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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 618


AST 618 - Arrival of Di Qing

’’It's very good. What's the price? We'll stay here for half a year first. Let's settle the bill now!’’

’’Accommodations in the Four Seas Inn will be completely free for Sir and Miss. We'll not charge a single cent.’’ the lady looked at Qing Shui and smiled.

This lady's smile was just right. Although she was also a beauty, she was not on the same level as Di Chen. However, her unique charm did make her very attractive.

’’Why?’’ although Qing Shui could vaguely guess, he still decided to ask.

’’This must be the first time Sir and Miss have come to our Inn. As long as your cultivation level is at the Peak Martial King level or higher, everything will be provided for free.’’ the lady smiled at Qing Shui and said.

’’You can see through my cultivation level?’’ Qing Shui asked, seemingly very interested.

’’I can only tell Miss' cultivation level and not yours. However, my senses are usually very accurate. I sense that Sir's cultivation level is even higher than Miss'.’’

Qing Shui didn't know if she was speaking the truth or just trying to be polite. However, he did not wish to put too much thought into this. He merely answered in a perplexed tone, ’’If this inn is filled with Peak Martial King cultivators, wouldn't Four Seas Inn keep on operating at a loss?’’

’’The Four Seas Inn was not started up with the intention for profits. This rule was passed down by the founders, and thus this is how the Four Seas Inn has been operating for all these years.’’ the lady replied smilingly after falling into a short daze.

Qing Shui had guessed that those who could operate on such a large-scale would not be any ordinary character but would be a person with a strong backing. However, even if you put aside the fact that this 'Four Seas Inn' was not profiting at all, the losses they suffered from their operations were still tremendous. On the way up, Qing Shui had noticed that the higher they went, the higher the quality of the food, accommodations, and environment.

’’The two of you must be tired. I shan't disturb you any further. How about some food? Would you like to have the food in the hall outside or in the room?’’

’’Bring it to the room!’’ Qing Shui replied after giving it some thought. After all, since Di Chen was wearing a face veil, it was not very convenient for her to eat outside.

’’Alright, please wait a moment!’’

With that, the lady bowed and took her leave. Qing Shui entered the room with Di Chen and closed the door behind them. He casually took a look around the living room. It was filled with snow white colored decorations, giving an untainted impression.

There was only a big tea table in the living room surrounded by couches at the sides. Even the covers to the couches were snow-white. He then walked up to the room to the north and opened the door.

It was the bedroom!

This bedroom could be considered as quite big. There was a double bed with a complete set of beddings. There were no excessive items in the room, just a set of table and chairs.

Qing Shui didn't overthink it and left the room. He then walked toward the room in the east and opened the door. It was a study, but there was also a single bed next to the wall on the extreme east. There was also a complete set of new beddings.

On the southern side, there was a row of bookshelves close to the door. The bookshelves were filled with over a hundred books. There were also a snow white desk and chair next to the door.

Seeing this, Qing Shui knew that this was the place he was going to sleep tonight. He wanted to see what kind of books there were on the shelves, but he still left the room and headed to the west side.

The room was longer on the east and west sides, measuring up to 15 meters. On the other hand, the north and south sides were only 5 meters. Adding in the area of the other rooms, the place was over 125 square meters.

The room to the west was the bathroom and toilet. At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

It was the lady from earlier, who had brought along two young ladies wearing the Four Seas Inn's uniforms. They were holding food which filled the living room with a pleasant fragrance.

The two young ladies quietly set down the food and took their leave.

’’If you don't mind, could you join us for the meal? I'd also like to ask some questions.’’ Qing Shui smiled and invited the lady.

The lady was stunned for a moment before she broke into a smile and said, ’’If your wife doesn't mind, then I have no issues with it either.’’

The three of them took their seats.

There were four meat dishes, three vegetable dishes, and a soup. There was also a bottle of wine along with a few cups. The wine exuded a strong fragrance which would pique one's appetite. Moreover, these dishes also had an especially exquisite appearance.

’’My name is Lei Nuo, nice to meet the two of you.’’ The lady smiled and said.

’’I'm Qing Shui, this is Di Chen.’’ replied Qing Shui fluidly.

’’Di Chen? If you're from Seven Stars Country, I'd guess that you're from Di Clan. There aren't many people who go by the surname of Di.’’ the lady smiled at Di Chen and said.

Di Chen merely smiled in return but did not say anything in reply.

’’I'm also quite curious about the Di Clan. Does Miss Lei knows Di Clan well?’’ Qing Clan casually asked. He had also wanted to find about the state of the Di Clan. He could have asked Di Qing, but he chose not to do so.

’’I don't know much about it, but what does Mister Qing want to know about the Di Clan?’’ the lady asked after giving Di Chen a long look.

Looking at this situation, Qing Shui knew that she must have assumed that the two of them were both from the Di Clan or had some disagreements with the Di Clan. She might have thought of something even more ridiculous.

’’How's the reputation of the Di Clan in Seven Stars City? What kind of people are they?’’ Even if Qing Shui couldn't get the answer, he still had to ask.

The lady gave it some thought before answering, ’’The Di Clan is one of the seven stars in Seven Stars Country. They do not have a great network, but their genes are especially outstanding. It might be because of their excellent bloodline. All the men and women in Di Clan are extremely good looking and they also have extraordinary talent, with strong survival abilities. The Di Clan has a strict upbringing and all the descendants are very polite. As such, none of them have ever committed hateful acts. Therefore, the Di Clan has a very good reputation.’’

Qing Shui looked at Di Chen without saying a word. She appeared to be very calm.

’’Thank you. I heard that the Di Clan was on very good terms with Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord. I wonder if they've taken any actions with regards to the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord?’’ Qing Shui asked after some slight hesitation.

Hearing Qing Shui's words, the lady's eyes lit up. Qing Shui felt that this lady must have recognized him by now. He had introduced himself as Qing Shui and this was a name that all major clans in Seven Stars Country would have heard of.

’’Actually, the Di Clan is not on that good a relationship with Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been a case where they were rejected when they asked to marry the Di Clan's Second Miss. The Di Clan does not have a massive amount of members and they especially doted on this Second Miss. It seems that the Di Clan's clan head had been very regretful over something similar which had happened to the First Miss and thus he especially doted on the Second Miss, leaving the decision to her. Additionally, the Second Miss did not seem to care for the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord and thus their relationship is very awkward now. A relationship that needs to be kept up through marriages will definitely not be lasting or strong. It was just that no one had expected the people from the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord to go all the way to Greencloud Continent, only to have such an outcome.’’

As the lady said this, she took another look at Di Chen and then at Qing Shui. However, she finished her words without discovering anything. Qing Shui felt that the Second Miss mentioned should be Di Qing.

However, Di Qing had also stayed in Greencloud Continent for a while and this matter should have happened several years ago. Qing Shui felt that the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord really did not know any better and had actually wanted the Second Miss to be married over.

Back then Di Clan had sent Di Chen to the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord. Although Qing Shui did not know what had happened, he knew that there must be some reasons behind that, possibly that they were not in the position to go against them. However, the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord did not keep a good hold of Di Chen and let her escaped. After they realized that they had no way to get her back, they turned their sights to Second Miss Di. It was amiable enough that the Di Clan did not fall out with them there and then.

’’Miss Lei, in regards to the disappearance of the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord, what movements did the various powers in Seven Stars Country have?’’ Qing Shui knew that this lady had already recognized him and she definitely also belonged to one of the mentioned major powers. Although he just did not know which power she belonged to.

’’After the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord headed to Greencloud Continent and was eradicated by that person, news has already spread to the Seven Stars Country. No matter what, the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord was still one of the seven stars, a symbol of the Seven Stars Country. Now that it has been eradicated by a young man from Greencloud Continent, there are many who would like to spar with that young man, especially those from the younger generations of the Seven Stars Country's seven stars.’’ The lady smiled and said as she looked at Qing Shui.


The lady left and the leftovers on the table were also cleaned up. Now, Qing Shui had to decide when to bring Di Chen to Di Clan.

Qing Clan felt that there was no need for him to fight the people from Di Clan. After all, that was Di Chen's home, and there was also Di Qing. Qing Shui could tell that Di Chen had a very good relationship with this younger sister of hers.

Moreover, Qing Shui did not believe that Di Chen would be able to put down the Di Clan. After all, they were people who were her blood kin.

Di Chen was in a daze. They had already arrived in Seven Stars Country, and if she did not make things clear, she would not be at ease. How many years had it been? She had always been unable to accept the fact that her closest kin had sent her to the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord. She must know the truth.

’’Chen`er, take this chance to have a good rest before we'll head to Di Clan later, alright?’’ Qing Shui saw that Di Chen was not herself and wanted to let her relax.

’’Mmm, thank you!’’

’’We are husband and wife, there's no need to stand on ceremony!’’ Qing Shui smiled and said, half-jokingly.

Di Chen threw a glare at Qing Shui, but was also able to relax. It might be because she knew that it was useless for her to think so much. With him supporting her, she seemed to feel a lot more at ease. Even if the Di Clan were to abandon her, there was still him by her side...

Dong dong dong!

Soft knocking sounds rang out!

’’Chen`er, let's go and take a look to see who that is.’’ Qing Shui walked toward the door and casually opened it.

He fell into a daze after opening it. There was a lady with beautiful brows, her shining black eyes exuding a mysterious spirit. She had a long and slender figure with great curves. The plain clothes she wore made her appear amazingly elegant. Having a disposition that was between dominating and ice-cold, her beauty was one that was like an ethereal illusion!

Di Qing!

Qing Shui did not expect it to be her!

’’Why have you come?’’ Qing Shui asked, puzzled.

’’Hmph, you don't welcome me?’’ Di Qing smiled and looked at Qing Shui, this man who had once called her a foolish woman. This was a man who had hugged her before and yet he was a heartless man who still didn't know how to be more tender toward ladies.

’’Qing`er!’’ Di Chen's voice rang out!

Di Qing rolled her eyes at Qing Shui and entered, causing him to be completely speechless. He was only shocked to see her...

’’Qing`er, why have you come?’’ Although Di Chen said the exact same thing as Qing Shui did, her tone was filled with astonishment and delightful surprise, unlike how stiff rigid he had been.

’’Elder sister didn't even tell me that you're here. I had to hear it from a friend. I then rushed here immediately.’’ Di Qing pouted as she spoke to Di Chen, but a happy smile hung on her face.

’’It's only because I haven't had the chance to yet.’’ Di Chen smiled and replied.

’’Elder sister, is the reason you've come to the Seven Stars Country this time because...’’ Di Qing asked carefully as she looked at Di Chen.

Toward Di Chen's matter, she was very clear. In fact, she had hoped that Di Chen could go to the Di Clan. She hoped that her relationship with their father could be mended...

’’Mmm, I plan to head to Di Clan this time.’’ Di Chen appeared to take a lot of courage to say this, but she was very determined.

’’Elder sister, will you... end up fighting with father...?’’ Di Qing asked stutteringly.

Di Chen looked at Di Qing's hesitant expression, grabbed her hand and said, ’’No matter how inhumane he is, he was still the person closest to me. I had called him father, called him daddy. A father's love is strong as a mountain. He was the support of his child's reality and spirit. Although things have changed as time passes, I can't be unrighteous!’’


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