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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 626


AST 626 - Di Chen Breakthrough To Martial Saint, Soothing Hands

Qing Shui wasn't expecting Di Chen's breakthrough to have increased his strength by so much. This was even better than the effects from the highest 'King Grade' and 'Royal Grade' medicinal pills.

Qing Shui snapped back to reality and noticed that Di Chen had already settled down. He reached over to take out the Gold Needles on her body and then sat across her, cautious of being even a little undisciplined.

The peerless beauty before him had her eyes closed. Her extremely calm and tranquil face left an exquisite impact on Qing Shui's mind. She had a long and delicate neck, and the most perfectly shaped breasts. His eyes travelled lower, towards the fair skin around her lower abdomen. It was flat, but it didn't lose its elasticity. It was translucent and snowy white, like the most beautiful white jade.

Her long and beautiful legs were straight and slender, and her feet were petite and delicate. Qing Shui had the impulse to kiss them just by a glance. This was a shock to himself as well. He didn't have any form of foot fetish and had never imagined kissing a woman's feet, but now he felt this thought wasn't was that repulsive....

Qing Shui didn't do it even though had the intentions to, but his eyes still had a great feast....

Di Chen slowly opened her beautiful eyes after an hour had passed. She looked at Qing Shui joyously, but then she saw her bare feet and exposed stomach. She then remembered how Qing Shui's hands were covering her stomach and the words he'd spoken earlier, her smiling face became tinted red.

She picked up the thin blanket and covered her stomach!

’’Why are you still afraid of me seeing?’’ Qing Shui laughed at her. Perhaps Di Chen's current vulnerable state had opened his heart for some teasing.

’’If I were afraid, I wouldn't have let you inside.’’ Di Chen huffed at him.

’’Then let me see it again,’’ Qing Shui jokingly tried to pull her blanket away.

’’No way!’’ Di Chen laughed when she finished her sentence. Her laughs were extremely relaxed and slightly feminine. It swayed Qing Shui's heart and even managed to subtly distract him.

He tried sensing Di Chen's strength and became extremely pleased. Martial Saint Beginner with a strength of 150 countries. Maybe because the Qihai Acupoint had been cleared, her realm was considered quite powerful after this breakthrough.

’’Big Lady is also a Martial Saint cultivator now,’’ Qing Shui said with a smile, and didn't pull her blanket off.

’’I'm very happy about it, how can I thank you?’’ Di Chen chuckled.

’’There should never be a need to extend thankfulness between us. You have made a mistake, so I'll have to punish you.’’ Qing Shui smiled at Di Chen. His face was filled with a doting and affectionate expression.

Di Chen's heart skipped a beat after seeing the expression on his face. A wave of happiness rose from within her, ’’How do you plan on punishing me?’’

’’I shall punish you by massaging your feet. Why don't you see how skillful I am in pressing the acupoints?’’ Di Chen's delicate foot was already in Qing Shui's hands by the time he finished talking.

It felt smooth and silky in his hands. Her exquisite and petite feet had gentle curves, they were soft to the point that they seemed boneless. Her toes, which were as adorable as cardamoms, were exuding the same sweet fragrance that was on her body.

’’You're getting bolder,’’ Di Chen huffed at him, but it didn't seem like she was blaming him at all.

Qing Shui chuckled. He lift Di Chen's leg with both of his hands and propped it up on his thighs. There was a massage technique within his sea of consciousness. This technique was for the entire body. Qing Shui had given his mother a neck, back, arm, calf, feet and head massage back at home.

His first time he did it was for Huoyun Liu-Li when they were at the 'Earthly Paradise', but he didn't massage her feet back then!

This massage technique had a very special name as well: Soothing Hands!

Saintly Hands!

In the beginning, Qing Shui only gently kneaded and rubbed to heat up her foot. The five viscera and six organs in the human body are connected to the reflex points on the feet. There are twelve meridians connecting to the inner organs, and six of them started from the feet. The feet are where the three yins of the legs start and where the three yangs of the legs end. There are more than sixty acupoints scattered around the feet, they're all influenced by the internal and external environments.

Qing Shui slowly pressed down on the sole of Di Chen's feet with his thumbs. It was very soft, yet extremely elastic.

Di Chen could feel the numbing pleasure in her entire body that came from the bottom of her feet. It felt neither painful nor ticklish, but only numbingly pleasant. It was a feeling that made you anticipate and something that left you wanting for more.

Her face reddened once again. She didn't dare to look at Qing Shui, so slowly shut her eyes.

Stimulating these acupoints located at a foot's sole promotes blood circulation, regulates the inner organs' functionality, clears the meridians in the entire body. All of these achieve the objectives of cleansing the body and dispelling illness, supplementing qi and removing blood stasis, as well as nourishing vitality.

Qing Shui had heard of these in his previous world. When it came to medical expertise or acupressure, he had always felt that they were a little exaggerated. Those acupuncture techniques yielded only minimal effects most of the time, or perhaps they were even a scam.

He had only realized the exceptional prowess of massaging techniques after he possessed divine techniques such as Ancient Strengthening Technique and Saintly Hands. At least he had the abilities now, although the applications were still very limited.

He couldn't always perform a full body massage on just anyone. So up to this point, the only people who had enjoyed his full body massage were Shi Qingzhuang, Mingyue Gelou, Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li. The four of them were also the people who had reached the final stage of their relationship with him.

He was always capable of being very absorbed in what he was doing to them. However, Qing Shui wasn't absorbed in it this time, he didn't want to be either. Although, that didn't affect the results. He pushed, pressed, grinded, turned, squeezed , twirled, stroked, grasped and massaged in circular motion....

Di Chen's eyes and mouth were tightly shut. Her cheeks were tinged with pink. Her every breath was clearly audible to Qing Shui, he was very familiar to that noise. Canghai Mingyue had emitted this kind of noise before and it was when they were having se*. She would try to suppress these tempting noises she made most of the time.

Di Chen's petite foot was already a little pink in Qing Shui's hands. He then picked up her other delicate foot and started massaging it. Di Chen failed to hold back in between and let out a soft moan which startled Qing Shui to the point where his hands jolted.

A voice that was sacredly melodious. Qing Shui would never be able to imagine how this girl would sound like when she let out the most tempting noises. Would it cause people to die of excessive blood loss...?

Di Chen clasped her hand tightly over her mouth!

’’Chen'er, if you want to scream, then scream. There's no outsider here,’’ Qing Shui gently said.

Di Chen didn't open her eyes but her hands had left her mouth.

Qing Shui's hand pressed down on her inner heel bone and applied a slightly stronger force!

’’Ngh!’’ Di Chen yelped softly and opened her eyes as if glaring at Qing Shui.

The area that he had pressed down earlier was for the tailbone. Tailbone was also the common name for Coccyx and that spot was especially sensitive.

Qing Shui smiled. His hands were still continuously pressing down on other acupoints and then proceeded to grind around the spot from earlier. Di Chen couldn't help but shiver at the sensations.

’’Does it feel good? This technique can not only maintain health and dispel illness, but also activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It will strengthen your body,’’ Qing Shui explained with a smile.

’’It feels good!’’

Qing Shui didn't expect Di Chen would admit it so openly.

’’You better prepare yourself then, since it's going to get even better,’’ he placed his thumb right on her anterior medial heel, pressed it down and moved it along the muscle until it arrived at the big toe after finishing his sentence. He then continued to massage her foot in a circular motion, moving back slowly across the slant of her foot and then towards her heels.

’’Oh, you meanie! You big bastard!’’ Di Chen immediately trembled and retracted both of her legs. Her beautiful eyes, which always contained an imposing look, were now watery as she glared at Qing Shui with all her strength.

Qing Shui didn't expect her to have such an intense reaction. He had only impulsively pressed on that spot. That spot happened to be reflected on her nether region...

’’I'm going to take a bath!’’ Di Chen sat up and put on her boots. She took out a dress and walked to Qing Shui's side to give him a gentle embrace before quickly leaving.

Qing Shui watched her retreating figure as she left the room. He was still quite shocked from the embrace she'd given him. It wasn't like he hadn't expected for her to never do so, but he just didn't think she would do it so soon.

She had opened the door to her heart and was trying to let him enter it.

Qing Shui had gained an enormous benefit for assisting Di Chen's breakthrough to Martial Saint. He was going to bring her to the Di Clan after she had stabilized in that realm over these past few days. Although he didn't plan to fight the opponents, he couldn't allow them to look down on him either.

This was because Di Chen was visiting with her husband.

Looking at the sky, it was already late in the afternoon. Qing Shui rubbed his tummy and went out to order some food. He then sat at the dining table and waited for Di Chen to arrive.

It was a known fact that women were slow when it came to taking bath and Di Chen was no exception. It was difficult to overanalyze her speed of taking a bath, because she was already back to her usual self by the time she came out.

She sat across from Qing Shui. The smell of her faint fragrance was very soothing.

’’I'm sure you're hungry. Eat up!’’ Qing Shui put some food in her rice bowl.

This was something Qing Shui had decided to do after careful consideration. In his previous world, he rarely did something like this for his girlfriend since he was quite a logical man. The dishes were on the dining table and she could easily reach it if she stretched her arm out, so there was no need to help her....

When his girlfriend helped him to the food and told him to eat more, the care that he felt made him realized that it was something that everyone needed. Although it was a very simple act that could hardly amount to anything, it would still feel very warm and meaningful if two people were in love with each other wholeheartedly. That was the moment he discovered that humans were emotional creatures. No matter how intimate they were to each other, their bond still needed to be strengthened by some acts of intimacy.

He knew just how Di Chen felt from the expression on her face now that he was helping her to the food. Of course, if a man and woman were not in a relationship and the man was constantly fawning upon the woman, then that would suggest an impure motive and it wouldn't feel the same. If it wasn't for some wicked reason, then there usually would be some ulterior motive behind fawning over somebody without a valid reason.

’’You should eat more too,’’ Di Chen told him with a smile.

Over the past few years, the stories between them had been growing. A few of them were even some unforgettable events in their lifetime. Perhaps because they had experienced a lot together, the two of them were already destined to be involved with each other for their entire life.

He had helped her breakthrough to Martial Saint, and they even had some physical contact with each other. Although they were just little touches, Qing Shui knew that a woman like her would never let anyone touch her. She wouldn't even let him touch her hand if she didn't want to be together with him, much less her stomach and feet.

’’You should let your realm stabilize a little over this period of time. We will head to the Di Clan in a few days, alright?’’ He wanted to give her some time to prepare.

’’Right!’’ Di Chen responded to him.

Though she wasn't able to conceal her heavy heart.

’’Everything will be fine, don't worry. Say whatever you have in your heart. You've been so strong in enduring for so many years, you've survived everything and have always strived your hardest for the outcome you wanted,’’ he assured her with a smile.

’’Right, going to the Di Clan is not that much of a big deal anymore with you around,’’ she smiled back at him.

Qing Shui's heart skipped a few beats. She'd been constantly thinking about visiting the Di Clan to prove something. That was because the Di Clan was always there in her heart and she still had some extravagant hopes for it. If she had really wanted to severe her ties with them, she would have already forgotten them all a long time ago. Even hatred was an act of not being able to move on.

The opposite of love was not hate, but silence. Just like two strangers who had never met each other before.

To put it simply, he knew that his place in her heart had currently already occupied as much as the Di Clan. It even seemed a little higher than the Di Clan.

Qing Shui entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal at night!

He cultivated the Ancient Strengthening Technique. It had broken through a few cycles again over this period of time. Although, there was a limit to strength increment. After all, it was the physical strength, and it was the purest strength.

’’Hmm, that Vital Essence Pill recipe...’’ he recalled that recipe which Yuan Su had given him.


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