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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 62


Accidental Collision

’’What are you thinking of you smelly brat, why are you salivating?!’’

Qing Shui started, and hurriedly wiped his hands on the sides of his mouth, but there were no traces of any saliva to be found. His actions were extremely comical, and caused Qing Yi to clutch her stomach as she burst into laughter.

Qing Shui stood beside Qing Yi, as he observed the fishes, prawns, crabs and turtles of different sizes swimming lazily in the pond. One day in his spatial realm was equivalent to a hundred days out here. Qing Shui's plan was to interchangeably replace a portion of the fishes in the spatial realm with the fishes out here.

However, a day later an unexpected problem occurred. The black fishes of the earlier batch that were released into the crystal pond had grown larger and more ferocious. They actually started a feeding frenzy, and devoured the other smaller fishes. ’’....’’ To think that Qing Shui had considered so many aspects before implementing his plan, yet he overlooked something so simple.

Qing Shui depressedly sighed as he looked at the few remaining fishes and turtles inside the crystal pond. All these remaining fishes were the cream of the crop. It was unknown if the reason was because the black fishes were of the same species, so they cannibalised each other, or if it was because of some other factors. Despite all of this, the turtles were safe. It seems that the teeth of the black fishes were still unable to penetrate the defensive shells of the turtles.

Through the effects of the time-dilation, in the span of a few days the black fishes had already grown to be about a foot long. The black river turtles had grown to roughly the size of a palm. Strangely, while the black fishes became increasingly ferocious, the black river turtles became much more agile and nimble.

In the Hundred Medicinal Garden pond, Qing Shui slipped in some fishes and river turtles that he took from the spatial realm. Maybe it was the existence of the water lilies, or perhaps there were more varieties of sea creatures in this normal pond, or because the environment had changed, but the black fishes seemed to be less ferocious. They weren't showing any inclination to devour the other fishes now.

Cultivating, was always the main focus for Qing Shui. So the majority of the time spent inside the spatial realm, was used by Qing Shui to attempt to break through the barrier of the 48th cycle of circulated Qi. Despite Qing Shui being stuck at the 48th cycle, the years of relentless cultivating had already enlarged his energy channels and strengthened his bones and muscles by a large margin. After all, the Ancient Strengthening Technique was a technique that focused on the tempering of one's body. It was not surprising for Qing Shui to acquire other benefits despite being unable to break through. In addition, Qing Shui had a very strong intuition that once he broke through the 49th cycle of circulated Qi, he would at the very least be at the peak of Houtian.

The dreamless night passed swiftly. In the morning, as usual, Qing Shui would guide Qing Shi on the intricacies of the Solitary Rapid Fist. After breakfast, Qing Shui left the clan store, walking to a remote place before entering the spatial realm, and retrieved two black fishes and transferred them into a half-filled water bucket. Qing Shui covered the water bucket with a lid, before slowly strolling the streets, making his way to the Yu He Inn. Of course, he did not forget to admire the sights of the pretty ladies out on the streets.

In no time at all he arrived at the Yu He Inn.

’’Sir, are you alone?’’ A young girl, wearing a se*y waitress outfit, smiled professionally as she attended to Qing Shui.

No wonder the business of the Yu He Inn was so good! All the waitresses here, not only were they wearing the se*y outfits, they were all cream of the crop top-rated beauties! Previously when Qing Shui was here, he had focused his attention to much on Yu He, and did not have the chance to admire these beauties.

’’Oh, I'm here to find your boss. You can just say my name is Qing Shui, she should be willing to meet me.’’ Qing Shui lightly smiled as he admired the beauty of this waitress.

’’Alright, please wait for a moment.’’

After the waitress left, Qing Shui, calmly and collectedly, without batting an eyelid, continued to feast his eyes on all the waitresses at the inn. Those tight outfits were se*y in the sense that they did not reveal everything. They only showed peeps of some of the crucial areas such as half of the bust area, the neck, shoulders, the knees. They invoked wanton desires, leaving little to the imagination. Especially the contours of their shapely bottoms, snow white legs, and the shapes their bursting cleavage. These combination of factors would definitely entice men into visiting here even if the food sucked. In his previous world, Qing Shui knew that as long as you tipped the ladies, you could fondle them a little. However, he did not dare to try that here.

Those perky butts and long shapely legs, along with the snow white skin of the waitresses, caused Qing Shui to feel an itch in his heart.

’’Are they nice looking?’’ A charming voice filled with magnetism whispered in Qing Shui's ear.

’’Extremely!’’ Qing Shui spontaneously blurted out. After which, he turned his head and saw Yu He staring at him with an expression that could only be described as smiling, but yet not a smile. ’’Shit!’’ Qing Shui glupped.

A graceful figure, decked in a white-colored female warrior attire gave Yu He a charming and holy feel. Oozing incomparable se* appeal, those plump red lips, and with that smile-yet-not-a-smile expression on her face, left Qing Shui slacked-jawed.

’’Ehh, you are much better looking!’’ Qing Shui hurriedly exclaimed, albeit somewhat awkwardly.

Yu He glanced at Qing Shui with amusement twinkling in her eyes. Still, looking at his clear eyes, Yu He could feel that Qing Shui was being sincere. How adorable, to think that a hundred sentences of praises from other men could not be compared to one sentence from this young man.

’’Let's go, today let elder sister treat you to a meal!’’ Yu He happily said.

’’Okay, pass this to your chef, these are the raw ingredients for our meal today. It will definitely give you a surprise.’’ Qing Shui passed the small bucket of water over to Yu He.

Yu He suspiciously glanced at Qing Shui, before opening the lid of the water bucket. After which, she gasped slightly in shock. In the water, were two black fishes, seemingly filled with vitality. The luster of their scales, and brightness in their eyes... these were two top-grade quality fishes that couldn't even be bought even if you had the money. However, she had a feeling that the reason behind Qing Shui's visit, was nothing as simple as just eating a meal with her.

’’Xinyue, pass this to Uncle Hong;get him to personally cook for us’’.

Yu He passed the small bucket over to one of the waitresses as she instructed her.

’’Let's go, follow elder sister up’’ Yu He pulled Qing Shui by his hand as they ascended the stairs.

Qing Shui took his time, admiring that elegant and graceful figure of Yu He. With her walking in front, he could take his time to enjoy admiring the light trembling of her shapely bottom as she ascended up the stairs.

Entranced by that vision, Qing Shui did not realize that Yu He had stopped. Lost in a daze, Qing Shui continued moving, and suddenly ’’Ploff’’, the blissful sound of something ascending to the Nine Heavens rang out. Qing Shui had accidentally pressed his face, right into the shapely bottom of Yu He. In that instant, Qing Shui felt like he was floating. The feeling of that softness as well as the well-toned elasticity of the muscles, coupled with a sense of mind-numbing fragrance, stole his soul away. This left him in an overwhelmed state of ecstasy.


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