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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 629


AST 629 - A fallacy, heading to the Medical Prescription Chamber again

The man was amazed!

Not only was Di Qing a Martial Saint, even Di Chen was one as well. When he came to 'visit' her a few days ago, she was not a Martial Saint. Yet now she was one and was even a high level Grade One Martial Saint.

He knew that Qing'er's breakthrough was possible because of the young man's medicinal pills and fruits. Naturally, Chen'er's breakthrough must also be because to him. This was why he did not doubt the truth in the young man's words.

’’Great. If that is possible, everything should work out fine.’’ the man looked really happy.

’’So when will both of you go over to the Di Residence? There is some distance to our residence so it might be a little difficult for everyone if anything really happened.’’ Thinking for a moment, the man said slowly.

’’We'll go over in a couple of days. We still have some matters at hand right now.’’ Qing Shui smiled looking at Di Chen.

’’Alright. Qing Shui, thank you.’’ the man thanked him with a faint smile.

This time, Qing Shui did not reject his gratitude. The man did not specify why he was thanking Qing Shui. He had helped Di Qing and with the situation just now. Qing Shui smiled and did not say anything more.

’’We will leave first. We hope to see you soon.’’ the man smiled and bid them farewell.

’’Dad, both of you can go back first. I want to stay here for a few days.’’ Di Qing chuckled.

The man nodded indulgently, then signalled to Qing Shui and Di Chen that he was leaving. Qing Shui, Di Chen and Di Qing sent both of them to the stairway and returned to their room.

’’Sis!’’ Di Qing called Di Chen after their father and brother had left.

’’What's the matter?’’ Di Chen asked softly.

’’Will you blame me? ’’ Di Qing asked her gently.

’’What do I blame you for?’’ Di Chen questioned, smiling.

’’Oh. That's fine then.’’ Di Qing laughed and held on to Di Chen's hand. She also gave Qing Shui a grateful look. Her expression was very alluring.

’’So, he is your elder brother?’’ Qing Shui asked casually.

’’Yup, he is more handsome than you, right?’’ Di Qing laughed looking over to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui coughed. Even though Qing Shui was well aware that he was not as good-looking. It made him feel a little awkward being teased like that.

’’Hehe. Bad sport. You're not bad, really. Otherwise my sister wouldn't have fall for you. You're eviler than my brother.’’ Di Qing gave a crisp, attractive laugh. She pulled Di Chen into the room.

Qing Shui only got to see today that Di Qing had a cute side to her. He recalled the first time when he met her and they fought. She had an aura of transcendence, was so beautiful that it was difficult to look straight at her and also seemed hard to approach. Now that Qing Shui has grown stronger, he gradually felt closer to her.

Maybe it was because her father and elder brother were around, so he actually got to see such a side of that mature and graceful beauty. He took it as a form of enjoyment.

’’I'm going out. Don't wait for me during lunch.’’ Qing Shui prepared to leave as he informed the two ladies.

’’Sure, okay.’’ Di Chen answered with a smile, nodding her head.

Leaving Four Seas Inn, Qing Shui headed in the direction of the Medical Prescription Chamber. Qing Shui decided to look for Yuan Su as soon as he could because they were heading to the Di Residence soon. He also hoped to get a few special alchemy recipes from her;any recipe that could boost one's strength, albeit even temporarily.

Actually, Qing Shui was not that worried about the promise that he gave to that man from the Di Clan. He could easily fulfill that promise using his Emperor's Qi, Fiery Golden Eyes and Heavenly Talisman. He had the confidence that he could close the gap between that man and the old demon, and even help him become stronger than that old demon.

’’Look at that. That's the man who is involved with the second daughter of the Di Clan. He's also the one that attacked Sima Huoyu.’’

Qing Shui heard a nonchalant voice. He frowned in annoyance and turned towards its direction. He saw three men. They were about Di Fentian's age and could still be considered young. The three of them were clothed in tar-black full-bodied clothes, appearing handsome and cold. They stood out in the crowd like cranes among chickens.

Qing Shui could feel a faint malevolence from their smiles.

Qing Shui's spiritual sense was very sharp. He could sense an air of evil energy seeping from the men. The Nature Energy in his body automatically activated and immediately flowed through his entire body.


Qing Shui knew now that the three men must be covered in poison. Obviously, they were not poisoned. Rather, they probably carried poisons all over their body so that they could use them at any moment.

’’Let's avoid them. Move quickly. Those people are from the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect.’’

’’That's right. Otherwise you might die without even knowing how.’’


’’So they're from the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect.’’ Qing Shui knitted his brows. Everyone is afraid of the word 'poison' . Even people who are familiar with the use of poisons fear poisons that they have no knowledge of and poisons made by others. Just as there are people with different grades of cultivation, there are also differences in the proficiency of poison users.

In the World of the Nine Continents, the first thing that poison users learn is Poison Physiology. It involves the use of poison to improve one's body's ability to resist poisons. They can only deal with certain poisonous substances and poisons safely after their poison resistance reached a certain level. Since poison users are frequently exposed to various poisons, being a poison masters is one of the most dangerous and lethal professions.

Additionally, one can bypass ranks when practicing Poison Arts. For example, there are people who are born with special body constitutions that are impervious to all poisons. These types of people can advance quickly when they train to become Poison Masters. If they are lucky, they can even tame some types of Poison Beasts.

Poison Beasts are different from Demonic Beasts. The lethality of their poisons are more important to the Poison Beasts than their strength. As a result, the stats of most Poison Beasts cannot match that of a Martial Saint level Demonic Beast, not even a Martial King one. Despite that, they can easily kill off some types of Martial Saint Demonic Beasts as they possess very potent venom.

One such Poison Beast is the Rainbow Poison Blood Tick. It is only the size of a finger, its body is oval shaped and has a flat abdomen. Its gnathosoma is located at its upper body and is visible from the back. It has a leather like carapace and there is a rainbow-like sheen on its entire body. Even though it is small, its stats is around Xiantian level. Despite its size, the bug is able to produce poison pellets. It moves very quickly and its venom is extremely potent. Once it comes in contact with the blood of an open wound, the probability of survival even for a Martial Saint would be almost zero.

Poison Beasts, or beasts that possess venom, are usually at Xiantian level, otherwise they are not able to produce poison pellets. Similarly, their bodies have many limitations. That is not to say that there are no exceptions.

’’So you are Qing Shui?’’ the man in the center, who was rather tall, asked directly, while hiding a smirk.

’’Who are you people?’’ Qing Shui asked plainly, even though he knew the answer from the conversations around them.

’’We are from Ten Thousand Poisons Sect. Since you are capable of eliminating the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord, I am really curious about you. My name is Zang Yinkang. I am sure we'll meet again.’’

After saying that, the man left immediately, leaving Qing Shui extremely baffled.


’’Young master, why didn't you attack him?’’ the man on the left asked quietly.

’’There is a purifying essence within his body. If I use my poison, the effectiveness will be reduced by 80%. I'll be seeking death if I took any action. When we go back, I'll have to ask my grandfather for something more potent.’’ Zang Yinkang said indifferently.

’’He can reduce the effectiveness of the young master's poison by 80%...’’

’’We still have time to slowly play around with him. What's the hurry? When the time is right, many people will join us. It'll definitely be very lively.’’ Zang Yinkang said apathetically.


Qing Shui shook his head and did not continue to ponder about it. In such times, it is better to avoid the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect. However, Qing Shui knew that he would definitely face some conflicts with that sect, but he will leave that for the future.

When he reached the Medical Prescription Chamber, he entered the building. This time round, the entrance staff was a different person. There was a middle age woman on the first floor, she looked very kind and welcomed Qing Shui with a smile.

’’Sir, how can I help you?’’ the middle age woman approached Qing Shui, still smiling.

It was not that busy on this floor. The middle age woman's job was to collect payments and to assist the customers.

’’I am looking for Miss Yuan Su, is she around?’’ Qing Shui replied with a grin.

’’Do you have an appointment with her?’’ the middle age woman asked Qing Shui earnestly.

’’She told me that I could go upstairs directly to look for her if I came.’’ Qing Shui replied.

The middle age woman looked at Qing Shui suspiciously. She had served the young lady for a long time and knew that the lady had very few friends of the opposite gender and rarely had contact with them. The young man in front of her was around Yuan Su's age yet she had never seen him before.

Just at that moment, an elderly man walked down from the second floor. Qing Shui recognized that it was that old man whose surname was Jiang. The middle age woman smiled when she saw the old man calling out, ’’Elder Jiang!’’

’’Let that young chap go upstairs!’’

’’Since Elder Jiang knows you, please proceed.’’ the middle age woman said courteously.

’’Thank you, Elder Jiang!’’ Qing Shui smiled and said to them.

’’Go on!’’

Qing Shui nodded and climbed up the stairs. The place was still the same, it even smelt the same. He quickly reached the third floor.

Qing Shui reached the door and knocked three times very softly.

He walked in and saw that Yuan Su was already standing at her desk looking towards him.

’’It's you?’’ Yuan Su looked surprised when she saw him.

’’You can't recognise me anymore?’’ Qing Shui smiled. He walked over and stood at the other side of the desk.

’’Of course not. Take a seat!’’ Yuan Su gestured for Qing Shui to sit. The smile on her face was very faint. Qing Shui found her smile quite special. It was not stiff but did not look that natural either. It was indescribable but nice to look at.

’’So why are you here today, sir?’’ Yuan Su sat down after Qing Shui and only started asking him after she settled down.

’’I didn't think an esteemed person like yourself would forget. Didn't the young mistress say that I can visit?’’ Qing Shui laughed. He took out a bottle and handed it to Yuan Su.

Yuan Su was a little puzzled. A flash of surprise appeared in her usually tranquil eyes. She was shocked when she opened the bottle that Qing Shui had passed her. From that fragrant smell that it emitted, she knew that Qing Shui managed to create that medicine she had asked for even without looking.

He actually managed to successfully create the medicine. As she thought of the other alchemy recipes she made, she felt a sudden excitement. Since young, she did not have many hobbies. The only things that she looked forward to were when medicines were made successfully using her alchemy recipes and of course that she will one day be able to practice alchemy herself.

Thinking for a while, she laughed inwardly.


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