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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 623


AST 623 - The Lady from Medicine Sect Who Created The Medicine Prescription

’’This is boring, you're too sly a person.’’ saying this, Di Qing ignored Qing Shui as she held Di Chen's hand and walked in front of him.

Qing Shui knew that he had guessed correctly. The Medicine Sect which was one of the seven stars was also coming out. The Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord had been eradicated by him, he would be heading to Di Clan very soon, and the people from Sima Clan he had beaten up were said to be closely related to one of the seven stars, the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect.

Following behind the two ladies with unparalleled beauty who were wearing clothes of snow-white colors. Their steps when walking gave a feeling as if they had transcended the mortal world, and it was so beautiful that it was dazzling.

Very quickly, they arrived at the Medical Prescription Chamber's entrance. Before they arrived, Qing Shui could already smell a slight medicinal fragrance that seemed to be able to clear the mind and soul. From just the medicinal fragrance alone, Qing Shui was able to tell that the goods here were much better than the other shops they had passed by earlier which were selling medicinal pills.

On entering, the strong medicinal fragrance grew even stronger, but yet was not unpleasant. Qing Shui knew that it was the smell that only medicinal herbs which were at least 1000-year would have.

Medicinal herbs which were 1000-year old would only take Qing Shui 5 years to obtain, but to other people, even Martial Saint level cultivators, it would take them their whole life.

Therefore, the 1000-year medicinal herbs in the market came from deep within the mountains or dense forests, as well as from the collection of various reputable clans. Of course, there were also those which were grown, but it would mostly be in those major clans or sects, continuing in a continuous cycle with every generation growing them, every generation harvesting them...

The Medical Prescription Chamber had only three storeys. The place was not big and there were not many people, but Qing Shui could sense that everyone there had quite a high level of cultivation. There were also some merchants who were bargaining for a better price. After listening in to them shortly, Qing Shui knew that the merchants was trying to sell their medicinal herbs.

A shop like the Medical Prescription Chamber tended to collect medicinal herbs which were at least 1000-year old.

’’Second Miss Di, you've brought your friends over?’’

Qing Shui was not standing very close to the two ladies, but he was still quite sensitive toward this address. He had finally confirmed that Di Qing was Second Miss Di.

’’Uncle Wei, why are you here today?’’ Di Qing smiled and replied.

’’There's a business I have to discuss in a while. What do you need? Uncle Wei will call the shots today and give them all to you. This is?’’ The man smiled and said to Di Qing.

’’My friends, but there's no need to trouble Uncle Wei. Is Sister Yuan Su around?’’ Di Qing smiled.

’’Young Miss is on the 3rd floor. If you need to look for her, you can head up directly.’’

’’Alright, then Uncle Wei, I'll leave you to your work!’’

At this moment, Qing Shui had also walked over. Di Qing held onto Di Chen and signalled him to head upward.

Uncle Wei looked at Di Qing strangely, then at Di Chen and Qing Shui before he went to attend to the other customers.

There were even fewer people on the 2nd floor. Qing Shui was astonished to see a Martial Saint level cultivator there. Although this was the Central Continent, there shouldn't be that many Martial Saints...

However, he quickly understood. If his cultivation level did not reach what it was today, he would not even noticed if he were to come across a Martial Saint level cultivator. Moreover, without having attained such a level, he would never come across people of such levels. It was just like how back in the Qing Village, he would not even have came across Xiantian cultivator.

Now that his level was higher, it was naturally easier for him to come across them. This was not strange at all.

The person-in-charge here was an old man with a bright forehead and seemed very knowledgeable. He was drinking tea and chatting with that Martial Saint level elder.

The place was very serene. Qing Shui guessed that there were not many people who could come up to the 2nd level.

’’Second Miss must be here to look for Miss!’’ when the elder saw Di Qing, he smiled and greeted.

’’Mmm, hello Grandpa Jiang!’’ Di Qing smiled and greeted him before heading up with Qing Shui and Di Chen.

’’Brother Sima, did you see young lass Di's transformations?’’ The elder smiled and said the other old man.

’’Hmmm, I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't mention it. I thought that I must have seen wrongly. Could it be true?’’ the man being addressed as Brother Sima said in astonishment.

’’That's right. Di Clan's young lass is definitely of the Martial Saint level now. Di Clan's genes is really something else, every one of them are so outstanding.’’ old man Jiang seemed very jealous.

’’Di Clan keeps themselves well hidden. Although they are the smallest in terms of population, they are the most outstanding. In fact, everyone feels that Di Clan already as a very strong cultivator. It was said that Di Clan's bloodline is only weaker than the legendary Violet Bloodline and Golden Bloodline. No one knows how powerful Di Clan truly is.’’ old man Sima sounded very helpless when he said that.


Stepping into the 3rd floor, Qing Shui realized that this was like a residential area.There was also the fragrance of medicine here, but it was very faint. And there were no medicinal products to be seen in the area.

There was a small bookshelf on the wall facing the door, a green one which could only hold about a hundred books. The whole room was in a light green color and appeared very refreshing.

The things in the room were very simple. When Qing Shui saw the ’’Medical Prescription Chamber’’ from the outside, he had initially thought that the interior would definitely be very luxurious, especially the 3rd floor. He had not expected that it did not appear as luxurious as the lower two storeys.

When he lifted his head, Qing Shui saw a lady seated at the study desk in the hall, focusing on a book. The light green-colored long dress appeared especially serene on her.

To think that this lady has no cultivation level at all...

No wonder she did not sense that they had entered!

Dong dong dong!

Di Qing knocked on the opened door softly.

The lady gradually lifted her head, put down the book before turning. Qing Shui was stunned at one look. She was very pretty, but what had stunned him was not her beauty, but her expression. It was an extremely serene expression, one that made others feel very much at peace and all troubles would be forgotten.

This was a disposition one was born with!

The lady's brows were like crescents, her two eyes being like black gemstones, her perked nose which was flawless like white jade made her appear like a person with her own thinkings. When she saw Di Qing, her red lips opened slightly, revealing her snow-white beautiful teeth.

She had a great figure and a long and tender neck, making one feel that she was very graceful. She had beautiful earlobes and snow-white skin that seemed flawless. It was a pity that she was born with the ’’Jade Body’’ otherwise known as ’’Stone Body’’ which was a rare find in a hundred years. She was the direct opposite of Mingyue Gelou, having a physique where all her meridian channels were all blocked and was thus unable to cultivate.

’’Elder Sister Qing, you've come!’’

When she saw Di Qing, she stood up happily and walked over. It was then when Qing Shui noticed that this lady had a long and slender body, and was in no way shorter than him. She had a great figure but was not fat. Her well-developed and perky butt would make one's heart itch.

’’Sister Yuan Su, come, I'll introduce you to some friends, you'll definitely be interested.’’ Di Qing smiled, went up to hold Yuan Su's hand as she smiled and said.

’’Oh, I look forward to the friends Sister Qing introduces.’’ Yuan Su looked at Di Chen happily before turning to look at Qing Shui.

’’This is my elder sister, Di Chen. This is Qing Shui.’’ Di Qing said without trying to hide anything.

Yuan Su was in a daze. She had known all along that Di Qing was Di Clan's Second Miss Di. However, Yuan Su had never seen Di Clan's First Miss. Even she had heard of a little about her, she had not expected Di Clan's First Miss to suddenly appear before her.

’’Sister Chen, Sir, Sister Qing, come in and have a seat. Yuan Su welcomed them in warmly.’’

’’Are these the friends that I'd be interested in that Sister Qing mentioned, could it be that it's Sister Chen and Mister Qing Shui... Qing Shui? Greencloud Continent's Qing Shui?’’ Yuan Su looked at Qing Shui in surprise, mouth slightly agape, before she turned to Di Qing.

’’Right, that's him. How is it, are you interested?’’ Di Qing smiled and looked at Yuan Su's surprised look.

’’Sister Qing, you're also aware that I'm only interested in medicinal pills and prescriptions, as well as people who could refine medicinal pills on my behalf.’’ After regaining from her shock, Yuan Su smiled and said as she looked at Di Qing.

’’Of course I know. He's the best alchemist I've came across.’’ Di Qing smiled and said.

Yuan Su looked at Qing Shui seriously. She had long heard of his name. After all, she was a core person in Medicine Sect and had naturally heard a lot about Qing Shui. Qing Shui's name was well-known. Otherwise, she would not have recognized it when she heard it after Di Chen's name.

’’Qing Shui, let me introduce you to Sister Yuan Su. Although she cannot cultivate nor refine medicine, she is the most heaven-defying character in the entire Medicine Sect. It's because her talent lies in creating prescriptions. She could create prescriptions based on the characteristics between the different medicinal herbs.’’

This time around, it was Qing Shui's turn to be stunned. In the past, Qing Shui also went around collecting medicinal prescriptions or waited for them to appear. However, he had never thought of creating his own prescriptions. Neither had he heard of or seen people who create prescriptions.

Therefore, on hearing this, Qing Shui was unbelievably astonished. Most importantly, it was by someone who could not do alchemy. It seems like talent was really more important than hard work.

The three of them sat down. Qing Shui was especially curious toward this lady called Yuan Su. Di Qing had said earlier that she was the most heaven-defying existence in the entire Medicine Sect. It was a pity that she could not cultivate, otherwise, she would be even more heaven-defying in terms of alchemy as well as creating prescriptions. She would not have to get help from other people. In the process of creating a prescription, she needed many alchemists to try it out for her. If all the alchemists repeatedly fail, she could only give up as it would mean that this prescription could not be used.

Those who try out Yuan Su's prescriptions on her behalf were all Martial Saint level alchemists. Despite this, they would still cause Yuan Su to sigh secretly to herself.

’’What do you think of your ability in alchemy?’’ Yuan Su suddenly looked at Qing Shui and asked.

’’As long as you can bring out a prescription and there's no problem with the prescription, I should be able to refine it.’’ Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

The most disappointing part in alchemy was the success rate. The higher the grade of the medicinal pill, the lower the success rate. Therefore, in alchemy, especially the stage of creating prescription, it was more of a process of throwing away money. The medicinal herbs wasted were all precious medicinal herbs and anyone would feel pained to see them wasted...

Yuan Su looked at Qing Shui, her beautiful eyes flashed. ’’Since Sister Qing holds you in such high regard, you must really excel in your own way. How about this, I have a few prescriptions here. The others have tested them out many times and eventually came to the conclusion that this is a failed prescription and it's impossible to succeed. However, I feel that there's really no issues with the prescription itself. Do you want to try it? We'll provide you with the medicinal herbs required.’’


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