?’’

’’Yeah, he has already grown up to be a man! You will definitely not be able to recognize him! Xian`Er has also grown up a lot.’’ Said Di Qing happily.

Qing Shui observed the two sisters chatting with each other at a corner. He was also happy to see, that Di Chen was starting to loosen up a little. Qing Shui also hoped, that the trip to Di Clan this time could help her solve the sorrow she had deep within her heart.

Their father... Which men of the Di Clan wouldn't be jealous of him having such a pair of daughters? If he wasn't forced by the circumstances, why would he ever do such a thing?

He should more or less be suffering as much as Di Chen......

Familial ties are closer than social relations. Qing Shui really wanted to let Di Chen enjoy the warmth of having a family.

’’Qing Shui, my second brother and the others are all people with really short tempers ... Please, show some mercy at that time.’’ Di Qing chuckled as she explained to Qing Shui.

’’So you are only worried about your second brother, are you not worried that I might get beaten up as well?’’ Qing Shui smiled as he looked at Di Qing.

’’You already have my sister to worry about you, what else do you want? Could it be that you really like it when I care about you?’’ Di Qing glanced towards Qing Shui with a sly look. She, who was sitting on the Fire Bird, couldn't help but think about the time when she went back to the Central Continent with him, particularly the time when he called her a stupid woman. She reckoned that it's something she would never forget in her entire life... She also thought to herself, that he might be the only one who would ever call her like that...

Qing Shui touched his nose and gave Di Chen an awkward smile. He had always felt, that Di Qing really enjoyed seeing him being embarrassed. She would never give up on any opportunity to make it so.

For a woman, who was graceful and so full of personality, to have such a cute side, Qing Shui was also quite moved by it. It could have been caused by her sister being around because prior to this, she wasn't like this. When she dealt with other people, she was a defiant woman, who was really hard to get close to.


’’Young master, San Chou was killed by someone.’’

In a small luxurious courtyard located within the Ten Thousand Poison Sect, a middle-aged man informed a young man who was embracing and kissing an alluring and lovely woman.

The young man didn't show the least bit of concern to the information provided by the middle-aged man. He was constantly rubbing and groping the well-rounded body of the woman with both of his hands.

After that, both of the man's hands settled down on the woman's perfectly shaped butt-cheeks. With all of his might, he kept on grabbing and pinching her butt. The woman's frail moaning voice, which resembled that of a sweet yellow luan, constantly resounded within the courtyard.

’’Alright! You should go!’’ The young man spoke softly as he lifted up his head, while constantly moving his hands about the woman's body.

’’You should go as well! Go and summon Uncle Chen here!’’ The teenager spoke while groping the woman's bulging chest.


The woman stood up. After tidying up herself for a little while, she dashed out of the room.

Since the beginning, both of the young man's eyes have looked incomparably clear and tranquil. Even at the moment, when he was taking advantage of the woman's body, there wasn't any sign of lust in his eyes.

The woman looked really charming and mature. But when she left the young man, she looked incomparably tidy. Her face looked really delicate and pretty. Furthermore, she also had really attractive and curvaceous body. She was a really pretty woman, who was capable of triggering any man's se*ual desires.

’’Qing Shui! Di Qing is mine! You can't blame me for it! You have to die!’’ The teenager muttered to himself as he looked into the sky.


The Fire Bird descended on a balcony not so far away from the Di Clan. After that, they quickly looked for a beast cart, which was headed for the Di Clan. In a very short span of time, they already arrived at their destination.

Di Chen stood in front of the Di Clan's door. She felt, that this place still seemed as familiar as it did before. Compared to many years ago, there weren't any significant changes to this place. The only problem was, that she felt incomparably sad while she was standing here today.

Qing Shui was standing next to Di Chen. He didn't really say anything and only remained silent beside her.

Not long after, a group of people walked out one after another from the Di Clan. There were around ten of them. The group consisted of males, females, as well as the elderly. Qing Shui could recognize the man who was leading the group. He was Di Qing's father, Di Xuan!

There was one more person whom he recognized! He was Di Fentian!

As for the other people, Qing Shui didn't really know any of them. He believed them to be the members of the Di Clan.

’’Chen`Er! Qing`Er! Qing Shui! You guys are back!’’ Di Xuan joyfully walked towards Qing Shui and the girls as he gave them a warm welcome.

Di Fentian smiled happily at the side.

’’Chen`Er, welcome back.’’ A tall and sturdy guy greeted Di Chen gently. The man looked really similar to Di Fentian. The only difference was that he possessed a sharper aura, which resembled that of a sword.

’’Nice to meet you. I'm Di Fenxing. It's my pleasure to get to know you.’’ The man smiled as he greeted Qing Shui.

’’Nice to meet you, I'm Qing Shui.’’

’’Chen`Er, you have really grown up......’’ A graceful and gorgeous woman said to Di Chen with a smile. She was Di Qing's mother.


’’Alright! Let's head home first, we still have time to talk.’’ Di Xuan smiled as he urged them to go home.

The group went towards the Di Clan.

Often, the members of aristocratic clans wouldn't really stay together. In the Qianyu Clan, for instance, Qianyu Dingjun had a courtyard of his own. Similar things also happened in the Di Clan. Di Xuan's family all lived here. The children in this house were all Di Xuan's blood-related sons and daughters.

Including Di Chen, Di Xuan had a total of five sons and two daughters. He also had three grandsons and two granddaughters. At present, Di Xuan had three wives. In total, there were only more than ten members in his family branch.

Di Clan's genes were truly outstanding. After observing for a while, Qing Shui realized that each and every one of the members belonging to the Di Clan stood out a lot. All of them were people with outstanding cultivation among the younger generation.

’’Sixth brother, I have heard rumors that the troublesome woman is back.’’ A lofty voice could already be heard not long after the people went into the hall.

Di Xuan knitted his brows: ’’Third brother, you are a senior! What are you saying?’’

Seeing as no one was around, Di Xuan shouted with a deep voice.

At this moment, a middle-aged man appeared. Similarly, he also looked really courteous. There were an elderly man and a few middle-aged guys following behind him. Each and every one of them looked really extraordinary.

’’What? Did I say anything wrong? Wouldn't it have been better if you have gotten yourself married to the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord? Look at how much you have to suffer now.’’


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