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Ancient Strengthening Technique - Chapter 605-606


Chapter 605-606

AST 605 –Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen's Intention (3)

Di Chen was one of the few!

He knew of Di Chen's loneliness as well as the dreams that she held. Qing Shui was afraid that he would not be able to give her happiness. If Qing Shui was sure about being able to give her happiness, he would absolutely not mind being together with her because Qing Shui would love her a lot.

However, he now knew about Di Chen's determination, thus Qing Shui held her hands. Although it was a simple action, he had hesitated for a long time.

After he made that decision and held her hands, Qing Shui decided to never let her go. Qing Shui was very sure of her intentions, he had already reminded her how he had multiple women. Since she was able to accept that, then Qing Shui would not be bothered about the other details anymore.

This attitude of Qing Shui stemmed from the deeply ingrained concept of monogamy from his previous life. However, in the World of the Nine Continents, monogamy was an indication of weakness.

When Qing Shui thought back to his previous life, he realized that it was actually the same as well. Those with power and money were able to have multiple wives or mistresses, some were even able to have multiple identities and openly have a few families in different places. They would travel around multiple times, alternating between different women and their families.

In the World of the Nine Continents, such a system was very normal and open, especially for those with strength!

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it, such fairy-like women, he had come across multiple times. He had not only saved them and he had even humbled himself before them. However, he was just controlling himself, it was not that he did not like or love them.

If Qing Shui loved her, his motivations for doing so were not important, whether be it out of gratefulness, beauty or even a simple and pure love. There was no such thing as love without any reason, the most important encounter that Qing Shui had with her was the time he first met her in the in the dream when he was in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. She was the one that caused the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to break through to the fifth level, she also led him to his breakthrough, saving his life as a result. From that moment, Qing Shui had loved this woman even though he didn't know whether she existed or not.

Since he loved her, then why was there a need to restrain himself? He should fight for her affection with all his might, to give her happiness with everything he had. She had already lived a tough live, thus Qing Shui was very careful with her.


Before entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui let out the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. Qing Shui was connected to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, thus if anything happened outside, he would know immediately via the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

Qing Shui had already refined the Meridians Strengthening Pellet the previous time, it was a pity that they didn't strengthen the eight major meridians and only strengthened the minor ones. He had never thought of it in the past, only when the recipe to be unlock was the Ren Meridian Strengthening Pellet, then only he remembered about it.

Back then, he saw that the required grade of the ingredients for the Meridians Strengthening Pellet was low, the best ingredient grade required was only a thousand years. When he noticed that, he did not pay much attention to it, up until he finally refined them. He had fiddled around with it for half a day before finally refining it, he was happy with the results at that moment.

He managed to refine 20 pills at that time, this lead Qing Shui to feel that this Meridians Strengthening Pellet did not have much of a strong effect. The description of the effects of the recipe was very vague, it just said 'strengthening of meridians'.

Only after consuming one would Qing Shui know that it referred to those tiny minor meridians. However, 99% of people had not even opened those meridians, thus, it would naturally not be strengthened.

Qing Shui thought of Mingyou Gelou, this pill was practically invented for her!

After taking a pill, the effects were very minor. Soon, Qing Shui swallowed all twenty pills and the minor meridians in his body became slightly bigger and tougher.

The effects weren't too bad, some techniques used these minor meridians, if these minor meridians were not strong enough, it would be very dangerous. Therefore, many people chose not to use those minor meridians and used the major meridians instead. However, this would cause the might of their techniques to be decreased.

In a way, this was fairness!

Qing Shui intended to refine more, aside from keeping them for his own use, he was also refining them for Mingyue Gelou and the others. Although the effects were small, but to people who had opened these minor meridians, the effects were significant, they could use quantity to make up for the quality of the effects.

After exiting the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui was not sleepy despite it being in the middle of the night.

Suddenly, there was a sharp bird cry.

Qing Shui shook his head then headed outside, he directly went to the roof and look at the approaching white dot in the distance.

Snow Monarch Falcon!

"Looks like the Wang Clan had not given up yet!" Qing Shui smiled as he looked into the distance.

There were the sounds of footsteps from behind him, without looking behind, Qing Shui knew that it was Di Chen.

"They are coming!"

Di Chen walked to Qing Shui's side and gently said.

"En, since they are so imprudent then there is no need for me to be merciful." Qing Shui looked at Di Chen then he looked back at in the direction of the approaching Wang Clan.

"You must be careful."

"I will not die before guaranteeing your safety, even if I die, I will drag them with me." Qing Shui smiled as he looked into the distance, his words seemed very casual but Di Chen could felt these words came from his heart. She felt warm in her heart but she did not say anything.

The high pitched falcon cry caused many people to wake up, Lan Tong, Tian Yuan, and the others came out as well. They had a grim expression on their face as they looked at Qing Shui and Di Chen on the roof, they looked quite embarrassed.

"You guys stay here and don't move." After Qing Shui said that, he immediately Skywalked and quickly advanced forward, welcoming that huge Snow Monarch Falcon.

When he was close, Qing Shui could clearly see the Snow Monarch Falco. Its wingspan was about 80 meters, it could be considered a huge flying beast, the feathers were snow-white but its mouth, eyes, and feet were scarlet.

Scarlet Eyed Snow Monarch Falcon!

This was the king of the Snow Monarch Falcons, it was a Martial Saint leveled Demonic Beast! However, it was only had the strength of a Grade Two Martial Saint, its strength should be about equivalent to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

On the back of the Scarlet Eyed Snow Monarch Falcon stood five old men dressed in red robes. The one leading them had a red face, his eyes were radiant and he gave an impression similar to that of a sly merchant.

The other four people stood behind this old man, their eyes were squinted in a calm and composed manner!

"You must be Qing Shui from the Greencloud Continent, when the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord went to the Greencloud Continent, they were destroyed by you right?" The old man leading them said slowly to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui frowned, "What do you mean by saying that? Are you threatening me?"

"I am curious when did the Greencloud Continent have a genius like you? Also it is said that without the efforts of more than ten generations of people, it would not be possible to establish a big clan, what do you think?" the old man was about 100 meters away from Qing Shui and as he said that he had an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile.

"Do you mean to say that the Wang Clan is a big clan?" Qing Shui laughed.

"Within the Jade Sea Country Capital City, my Wang Clan may not be the top but it is still a big clan that has some prestige. The other clans within the Jade Sea Country Capital City have a good relationship with my Wang Clan. Do you think that you can deal with us on your own using just brute force?" The old man slowly said.

When he finished saying that, there was the sound of flying beast coming from the distance. Just counting those within his vision, Qing Shui could see about ten flying beasts.

"You really think highly of me." Qing Shui did not expect such a result, he felt a little uneasy in his heart.

"People who reached my age need to be cautious, we are different from you young reckless people. The pride of the Wang Clan have to be reclaimed from you, we needed to be assured of our victory." The old man said indifferently.

From every direction came more than ten people, soon, they surrounded Qing Shui. They were all riding on Martial Saint leveled Demonic Beasts. Although they were just grade one or grade two, they were flying beasts, making it even more remarkable.

When Martial Saint Flying Beasts were compared with normal Martial Saint Demonic beasts, their flying abilities were faster and they had better endurance, this was due to their natural abilities.

"I wonder if you are the strongest individual in the Wang Clan?" Qing Shui asked as he watched the surrounding reinforcements greet the old man.

"Brother Wang, is this the person from the Greencloud Continent? So young?" said a tall, robust and powerful man.

"Brother Luo, do not belittle him, that worthless son of mine was killed by him in one move." There was a trace of hatred in his voice.

"Brother Wang, there is no need to be courteous with him, we should just directly chop him into pieces." the robust man who looked like a hoodlum cautiously looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui frowned hatefully, if the others thought this way as well, then Qing Shui felt that he would have no way to resist. Furthermore, they're people with some reputation in the Jade Sea Country Capital City.

"Luo Bin, your Luo Clan can be that shameless but my Li Clan cannot." Said a skinny old man in the distance riding on a Twin Headed Sparrowhawk.

"Old Man Li, we are here today to support Old Man Wang, put down the grudge between you and the Luo Clan first." said a short and black old man riding on a Golden Tailed Wind Feathered Condor beside the Scarlet Eyed Snow Monarch Falcon.

Qing Shui took out the Violet Gold divine Shield and the Big Dipper Sword. He circulated his strength to its peak, however, he was still worried. He could not calm his heart down.

"Alright, listen to me, let us all attack together and deal with this kid, consider it as I, Wang Delong, owing everyone a favor. Let's attack!" the Scarlet Eyed Snow Monarch Falcon flapped its wings and rushed at Qing Shui.


A sharp cry resounded!

A huge Golden Tailed Sparrow appeared from the distance.

There was an abrupt sound and the Scarlet Eyed Snow Monarch Falcon stopped. Within a blink of an eye, the Golden Tailed Sparrow arrived in the vicinity of everyone, the old man on the Golden Tailed Sparrow was Nian Yuyang.

"Nian Yuyang, why are you here?" Qing Shui smiled and greeted him.

"With your current situation, can I not show up?" Nian Yuyang casually said.

"Nian Yuyang, do you really think that you can afford to offend my Wang Clan? Do you really think that you can save this kid?" Wang Delong looked at Nian Yuyang and viciously said, both his fists were clenched.

"I just could not bare to see so many shameless people beating up a junior. If this matter is spread, then the people of Jade Sea Country would no longer dare to leave the Jade Sea Country." Nian Yuyang laughed loudly, it seemed as if he already had a plan in mind.

These words caused the surrounding people to be speechless. Wang Delong's face turned red in anger and looked at Nian Yuyang, "I need to kill this kid today, if you insist on interfering, then don't blame me for being impolite!"

"Hahaha, even on your deathbed, you are not aware of your own abilities."

After Nian Yuyang said that, there was a high pitch crane cry coming from the distance, a huge Ice Crane quickly flew towards them. Every time they blinking their eye, they could sense the shocking speed of the Ice Crane.

Qing Shui did not expect to see Madam Duanmu. Although they were still a distance away, he could already see it was the huge Ice Crane.

Looking at Nian Yuyang, Qing Shui knew why he was so confident, he had already invited Madam Duanmu over. Qing Shui was grateful to the old man for considering the situation, without even telling him the situation, he actually already knew what was happening.

However, Qing Shui could not understand how Madam Duanmu rushed over so quickly from Duanmu City in Zhongyuan Country……

"Madam Duanmu happened to be passing by the Jade Sea Country Capital City and was resting there, then I told her about your situation. With her around, you can relax." Nian Lao revealed a smile that put Qing Shui at ease.

Qing Shui was relieved, when he raised his head again, Qing Shui could already see Madam Duanmu who was riding on the Ice Crane. Her skin was as smooth as jade and she had the same elegance as before, seeming very graceful. She looked very pretty, however, what was prettier was the aura that she was giving off, it had a fatal attraction.

AST 606 –Wang Clan As A Stepping Stone, Di Chen's Intention (4)

"Madam Duanmu!"

"Madam Duanmu!"


Everyone cried out in alarm and respectfully greeted her, except for Wang Delong. At this moment, his face had already turned ashen.

The huge Ice Crane flew to Qing Shui's side. Di Chen, Lan Tong, Tian Yuan, and the rest stood not far away, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant besides them.

"What kind of benefits did the Wang Clan gave you? To think that there are actually so many people shamelessly going against my friend here. Say it out, I will give you two times, no three times the benefits. I hope that you will not interfere with the matters of today." Madam Duanmu did not even bother to look at the surrounding people and just slowly walked to Qing Shui's side.

Her pleasing voice had an attractive quality to it, however, there was a trace of coldness to it!

"I did not know that this sir was Madam Duanmu's friends, I had earlier said that it was shameless for so many people to make things difficult for this little brother, consider my Li Clan to be in the wrong, I will make reparations to this little brother later."

"Brother Wang, I'm sorry, this brother has already done all that he can, I shall take my leave first!" The Old Man from the Li Clan rode on his mount and quickly departed. As for the rewards from Madam Duanmu, he had forgone it. What a joke, after making things difficult for her friend, if he still wanted some benefits wouldn't that just be courting death?

"Brother Wang, something urgent has cropped up at home, my great-granddaughter has been falling ill frequently recently. I have to take my leave first when I have time, I'll come to look for brother to have some tea." another old man said as he turned to leave even before he had even completed his sentence.

Qing Shui watched as the man left, this person was lying brazenly. Urgent family matter? Great-granddaughter falling ill? Looking for him to drink tea when he was free? Who doesn't know the matter today would not be left alone? This brazen lie of his truly required him to be shameless.

Soon, everyone slowly left, leaving the five people on the Scarlet Eyed Snow Monarch Falcon from the Wang Clan and that robust middle-age man, the one with the surname Luo that had initially wanted everyone to deal with Qing Shui together.

Qing Shui felt that this man was very abominable, he felt that it was a good thing that he had stayed behind. Just when Qing Shui thought that, the man with the surname Luo faced the old man the Wang Clan and said: "Brother Wang, look at all the people you found, what….. what is this? Forget it, there is no need for me to be here……"

After he said that, he quickly left as well. Qing Shui smiled at the sight of all these people. These were Wang Delong's so-called friends. These 'friends' merely sought benefits and would abandon you at the moment there were any signs of trouble, unless there were some benefits that could attract them.

Wang Delong was currently speechless, his face was a greenish-black with an expression of anger on it. If Madam Duanmu interfered, the Wang Clan would perish.

"Haha, the Wang Clan is not something you, with the surname Qing, can deal with. Today, I was forced by the Duanmu Clan, when word of this is spread out, we would not be laughed at." Wang Delong suddenly laughed when he looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui looked speechlessly at Wang Delong, this old man initially wanted to shamelessly attack him with a group. Now that a great power showed up to support Qing Shui, he tried to use his words to agitate Qing Shui. Even if he died, he probably wanted to drag Qing Shui down with him.

"The Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord did not perish at the hands of the Qing Clan, instead it was the Duanmu Clan and the Nian Clan who eradicated them." Wang Delong stated expressionlessly as he looked at Qing Shui.

"Aren't you just saying all these to taunt me into battling you alone? Actually, even without you saying that, I would have done so. Furthermore, regardless of the winner, the Duanmu Clan and Nian Clan will not interfere." Qing Shui smiled at Wang Delong, his expression was as though he was looking at a clown's performance.

"You are truly courageous young man, I did not misread read you." an expression of joy appeared on Wang Delong's face as he shamelessly praised Qing Shui.

"Qing Shui, although he is a peak Grade Five Martial Saint, he has a special technique that could temporarily raise his strength to a Grade Six Martial Saint for one hour, are you still confident?" Madam Duanmu hurriedly asked Qing Shui.

Qing Shui frowned, according to principle, a peak Grade Six Martial Saint should have the strength of 1200 countries. With his Emperor’s Qi, he could reduce that strength by 240 countries, leaving behind only slightly more than 900 countries of strength.

However, when Qing Shui held the Violet Gold divine Shield and Big Dipper Sword, his strength could reach 960 countries. Most importantly, he still had other trump cards like Critical Damage, Demon Binding Ropes, and the Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb.

"En, there should be no problems." Qing Shui nodded his head, he was grateful to Madam Duanmu for showing up earlier.

Madam Duanmu frowned and thought for awhile, "Then please be careful!"

"Thank you!"

Qing Shui looked at Nian Yuyang, who smiled and nodded his head at Qing Shui. Nian Yuyang had seen the battle Qing Shui had with the people of the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord, he was confident in Qing Shui's abilities.

Wang Delong held a big green colored sword that seemed like a saber, it was at least three meters long and at least a foot wide, it emitted a faint green radiance and had a tyrannical aura.

Wang Delong stood upright in the air and watched as Qing Shui slowly made his way towards him. He had hope in his heart, if he killed this young man today, he would be able to grasp his only chance of living.

Qing Shui was actually relaxed in his heart, the vigor in his body started to slowly press towards Wang Delong. The aura of the Nature Energy and the State of Immovable as Mountains caused Wang Delong to suddenly roar.

It sounded like a desperate roar, then his originally short and round body actually grew by a foot after the roar and his whole body turned sturdy. He seemed like a different person from earlier, his muscles were like dragon whiskers, his eyes were blood-shot, they seemed strange, blood-thirsty, and berserk.

Blood Surging Art!

It causes the blood in the body to burn up, resulting in an increase in the body's strength. This was a very tyrannical art but it couldn't be sustained for long, or else there would be a big backlash on the body. Every use of this art had to be separated by a day at least, or the body would not be able to withstand it. This Blood Surging Art that Wang Delong cultivated was of the best grade, thus it did not have any weak phases, the only limit was that it could only be used once a day.

Qing Shui could feel the tyrannical strength from Wang Delong's body, the strength of a Grade Six Martial Saint, only it was not the strength of 1200 countries but the strength of 1500 countries……

Could it be that after Grade Five Martial Saint, every grade differed by a strength of 500 countries? Although Qing Shui knew that breaking through from Grade Five Martial Saint to Grade Six Martial Saint was a big breaking point, but the difference in strength should not be that big!

Emperor’s Qi!

Qing Shui directly used the Emperor’s Qi to reduce Wang Delong's strength to the Strength of 1200 Countries, Qing Shui was not worried because even when bare handed, he had the defense of 840 countries, if he included the defense of the Lunar Silk Shirt, he had the defense of 960 countries!

If he used the Godly Armor Shield, as well as the Seven Star Armored Vest and the divine Shield Talisman…… Just thinking of it made Qing Shui's blood boil, his various skills and equipment were why Qing Shui felt confident in traveling around the Central Continent.

The strong defense of his body means that even against a High Grade Martial Saint, he would not be defeated, the Godly Armor Shield could halve the damage of an attack, it was a pity that he could only use it once per day and it only lasted an hour each time. The Seven Star Armored Vest was similar. Under such a situation, Qing Shui felt that the divine Shield Talisman in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal were really useful, as long as there were talismans available, they could be continuously used.

Adding the 40% increase of defense by the divine Shield Talisman and the 30% increase of defense by the Blue Lotus Art, Qing Shui could have the defense of 1170 countries……

Thus Qing Shui temporarily did not use the Godly Armor Shield or the Seven Star Armored Vest, nor did he call out the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to battle. Or else, with the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's Vajra Subdues Demons and State of One with Elephant, his defense would be perversely strong. It was a pity that Qing Shui was lacking in offensive strength, but this could be remedied with Critical Damage.

Wang Delong, who was weakened by Qing Shui, had an unsightly expression. His strength was weakened significantly, as the same time, he felt a great threat from Qing Shui' aura.

The humongous green saber in his hands slashed towards Qing Shui, a black shadow that seemed like a huge python rushed towards him.

Qing Shui did not dare to be careless, right now, his defense was still not sufficient to clash with his opponent's attack. Even if they were the same, there would still be some damage, just that that damage would be insignificant. Furthermore, the strength of Qing Shui's body would be about to negate some of the opponent's attack, thus even if the attack of the opponent exceeded his defenses, it could not heavily injure him.


There was a huge sound and an intense air could be felt from far away!

Wang Delong's eyes lit up, he could wield this power for an hour, furthermore, he could feel that Qing Shui's attacking strength was not comparable to his but his defense seemed to be very strong.

"Fury Chop!"

Wang Delong loudly shouted and his body seemed to grow larger. He took a step towards Qing Shui and used the big saber in his hands to chop at Qing Shui, the huge blade shadow was like a blade of divine heavenly wrath chopping towards Qing Shui!

Godly Armor Shield!

Seven Star Armored Vest!

Shield Attack!

Qing Shui struck out with the Violet Gold divine Shield in his hands and he used the Big Dipper Sword to support the Violet Gold divine Shield from behind and ferociously struck out towards that huge blade shadow.


A huge bang resounded and the Blade Qi splattered everywhere, the bright Blade Qi had a terrifying strength but it was soon dissipated. That sharp clash caused one's scalp to go numb.

Qing Shui's body was knocked down by that chop but he used both his feet to try to forcefully skywalk in mid-air. Soon, he stopped his descent and quickly rushed back up again.

Although the battle had just started, Qing Shui had learned quite a few things, This time Qing Shui used the Cloudmist Steps in midair and rushed at Wang Delong.

He held the heavy Big Dipper Sword as though it was light as a feather and struck out with it!

Sword of Fifth Wave!

Art of Pursuing!


Qing Shui's techniques were supportive, not only he could increase the strength of his body, he could weaken his opponent's strength, increasing his own advantages.

Bang Bang Bang……

There were loud sounds and both Sword Qi and Blade Qi scattered. Qing Shui cautiously battled with Wang Delong. This kind of battle, a life and death battle, was one that tempered a person.

Moon Slaughtering Chop!

Once again, Qing Shui was knocked back, Wang Delong raised his big saber, the green big saber actually slowly turned milky white, it was incomparably strange. At the same time, strength frantically gathered towards it.

Qing Shui knew that his move would be horrifying, even to the point that he felt that this move would be able to heavily injure him. Qing Shui forced himself calmed down.

Madam Duanmu unconsciously clenched her fist in the distance, she even quietly took a step forward.

Demon Binding Ropes!

At the instant that Wang Delong was about to make a move, Qing Shui suddenly threw out the Demon Binding Ropes and tightly confined Wang Delong, causing him to not be able to move.

Although it was only for a breath of time, this breath of time caused Wang Delong to lose control of the killing technique that he had been charging up for a period of time. The Moon Slaughtering Chop used a shocking amount of strength, he had already activated it but since he was trapped by the Demon Binding Ropes, he lost his opportunity to use it……

Binding Talisman!

Armor Break Talisman!

A decrease of 40% of Wang Delong's body's defense!

This caused Wang Delong's defense to be lowered by 120 countries. The strength of 1500 countries raised by the art was already weakened to the strength of 1200 countries, now, his defense was further lowered by the strength of 120 countries.

Qing Shui raised his speed to its peak, the Big Dipper Sword in his hands glowed like a morning star as he slashed at Wang Delong!

Critical Damage!

Qing Shui attacking strength was 960 countries, there was a difference of more than 100 countries, thus, he could ignore half of his opponent's defense.


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