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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 624


AST 624 - Vital Essence Pill, Di Chen's tenderness

After hearing what Yuan Su said, Qing Shui felt excited. Wasn't this what he was looking for? Medicine Sect was one of the Seven Stars and established itself with its renowned medicinal pills. Yuan Su was an incredible character. Even though her medicine had not been trialed successfully, an alchemy recipe that she was unable to give up on must probably be quite close to success.

’’I am willing to give it a try!’’ Qing Shui said earnestly as he looked at Yuan Su.

Yuan Su stared at the young man. It was difficult for her to associate him with the old elders who spend their days researching medicinal herbs and smelled of them.

Yuan Su had a natural sensitivity for dealing with herbs. She observed Qing Shui as he stood in front of her. There were only a rare handful of people within the World of the Nine Continents that could have such astounding successes in alchemy at such a young age, and they were all extremely gifted.

Regardless, if he was introduced by Sister Qing, he will not be that bad. If he did not have the capability, nothing bad will come of him failing. Yuan Su smiled and handed a alchemy recipe to Qing Shui. ’’ If you are able to create the medicine from this alchemy recipe, we can talk about the details. Is that okay?’’

No problem. Can I look at it here?’’ Qing Shui asked as he received the alchemy recipe.

’’Of course!’’ Yuan Su laughed and signalled for QIng Shui to do as he pleased.

He slowly opened the alchemy recipe. Qing Shui was stunned when he saw the few line of words . He looked at Yuan Su. Yesterday, Qing Shui saw the same handwriting in the book [Art of Observing Girls]

Her handwriting was very close to what was termed, ’’Northern Handwriting’’. Qing Shui recalled that women who had this sort of handwriting have an eccentric character. They were usually quite solitary and do not have much interest in love. They have an average affinity with men but are not deeply involved. They are quite obstinate so they appear not to conform to norms.

This sort of woman has a mild temperament but and usually feels lonely. Due to their strong opinions on certain issues or topics or even persistence on those matters, they tend to stand out

and appear exceptionally unique.

’’Vital Essence Pill!’’

As Qing Shui looked at the alchemist recipe, he found that there was actually eighteen types of medicinal herbs. All of the listed herbs that were at least 1000 years old and there were two to three types of herbs that were quite precious.

Qing Shui looked through the ingredients and thought about the properties (Warm, Fire, Cool, Heat, Cold) of the medicinal herbs rapidly in his mind.

Even though Qing Shui was still young, he would not concede to anyone when it comes to alchemy. This was due to his Realm of the VIolet Jade Immortal, his techniques and his experiences. He had a unique way to create medicines that was different from other people because not just any person can utilize spiritual sense like him during the process. This was also the reason why Qing Shui almost rarely failed when he was making medicines.

He could monitor the properties and interactions in real time as the Yin-Yang Image in his mind continuously replenished the focus required to use his spiritual sense.

Without the replenishment from his Yin-Yang Image, the continuous use of spiritual sense would be impossible and the success rate will fall by up to 90% or more. It is akin to the difference between a blind man and a man who can see.

Another reason was because Qing Shui practiced Ancient Strengthening Technique. This combined with his Primordial Flames, Golden Flint Iron Cauldron and his special acute spiritual sense.

Qing Shui had to admit that the alchemy recipe did not have any errors. Lastly, Qing Shui looked at the effects of the medicine.

Vital Essence Pill: Instantly recovers all expended Qi of Xiantian and Spiritual Energy. Limited to one use per day.

It is a considerably heaven-defying pill. If there were two martial artists that have fought for half a day, both having spent almost all their energy, and one of them suddenly swallows a Vital Essence Pill and reverts back to his tip-top condition, the outcome is clear...

Qing Shui lifted his head from the paper, and slowly folded it back up. He found that the three women were looking at him.

’’ I want to try, but I don't have full confidence.’’ Qing Shui said after thinking about it. He did not want to boast. After all, he could not see any problems with the recipe. If there was no mishaps, Qing Shui had at least 80% confidence in his success.

’’Sure. You don't have to hurry. When you manage to create the medicine, you can come over to find me.’’ Yuan Su said blandly. Her words were so monotonous that there was no hint of undulation.

Qing Shui nodded his head. He knew that the other party did not hold much hope towards him!

’’Yuan Su, did you manage to find a medicinal pill that could clear your central meridian?’’ Di Qing evidently knew about Yuan Su's situation and she did not avoid the topic.

Yuan Su laughed indifferently, ’’I don't have much hope for it. I am already twenty seven. I managed to developed the alchemy recipe. Unfortunately, the elders within the sect have labelled it as a failure. Grandpa Jiang is the only one that does not believe so. Despite that, it is true that no one is able to successfully synthesis it.

’’Don't be too anxious. Don't be discouraged. I trust in your ability, you will definitely be able to recover.’’ Di Qing comforted Yuan Su.

’’I'm already used to it.’’ Yuan Su replied nonplussed.

’’Miss Yuan, didn't you try to look for any doctor or alchemist to help you when you were young, for your blocked central meridian?’’ Qing Shui asked Yuan Su, puzzled.

’’Yuan Su's grandfather is the head of the Medicine Sect. When she was young, her constitution was too weak. She could not receive any special treatment then nor take any medicine that was too reactive. When she was older, she found out that her meridians were totally blocked. It is impossible for her to even absorb medicine, even up to today.’’ Di Qing replied on Yuan Su's behalf.

Qing Shui shook his head and did not continue the conversation. He did not request for Yuan Su to show him the medicinal pill which could clear meridians as it was useless. Even if it worked, it was not suitable for someone whose meridians were totally blocked.

If she even had a tiny meridian that was still functioning, she would be able to absorb that medicine. But now, there was not even a single gap within her meridian channels. Such a ’’stone’’ constitution was indeed a complicated condition.

Before they left, Yu Suan ordered some people to bring over a few large boxes. She told Qing Shui that they were the medicinal herbs that she had sorted out so that he could create the Vital Essence Pill ten times. After that, she also got her people to get a lot of other unsorted medicinal herbs and asked Qing Shui if he needed them.

Qing Shui did not ’’need’’ them but he put them all into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. There was no way that he would reject these medicinal herbs that were given to him. Qing Shui had already decided. If he failed after multiple tries, there must, then, be a problem with the alchemy recipe.

Before he left, Qing Shui admired the normal girl who did not have any cultivation skills. She was very beautiful. Rather than her looks, it was her temperament that was even more attractive. Qing Shui was surprised to find that a normal person like her could actually have the aura of a Martial King. Her quiet demeanor was accompanied by an aura which made her difficult to approach.

When he left the Medical Prescription Chamber, it was already noon. Qing Shui decided to just return to Four Seas Inn.

’’You're back!’’

When they entered the inn, they met that Lei Nuo again. Qing Shui knew that she was from the Lei Clan but he did not know what position she held. Qing Shui sensed that it should not be that low.He did not now why she was acting like a worker here but he sort of knew that she managed the place.

’’Sister Lei, why did you agree to take over Four Seas Inn in the past? Look at you now, being tied down like this. But you really run it the best.’’ Di Qing looked at Lei Nuo and said happily.

’’That was why Di Qing came here.. She actually knows Lei Nuo.’’ Qing Shui suddenly realized this.


’’Can you actually cure Yuan Su?’’ Di Qing asked when they were having dinner.

’’Huh. Where did you get that idea?’’ Qing Shui replied.

’’My intuition!’’

’’I can't!’’ Qing Shui chuckled.

’’You're lying!’’ Di Qing smiled.

’’Fine. Just eat. It is not an issue about whether or not I can cure her. Just because someone can cure her, it doesn't mean they have to. What do you think?’’ Qing Shui laughed and he said this.

’’Why?’’ Di Qing frown.

’’Do you think that a person should do something just because they can?’’

’’Why not?’’

’’If a guy likes you and wants you to marry him, will you just do so? It is the same principle.’’ Qing Shui replied smiling while he continued eating.

Di Qing was stunned. She looked at Qing Shui bitterly before continuing with her meal. On the other hand, Di Chen kept quiet, smiling.

’’Sister, I am going back first. I will come over later.’’ After dinner, Di Qing had already spent a day here. She actually had a purpose coming out today, it was only because she met Lei Nuo by chance that she stayed for an entire day.

’’Okay, take care!’’ Di Chen frowned lightly for awhile before smiling and sending Di Qing away.

’’Thank you for helping me reach Martial Saint so quickly. Qing Shui, be nice to my sister. Both of you are well-suited for each other...’’ Di Chen smiled and and left on her ’’Golden swallow’’.

Di Chen waved her hand. Qing Shui followed suite. He turned to look at Di Chen, slightly embarrassed as he smiled, ’’Chen Er, let's go. I, your husband, have something to discuss with you.’’

Di Chen was older than Qing Shui. But when he spoke to her so intimately like this, her heart would race each time. It was a feeling that could not be described in words. She did not know whether she loved him but she knew that if she had to be with a man her whole life, she would choose him.

’’Qing Shui, what do you have to discuss with me?’’ Di Chen broke the silence as they returned to their room and they sat beside each other on the couch.

’’If your Yong Quan acupoint has not been cleared yet, do you mind if I help you? I will use my needles and hands.’’ Qing Shui asked after thinking about it for awhile.

At this moment, Di Chen was still wearing her veil. Qing Shui stretched out and removed her veil. She blushed and looked at Qing Shui as her beautiful face, that could bewitch all mortals, was revealed. Her incredibly beautiful eyes were filled with a look that she did not have before.

’’I don't know!’’ Di Chen said this softly, after thinking about it for a while. Qing Shui thought about it and slowly reached for Di Chen's ankle. He held her gaze as he did this.

Qing Shui knew that if he told her now, that he will be clearing her Qi Hai acupoint, it would make her nervous since that acupoint is so close to her mysterious forbidden area.

He wanted to test out Di Chen's reaction by touching her legs first. This was to calm her. After this, he will tell her his actual plan. Perhaps, she will not feel as nervous this way.

Now that he had reached for her, he realized that he was even more nervous that she was. His heartbeat sped up. In an instant, in a rare occurrence, he turned red.

His outstretched hand stopped.

Di Chen was nervous at first but she started laughing when she saw Qing Shui's reaction. She sat to her side, wrapping her knees and leaning her back against the bolster behind her. She had removed her boots and placed her left leg on Qing Shui's leg.

’’Liu-li told me that your massage skills are good. Can you let me try it? Only my legs..’’ Di Chen said to him, smiling

Qing Shui was mesmerised. As he looked at Di Chen, he knew that she did not know how alluring she was right now. Her attraction was pure, it originates from her unworldly elegance. It was different from the type of se*y seduction but yet it can be so attractive that he could not turn his eyes away.

When he came back to senses, he found her smiling at him. He felt a warmth. To give him confidence, she had abandoned her goddess like reservation. This could be considered a sort of experience she had about things. He already owned her too much. With this woman looking so appreciative at him, what more had he to be afraid of? Since she had already made the first move, he did not have continue being embarrassed.

Qing Shui slowly reached to Di Chen's calf with one hand and place his other hand on her back. As he pulled her into a warm hug.


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